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Affairs of Government

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I love watching you on television. You talk like you are master of the universe, looking resplendent in your suit and three hundred dollar haircut. You answer questions and control the interview, dismissing fools with a wave of your hand, setting policy and demonstrating unmatched authority.

It is all very impressive. But once the cameras are away, and the affairs of Government are laid to rest…

You are standing in front of me whilst I sit on a chair here in your office. You take off your shirt and throw your tie onto the floor. I run my hands over your chest, rolling my fingers through the light hair, inhaling deeply the scent of man.

I lean up and take your nipple in my mouth, gently biting, just enough to shoot pleasurable pain through your body. You throw your head back and growl with fake resistance, a showman to the end. I run my tongue from your nipple down your stomach, lower, to your bellybutton, and lower still.

I unbuckle your belt and pull your pants down, looking up into your eyes as I do, capturing your gaze as your long cock springs forth, hard and rigid, and throbs enticingly only an inch from almanbahis adresi my mouth.

You step out of your pants and stand there, naked and strong before me, emanating the power of authority, the beauty of masculinity, the aura of dominance. In my day to day life I give the orders as chief of your staff, but here behind closed doors, I voluntarily submit to your carnal will, embraced by your strength, giving pleasure at your silent command. With just the slightest twist…

I reach around and knead the cheeks of your ass, pulling you towards me, closer and closer. The look of want in your eyes has just the slightest hint of vulnerability, as if your life depends on whether or not I am going to go through with what our positions suggest. You needn’t worry…I want this as much as you.

I open my mouth and roll my tongue over the tip of your cock, savouring the flavour of your pre-cum, pushing my way ever so slightly into the eye of the beast. You buck forward.

With one hand I take both of your balls into my firm grip, squeezing and massaging, gently pulling them downwards to create a pleasing pressure for you. almanbahis adres With my other hand I take a hold of your shaft and prepare myself for the next phase.

I plunge your cock into my mouth, taking it in as deep as I can, feeling your tip tickle my tonsils, slight gag reflex being subdued, further and further down…until my nose is edging your belly. Creating a rhythm, I rock back and forth, losing myself in the motion and feeling of fullness, inhaling the scent, listening to your moans, senses alive and fully in the moment.

There is an art to interchanging suction and relaxation, a style of oral I have developed through years of practice which I know takes you to brink of lunacy. The sensation alters from tight to loose, slippery slide to friction, intense to slow. You thrust and withdraw, push and pull, steady yourself on my shoulders.

I reach around and work a finger into your ass, just enough to let you know I’m there, and wait for your approving groan. This is our dirty little secret; I won’t tell. We never discuss it, I never ask, but I know you love it. Relax…it doesn’t mean your gay; that’s an answer to almanbahis adresi the question I sense runs through your mind every time. I edge that finger deeper, turn it until I feel the soft flesh of your G-Spot, and begin to tickle. It’s like turning up the volume to eleven. You are about to blow a speaker.

Our real life positions are now reversed. Don’t think the irony is lost on me. You are now mine, completely and utterly, in front and from behind, both my master and my slave. Cock in my mouth, finger in your ass. If only the media could see you now! In these brief moments all pretence is lost and you lose your cool, giving yourself over to pleasure, grinding and melting, in my hands and in my mouth.

You lurch forward and I feel your warm seed explode down my throat, briefly causing me to recoil before I gather my composure and accept every drop of you. Sucking your now softening dick like a straw, I drain you completely, and you withdraw from my mouth.

You look down and smile, an unspoken bond is there, but sometimes it is better to not ask questions. You dress once more, I adjust your tie, we make light chat about the day and the trials of both the opposition and the media as if we were concluding a staff meeting, you give me a kiss on the cheek in the most non-intimate way, and then stride out of the door.

Upstanding member of the Senate once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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