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Accidental Union Ch. 05

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The letter!

The last thing I remember was stripping down to my birthday suit and wrapping my arms around Nancy making sure my third leg was snuggled tight between her legs soaking in her wetness; but when I awoke she was gone.

I raised my head to see a letter on her pillow; it read.

“I’m gone; please don’t try to find me… I’m not worth it. You can do so much better than me. Just consider this one thing before shedding a tear for me. What mother would sleep with her son? I love you!”

I ran from room to room before rushing downstairs to try to find her.

“Nancy, Nancy, come on, stop playing around,” I screamed.

I was heartbroken as a tear made its way down my cheek.

“Fuck!” I screamed as I tried calling her cell and leaving a text message.

Moments later the front door opened.

“Nancy,” my heart raced as I ran to the door.

“Oh my gawd,” Nina smiled.


“You know, you have a beautiful cock,” she smiled in hunger.

“Sorry,” I cupped booth hands over my manhood.

“Are you fucking mom?” she giggled.


“You are fucking mom,” she again giggled.

“No, I’m not fucking mom,” I answered nervously.

“Yes you are,” she smiled.

“I swear; I’m not fucking mom,” I continued.

“I expected something yesterday when I walked in on you two and the both of you were breathing heavy,” she smiled.

“Come on Nina… get real,” I laughed.

“Real, you want real? I walked through the door and you yelled Nancy; since when do sons call their mothers by their first name and run to the door naked?” she questioned.

“I’ve always called her Nancy,”

“Explain the birthday suit,”

“I thought she was locked out; besides I always walk around the house nude,” I lied.

“Liar,” she said rolling her purse off her shoulder and onto the floor as she walked seductively toward me.

“Nina, you’re not thinking with a straight head,”

“It’s not my head I’m thinking about,” she said seductively as she pulled off her t-shirt revealing her firm “B” size breasts.

“Nina please, mom will be back any minute,”

“I don’t believe you,”


“That’s two lies Pinocchio and your nose is definitely getting bigger,” she said seductively as her hands pulled at mine.


“I’m sure you and mom want to keep your incestuous ways secret,” she peered at me.


“Stop moving your fucking hands away or I’ll confront her,” she said sternly.

Nina was crazy enough to do it; she would confront Nancy and it would definitely be over.

“Move your hands and I promise I won’t tell mom; don’t and I’ll sing like a canary,” she promised.

I was at a crossroad.

“One, “



I couldn’t let her confront Nancy and I moved my hands before the count of three.

“That’s better,” she said before getting on her knees and taking me into her mouth.

She was good… very good; I was rock hard in no time.

“Mmm… mmm,” she continued.

“Nina,” I gasped after a few minutes.

“Mmm… mmm,” she continued.

“Aw fuck,” I shot my fist string into her mouth.

“Mmm… mmm,” she continued as she swallowed like a pro.

I relaxed and enjoyed the moment as I finished blowing my load; I just wish it were Nancy sucking my cock.

She stood, “Disappointing, you came too early.”

“I… I’m sorry,” I apologized for my actions not wanting her to tell Nancy.

“We’ll see how sorry you are,” she said removing her booties then wriggling out of her tight jeans and panties.


“What, you got yours now I want mine,” she smiled.

I felt guilty cheating on Nancy.

“Over here lover boy,” she said taking my hand and leading me the couch.

There was no wall dividing the formal living room and dining room so she sat on the back of the couch.

“Eat me,” she said spreading her legs.

I had no choice but to get on my knees and delve into her wet pussy.

“Oh gawd,” she said just a few strokes of my tongue.

My mind wandered off for a few seconds.

“No wonder mom wants you all to herself… fuck yeah,”

Minutes into my meal Nina was all moans as she grabbed my head and convulsed tightening her legs around my head.

“Oh gawd fuck me, fuck me,” she begged before settling down.

I stood mobil seks hikayeleri and laid the wood to her.

“Fuck yeah,” she panted as she wrapped her arms and legs around me.

I fucked her as she clung onto me for dear life for fifteen minutes before she exploded with her third orgasm; her second one came as soon as I began boning her.

“That was too fucking awesome to give up,” she said before sliding off of me.

“You’re not going to mention this to Nancy are you?”

“No,” she smiled.

“Good,” I said as I started toward the staircase.

“Where are you going?”

“To take a shower and dress before Nancy gets home,”

“We’re not done yet,”


“I’m hungry,”


“I’ll cook, we eat, and then we fuck again,” she told me.


“Girls like to gossip you know,”

“Fine, at least let me get my clothes,”

“Why put on clothes when you’re just going to take them off again,” she smiled.

“Have it your way,”

Nina worked quickly in the kitchen making scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.

“You love her don’t you?” Nina asked me.

“Yeah,” I admitted since she knew anyway.

“Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous fucking mom?”

“No more dangerous than fucking your half sister in the living room when the love of your life can catch you,”

“I forgot I was your half sister,” she laughed.


“Seeing your flagpole yesterday probably threw me off a little,” she laughed as she dished out the food.

“I’m really not that hungry,”

“You better eat; I expect another three orgasms before I leave,”

“Can’t we do it another time; Nancy could walk in any moment and catch us,”

“Exciting isn’t it,”

“Not really,”

“Eat; you’re going to need all the energy you can muster up for round two,”

“Nina, I beg you…”

“Stop crying pussy and eat,”

I began eating as she stared at me with her gorgeous smile. I never noticed but she looked a lot like Nancy, not exactly, but there were similarities.

“You see it too,”


“The similarities,”


“If it weren’t for the cheek bones we could pass as one another,”


“You’re not much of a talker are you?”

“Not considering the circumstances,”

“Well, I really don’t need you to talk now do I?” she laughed.

I sighed.

“Come on, I know you had fun, I can feel your jizz oozing out onto my legs, “she laughed.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s better,”

I smiled.

“You clean up,”

“Are you leaving?”

“No, I’m jumping into the pool,”

“Nina, she can be home at any time,”

“I expect you to join me sooner than later so snap to it,” she smiled and walked out the back door.

I nervously washed the dishes and met her at the pool.

“Don’t be shy… jump in,” she giggled.

As soon as I hit the water she was all over me.

“Kiss me,”


“Kiss me… kiss me like you kiss her,”


“I have nowhere to be today,” she smiled.


“You came in my mouth and my pussy and you can’t even kiss me,” she said wrapping

her arms around my neck and pulling us together; our lips just inches apart.

She was beautiful but she wasn’t Nancy.

“Kiss me,” she tilted her head and planted her tongue deep inside my mouth.

She was an extremely good kisser.

“That wasn’t so hard was it,” she smiled.

“I guess not,”

“Now it’s your turn,”


“Kiss me,”


“You stuck your dick in me and now you can’t kiss me. Like I said; I have no better place to be today than right here naked with you,” she seductively whispered in my ear.

I kissed her, I had no choice, I wanted Nancy back and the only way to achieve that was to satisfy Nina so she would leave.

“That was really good; again.

Nina was beautiful and sexy but she wasn’t Nancy but if I didn’t give her what she wanted I would be facing the firing squad so I gave Nina all my attention and kissed her just like I would Nancy.

“Oh my gawd… that was amazing,” she said.

I kissed her again and was a little more aggressive as I grabbed her ass with my hands.

“Mmm,” she moaned.

My dick hardened.

“Maybe I’ll take you for myself if she doesn’t want you,” she said as she spread her legs and let my cock rest against her inner lips.

I kissed her again as my finger massaged her back door.

“Nasty boy,” she giggled as her tongue darted back into my mouth.

We kissed for some time until she grabbed my cock and aligned it with her pussy.

I think she was trying to tell me something.

She wrapped her legs around me pulling herself down around my cock and then moved one hand behind my back and pushed my finger into her black hole.

“Ah,” she broke our kiss and then giggled.

I laughed with her.

“I never had anything in my ass before,” she giggled as my cock engulfed her pussy.

“There’s a first time for everything,” I smiled.

“Fuck me,” she giggled.

I drove my finger into her tight cave as she used her legs to pull herself down onto my cock and fuck me.

“Oh gawd,” she moaned tilting her head back.

I was getting off just watching her enjoy herself.

“Oh gawd,” her legs tightened around me as her sphincter tightened around my finger.

I began to gently kiss her neck; roving as I kissed her.

“Oh gawd,” she screamed as she convulsed violently tightening her arms around my neck and throwing her head onto my shoulder.

I held her tight for what seemed to be forever.

“That was so fucking good,” she whispered as she panted heavily.

“Do you want to get out?”

“Fuck me again,”

“What,” I laughed.

“Fuck me in her bed,”


“Fuck me in my ass in her bed,”

“No,” I laughed.

“Is it sacred?”

“Yeah, it’s sacred,”



“Take me to her bed and fuck me now,” she insisted.

We swam to the edge and got out of the pool. I took her hand and took her upstairs to our bedroom; the master bedroom.

“This is where it all happens?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,”

“I like it; it has good vibes,”


“Yeah, you know vibes,” she said as she opened one of the nightstands and retrieved a tube of anal lube. Is this what you use on her?”


“Good, then use it on me,” she said spreading her legs wide open on the bed.

I immediately went down on her.

“Oh yes… ah… ah… giggle,” she continued until she came again.

How nice it must be to be a female with endless orgasms I thought.

Nina pushed me off and immediately got on all fours.

I mounted her and drove my cock into her pussy.

“Eager for the beaver,” she laughed.


“You of all people don’t need an invitation,” she said tossing the anal lube back to me as she panted.

Knowing what she wanted I lubed her thoroughly then penetrating her deeply with my finger.

“Oh yes,” her sphincter tightened around my finger.

I finger fucked her a bit making sure she was lubed thoroughly.

“Fuck me,” she began panting heavily with anticipation.

I took my time breaking her in until I hit bottom.

“Fuck me… fuck me please… fuck me,” she continued wanting a good ass fucking.

As I drew back she arched her back pulling herself forward just to rear back meeting me in the middle. My balls slapped her ass as we went at it.

“Oh gawd… oh gawd… ah… ah… ah,” she continued as we fucked one another in unison.

I continued to lay the wood to her.

“Fuck,” she screamed as she dropped to her stomach taking me with her as she violently convulsed into another orgasm as I continued to fuck her until I planted my seed deep within her.

“Oh my gawd,” she continued to pant as she tried to turn over on her back hinting I should withdraw.

“You okay,” I panted.

“That was amazing,” she giggled.

“Yeah, it was,” I smiled.

“Hold me,”

We held one another and quickly fell asleep until I awoke hours later.

“Nina,” I said shaking her.


“Wake up, we have to clean up before Nancy gets home,” I begged.

“We have time,” she closed her eyes.

“Please, you got what you wanted, get up,”

“We both got what we wanted,” she said as she stretched and sat up.

“We have to make the bed and get dressed before she comes home,”

“Tell me something first,”


“Be honest,”


“Did you enjoy yourself?”

I had to tell the truth; if I lied or if she thought I was lying she may not leave.

“Well, did you?”

“Yes, I enjoyed myself,”

“Good,” she kissed me and got out of bed.

“Help me change the sheets,”

Nina took the sheets off as I went to the linen closet and retrieved clean ones; we made the bed and where out of there taking the sheets with us to the wash.

“Oh, the anal lube?” I asked.

“In the drawer where I found it,”

“Thank you,”

“Anytime,” she giggled.

“I mean for helping me clean up,”

“No problem,”

“I need to take a quick shower,”

“Me too,”

“No, you have to get out of here,”

“And do what; smell like I just let my boyfriend fuck me in the ass,”

“Okay, what do you want to do?’

“Take a shower with you,” she answered laying both hands on my chest.

“That’s not possible,”

“And why not,” she said crossing her arms.


“Well, if you don’t want me too,” she sounded.

“No, no, no, it’s okay,”

I took her by the hand and led her into the shower with me.

“Here’s the soap…” I started.

“I don’t think so,”

“Why not,” I sighed.

“You played with me; you clean me,” she giggled.

“Fine,” I laughed shaking my head lathering the soap between my palms.

“How about my hair,”

“What about your hair?”

“It smells like chlorine from the pool,”

“Fine I’ll wash it,” I was about to wash it with the soap.

“Not with bar soap,” she laughed.

“Just hand me the conditioner so we can make this quick,”

“Thank you,” I said handing her the strawberry scented conditioner.

Nina did her hair as I lathered my body and hair with the bar soap and then quickly rinsed off.

“Are you ready to rinse off?” I turned to Nina.

“I did my hair now you have to wash me,” she giggled.

I took the soap and lathered her up, grabbed the shower head, and began to rinse her.

“Do you pay full price at the car wash and only get the wheel s cleaned?”

“What,” I laughed not knowing what the hell she’s talking about.

“You need to wash all of me,”

“Fine,” I took my time and now knew what she meant; I just skimmed over her the first time.

“Thank you,” she looked at me with puppy eyes.

I quickly rinsed her off and we got out.

“I’m going to get dressed and you go downstairs and get dressed,”

“Are you sure we don’t have time for another blow job; on the house,”


“Fine, I’ll be downstairs,”

I grabbed some underwear, short khakis, and a t-shirt and then ran downstairs to check on Nina.

“Nina, are you good?” I voiced as I made my way down the steps and into the kitchen.


“Nina…” I started as the garage door began to open.

“You know, you didn’t even play with my breasts,” she pouted.

“Please hurry,”

“Or my v-jay for that matter: I mean you fucked me but there was really no foreplay,”

“Nina, you led the whole time,”

“You owe me,”


“You owe me,”

“What do you want?” I asked as the garage door reached its limit.

“Another session of course,” she answered with only her t-shirt left to put on.


“Okay then,” she said crossing her arms.

“Okay, okay,”

“Don’t worry, it won’t interfere with your relationship with mom but it’s any time I want and you can’t back out of it or else,”

“I understand,”

“I know you understand but do you agree?”

“Yes, anything,”

“Good, now kiss me,”

I pecked her on the cheek as I heard the car door shut.

“Kiss me; kiss me like you kiss her,”

This time I gave her a passionate kiss.

“Better but we’ll work on it later,” she said as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and down to her waist.

“Quick, leave before Nancy comes in,”

“Fine, I’m going,” she laughed as she left through the front door.

A minute later I heard a knock at the door leading to the garage; she must have her hands full.

“Nancy,” I called out as I rushed to the door to open it.

Then the door opened.

“Nina!” I exclaimed.

“You were expecting?”

“Where’s Nancy?”

“I don’t know,”

“But the garage door opened,”

“I have my own garage door opener,” she said holding it up.

“You’re never going to let me go are you?”

“No, now… about that little discussion we had the last time I was here,” she said stepping into me and kissing me passionately.

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