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A Wonderful Son Ch. 02

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I would suggest that you read the first part of this story if you haven’t done so yet. It is more a story about the love of a son for his mom then lust. Feedback is appreciated, good and bad. But please leave an email address so I can thank. This story is just that, a story. It is not meant to offend any reader. If this kind of story is not to your liking, I’m sure that you will find something better in another venue.

Spanker Sam


I had slept better than I had in months. There was such a warm sensual full feeling that seemed to have taken over my whole body. I had felt Chase spooned against me all night. I know that sometimes during the night, I felt him slowly slip into me. It wasn’t rough or rushed. I could feel him slowly working his hips back and forth as he drove his dick in and out of my cunt.

I smiled, wondering just how much had he deposited inside me. I wasn’t afraid about getting pregnant, that was an impossibility. It was just that after so long my desires were being filled along with my very hungry pussy. I heard the toilet flush and turned over to look at the door.

Chase walked out and my heart stopped. He was still naked and I could see his hard dick bouncing as he walked. He looked at me and smiled. “Well Good morning sleepy head! Did you sleep well?”

I couldn’t help the feeling of love that swept through me. This was my son! The boy I had birthed so long ago. And yet he had been the most perfect lover that I had ever experienced. I smiled up at him as he stood by the bed.

“Oh Chase! I slept so well! I can’t remember ever sleeping that good. And feeling you inside me last night was wonderful! But I think that I need to go pee before I take another breath.” Chase laughed as I got up. He gave my butt a soft pat, as I walked pass him.

“Hurry Back.” I laughed as I walked into the bathroom. The door to the adjourning room, his room, was open and the bed was still made up. I smiled, thinking that there would never be a reason to use that room again when we were here.

I didn’t close the door like I normally would. Instead, I eased my ass to the seat and spread my legs. The sound of my water was loud, and I felt a moment of embarrassment. But I could hear Chase’s laughter coming from the bedroom. “You must have been holding that a long time!”

I laughed, telling him that every time I shifted during the night, he pulled me tighter to him. I never got a chance to get up and go. I watched him walk into the bathroom, his hard dick still bouncing as he walked. He stopped before me and looked down at me.

“Well! It’s your own fault! If you were not such a sexy creature, I wouldn’t have been afraid to let you out of my grasp. I felt if I did you wouldn’t come back to me.”

I smiled and looked up into his face. But instead of seeing a big smile from him I saw a worried look. “You would have come back to me wouldn’t you mom?” His voice sounded afraid. As if he feared that last night was a dream or a one shot deal.

I looked up at him as my hand reached out and caressed his dick. “I would have peed the bed before I left you darling! As long as you want me, I will always come back to you.”

I bent my head and took the head of his dick between my lips. “Oh mom,” he groaned as my tongue licked around the big head. I scraped my teeth lightly over his skin before taking more of him in my mouth. It seemed so erotic! So nasty! I was sitting on the toilet, sucking my son’s dick. But I didn’t care! I didn’t care about anything but the love that he had for me and the love I had for him.

Chase stood still, letting me take as much as I wanted. And I tilted my head up so that I could look up at him as I took more and more. My gag reflex kicked in and I spit him out choking and sputtering. He was on his knees instantly.

“Mom! Are you ok?” I coughed, clearing my throat. “Yes baby! Just took more than I could swallow.” I started to laugh. I could see him smiling at me. I leaned back and let my head touch the wall. “Oh Chase! I feel so wonderful! Thank you for everything baby.”

His hands were on my thighs. I could feel him slowly and softly rubbing them from my knees to my hips. Then he did something that totally surprised me. He pulled me to the edge of the seat. He gently pushed my legs open wider and dipped his head.

I put my hands to his head. “Chase! I’m not clean! Wait!” But he had other ideas. I felt his hands on my hips pulling me closer. His hot breath was on my cunt. I arched my hips and gasped out in shock as his tongue licked my slit. “Oh Shit! Oh Chase! Son! I’m still dirty!”

He lifted his head and looked up at me. “You’re never dirty mom! And standing there, I wanted to do this! I wanted to taste you.” I held his head hard as he bent back down. This time he didn’t stop until sinop escort I cried out my climax. And I know that what I squirted from my pussy wasn’t all cum juice. But he didn’t stop until I pushed him off.

“No more! Damn Chase! What kind of monster have I unleashed?” I laughed as I said it. He looked up at me, his mouth and chin glistening from my wetness. “One that loves you more than life and can’t get enough of you.”

I got up and threw the shower curtain open. “If you love me, wash me up!” I turned the tap and the water spurted from the shower head. soon there was a lot of steam filling the room. Chase looked from the shower to me.

“If you want me to get in there, you had better make it a lot cooler than you can take it. There must be some gene in women that lets them take water a lot hotter than guys can. I don’t know how you stand it!”

Laughing, I cooled the water down some. Then I stepped into the cascade. The water felt so wonderful. Then I felt him beside me. Chase took his time, washing my arms and shoulders til I was covered in suds. Then he started on my tits. I know I must have moaned out loud. His hands and that rough cloth felt so good.

He turned me around and the water washed off the suds while he did my back. I could feel my pussy tingling as his hands grew closer to my ass. When I felt him rubbing my cheeks I stuck my ass back a bit. “Don’t forget to wash between the cheeks good. I may just tell you to kiss my ass later!”

I could feel his hand scrubbing and massaging me thru the cloth. Then I felt his bare fingers. He was rubbing the soap into my skin. It felt so damn good to have a man’s hands all over my body. I felt him pry my cheeks apart. Like a wanton slut, I reached behind me and pulled the cheeks apart even wider. His fingers rubbed up and down my crack. Then I felt his fingertip push at my tight bud.

I moaned and pushed my ass out even more. His fingertip pushed in slightly. I gasped and he jerked his finger free. “Did I hurt you mom?” There was loving concern in his voice.

“No honey! It felt like electricity shot thru my body. Do that again. go slow.”

I felt his fingers rubbing me again. Then the slight pressure of his intrusion. Only this time he didn’t stop. His fingers were soapy enough to make it easy. I know I groaned as I felt him go in to the first knuckle. “Oh Chase! That feels so wonderful! Don’t stop.”

He took the shower wand down and sprayed my ass. Then I felt his lips as he showered my ass with kisses. His tongue licked and he nipped my ass with his teeth, as I squirmed against him. And all the time I felt his finger slowly working in and out of my tight asshole. It felt so good!

“Do you like that mom? Does this feel good?” As he said this, he pushed his finger deeper in my ass. He was going so slowly, I could almost feel every inch as it entered me. My pussy was throbbing and I was on fire. All I could do was groan and push my ass back even more. I felt my legs start to tremble.

“Chase! Baby! I’m gonna fall! It feels so fuckin’ good! I feel my legs shaking.” I heard him laugh. Slowly he pulled his finger free. I didn’t want him to stop. I was so close! And I knew that it would have been a very intense climax if it had happened.

“No baby! Please don’t stop! Oh Chase!” I groaned in disappointment. But Chase is such a considerate lover. He rubbed my ass and kissed my cheeks. I felt him stand up behind me. Then his strong hands were turning me around. I looked up into his face and he was smiling at me.

His lips were tenderly kissing me and I was kissing him back. I could still feel the tingling sensation as the muscles in my ass pulsed. The shower wand was spraying our legs with water as it twisted and turned. My hands slid down to his tight ass and I gripped his cheeks. Squeezing and massaging them as I pressed hard against his throbbing dick.

Chase lifted up the wand and set it back in its holder. Then he pulled me beneath the spray. We hugged and kissed as the warm water washed the soap from our bodies. Then he was looking deep into my eyes.

“You didn’t want me to stop!” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. All I could do was look at him and shake my head no. Chase kissed me. Then, taking my hand, he turned off the water and led me back to the bedroom. We were both dripping wet.

Chase led me to the bed and had me crawl up on the mattress. He positioned me right at the edge. I was kneeling on the bed with my ass in the air. He grabbed the pillows and put them beneath my head. I crossed my arms and laid my head down on them. I could feel my cheeks stretched and knew that I was open for my son to see.

I could feel him behind me. Turning my head I looked over my shoulder. Chase was looking down at my ass and escort sinop his dick was slowly bobbing up and down as the blood pulsed thru it. His hands began to slowly caress my cheeks. How did he learn to be such a tender lover?

I felt his hot breath as his mouth came in contact with my skin. Then a cool sensation as he blew a stream of air across my bud. I know I moaned! When his tongue touched me I almost shot upright. I could feel his fingers digging into my skin as he forced my cheeks even further apart.

Chase used his tongue to lick all around the hole without actually touching it. I was moaning and squirming. I moved my ass trying to get his tongue to touch my hole but he kept it just to the sides of it.

“Please! Oh Chase! Oh baby! Touch it! Lick it! Please baby, don’t tease me!” I needed to feel his tongue on my asshole. I needed to feel him! But he was not in a hurry. I felt his teeth once again nipping my cheeks. Lightly at first, but then he was biting me harder. And it was making me hotter!

Suddenly, he pressed his face between my cheeks and I felt his tongue stab into my hole. I screamed in pleasure as I felt it go in. Over and over he fucked my ass with his tongue. My hips were bucking and I was begging and pleading for more.

I realized that my hands were no longer beneath my head. I had pushed them beneath me and was rubbing my pussy with my fingers. Hell! I was using three fingers to ram them in and out of my throbbing cunt. No man had ever worked me into such a frenzy as my son had me in now.

I was no longer his mom! I was not even the sweet innocent woman that he thought me to be. I was a slut in need. In need of a fucking that only my son could give me. But I didn’t want him in my cunt. I knew how good that felt. I wanted. No! I needed to feel him taking my ass! My virgin asshole! I needed to feel my son fucking my virgin asshole!

“Chase! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Please baby! I need to feel you in my ass!” I was screaming the words as I fucked my fingers harder in my dripping cunt. I felt him pull his face from my cheeks. “Use some lube! Hurry baby! Mommy needs to feel you!”

I heard him fumbling in my drawer. Then I felt him smearing my hole with a cold salve. I didn’t care what he had grabbed! It cooled the burning in my ass. “Lube your dick! Use a lot! Hurry baby!” I heard Chase moan. Looking back I could see him spreading cream all over his dick. Stroking it to cover it completely.

Then he gripped my hips and pulled my back to the edge of the bed. I took a deep breath and held it in anticipation. I almost came when I felt the tip of his dick at my hole. His fingers were gripping my hips so tight. Thank goodness Chase had the sense to go slow. With the size of his dick, had he rammed in me hard he would have torn my ass open.

Slowly I felt his head push inside. It felt like I was fighting to keep him out. My muscle clenched tight and I felt his dick slide away. He took one hand off me and used it to guide him back to my waiting hole. Then I felt him start to push harder.

I cried out when the head of his dick pushed thru and my muscles gripped it hard. Chase stopped. “Am I hurting you mom? Should I stop?” “NO”, I screamed! “Hold it just like that! Oh Chase! It’s so big! Your dick is so fucking huge! Go slow!” I took a breath and let it out slowly. I could feel him inching in, his body rocking slowly.

The thought of what my own son was doing to me flashed in my mind. I could clearly see myself kneeling on the bed, my ass high in the air. It was like I was looking down on the whole scene. I could see his big fat dick stuck in my ass. The thought of it made me shiver with delight. If pissing on his hand while he fingered me was nasty, this sight was a hundred times more so. It felt like he was shoving a pole up my ass.

I started to rock my hips in rhythm with him. Slowly I felt him push more and more of his big dick in my ass. Would his length ever stop? It felt like he was pushing a hell of a lot more than I knew he had in me. Suddenly, I felt his body pressed hard against mine. He was in completely.

He held me tight. I could feel his dick pulsing deep in my ass. I began to slowly rock my hips. Damn, it felt so good. Strange! But wonderful! “Is it ok mom? Am I hurting you?” I smiled. Chase is always the considerate lover. I turned to look back at him.

“No baby! it feels a bit strange! That’s always been an exit! I’m getting used to your size. Go slow, ok!” His hands held my hips as he began to rock against me. I felt his hands slide around my hips. Chase found my cunt. When his fingers found my clit I almost came. I pushed back hard grounding my ass to feel all of him.

It was starting to feel better. Strange. Feeling him slide his dick in and out sinop escort bayan my ass made my pussy tingle so much. I wanted more. I began to move my ass harder. Taking my cue, he began to fuck into me harder. Soon enough, I was grunting each time he rammed his hard dick up my ass.

“Yes Baby! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy’s ass! Oh Chase! Oh baby! Harder! Fuck my ass! Deeper! Shove that dick all the way! Oh Chase! Oh you sweet Motherfucker!”

Behind me, Chase was really ramming that dick hard. I could hear him grunt each time he stroked into me. “Take it mom! You love it don’t you? You want me to really fuck this tight ass! Oh yea! Fuck back at me! Ram that ass back! Take it all! Oh you sweet slut! Take my dick!”

“Yes Chase! I’m a slut! Your slut baby! Oh fuck! I never knew it would feel this good! Don’t stop! Fuck my ass! Fuck it good! Oh Chase! I’ll be your slut if you want me to. I’ll let you do anything! Everything you want to me! Just don’t stop loving me. Please baby! Love me forever!”

I felt him speed up his thrust into me. He was hitting bottom and I felt it each time he did. I could feel my orgasm starting and I could feel that this one would be bigger than any I had ever experienced. It started deep in my ass and throbbed thru my whole body.

“Chase! I’m gonna cum! Oh baby! It’s intense! Now Chase! Fuck me! Hard! Oh shit! Oh baby!” I felt it! I knew that I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to. My body started to shake! I was sweating and ramming my ass back at my son like a mad woman! If he had stopped and pulled out, I would have attacked him!

I threw my head back and screamed! Boy did I scream! My body was on fire! I felt myself Cumming! But not like I had ever cum before. My juice was squirting from my pussy in pulsing jets. Then I felt him let go in my ass. It felt like scalding liquid was filling me. I screamed and that was when the unthinkable happened.

A steady stream started to shoot from my cunt. This wasn’t cum! I was pissing! I was pissing from my cunt as my son filled my ass with his hot cum! And it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. My body shook as another orgasm took control of me. I almost passed out it felt so intense. I was still bucking my ass against Chase’s dwindling dick. I felt him pull out completely and I know I groaned out loud.

I flopped over on my back. Chase, his body dripping with sweat, fell down beside me. “Mom! That was incredible! I’ve never felt anything so hot in my life.” I rolled over on my side and looked at my son. His chest was heaving and he had the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen. I scooted close and hugged him, shoving my tongue deep in his mouth.

My hand slid between us and I felt his sticky dick! I felt him wince. “Poor baby is so tender! Did mommy’s tight asshole make you tender baby?” I laughed as I kissed him. “Imagine how my asshole feels! It will be tomorrow before I dare let you do that again.”

Chase’s face brightened considerably. “You’ll let me do that again mom? You mean it!” Chase grabbed me and began to kiss me all over my face. I pushed him away laughing. “Let’s get washed up. I don’t want to get carried away and put your shitty dick in my mouth.” I stood up and stretched. It felt like I had been worked over by a wrestler. But damn, it felt so good!

This time our shower was just that! I washed Chase taking care to wash his dick thoroughly. I didn’t want to take a chance of him having anything on it. And when he washed me, Chase was so careful and tender as he washed my ass. He had me bend over and carefully washed my tender asshole.

I was feeling like I hadn’t felt in years. I had the love of my man. Even if my man was my own son. And I was ready to give him all of me. I wanted Chase to know all of my fantasies, all my wants and desires. And I wanted to know all of his. I wanted to satisfy his every whim. I wanted him to never think that he needed another woman.

Suddenly, that thought made me stop. I looked at chase and he immediately knew that something was wrong. But he didn’t think what I was thinking. “Mom! What’s the matter? Are you ok? Do you feel sick?” His concern was so sweet.

“No Chase! I just had a thought. I want to keep you all to myself. But I know that you still need to go out with other women. If you didn’t people would get the wrong idea. They will think that something is going on between us.”

I could see that he was a bit put off by the things I had just said. “mom! You’re all the woman I could ever want. I don’t need to go out with other women. Why go to a deli, when you have a gourmet chef at home?” I looked up into his face. He seemed so serious.

I caressed his lovely face. “That’s so sweet! But really Chase, we need to talk about this. Lets finish up and see what we can come up with. Come on! Before I turn into a prune.”

Chase laughed. “If you were a prune, I would eat you up!” I laughed. “Then my dear, you would only be left with a pit!” We finished up in the shower and after drying each other off and getting drinks were sitting out on the back porch.

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