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Accidental Fem-Dom Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


** Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction, it contains small penis humiliation, interracial sex, Female Domination, and reluctant sexual situations. If you don’t like those themes you will not like this story. Feedback is always helpful.***


“I think it’s cute.” She giggled as she worked my dick with her hand. We’ve been together long enough to know that “cute” is synonymous with small.

My wife Shelby was leaving for a 5-day cruise out of Galveston with her best friend in the morning. Shelby’s sister lives outside of Houston so we decided to spend the weekend with her, and then I’d drive her to the port Monday morning.

I couldn’t help but watch as Shelby pulled her swimsuit on. Her firm torso, tight ass and long legs are delightful. She slipped the small bikini bottoms up with a bit of a bounce as they strained past her little bubble butt hugging her body firmly.

She turned toward me enough to see her perky B cups wobbling as she bent over to get her top, her nipples are a pale bubble gum pink just a shade different than her skin tone. She pulled on her 3/4 sleeve rash guard and quickly flipped her long dark hair into a pony tail using the holder she constantly wore around her wrist.

She turned to see herself in the mirror and I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her butt against my dick.

“Stop!” She playfully chided.

“Come on, your leaving in the morning and we haven’t had sex in over a week.” I pleaded and slipped my shorts down dry humping her ass.

I continued to hump and rub her body feeling her stomach and working one hand up-under her shirt to her small handful of breast and the other down between her legs feeling her warm mound.

“Come on,” I hummed in her ear, “You know it won’t take long.” I joked, but we both knew I was being serious.

“I know” She chuckled, “that’s kind of the problem.” She turned around and looked me in the eye. Flat footed I am 5’7″ and Shelby is about an inch taller.

She kissed me rubbing her hands through my thick neck length beard and trailed her hands down my firm chest. I worked construction for a long time and have developed broad shoulders and a fit physique. She ran her hands around my 32″ waist and grabbed both ass cheeks, she always said it was my best feature.

“But, let me take care of you.” She smiled pushing me to the bed and knelt between my thick and hairy legs. Her full lips suckled the entire length of my 3.5″ dick before pulling off with a loud exaggerated smack. Shelby guided me to the middle of the bed and sat with her back toward the foot of the bed, I laid between her legs with my head on the pillow and butt between her thighs. She smiled as she reached down and stroked me.

“Jay.” She said looking at me in the face, “you promise to be a good boy while I am gone right?” She teased giving me a pouty look.

“Of course,” I quickly answered.

“No seriously!” She said and gripped my hairy balls.

“Babe, I promise, you have nothing to worry about, I would never try to get with another girl.” I assured.

“Because of your little dick?” She teased, knowing just how to push my buttons.

“Yes” I exhaled. She loosened her grip and slowly jerked my dick. “I want to see you,” I huffed and tugged at her top. Shelby sat up and raised her top over her breasts.

“Do you ever wish they were bigger?” She asked with a hint of insecurity in her voice.

“You’re perfect”

“But… do you think you would enjoy them more if they were big like Kat’s?” Shelby’s kid sister Katie, we call her Kat, is a few years younger than us. She stands barely 5 feet tall with big eyes and huge breasts like a mash-up of Emma Stone and Denise Milani (look her up and thank me in the comments).

“Of course, not…” I began to answer

“You ready Shel?” Kat, called out and barged into the room. I quickly attempted to cover myself but Shelby wouldn’t let me. The door was directly in front of the bed, putting Shelby’s back to Kat.

“Oops! Sorry,” Kat snorted, and turned around and was about to leave.

“What is it?” Shelby asked looking over her shoulder giving Kat permission to stay. She continued to play with my dick as she talked with her sister.

“Well… I just wanted to see if you were ready to hit the pool. No hurry, though.” She awkwardly snickered and began to leave again.

“Hey! Umm… which suit are you wearing? That new two piece?” Shelby blurted out and jerked my dick furiously knowing this was embarrassing me.

“Uh… yah, I want to make sure it’s not too see through when it’s wet for when we have friends over.” Kat shared, “I’ll just meet you out there, okay?”

“Wait! Could you grab me a towel, I’ll be out in a second, bahis siteleri this won’t take long.” Shelby smiled, knowing I loved the teasing. And just like that I erupted. Shelby, taken by surprise, released her grip and inadvertently ruined my orgasm.

“Welp! Looks like I am done.” Shelby cackled, and slipped off the bed. My little dick still convulsing and seeping cum. I reached down and pumped my dick but it was too late, the pleasure of the release was gone.

Shelby stood up and adjusted her top, and walked out the door with Kat. Leaving me on the bed with a pool of cum on my stomach, and the door wide open. I looked up and saw Kat looking right at me as I covered myself with one hand.

A little while later I joined them and Mike, Kat’s live in boyfriend at the pool. Shelby and Mike were already in the water, while Kat was sitting on a long chair with a half full margarita in her hands.

I sat down beside Kat avoiding eye contact and hoping to never have to talk about what had just happened. Even though she’s my wife’s sister, I am fully aware of how sexy she is, and would be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about her back breaking, giant 32-E breasts. She’s a lot thicker than Shelby, softer and more like a rap video girl.

“So…” She started with a mischievous tone.

“Can we not.” I snapped. She smiled wide and feigned innocent.

“I was just going to offer you towel.” She sang.

“Are you coming?” Shelby smiled, causing Kat to choke on her drink. She regained her composure and guzzled the remainder of her margarita.

Kat stood inches from me and peeled off her white cover I had to do a double take to tell that she was wearing anything. She wore a tantalizingly skimpy two-piece swimsuit. The light brown fabric seemed to disappear against her similarly toned skin.

I love my wife and wouldn’t trade what we have for anything. But I have an almost primal attraction to Kat that turns me into 12-year-old boy teasing her about her height, making her feel stupid, and teasing her about her large boobs, all the while looking for reasons to touch her and be near her.

I watched Kat wade into the pool her thick ass jiggled as she walked. She waded deeper into the water until her thin waist disappeared and her tits hit the cold water. She quickly turned around and came bouncing back to the shallow end. As she rose from the water it was obvious that her top wasn’t lined leaving no doubt as to the exact size and placement of her nipples. I left my gaze on her much longer than I should have, but DAMN!

“Jay!” Shelby chastised, and gave the LOOK as she mouthed “stop.” Realizing she had caught me ogling her sister, I got up and jumped into the deep end. We hung out in the pool for a bit, then Kat and Shelby both went to layout.

About that time, Mike and I were ready to get out too, and he asked for some help hanging sheetrock on the ceiling in the new addition he had been building.

Mike’s a giant at 6’7 and was an offensive lineman for Texas Tech a few years back, but never made it as a pro. He could easily throw me across the room, but he also carries a lot of weight around his stomach, something I’ve poked fun of about him in the past. He also happens to be black like a cup of coffee with just a dash of cream.

Mike and I had been working for a while, and I hung the first couple sheets, showing Mike what to do. I handed the screw gun over to Mike and let him take a crack at it.

“Ha ha shorty.” Kat teased as she came to check out the progress. I was on the fourth rung of a six-foot ladder, while Mike was just on a step stool.

“I am big enough where it counts.” I shot back at Kat, as I normally would in our ongoing banter, but this time it just felt awkward and I immediately regretted saying it.

“Oh…I don’t think you could handle all this.” She quipped gripping and lifting her bikini clad breasts in her hands. Even though she had dried, the change of temperature inside the house had caused her tits to harden underneath her flimsy top.

I was standing on the ladder facing away from the rungs when suddenly I noticed Shelby standing beside Mike and noticed Kat was right behind me. Mike and I were both wearing swim trunks, he had on a dark gray tank and I was shirtless, with fairly lose fitting board shorts. Something in their eyes told me they were up to something.

“One, Two, Three.” They mouthed in unison.

“HA!” They sang out and pulled our trunks down. My eyes quickly locked on to Mike’s cock, which must’ve been 6 or 7-inches flaccid, and seemed three times thicker than mine, like a beef sausage hanging over a pair of plum sized balls.

As my sister-in-law pulled my suit down, I had no way of covering up, and just stood there red-faced, and bare assed. Standing on the ladder put my flaccid dick canlı bahis siteleri at eye level with Katie, so she didn’t miss a thing.

“IT’S. SO. SMALL!” Katie laughed, I looked down to see my shriveled-up limp dinky nestled in my thick hair, flaccid I am usually about the size of my thumb but after being in the pool earlier I was about half that. Ever brazen, Katie took me between her thumb and pointer and pinched my dick head, stretching it and pulling it out a little bit more.

Shelby on the other hand seemed entranced by Mike’s cock, her breathing obviously becoming heavy, as she gripped her chest and covered her mouth. Shelby and Kat have always been close, as sisters often are, and I’ve wondered how much they’ve shared of their sex lives, but looking in Shelby’s eyes, I could tell she wasn’t prepared for what she was seeing.

Shelby was a virgin when we met, and when we finally got physical, she seemed a bit disappointed by my size. She had only seen two other dicks in real life to compare it to. The first was her brother who she shared a bathroom with and evidently, they weren’t shy about using it at the same time. She said he was probably about 7 inches erect. The other – was her dad. She had shared with me how she accidentally caught him jerking off in his study at home one day. She confided that she and Kat had snuck into his study to sneak some alcohol. When they heard him coming down the hall, they both hid – unfortunately that led to them having to see their dad masturbate. She said she tried to look away but just couldn’t. When pressed she finally told me that she thought he was probably 8 inches but really thick, like soda can thick.

We’ve been married just over two years now and about six months into our marriage had caught me watching porn, and instead of being angry about it, she was curious. Maybe it had to do with seeing her own father doing the same thing years ago. That’s also when she told me about her brother and dad being bigger than me.

A few weeks later Shelby had bought a couple vibrating toys to make up for the times I didn’t last very long. But then she bought a few dildos of increasing size. Her favorite being a hollow strap-on dildo, that just happens to be a life-like black cock, 9-inches long and a 5-inch girth.

“It’s not funny. Come on!” I yelled out and wiggled my hips around. With my dick between her fingers I quickly grew hard reaching my max 3.5 inches in length. I tried to shake lose, but with my arms holding the sheetrock up I couldn’t do much, and to add to the humiliation the more I tried to wiggle out of Katie’s grip, the harder I got.

“ARE YOU HARD? OH, MY GOD!” Kat snorted and kept her hand on my fully engorged dick, reveling in teasing me.

“Jay!” Shelby faux scolded and watched as her sister handled my dick. Kat reached out and picked Mike’s cock up in the other hand, feeling their differences. The skin on Mike’s dick and balls was darker than the rest of him.

“I honestly thought you were kidding when you told me how small it was.” Kat smiled wide confirming my suspicions.

Shelby was visibly embarrassed for me, but also aroused by Mike’s thick cock. Her nipples erect and poking through her top along with her deep breathing and inability to look away from Mike spoke louder than words.

Kat stroked Mike while fiddling with me in the other hand. Soon Mike’s cock grew longer, thicker and more powerful. I watched in total shock as he stretched down Kat’s forearm.

Shelby reached out and placed her hand on top of Mike’s dark black log, petting it like a dachshund. Her breathing was strained as she subconsciously played with her tit through her top.

“Okay, you can let go.” Mike finally said.

As soon as he said that I reached down to grab my shorts, unfortunately I lost my balance and instinctively held my arms out trying to brace my forward fall. As soon as I hit, I knew it was the wrong thing to do. Several snaps and pops from my arms plus the horrific pain confirmed it.

Mike picked me up off the floor as Katie pulled my pants back up then she and Shelby took me to the hospital. About an hour later I was heavily medicated and sporting casts on both arms covering my forearms, wrists, and the bulk of my hands. The only fingers left out were my thumbs and both pinkies. I was also in a double arm sling, keeping them up against my chest.

Shelby offered to call off her trip, but Kat convinced her to go. She was so full of guilt that she promised to stay with me and take care of me until my wife got home. I agreed, after all it was already paid for, and it would also ruin the trip for her best friend, Melissa.

The next day Mike took Shelby down to the port to meet up with her friend, while Kat stayed with me at the hospital. My insurance would only cover one more night, and then canlı bahis Kat would take me home and stay to take care of me.

I was pretty heavily medicated and slept hard. The next day was spent sleeping, with only short periods of sitting up, having various nurses come through checking my chart, taking my temperature and keeping me hydrated with an I.V. Whatever medicine I was on worked great, but also made me sleep hard.

“Mr. Jay.” I heard a voice call out, waking me from my sleep.

“I am nurse Mandy, I need you to wake up. How are we feeling today?”

“Fine” I whispered through a dry throat. She instructed me to sit up as much as I could and then asked if I could stand up with some help. I told her I thought I could, so she brought in a big orderly and they helped me out of the bed long enough to stand up and move over to the chair.

“Excellent, we can go ahead and take the catheter out.” I didn’t even realize I had one in. I moved back to the bed and she lifted my gown, assuring me she had done this many times before.

“Okay, this will just feel a little weird,” She coached, I clinched my eyes and she took hold of my penis and slipped the tube out. “No big deal, right?” She smiled.

“Definitely not a big deal.” Kat’s voice echoed through the room as I looked up to see her standing at the end of the bed.

“The doctor will stop by in a few minutes, and if you’re doing well, he’ll go ahead and release you today.” Nurse Mandy said.

About 45 minutes later the doctor came by and decided to discharge me as long as I had someone to take care of me. She said I needed to wear the double sling for the next couple days and then while sleeping as long as I have the casts, so I don’t accidentally hit myself.

Kat wasn’t really ready to start her duties as my home nurse yet but stepped into it anyway. Since all I had on when I got to the hospital was my swimsuit, they gave me a pair of scrub pants to wear under the gown for my ride home.

By the time I was actually discharged it was late afternoon. Katie drove me to my home which was about an hour and a half from the hospital. Between the drive and the oxycodone, I was exhausted. Once home she got me into bed where I quickly fell asleep.

I woke up and looked over at the red glow of the clock on my night stand. 4:22 a.m. and while I was still a little groggy, I desperately had to pee. I kind of rolled off the bed and made my way to the ensuite bathroom, but quickly realized that with my arms in the sling I couldn’t get my pants down.

I found Katie asleep in our guest room and tried to wake her up without startling her.

“Hey.” I whispered, “HEY” I repeated a little louder and bumped the bed with my hip.

“What?” Katie asked in a raspy voice.

“Um, I need some help.” I sheepishly replied.

“What do you need?”

“I…I need to go to the bathroom and can’t get my pants down.” I finally said.

“Oh, um… okay I can help you I guess.” Realizing exactly what she was getting into by offering to help. She threw the covers off and got out of bed wearing a very worn old t-shirt Shelby sometimes wears around the house, she always looks sexy cute in it, but on Kat with her larger breasts and thicker frame, it was positively pornographic.

She stretched arching her back and pulling the fabric tighter across her tits, even in the dark I could see her nipples. The shirt lifted up enough to reveal her soft, flat belly and her cotton panties.

We went back to the bathroom, and I stood in the doorway with my back to her.

“Just pull them down to my knees, I think I can do it from there.”

“Your knees?” She giggled, “For your little guy?” She was really enjoying this.

“Come on, just do it.” Katie tugged my pants down and I stepped closer to the commode.

“I am not sure how to … uh…aim it.” I muttered, I usually pull it out away from my body and point it down, otherwise it just shoots out straight.

I turned around and sat down on the toilet and began relieving myself, but I was peeing on the floor and all over my pants. Kat quickly stepped to me and pushed my little pecker down. My face lit up with embarrassment. As my stream became a trickle, she tapped my dick with the tip of her finger.

“Don’t want you dribbling.” She chuckled and slipped my pants off and helped me stand up.

“Maybe we should just keep you like this in case you have to go again.” Katie said, and tossed the scrubs in the dirty clothes hamper. I was completely naked, with casts on my arms feeling very helpless, small and growing aroused.

“This is so embarrassing.” I moaned, but my penis reacted much differently and stood up hard and proud.

“Aww, it’s getting big.” She cooed. She ushered me over to the sink where she washed her hands then wetted a wash cloth and wiped off my legs then my groin, which did nothing to discourage my erection.

“I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.” She teased and helped me back to bed, I laid there for what seemed like hours before falling asleep.

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