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Adventures in Babysitting

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Hi my name is Kyle. I have blue eyes and shaggy brown/black hair, 5’8 155 pounds, but it’s all from working out. Well my story begins the summer after my third year of college. I was returning home while all my friends were going on backpacking trips and to internships where their schools were and here I was packing up to head home to live with my parents. Well at least that’s what I thought I was going to do all summer. That was, until my mother told me that the new neighbors were going to Hawaii for a month and needed a chaperone for their 18-year-old daughter. Since they were new in the area, they didn’t know anyone they could trust. Mom being the bored house mother she was had befriended the neighbors and offered my services. I jumped on the opportunity. Getting paid eight grand for a month of sitting on the beach making sure some stuck up rich girl doesn’t get raped; you bet.

I had it all planned out; just take the girl to the beach while the parents played golf and then dump the girl and hit the bars when my duties were done. The only problem with this plan was the daughter was unbelievably hot. Her name was Mikayla. She was 5’4 about 90 pounds with a stomach that could only resemble that of Keira Knightly and weighed 90 pounds only because of her perfect 34 C breasts. Her butt was something dreams are made of; perfectly round but firm enough to know she tones it often.

Before I get into the actual story there is just one more thing to tell you. The mother, Remy was in Playboy and although she denies it I am quite sure I saw her in a couple of Adult films, but that’s for another story. Well onto the story which starts on week two in Hawaii.


“Come on Kyle it’s already one. I’m missing prime tanning hours. You know mum won’t let me go to the beach without you,” Mikayla whined as my head continued to pound as I tried to remember how I made it home.

The last thing I remember was the cute girl at the end of the bar saying I should try a drink called the mind easer. I made a mental note never to drink anything that sounded like it involved pain again.

“Kyleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she whined turning into a shrill.

“Ok ok I’m up. Stop the noise. My head is about to explode.” Even as I laid there, I knew the day was going to be a bad one.

“Here ill let in some light,” she said as she threw open the blinds letting in the light that lit up the room which I’m sure was much brighter than any sun should be.

“Ok let me shower and then we’ll go to your precious beach,” I said as I threw off the sheets which to my surprise revealed my completely naked body.

Now if you thought I was surprised you should have seen the face Mikayla gave me. The only way to describe it is the face of someone who goes to sit down on a chair just as it is pulled out from under them. I scrambled for sheets and covering as her eyes were still transfixed to my ever growing erection.

“I’m so sorry Mikayla I must have kicked off my boxers in my sleep. I’m so sorry please don’t tell your parents.”

I could just see my money being stripped; flushed down the toilet. Then I realized they could call the police; I am 21! Even as the thoughts of jail and my life being ruined whirled through my head Mikayla’s face started to change from horror and shock to the look of a predator, whose prey had just been separated from the herd.

“You won’t tell them will you? I mean, this will be between you and I won’t it? I mean üsküdar escort it’s no big deal; just a little misunderstanding.” Even as I said the words, I knew I was in for more trouble than even I could imagine.

“You know Kyle, I could tell my dad everything and he could have you locked away. I would say you tried to come on to me after drinking too much. Mum and Dad both know you sneak out to the bars. They would believe me. I could even tell them how you shave your ‘area.'” She said it so coolly I had to believe her eyes shined with accomplishment; knowing she had me.

“What will it take for you not to tell them?” It came out so weak that she let out a little laugh.

“What’s that Kyle, what will it take? Oh I don’t know. How about your fancy little watch there?” pointing to my diving watch. She knew I loved that watch and knew that I had to give it to her. What other choice did I have?

“Done. Is that it then?” The words came out as a growl.

“Oh well there is one other thing. My girlfriends saw you in a picture I sent them and they think your just sooooooo hot. I want another picture of you, except this time I want you to be naked just like you are now.”

I was taken aback. She and her friends thought I was hot. I mean I did all right but I would never put myself in a league with her. She was a bombshell. I mean perfect tens in every way. It was at this comment that I started to realize she was a pretty sheltered girl and that maybe this was her first naked guy and that’s why she wanted to see it again. I started to get the feeling the power was changing. The longer I thought about it the more the look on her face changed. She even started to bite her lower lip in anticipation.

“If I let you take a picture of me for your friends, I am going to have to get you to do something for me.”

“Ok, ill do anything!” Her reply came so fast and without her control that I knew I had her.

“Well being since it is a picture for girls and if their half as beautiful as you I don’t want to take this picture without my dick being at least semi-hard. It would give me a bad name.” I could see her face start to glow bright red partially from me using the word dick, but mostly because I called her beautiful.

“What do you want me to do to help with that?” Her voice quivered just the slightest bit when she said it. It was cute. This girl was just to damn cute.

“Well my dear, I want you to play with it a little bit,” I said as I pulled back the covers bringing my cock back into few. It was already beginning to harder just from the idea that her creamy smooth hands would soon be playing with it.

This is when she surprised me for the second time in only a matter of minutes. She actually charged forward not scared in the slightest as she grabbed me with both hands and began to work me up and down with smooth and soft but firm movements.

She paused only for a moment to say, “It took you this long for you to finally show me this monster without me stripping you in your drunken stupor, Tsk, tsk we could have been having this kind of fun so much earlier.”

Then she slowly took me into her mouth, rolling it smoothly across her lips as she flicked the underside with her tongue in slow and lovely movements. It took me a moment to think of what she just said then it hit me. She had set the whole thing up! I could picture what happened last night.

I must have come in drunk anadolu yakası escort and banged around waking her up to which she helped me to bed and I passed out. She then took off my clothes and waited for her parents to leave in the morning before springing her fake trap, knowing I would jump outta bed with the light exposing my self and she could take advantage sly little girl.

But that’s when I could think no more. This little temptress took my full 7 inches and devoured it down her throat. I could only let a grown escape my lips as she pushed her lips against the base of my cock. Her throat felt hotter and as tight as some of the best pussy I have ever had. She began working up and down the full length of my shaft. I couldn’t take this much longer. Her pumping me in and out of her throat was too much for me and I wanted much more than just a blow job from this girl. I pushed her off me and onto the bed.

As she fell back onto the bed, I took a short moment to admire her body. She was wearing a bikini top that barely held back her perfect breasts. Her abs seemed to beg for me to follow them down to where her mini skirt ended. It seemed to hang just below where hair would have been if she didn’t shave and was just long enough to hide if she was wearing anything underneath.

As I lay down beside her, I lifted her head to mine and slowly pushing her strawberry hair aside. I could see her eyes sparkle with youth and her lips perk up as if they knew they were about to be kissed. I moved in slowly and planted a long passionate kiss on her lips. I lifted my head and slowly began to kiss my way down her neck and with my hand I pulled the drawstrings and tossed aside her top.

As I kissed my way down to her breasts I couldn’t believe how perfect they were. The nipples grew slightly out and her areolas were about the size of quarters. When I finally reached her breasts I began to play with them softly and took one nipple in my mouth rolling my tongue over it. I gently bit down and heard her breath begin to quicken. I doubled my efforts as I rolled it faster and faster and began pinching and rolling the other nipple between my fingers.

As her breath quickened even more, I slid my hand down her firm abs and then down to her thigh, slowly rubbing it, which elicited a soft moan. As I moved my hand further up, I could feel the heat from her crotch. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing anything under the mini skirt and I sank one finger deep into her warmth. As I played with her wetness, I kissed my way down her stomach only stopping to remove the mini skirt, leaving her totally naked and left to have my way with her.

I knew what was coming next and so did she even before I placed my mouth on her pussy I had to admire how beautiful it was and how much I was going to enjoy this. I began to flick my tongue across her clit slowing down and speeding up. This effort was rewarded by her moaning and grinding herself onto my tongue. As she placed her hand on the back of my head and drove me harder against her smoothness, her body began to convulse and shake as all sounds she was making before stopped and she just shook. When she was finished shaking, I moved up to kiss her again.

After another long passionate kiss she surprised me, not for the last time of the day as she licked her lips and said, “I love the way I taste.”

She must have noticed the surprise on my face because the next thing she said blew ataşehir escort me away. “You know Kyle I’m not innocent like everyone thinks I am. I’ve slept with a couple guys and even a couple girls.”

The innocent girlish laughter was too much for me and I knew I had to get inside her. As I moved on top of her, she grabbed my cock and scraped her nails up the underside sending tingles through my body. ” I’ve never really had a cock this big before so go slow,” she whispered into my ear as she placed the tip against her steaming entrance.

I inserted the tip and was greeted with moans as her bright eyes rolled back into her head. As I slid more into her, I could see her mannerism beginning to change. She started bucking more and more but I was determined to enter her slow and smooth so we both could enjoy this.

” Fuck me please. Just put it all in. Fuck what I said, I just need it in me. Put it in hard! I don’t care just get it in there it feels so good I need more.”

Her words were all the encouragement I needed as I slammed the last three inches all the way into her and started working in and out of her pussy. It was so tight and so hot and wet that I could feel myself starting to lose control. Even as I fought it, I knew it was going to end much sooner than it should. We both started to fuck into a fury as she shook uncontrollably and wrapped her legs around my back forcing me deep into her as she screamed that she was cumming. It was too much and I began to spurt my load deep inside her. I must have sprayed eight times before I stopped and I fell on top of her sweating from how much was just taken out of me.

After my cock finally began to soften up inside of her she looked up at me with her girlish eyes and without saying anything untangled her self and began to suck me back to full attention. It didn’t take more than a couple of seconds inside her amazing mouth before I was ready to go again. As soon as she saw I was ready to go she flipped over pushing her amazing ass straight up in the hair and saying this is just how I like it.

Without being told twice I jumped up to my knees and was about to pushed deep back inside of her when she twirled her head around and said, “Grab my tits while your fucking me. I love it rough like that.”

Well this was almost too much to handle and I placed my cock right against her steaming entrance and just slammed it down to the hilt impaling her as far as I could and reaching deeper than she had ever had anyone go. As I began to pick up pace, she began to moan again and slam back into me with, her ass slamming into my lower abs. Our pace began to pick up and I didn’t want to cum again before we tried a few more positions. Before she knew what was going on, I rolled her onto me and laid back onto the bed.

As she began to ride me, I played with her tits from behind grabbing and playing with the large breast like a boy who was just playing with them for the first time. Her pace began to pick up and I knew she was going to cum and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer so as she came down I began to slam back into her at a furious pace. She lasted only a few more moments at this pace as she laid down onto my body shaking from her powerful orgasm. I continued my pace as she bite down onto my chest.

This was all I could take and I came with such force it felt as if my there was an explosion from my balls. As we laid there panting and clinging to each other as it felt we were going to fall off this world she looked deep into my eyes and said, “This is going to turn into a great break after all.”

All I could do was laugh because I knew she was right with still two weeks of this vacation left and then knowing that she lived next door I was in for a very long, fun but very long summer…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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