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Accidental Delivery Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Chapter 2 – The Response

You’ve been a bad girl, and guess what happens to bad girls? They get punished… That’s right… quiver, you’ll do more then that once i’m through with you. I push you down on your bed, you fight me, try and resist me. But i’m no match for you, I pin you with a steely gaze as I rip your blouse open then tear your bra off.

Ignoring your gasps of shock I bare your top half and tear the blouse into strips quickly and wrap them around your wrist and secure it to the bed frame. You’re my prisoner now, bad girls get punished… but it is certainly not how you think. I growl at you, pinching your nipples making the sharp pleasure/pain reaction sizzle through your body.

Leaning over you I lash my tongue over your rock hard nipples, my nails digging into your breasts with a firm pressure. You like it, I can tell, you’re enjoying your punishment as I lash my tongue up your chest to your neck. You squirm and struggle but the restraints hold you firmly in place. There’s no where to run, you’re going to face this ‘torture’ whether you like it or not.

A woman like you needs a firm hand, to keep her out of trouble. To keep her from making mistakes that she should otherwise avoid… You squeal as I shock you, suddenly biting your right nipple and sucking it. The bolt of hot desire sparking through your body, you’ll be so strung up before i’m done with you. You’ll probably be able to power a light bulb.

I grin at you my eyes darkening hooded with desire as I grasp your dress and tear it open before ripping away your panties. You’re flushed now, growing redder as you pant your desire. It will be a long time coming however as you still need to be punished. I step back from you slowly as you curse me, I chuckle and tell you to keep your words to yourself. Or i’ll silence you, seeing the dark look in my eyes you know i’ll do it.

Instead you decide to struggle uselessly at the restraints again, I chuckle at your attempts before I slide off my jacket and loosen my tie. You look at me and are hopeful, kartal escort sorry darling you’re not getting away with it so easily. I have you now, you’re under my control, things will be moving at my pace not yours as I slowly continue to slide off my tie then casually unbutton my cufflinks before I very slowly begin to unbutton my shirt.

I know I attract you, it’s yet another tool I can use against you. I’ll decide when the time comes to put you out of your suffering, this is going to be fun, pay back is sweet. I slowly slide my shirt off my shoulders, your gaze is drawn to my chest. I’m just getting comfortable here I say to you as I hang my shirt over your dresser. I turn in front of you and bend over and slide off my shoes and socks pushing them under the bed.

Then I turn back to you and with a teasing grin, my eyes burning with desire for you I unbuckle my belt slowly and with the same drawn out speed unbutton my pants and unzip slowly. You’re panting now, to know that I can get you hot without even touching you makes me hot. I trap your eyes with mine as I slowly push down my pants.

The only concession I will give you until i’m ready to slake your thirst is showing you just how much you affect me. Your eyes are drawn to my boxers as i’m as hard as a post, you beg me to take them off. Show you want you want to see, I consider it for a moment pushing my fingers inside the band and tug down slightly before grinning at you and pulling them up again and approach you.

Now where were we? Ah… yes, your punishment. I’m sure you have a wide range of toys that can be used to great advantage. A woman like you must have a collection. I look around your room, looking for where you might hide your stash. A woman such as yourself must have some ingenious devices to keep that wicked mind occupied.

You struggle against the bonds, you know what is coming and you can’t escape it. Once I find your stash… I look under your bed and catch sight of a bright red box. I grin küçükçekmece escort knowing exactly what is in that box. I pull the box out and pull it open, naughty girl, who would have ever thought you were into such things as nipple clamps.

I grin evilly as I look at you, I pluck them from the box and lift them up for you to see, you struggle against the bonds again. You don’t want them, but it’s exactly what you’re going to get, you gasp as the piercing bite of the clamps shoots through your body as I attach them. I once again look through your box of treasures and find a rather large vibrator.

I switch it on to the lowest setting and put it over your lips letting you feel the buzz the soft tingle, you groan then beg me not to tease you. I’m not that nice baby, I say to you and chuckle as I stroke the vibrator down your throat and let the tip rest over your nipple, the buzz vibrating through your body. I reach into your box again, I am surprised that you have more then one in your box.

I switch it on and run it up your leg slowly while the first vibrator continues to shock your nipples, the vibration making the clamps feel as though they’re tightening. You’re panting harshly, begging me not to tease you. But no, you can give it out but not receive it? I don’t think that is very fair at all, I tell you. You tortured me for hours, I have to get you back for it don’t I?

I tell you this while I roll the vibrator up your lips over your clit, your legs tighten and your back arches as the burn shoots through you, yes feel that. I would never hurt you, so this is your punishment, using company time to write explicit fantasies… naughty woman. Struggle all you want against those ties they’re not coming loose.

I grin at you and admire your gorgeous body, you’re the most perfect woman I could ever possibly dream up, just enough curves to hold onto while I drive my cock deep inside of you. Making you scream yourself hoarse, beautiful silky hair that I can hold küçükyalı escort onto while you suck me deep into your mouth making me lose my head.

Beautiful plump breasts, ripe for sucking and nibbling, making you crazy for me. Suddenly I shove the vibrator inside of you and let go of it, lodging it inside of you. You scream from the contact, the low grade buzz is not nearly enough to get you over but enough to send you crazy. I walk back from you and admire my handiwork.

Your skin is glistening, your eyes are dark with desire, your breasts are glowing pink from the grasp of the clamps. Your hips and thighs quivering from the vibration, yes I grin at you, this is punishment. I will send you just as far out of your mind as you did to me, I say. You’re beautiful in your ecstasy, it makes me want just drive straight into you like you want me to.

But I will show restraint make you so strung out that you would do anything at all to sate your desire. Make you my devoted servant… that actually doesn’t sound too bad either I might actually do that. I grin wickedly as I lean over you and suck your clamped nipples, you jerk under me you must be ready to combust by now.

You’re merely babbling now as the sensation has overwhelmed you, I drag the vibrator out from you slowly before shoving it back in and dialling it up one notch, every time I thrust it into you. You’re hoarse from screaming all you can do is gasp now, as soon as the vibrator reaches maximum level I lean over you and suck your clit into my mouth.

Your orgasm blasts through you, I keep hold of your clit sucking it until your body stops jerking. I unclasp the clamps from your nipple, you groan as the pressure is released. I smirk at you, my mission was a success. I need to give you some time to cool off…

And I still need those files…


Marie fanned herself rapidly, she was flushed and panting and almost falling off her chair. Nick’s response was far from expected, just the thought of him doing those things to her sent her temperature skyrocketing. How did he know that she had clamps? She hoped he wasn’t some crazy stalker. She wanted him, but for now she had to keep this up he was basically calling the shots here.

A wicked thought entered her mind, she never did finish writing her fantasy… so why not finish it, she thought with a grin.

Chapter 3 – Heated Exchange

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