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After a Mother’s First Spanking

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My first story, the first part of this, was short due to a computer crash. Much of the original was lost and I was not able to recover it.

Please forgive this and please continue to send feedback.

Please note that every thing I write is simply fiction.

Thank you.


Having not been “out” with a guy in a very long time and not really sure how to dress, Nancy was a bit nervous about her outfit. The little black dress, sexy black nylons, and some rather conservative, black pumps. She wanted desperately to look her best for Joey.

“God Nancy! What’s wrong with you?” she asked herself realising her pussy was now even wetter than after her spanking.

Convincing herself she was just checking to be sure she didn’t need to change her panties, Nancy eased a hand between her thighs and slid two fingers over her crotch. A whimper escaped her as she pressed her hand firmly against her panty covered pussy and leaned forward, till her knuckles were against the edge of her dressing table.

Watching herself in the mirror, Nancy gently began to grind her hips, forcing her hungry pussy against her fingers, increasing the pressure slowly until she felt her knees buckle. Leaning over the table and bracing herself on her free hand, Nancy began to massage her pussy lips vigorously while pressing the heel of her thumb hard against her clit.

Nancy moaned then gasped loudly as her knees grew even weaker.

“Oh god Joey!” she cried out a little too loud as her body was rocked with the best ever, self induced orgasm of her life.

It took Nancy a few minutes to regain her composure but finally she was able to finish getting ready. After changing her now totally soaked panties and applying the bright, pure red lipstick she thought of as slutty as it was typically worn by the cheep hookers Nancy would see coming into the cafe she worked at as a waitress to help pay her way through school years ago.

A lite knock on the door brought Nancy back to the here and now.

“Are you ready yet?” her son asked.

“All-almost honey.” Nancy answered, checking herself in the mirror once more.

As he drove Joey noticed his mother was not her usual, talkative self. She was more reserved and seemed to have something on her mind.

“Of course she has something on her mind.” he thought. He’d just spanked her bare ass and then massaged it in a not so innocent fashion. Her response to the spanking had not been lost on him either. She’d obviously enjoyed it.

Joey knew the instant he’d started spanking his mother she was his. Most women need this type of authority and Nancy was no exception. It’s only a matter of time he realised. He’d noticed the scent of her wet pussy as he caressed the lotion into her beautiful ass. He most likely could have had her then and there but “no, she needs to want it, not just need it. I want you to beg for it.” Joey thought as he pulled the car into the parking lot of a quiet little bistro where he knew his mother liked to eat. Joey had been here a few times with his friends but had only brought his mother her once before.

“Oh I love this place Baby.” Nancy said cheerfully.

“As do I. Remember when I brought you here the first time you visited Vagina Beach?” Joey said.

“Oh I remember it well.” Nancy answered as the car pulled to a stop.

“We’ll enjoy a nice meal and then a little dancing.” Joey said as he escorted his mother to their table.

“I haven’t been dancing in so long.” she said as he seated her.

“As good as you look tonight I feel the need to show you off.” Joey told her.

“No one’s wanted to ‘show me off’ in years.” his mother said.

“Well, you are by far the most attractive woman in this place and I’m proud to be seen with you.” he said.

“I think you’re exaggerating a little now.”

“Not at all. Every guy in this place has already noticed you. They’d all love to take you home tonight.” he told her.

“You’re the only man taking me home.” Nancy whispered.

An hour later, after they’d eaten and had finished a bottle of wine, most of which had went into Nancy’s glass, they walked two doors down the street to a small little dance club you could pass a hundred times and never notice.

“Is this where you bring all your dates?” Nancy asked as they found an out of the way table and Joey ordered drinks for them both.

“Not all of them, just the special ones.” He told her.

“So, I’m special then?” Nancy asked.

“Of course you are. More so than any other.” Her son told her.

Nancy was surprised at the warm feeling his compliment gave her. Both in her heart and between her thighs.

As they sat with out talking Joey could see his mother squirming in her seat.

“That ass is sore I see. Bet you wont throw shit at me again.” He thought as he finished his drink.

“Finish that and lets dance.” Joey said as he stood from his chair.

Nancy quickly downed the last of her wine and followed her son out onto the dance floor. A slow song was just starting and Joey guided his mother to a tokat escort not so well lit part of the floor. Turning to face her Joey placed his hands on her hips and pulled her close.

“I like this song.” Nancy whispered as she pressed herself against her sons body.

“Me to.” Joey said pulling her even closer to him.

“Oh god.” Nancy thought as she felt her sons bulging crotch press firmly against her midsection.

As she allowed herself to melt into her sons embrace Nancy felt as if everyone in the place was watching her. Watching this wanton slut clinging to her young son and craving his attention. She felt transparent, as if everyone knew she was dancing with her son. Not only that but that they knew he’d spanked her, that she’d enjoyed it in a way and she felt they could somehow tell she wanted him physically.

Nancy knew these were irrational thoughts. She’d not lived in the Virginia Beach area in twenty years, and then only for a couple of years, so it would be all but imposable for anyone here to know her. Still…maybe it was just paranoia, maybe guilt. She knew this whole thing was wrong on many levels but she was helpless against her lust, her desire. She craved not only the physical, sexual attention of a man, but the strong guidance of a man that would, could take possession of her.

Suddenly Nancy was jarred out of her contemplative state when her sons hand slipped beneath the hem of her dress and squeezed her tender ass cheek firmly.

“Baby, someone could see us.” Nancy protested quietly.

“So?” Joey said squeezing her ass hard enough to make her whimper.

This put an end to Nancy’s protests and she allowed herself to enjoy the closeness they were sharing.

As they danced she could feel the firmness of his bulging crotch against her stomach. It had been so long sense she’d felt a mans hard crotch against her. By the end of the first song Joey had pulled his mother even closer to him. So much so that she could tell he had an erection. Nancy wondered if it was because of her that her son was hard.

“Of course it’s because of me.” she told herself, thinking it must be obvious to him and everyone else that she was practically in heat because of her own son.

“One more?” Nancy said just as her son was about to release her.They’d danced to a few songs but she was not ready to stop just yet.

“Sure. You like it don’t you?” Joey asked as he pressed himself firmly against her once more.

“Yes I love it.” Nancy answered. Not sure if he meant dancing or the feeling of his erection against her. It didn’t matter she realised. The answer was the same either way.

“Is your bottom sore?” Joey asked as he slipped his hands down onto her ass cheeks. Nancy lay her head against her sons chest and nodded.

“Yes, a little.” she admitted.

“sorry but it was necessary, you were well out of hand.” Joey told her.

“I know.” his mother whispered.

After a couple more songs they returned to their table for one last drink.

“Come.” Joey ordered downing the last of his and standing. Nancy obeyed quietly.

Neither mother nor son spoke as Joey pointed the car south and headed for home. Nancy sat squirming as her tender ass pressed against the car seat and her pussy tingled with excitement.

“I can’t believe I’m so horny. He’s my son for god sake.” she thought glancing at Joey in the dim light from the dash of the car.

When Joey turned the car onto a side street, Nancy didn’t even notice they were no longer headed toward the apartment. Not until he pulled onto a narrow dirt drive did she realise they were off course.

“where are we?” she asked.

“This is a quiet little spot I like to come when I want to think.” Joey said as he guided the car to a spot near a few other cars parked beneath some large oaks.

It had been a long time but Nancy could still recognise a “make out” spot when she saw one.

Once parked Joey reclined his seat and lay back. There was just enough moon light for Nancy to make out the massive bulge in her sons slacks. After a minute or so Nancy heard the jingle of Joey’s belt buckle as he opened his paints. He wasn’t wearing any boxers and she could see his huge penis as it lay limp across his lap.

After a moments hesitation Nancy gingerly eased her hand into her sons lap and let her fingers lay softly against his thick rod. Then, ever so gently she began to lightly massage her sons warm member causing it to come to life. She’d known from dancing with him he had to be well hung but she’d never imagined a guy could be this big.

As his cock stiffened beneath his mothers touch, Joey placed a hand on her back and caressed her tenderly. As his manhood reached its full length Nancy began to stroke it with a slow gentle movement taking her hand from tip to base and back again. Nancy’s mouth watered as she worked her sons giant erection. She couldn’t stop wondering how much of it she could get into her mouth.

“Service me.” Joey ordered and his mother obeyed.

Nervously, Nancy leaned down until her tokat escort bayan head was over Joey’s lap, her face just above his cock. Feeling her sons fingers gently brush against the back of her head, Nancy pressed her soft lips down over the fat head of his erection and took almost a third of his solid tool into her mouth.

“That’s a good girl.” Joey said as his mother began to work her mouth up and down hid thick shaft.

“Oh god it taste good.” Nancy thought.

“That feel great mom.” Joey whispered as he caressed her neck gently.

Nancy continued to work her sons rod into her mouth a little at a time until she was sucking over half its thick length.

“That’s a good girl, suck your masters cock.” Joey told her.

“Master.” Nancy thought. She liked the sound of that. This was the first cock she’d had in her mouth in over three years. Not since Joey’s father had left had she been willing to give any of the few guys she’d dated a blow job. Nancy felt an exhilarated sense of pleasure as she sucked and stroked her sons massive pole.

His hand gripping the back of her head firmly, her fingers around the base of his cock, not quite able to fully encircle the thickness of his manhood. Nancy was loving every bit of it. She forced herself down onto the giant rod, hungry to take as much of him into her mouth and throat as she possibly could.

“Oh that feels good.” Joey moaned as his mother bobbed her head in his lap.

Nancy quickened her pace and began to caress her sons huge balls, hoping to coax his cum into her mouth before he decided to stop her. When she felt his left hand move onto her head Nancy knew he was getting close. She began to move even faster.

“You want my load don’t you?” Joey asked huskily.

“Ummhuh.” Nancy mumbled around the thick rod that filled her mouth.

“Suck it baby, that’s my good girl.” Joey told his mother as he pushed her face farther into his lap.

Nancy gagged a little but kept sucking her sons cock greedily.

“Oh yeah, Oh I’m coming.” Joey moaned as his cock erupted, jerking wildly in his mothers mouth as he shot his heavy, creamy load of jiz down her throat.

Nancy gagged and swallowed, fighting hard to get every drop of her sons sweet fluid. As Joey released his grip on her head, Nancy continued to suck and lick his dick, hungry for all he had to offer. She’d never minded giving head but this was the first time she’d enjoyed it to such an extent.

Finally Nancy allowed her sons prick to slip from her mouth. Laying her head on his stomach, she watched as her hand slide up and down the thick shaft.

Joey’s hand rested on his mother’s head, his fingers gently caressing her cheek.

“Did I do okay master?” Nancy asked quietly.

“You did fine.” her son answered.

They sat quietly like this for a long while then Joey gently pushed his mothers head away. Nancy sat up, reluctantly releasing her sons ridged cock. Joey leaned toward her and, lifting her chin, bringing her face to his, he kissed her lips softly. Nancy melted as she felt his lips brush hers ever so lightly.

“Are you going to…you know…I mean, are we …?” Nancy murmured not able to bring herself to actually ask her question.

“Are you asking me if I’m going to fuck you mother?” Joey said as his lips brushed hers.

“yes.” Nancy whispered with embarrassment.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked.

“Yes.” Nancy breathed fearfully.

Ever so gently Joey pressed his lips to hers and kissed her once more. Nancy leaned into her son and returned his kiss with passion.

“Lets get home.” Joey said as he turned over the ignition.

The entire ride home all Nancy could think about was how much she’d enjoyed sucking her sons cock and how good it would feel to have him inside her. “God! I hope he fucks me as soon as we walk in the door.” She thought to herself as her pussy twitched and became even wetter.

Once he’d pulled back onto the main highway Joey eased his hand onto his mothers lap and ran his palm under her dress and along her smooth inner thigh until he found the dampness of her panties.

“Why are you so wet mother?” he asked as he pressed the tip of his fingers against her mound.

“I don’t know.” Nancy whispered.

“Don’t lie to me.” Joey said as he squeezed his mothers pussy.

“I…I’m not sure.” Nancy breathed.

“Did I not say for you not to lie to me?” Joey said more sternly.

“I’m sorry master.” she said.

“Now tell me why your pussy is so wet?” Joey ordered.

“Because I want you to fuck me master.” Nancy whimpered.

“Did you become aroused while you were sucking my dick?” He asked.

“I…well…yes, I did.” Nancy admitted as she parted her thighs a little to allow her son better access to her hungry pussy.

“did you enjoy sucking your masters cock Nancy?” Joey asked his mother.

“Yes I did.” she admitted.

“What did you think when you first started sucking it?” He asked.

“I was surprised at how much bigger it is than your fathers.” escort tokat Nancy told him.

“Have you always liked to suck cock?” He asked.

“Not so much until now.” his mother said.

“So you like sucking my cock?”

“Yes. It felt good to suck yours.”

“Did you like it when I shot my load into your mouth?”

“Yes.” Nancy admitted.

“What else did you like about it?”

“I liked making you feel good. It was like I was worshipping you.” she mumbled staring out into the darkness.

As he watched the road, Joey slid his mothers panties to one side and pushed his fingers into her tight pussy.

“You are very tight Nancy.” he said.

“No one’s touched me in a long time.” she told him.

“But you want to be touched don’t you?”

“Yes.” she breathed as his fingers worked in and out of her.

“How often do you masturbate?” he asked.

“I…well, I…every now and then.” she answered turning her face away in embarrassment.

“Do you want to masturbate now?”

“If you want me to.” she said.

“That’s not an answer to my question.” he told her easing his fingers out of her.

“I…yes I do.” Nancy admitted.

“well?” Joey said pulling his mother head to his stomach.

Nancy pulled her dress up to her waist and opened her legs wide as she pushed her hand into her panties.

Joey placed his right palm against his mothers right cheek and pressed his two fingers into her mouth. The same two he’d just had in her pussy.

“Taste that?” he asked.

“Yes.” his mother breathed, her voice husky and low.

“Your pussy is on fire isn’t it baby?” he said as he worked his fingers in and out of her mouth.

“Yes master.” Nancy admitted.

“You like me being your master don’t you?”

“Yes, oh yes.” Nancy moaned as she massaged her clit vigorously.

“Unngh, unngh, unngh!” Nancy cried as she felt herself nearing orgasm.

“That’s it baby, work that pussy for me.” Joey encouraged her as he pushed his hand into her dress and squeezed her breast hard.

“Oh, oh god! unngh, oh!” she cried.

“Unngh, UNNGH, OH GOD JOEY! ” she moaned as her body trembled as her orgasm erupted from deep within her.

Joey gave his mother a moment to recover from what was obviously one hell of an orgasm before he leaned over her and kissed her deeply, passionately. It was then that Nancy realised they were in the parking lot of the apartment.

As he kissed her Joey pushed first two then three fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

“You’re ready to be fucked now aren’t you” he asked forcing his fingers deep into her.

“Ungh, yes!” Nancy hissed as he stretched her pussy lips wide.

“You need a good hard fucking don’t you Nancy?” Joey asked.

“Yes, I need it bad.” she answered thrusting her hips trying to push her pussy farther onto his hand.

“If you’re a good girl I may fuck you latter.” her son told her.

“Latter? But why not now?” Nancy pleaded.

“I’m not sure you really want it.” he said.

“I want it, I want it bad.” she said.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh please baby, please fuck me.” She begged.

“We’ll see.” he told her slipping his hand from between her thighs.

Once inside Joey unzipped his mothers dress and lifted it over her head then tossed it on the sofa as he had those of so many other women.

“no.” he said as she bent to remove her heels.

“Keep them on.” he added pulling her to him and cradling her face against his chest as he held her.

“I never expected you’d be attracted to me.” Nancy whispered as she tugged at her sons shirt.

“So you’ve thought about this before?”

“Yes.” Nancy admitted.

“I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“That’s what I want.” his mother told him as she placed tiny kisses all over his chest.

“Are you sure?” he asked stripping off his slacks and boxers.

Nancy nodded and allowed her son to lead her down the hall to his room. Her head was spinning as she stepped into his arms.Her knees almost buckled as he pulled her close and kissed her deeply. His rock hard erection pressing firmly against her abdomen as she pressed herself to him. She couldn’t believe how big he was! Not only the length but the thickness! It was by far the biggest she’d ever seen.

“When did that come off?” Nancy wondered seeing her black lacy bra on the floor.

“Kneel down.” Joey ordered taking a step back from his mother.

Nancy wordlessly obeyed. then her son moves his ridged manhood toward her face, gripping it by the base in one hand.

“Not that.” He told her as she opened her mouth to accept his cock. Instead, Joey pressed his cock against his mothers face and rubbed it all over her as his free hand squeezed a fist full of her hair holding her in place.

A shiver ran through Nancy’s body as she allowed her son to dominate her in this fashion. Though rather mild it was a most pleasurable experience for her.

“Kiss it mom, Kiss my dick.” Joey ordered as he slid his shaft across her lips. Nancy hungrily kissed her sons rod, pressing her soft lips against the firm flesh and letting the tip of her tongue brush it wetly.

“You like that cock don’t you?” He asked.

“I love it baby.” she answered as she continued to run her lips up and down the solid staff.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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