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Accidentally Screwing My Sleepy Mom

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At eighteen, like every teenager I guess, I had discovered sex and had a great girlfriend. Tammy had a great body, fantastic curvy ass and big bouncy breasts, in fact, she was almost the perfect replica of my mom. A fact mom didn’t fail to tease me about by often telling me how much I loved her that I wanted to marry a girl just like her! I hadn’t thought of it myself but I guess subconsciously, mom might have known more about it than I did.

Tammy would often come around to stay at weekends, and since I was eighteen, and mom and dad were pretty open, they accepted it. But one evening when Tammy stayed the night a crazy thing happened that would change my world forever.

We enjoyed a family meal together. Mom always loved to cook something special whenever Tammy came over to make her feel at home and like she was one of the family. I guess mom was already thinking about wedding bells and probably even talking to Father Jones at our church anticipating the amazing day. All that, and I’d only been dating Tammy for about four months now. Sure I liked Tammy, we got on great together, we pretty much never argued and she was the first girl I had felt comfortable with. But hey, I’m eighteen, I had a whole lot more life ahead of me yet, I couldn’t be falling in love and getting married without exploring the world of women for a decade or two, I laughed to myself.

“You two are such a great couple you know. You remind me of me and Steve’s dad when we were courting. We met in high school too, you know, and we were so much in love, just like you two.” Mom beamed.

“Yes Mrs Sullivan, I think you mentioned that last week, and the week before, and the week before that and…” Tammy laughed.

“And every week Tammy has been here since Steve has been dating her honey. It’s ok honey, you don’t need to pressure them so much. If they’re going all the way.” Dad said using a little innuendo. “Then they’re going all the way. We should just them let get to where’ve it is they’re headed, hun.”

“Yeah, Mr Sullivan, whichever stop were getting off at only fate knows. Right, Steve?” Tammy told me.

“Yeah!” I agreed.

“Hell Tammy here is so hot all the boys are gonna be trying to steal her away from Steve, Sandra, maybe he won’t be able to keep her. She might wanna play the field you know.” Dad said, winking at Tammy, to which she giggled like a kid.

“Simon, don’t talk like that. Tammy’s not that kind of girl, she so sweet.” Mom said hurt.

“I’m just saying, honey. She is a very beautiful young lady. She’s smart. Tammy’s top of her class in science and tech. Right, Sammy?” Dad asked.

“Well yeah, I love studying and everything kind of comes easy to me. My dad said I should’ve been a boy, with the brain I’ve got.” Tammy laughed.

“But with that body, you sure as hell won’t be mistaken for a guy, that’s for sure. And hell Steve, if Tammy here is gonna be working in a man’s world, with a body like this.” Dad said, gesturing to Tammy from head to tow. “Hell, every day of your married life you are gonna be fighting to keep her. Ain’t that right Sandra. Hell, I’ve been fighting for your mom for over twenty years. And you know Tammy, Dad said coming up close to Tammy like he was telling her a secret. “I’m not sure if I didn’t lose her to a few guys over the years you know, that’s how hot she is. Hey babe.” He said, shifting back to mom.

“Honey. Don’t be so mean. Tammy would never do that and I neither would I. You men have far too overactive minds.”

“Oh yeah! I remember that guy Jason way back when we were starting out. He sure was into you, couldn’t take his eyes off you at work, and he sure did throw the compliments at you like you were a goddess to him.”

“He was just being nice.” Mom said angrily. “You say that about every guy that so much as looks at me.”

“Yep! I guess that’s true, and it’s all because you are a super catch and they know it.” Dad laughed.

Dad was always like this when Tammy came around, teasing mom like that. Mom sure did have an amazing body though, and he was dead right, if I had a wife like mom, I would be worried someone would steal her away from me every time we met someone new. In fact, with Tammy, that was already how it was. Tammy had amazing breasts and ass, and boy was she amazing in bed. To be honest, I was still pretty surprised that I was able to secure her as my girl. As she started to go through puberty and fill out into her womanly shape, every guy at school was hot for her. Every guy I knew had tried hitting on her at least once. It turned out I was the only guy who hadn’t, and that was because I didn’t think I had a chance.

“Hey, Tammy.” Dad said, “come over here to the bar, looks like you need a drink young lady.”

“Simon, you know she’s not allowed to drink. She’s only eighteen.” Mom said shocked.

“Yeah! You probably shouldn’t.” I added.

“Hell it’s ok, I often have a few, in secret with my girlfriends.” Tammy said heading straight to the bar with dad.

“Would you like me to make you a cocktail Tammy?” Dad asked.

“Sure I love cock,” Tammy paused a little, sivas escort “tails.” She finished.

What the fuck! Tammy was throwing sexual innuendos at my dad. Now, this evening was starting to head down a bad road. I needed to figure a way to get us both out of here and up to my bedroom fast.

“Oh, really Tammy!” Dad said, clearly shocked by her sexual innuendo.

He wasn’t expecting that from my eighteen-year-old girlfriend and neither was I. Right now, I was starting to get pretty angry with Dad just as much as mom was. But worse than that, now I was starting to get pissed at Tammy too.

“Well, I do love to give out my cock…” Now, dad did the same annoying pause, “tails.”

Surely this couldn’t get any worse, I thought, until it did.

“Let me see.” Tammy began, “I love so many cock…” yep, she did it again, “tails. Now which one do I want you to give me Mr Sullivan? Hmm! How about that one with a shot of Tequila, vodka, gin and rum. Do you know the name of that one Mr Sullivan?” She asked.

“Hell yeah.” Dad was pretty stoked now. I had no clue what the hell kind of cocktail that made, and right now I was dreading finding out.

“You’re talking about the Leg Spreader, aren’t you Tammy. Now that, young lady, is one I am especially good at.” Dad told her. “Cum over here Tammy on the stool and let me fix that one up for you if you want me to spread those legs.”

Oh shit! Dad was one-hundred per cent hitting on my girlfriend now, as soon as she hopped up on the stool his hand was on her knee and slowly opening up her legs suggestively.

“Uh, uh uh.” Tammy said acting stern and wagging one finger at him while removing his hand from her legs. “I didn’t say that was what I wanted yet did I? I was just thinking about it. I’m still running through my favourite cock…,” another dumb pause, “tail. No. How about the one with bailey’s Irish cream and Tequila Rose strawberry liqueur. Now I seem to remember that was I really good one. Do you remember the name of that one Mr Sullivan? If you do, maybe I’ll let you give that one to me.

“Tequila and Irish cream!” Dad looked puzzled now. “Nope, sorry Tammy, I’m afraid that ones slipped me. It’s right on the tip of my tongue, but for now, I just can’t seem to taste it enough to say it. Maybe you could help out on this one. Whatever it is Tammy, you can be sure I’ll give it to you.” Dad told her, his hand placed on her shoulder assuredly.

“Are you sure you’ll give it to me Mr Sullivan,” Tammy asked coyly. I didn’t want to know what this one was going to be. Something had to break these two up, and I had a feeling it would be mom, as the fury was growing in her face. Mom wasn’t seeing the funny side of this, and either was I.

“Ok, I’m surprised you didn’t know, but it’s a Creamy Pussy.” Tammy said brazenly without a care that I was watching her. But more than that, my mom was too. And sooner or later mom was going to lose it and take it out on both my dad and my girlfriend. If this wasn’t broken up soon I had the feeling Tammy would be sent home and I wouldn’t be getting laid tonight. I had to think fast before my dream girlfriend turned into my moms most hated girlfriend.

“Hey Tammy, let’s go upstairs, I wanna show you the present I got you. I’ve been waiting all night.” I said, heading straight over to her and grabbing her hand, pulling her off the stool.

“Present?” Tammy repeated surprised. “You didn’t tell me you brought me a present. What is it?”

“Come see hun. Goodnight mom, dad. See you in the morning.” I said, figuring out what the hell I was gonna give her as a present would have to wait. Right now, all I cared about was getting her out of that room before the end of the world descended on our living room.

“Goodnight Mr and Mrs Sullivan,” Tammy said.

As we left, mom gave her a pretty angry look, making me wonder if this would be the last time I’d be able to bring her home.

Now it would be my turn to take over from the sexual innuendo my dad had started up with Tammy and use it to my own advantage. After of course figuring out what the hell her surprise present was.

Now in my room, Tammy was getting pretty eager for her present and it took me everything to keep her in suspense while my mind figured out what the hell it was! Luckily as I was thinking there was a knock at my door.

“Steven,” Mom called through the door. Oh shit! I thought, now I was in trouble. At best I would never see Tammy again. At worst she would have to go home tonight and I wouldn’t get to screw her one last time.

Heading out into the corridor to meet my mum, expecting to have to profusely apologise and beg her to allow Tammy to be allowed back, I was surprised when instead she held out one of her favourite necklaces. A cute pearl-like necklace she had had since she was a teenager herself, but not valuable.

“You can give her this honey.” Mom told me, placing the necklace in my hand. “I’m sorry about your dad, I don’t know what’s gotten into him tonight. He’s acting like a teenager again. I’m sorry he embarrassed you in front of sivas escort your girlfriend son. I’ll punish him, don’t you worry about that.”

“Thanks, mom,” I said. Kissing her on the cheek and taking the necklace back to Tammy.

“Yes!” I thought. I wasn’t gonna suffer from this, dad was. “Ha!” Serves him right.

“Oh wow!” Tammy said, her eyes widening as she saw it. “I love it. Thanks, baby,” She said kissing me deeply.

“It’s nothing,” I said. “I love you. You know that. I just wanted you to have something special to remind you of me.”

“Put it on me, baby,” Tammy demanded, undoing the fastener, putting it around her neck and turning around for me to refasten it around her neck. As she turned around she reminded me of my mom. I’d seen mom wear the necklace a few times. It was something she would wear when her and dad went out to a fancy restaurant or a party or something. She would always wear a strapless dress with it and her breasts used to always attempt to squeeze their way out the top.

Since turning eighteen I’d started dreaming about when she wore that necklace and dress, imagining what would happen if the zipper running down her back were to suddenly break, allowing the dress to drop down to the floor. Wherever she wore the dress she never wore a bra, so I imagined her standing naked as the dress slipped down around her beautifully shaped legs. I guess she wore underwear of course, but she never did when I fantasised about her. Seeing Tammy in the same necklace now made my cock immediately start to grow at the image of my mother in it.

“Oh wow!” Tammy said surprised as she felt the huge growing cock between my legs as we pressed close together in our passionate kiss. Taking my bulge in her hands she exclaimed.

“Wow! You like this necklace too don’t you baby. I guess you’re already, ready.” She winked. “Looks like I will have a Creamy Pussy after all.” She smiled and winked naughtily.

Oh boy, the evening had been saved from disaster and my mom had managed to turn it around into a sexual exploration victory. Now I would gladly hear all about Tammy’s cocktail knowledge.

“Yes. And I am gonna serve you up the best cock,” I paused, laughing, “tail in town.”

“Oh give it to me big boy she said,” jumping on the bed fully clothed and with the sexy red high heels she had worn that evening still on. I kicked off my sneakers and jumped onto the bed with her.

“I’m not the best with cocktails honey, but I sure want to learn. Test me on another of your favourites,” I said kissing her while unzipping her dress and taking it off.

“Ok. Bailey’s Irish cream and Samba baby. What’s that one?.”

“Give me a clue,” I asked kissing her big breasts atop her pretty pink lacy bra.

“Ok. Well, I love giving them.” She teased.

“Oh, honey. That’s too easy.” I smiled unhooking her bra, taking it off and diving straight in with my lips and tongue. “A Blow Job.”

“Yeah! You got it.” She smiled. “You’re pretty good at this game too.”

‘Too!’ I didn’t want to be reminded of my dad right now, now that Tammy was topless and I was enjoying her perfect breasts.

“Ok, try another one,” I said, trying to get away from any connection to my dad. I didn’t want him cock-blocking my big hot moment here.

“Ok babe. Now this is one of your favourites. And I love it too of course.” She said winking. “It’s full of stuff, Malibu coconut rum, banana liqueur, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, OJ. Oh, and Canadian Whisky of course. Any clues?”

“I love it?” I asked puzzled.


“But I love everything with you.” I smiled.

“That’s true,” Tammy admitted. “Ok, I’ll help you out a little more. Take out your tiger for me.” She said brazenly.

Oh yeah! Now you’re talking honey.” I said unzipping my pants and boxers, pulling them off, my now hard cock bouncing up to attention as I did it.”

Tammy immediately took her huge breasts and took it fully into her mouth all the way to the hilt. My pre-cum already dripping she mixed it up with her spit and then, when it was all wet, she took it out and sandwiched it in between her massive breasts like a long thick hotdog in a puffy white bun.

“Any help?” Tammy asked as she jerked my cock off in between her breasts.

“Cum on your face?” I said thinking the exact thing I wanted to do right now.

“Haha! Well pretty much.” She said. “Sex on my face.”

“What’s one word between lovers.” I laughed.

Wow! I couldn’t believe how hot Tammy looked right now, especially with moms necklace drapped around her neck. Hell! I couldn’t stop imagining mom while I fucked Tammy’s tits. Whenever I’d seen mom wearing that necklace it always drove me crazy, I would fantasise about screwing her every day for weeks after. That kind of memory just got scorched into my brain.

Thinking about Tammy in that necklace and mixing it up with mom in the necklace just made me want to fuck her all the more. Pulling out my cock from her breasts I slid down to her panties and pulled them down and off over her hot red heeled shoes and sivas escort bayan started to dive into her wet pussy to eat her out and get her ready for my hefty cock.

Writhing in ecstasy, Tammy grabbed a hold of my head as I went down on her licking down inside her, then gently on her clit with my tongue then finger. Wow! I was feeling hotter than ever before. Sometimes I was too eager to just get my cock inside her pussy and fuck her, but now I really wanted to give her some good head service and kept on digging into her tunnel.

“Oh baby,” Tammy moaned, “that’s so good baby. It feels so good honey. Oh, baby you really are loving my pussy today aren’t you! What’s gotten into you,” she said moaning with delight. “You’re not usually such a giving lover. But hell honey,” now she screamed, “don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Tammy screamed so loud I’d had to reach out a hand to her and cover her mouth. Mom and dad must surely have heard her. Holding her mouth closed with one hand fondling a breast with the other all the while eating her out, I sensed the convulsions growing within her. Like my own personal volcano, Tammy was getting ready to blow and I wanted to take the full orgasms in my mouth. I’d never done this before, so it was a first, I’d always been too selfish and wanted to get my cock in her glistening wet hole as quick as I could.

“Oh babe, I’m coming. I’m coming in your mouth.” Tammy gasped as her body writhed beneath me. “Baby you’re so good. I love you, honey.” She said, bucking up and down uncontrollably underneath me.

Now it was my turn. As Tammy writhed uncontrollably at the height of her orgasm, I rode back up her need body and slid my dripping cock into her orgasming vagina and filled her up with my thick pulsing sex bomb.

“Oh fuck! Steve, you’re so big, how did you get so hot today?” Tammy gasped as my cock entered her, lifting her orgasm to ever-higher heights.

Lifting Tammy’s legs up onto my shoulders, her hot red high heeled shoes next to my neck, I ran my hands down from her ankles to her ass below and felt her bold ass as my cock fucked her, her breasts bouncing beneath me, waves moving up and down in the sea of our sex. As I fucked her deeper and deeper, harder and harder, my eyes transfixed on the movements of the pearl-like necklace around Tammy’s neck as it too, bounced up and down on her neck. Flickers of images of my mom, naked beneath me, surged through my mind. Whenever Tammy’s face was replaced with my mothers, I fucked all the more harder and deeper, and then, when the image dissipated, I slowed down to a more gentle pace, allowing Tammy to return her senses. Yet whenever she was able to regain her breath, that same image of my mom, naked beneath me returned.

“Steve.” Moms ghostly voice said, “baby fuck mommy as hard as you can honey. It’s ok. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” The voice said. “I love you too. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me harder, deeper.” Gradually the voice was replaced by the real and present voice of Tammy beneath me.

“Fuck me, baby, harder, harder, I’m gonna cum baby. Come with me, honey. Cum inside me. Fill me up, baby. I want all your sticky cum shot deep inside my vagina.” Tammy groaned.

I pounded her harder and harder wanting us to cum together. Now lowering myself atop her, I kissed her as we fucked, my hands now running through her hair, now holding her neck. Oh, fuck! I thought as my hands touched the necklace and Tammy’s neck. The connection with my mom was now, more than ever, stronger, I was touching the necklace she had worn so many times, and surely been fucked in, like Tammy was being fucked now.

Holding onto her neck I fucked into her with all my might, powering into her like crazy. Or eyes closed all I could see was my mother, beneath me, being fucked by her sons thick hard wet cock. Harder and harder I fucked Tammy, my moms’ mind in mine, until everything I had within me burst out and into Tammy’s vagina. As I shot my load, she let out a huge gasp, her own body quivering in her own climax.

Opening our eyes, now exhausted, I collapsed beside her. My hand on her big, heaving breasts, a thumb feeling her hard nipple.

“Oh baby, that was so good.” She said.

“Me too,” I replied panting.

The pair of us, totally exhausted we simply lay on the bed in each others’ arms before falling into a deep sleep.

I don’t know what time I awoke, but when I did it was pitch black and Tammy was still deep in sleep. Searching out in the darkness I reached out for the bed cover and pulled it over her. Feeling down to her feet, I unbuckled her shoes and dropped them over and out of the bed onto the floor. Not wanting to wake her by turning on the light, I fumbled through the darkness for my clothes and slipped my boxers, jeans and top on. Desperate for the toilet, I headed out of my room through the darkness and found the bathroom and flicked on the light. The rest of the house in darkness, I guessed my mom and dad must have headed to bed too. Flushing the toilet and washing my hands, I felt the all too familiar feeling of hunger in my stomach. This felt like the perfect time for a late-night kitchen run. Creeping downstairs in almost total darkness I fumbled my way around until I eventually found the fridge and opened it up pulling out something to drink while using its light to rumble through the cubed for some other snacks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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