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Accidental Mountain Liaison

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The snow was falling steadily now.

“Its all connected, Miss Jemstar.” said Ben wiping his hands with a rag. Beginning to gather his tools he added, “I’d best be off or I’ll be caught up by the snow.”

Kathryne thought to herself, “…that mightn’t be such a disaster…..!”

“Hey, I’ll give you a hand.” She helped him pack his tools and load them onto the back of his ute. “Drive carefully, now, it’s a steep descent all the way until Tolmie and there is ice everywhere.”

Ben responded cheerily, “No worries, Miss. Don’t be worrying about me. You enjoy the spa. It should be fully heated by about 7pm tonight. And any queries, consult the manual – its user friendly, remember?”

With that, he jumped into the ute cab, started the engine and, tooting the horn, headed down the mountain track. Wipers going to clear the sleet, Ben had to concentrate fully to keep to the track. Fog had moved in.

Meanwhile, Kathryne returned to the cabin, entered and closed the outer porch door. Stacked inside was a pile of ready to use dry wood for the wood heater. Taking off her jacket, she went inside and stoked the fire before lighting the fuel stove and moving the kettle onto the central plate. The light had dimmed significantly, so she turned on the 12 volt spot lamps, powered by solar-batteries. Despite the extreme and deteriorating conditions outside, this was one cosy and heavily insulated hideaway!

She had not long settled down, reading a book whilst classic FM played in the background when she heard a hammering on the outer door. She jumped up and upon exiting to the porch realised it was Ben. Opening the outer door she saw he had blood oozing from a cut above one eye and was soaked to the skin.

“S..s..sorry, but I ran off the road. Couldn’t hold it….the ice.”

Kathryne was quick to appraise the situation, noting he was freezing and probably gong into shock.

“Quick, get inside by the fire.” As he entered she closed and bolted the door and followed him in, beckoning him to sit in the chair closest to the heater.

Draping a blanket around his shoulders, Kathryne obtained some warm water from the kettle, added some antiseptic and began to clean the wound, first removing dirt before cleaning it sufficiently to enable a plaster to be affixed.

Ben was very quiet and began to shiver incessantly, Kathryne was not sure whether it was from cold or shock. Or both.

“We need you to get you out of those wet clothes, Ben. Come with me.”

Eyes hollow, Ben followed her to the bedroom, which was separated by a thick curtain. Kathryne began to unbutton his shirt. Ben started for a moment but relaxed when she put her finger to her lips and gave him a reassuring smile. In a minute or so, Kathryne had him stripped naked and proceeded to towel him over. Opening a drawer, she then bade him to step into a pair of her knickers. Ben’s eye’s bulged, before he blurted…

“They’re yours! I can’t.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Your clothes are soaked and there is no way you are going to get around here naked. Quick. Don’t fuck around, Ben!”

Reluctantly he did as he was told and soon was wearing a pair of her flanalette pj’s and slippers. This done, they returned to the wood heater. Kathryne made him some soup and gave him a couple of painkillers from her medicine cabinet. His eyelids began to droop so she helped him to the bed, tucking him in and throwing another blanket over for extra warmth. He went to sleep immediately.

Kathryne tidied up, put some more wood on the fire and sat in her armchair thoughtfully. She knew it could be some days before they would be able to get to outside help. Still, they had plenty of food and water, plus firewood. They would be fine. Her mind began to wander; especially surrounding the thought of the young, fit man in her bed. It had been a long time, she thought, since she had last indulged. She had moved to the chalet a few months ago for a reason, the secluded location was like a hide away to protect herself from the temptations of falling into any more poorly-chosen kurtköy escort relationships: Contact with any man was purely for business now, not pleasure. Cursing, she tried to dismiss the imagines floating through her mind.

She poured herself a glass of port and stared into the fire for another half an hour before finally turning out the light and retiring to the bedroom herself, stripping down to her knickers and moving noiselessly beneath the sheets, she noted the deep breathing of her guest.

Tossing and turning for a while, Kathryne finally gave into herself and turned towards him, moving closer, embracing his back. He was warm and relaxed now. Slowly, Kathryne ran her hands along the contours of his upper body, noting the definition of his six pack and, moving lower, the taughtness of his hips, thighs and buttocks, Ben began to stir and nestled deeper into her warm body, She lay this way for some minutes, her mind racing. Finally, she moved her left hand over his thigh and into the pocket of the PJ’s where she felt his manhood encased in the satin knickers. Gently, she took it into her palm and began to massage it. Almost immediately, it began to come to life, growing by the second. Ben meanwhile, in a deep painkiller-induced sleep, moaned softly.

Hardly daring to breath, Kathryne continued to work him, gaining in speed. She heard him moan something along the lines of “no, please…oh shit!” when he released his seed into the satin. Kathryne smiled to herself and continued until Ben was spent. Hugging him, she then went to sleep, a smile upon her lips.

In the morning, Kathryne was up first. Stove and fire stoked up, she had coffee on and had set the table for breakfast. She became aware of Ben as he exited the curtain.

She exclaimed in mock shock “My god, what happened to you last night?”

Ben looked down and saw the large self-evident stain on his PJ fronts. He blushed redder than a tomato and moved back behind the curtain.

“Don’t be silly. Its okay. Your not the first guy to be turned on by wearing women’s knickers,” she teased. Then, relenting “Or perhaps it was my company?”

“No! I mean yes. Oh Christ, I don’t know how it happened. I am so sorry Miss Jemstar.” He looked at the floor, defeated, the humiliation complete.

Kathryne moved towards him, slid her hand behind his neck and, momentarily studying his face, kissed him, “My name is Kathryne,” she said, then she kissed him again, passionately, her tongue flicking in and out of his mouth, probing the inner reaches, Ben responded in rythem. Suddenly he changed from sweetly humiliated, to confident, 100% man. He he put his strong tradesman hands around her waist and pulled her in tight against his hardness, firmly kissing her neck, downward into her heaving rounded breasts. Kathryne gasped, for a moment loosing her breath. Gently, she pushed Ben back on to the bed and quickly removed his pink pj bottoms before disrobing herself and sideling alongside him.

Lightly kissing his cheeks, and mouth, she was careful to avoid the plastered wound. Her right hand moved down his chest to his abdominal area, where Ben’s circumcised manhood was hard and pulsating once again, although this time in full consciousness. Kathryne eyed it intently and flicked her tongue across her lips. Ben’s eyes stared into Kathryne’s-challenging, “Take me if you can!”

Raising his upper body, he moved to position her on her back. Kathryne was having none of that – yet! She moved her directly towards Ben’s waist and, once again, took his cock into her hand. Gently cupping his balls in the other, she took him all into her mouth, enjoying the fullness and hardness of his excitement. Meanwhile, Ben used his developed arms and shoulders to raise Kathryne’s hips and then slid beneath her, positioning his own mouth directly beneath her wet pussy. Pulling her cheeks down, he licked and sucked at her opening, enjoying the sweet beautiful smell and taste of her sex.

For several minutes they continued levent escort in unison, each trying desperately to bring the other to a climax. Kathryne worked feverishly at Ben’s cock but began to suspect that the previous night’s orchestrated release may have provided him with extra staying power. Moreover, she was getting uncomfortably close to an orgasm herself. With cunning born of experience, she called a halt to proceedings and turned to face her highly aroused lover.

Straddling him, Kathryne lowered herself onto his phallis and savoured the familiar sensation as it slid easily into her; filling her completely. Ben groaned contentedly and closed his eyes, giving her the opportunity to let slip a smile of satisfaction.

Beginning gently, as though she were letting the clutch out on her Suzuki 4WD, Kathryne began moving to her own rythem; allowing herself to take the entire length of Ben’s manhood each time. Repositioning herself lower as she went, she waited until her lover opened his eyes momentarily and at that moment dropped her right breast into his mouth.

Ben was nothing loath, and after a delicate lick began to suck the hardened nipple, sending a shiver all the way down Kathryne’s spine. Cupping her other breast with his left, he moved his free hand to her rear and, to her surprise, gently inserted his index finger into her ass. Kathryne groaned deeply.

“No, you’ll make me cum too quickly!” she hissed and kissed his forehead, smelling his locks as she did so.

“Just do it, Babe.” whispered Ben, as he concentrated on massaging her breast, working her ass and sucking her nipple in unison with her own movements.

Kathryne held on as long as she could. Fuck, she wanted it to last! It had been so long. 18 months, wasn’t it? But she couldn’t hang on. Normally she could control proceedings, but the actions that Ben had put in place were externalities that could not be ignored, nor controlled. With a squeal, she was over the precipice.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” she groaned as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Ben showed no mercy and continued to work her erogenous zones for another minute or so, sensing her continued orgasm. Eventually she relaxed so he withdrew his finger from her ass and freed her nipple from his mouth.

Groaning and breathing heavily, Kathryne’s body collapsed onto his chest. In an instant, she dozed off. She awoke again to his handling of her exhausted torso. Ben had moved her onto her stomach and, placing 2 pillows beneath her stomach, had moved behind her.

“Not my ass!” she panicked and made to move away.

“Shhhhhhh, Babe. Relax. Just doggie style, okay?” he reassured her, before spreading her delicious cheeks and moving forward. “Nice Tat, honey” he teased, noting the small tattoo of a rising sun at the top of her crack.

Kathryne felt the tip of his member first touch, then spread her virginal lips. Oh god, she wanted it so bad. As it slid in, she realised this was going to be some ride. The whole length impaled her!

“Oh fuck, its so deep.” she moaned.

Ben started gently but soon moved into a rythem, getting faster and faster as he went. His thighs were slapping against her buttocks and making a considerable noise. Kathryne was breathing quickly now, interspersed with small whimpers. Having raised herself onto her hands, head resting onto a pillow, she could see her own breasts swaying violently with the motions behind her.

They came together. Violently and in unison. Kathryne groaned as she went through another intense, wave-after-wave orgasm. Then she was aware of his deep groan or grunt as he ejaculated deep within her. She could feel his seed as it dispersed, further lubricating her already wet inner sanctum.

In a few moments she collapsed and he withdrew, collapsing beside her. They kissed deeply, eyes closed, in an expression of gratefulness and satisfaction. Then they slept.

It was late afternoon/early evening when Kathryne awoke. Only the flickering flames from the mahmutbey escort wood heater gave any illumination as the winter light had faded. As she became more perceptive of things around her, she noticed that Ben was not present. Slowly, she got out of bed, put on her dressing gown and slippers and moved to the kitchen and sitting area. She could see that a fine snow was falling and that steam from the spa, located to the front of the chalet and close to the steep embankment, was giving off considerable steam. She could only just make out a dark shape sitting in one corner of the spa.

Changing into her boots, Kathryne exited the chalet and walked slowly to the spa. Ben greeted her quietly.

“41 degrees, Kathryne. Its running really well. Come, get in before you freeze.”

Kathryne did as she was told, leaving her dressing gown under the veranda and removed her boots just prior to sliding into the bubbling waters of the spa. It was hot! Beautiful! She slowly lowered herself to chin level, giving her body time to acclimatise to the temperature of the spa.

“I took the liberty of making you one of these.” went on Ben as he passed her a blood-red concoction. “You had tomato juice, vodka, and even tobasco sauce, so a bloody mary seemed the go.”

She sipped slowly, revelling in the tingle it gave her lips, the tobasco spice biting gently as she did. They said nothing for a full 5 or 10 minutes, simply enjoying the moment; falling snow; peace and quiet and gentle hum of the spa filter.

Kathryne rose and leant over the spa side to place her glass on a small ledge close by, her arm needing to be immersed so as to warm up a little. As she sat back down she was surprised to find that Ben had moved beneath her and his erect cock prodded her buttocks. She turned and involuntarily smiled before she kissed him, he taking her breasts in both hands and guiding her onto his penis. She slid easily onto him and murmured something unintelligible before coming to a stop, neck deep in the hot water. Bens hands working gently, she found herself gyrating and shifting in this position, enjoying the inner sensations that the movement produced. Finally, she could hold off no more and began to move vertically, slowly at first but gradually accelerating. Whilst there was no physical slapping of skin, a gentle splashing began, underlining the growing urgency underling Kathryne’s growing need, Ben was being used as an object for her ultimate pleasure, and with extreme satisfaction he remained motionless, mouth open, groaning to the delight of being taken.

When Kathryne came it was unlike anything she’d experienced before. The snow, the trees, the hot water, the whole setting combined to provide a complete experience. She found that she had tears running down her cheeks, not from pain or hurt but from pent up emotion released after many months self-imposed isolation. And it continued for seemingly minutes whilst she sat on the edge of the abyss, enjoying the entire trip. This maintenance of position and intensity overcame Ben who, too, finally released. Again, deep inside of her, he finally had to hold her by the hips, pinning her buttocks to his thighs whilst he attempted to regather himself.

Slumping again back into the hot water, the two lovers dozed before finishing their drinks. Finally, around 9pm, they retreated to the warmth and comfort of the chalet and cuddled beneath a large blanket on the sofa by the heater. With classic FM playing gently in the background, barely a word was spoken. And yet they might have been speaking incessantly, such was the natural communication between them.


In the morning, Ben prepared to depart.

“If the vehicle is stuck, I’ll go on foot to Tolmie. We can get it out in a few days with a tractor or 4WD. No worries though.”

“And you?” enquired Kathryne, trailing off….

Ben smiled, took her in his arms and kissed her. “I’ll be back, rest assured.” he said. “I might bring a little more red with me, if that’s okay, but I will be back.” And with that, he turned and headed down the track, disappearing behind the cutting and undergrowth.

Sadly, Kathryne watched him. Just another night would have been good. But look on the bright side – he would be back! From her pocket she took a stained pair of silk knickers and pressed them to her cheek. And she would be waiting…………

The End

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