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After Parties

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Rough hands grasped mine in the dark room and I squeezed them slightly. I felt the calluses on his long fingers and was convinced this was Kyler.

“What are you doing in here?” His voice was deeper than usual and I waved it off as a side effect of the alcohol in my system.

“Kiss me rock star,” I said and pulled him forward towards me. Soft lips caught mine and I opened my mouth slightly for his hot tongue to glide past my teeth. My hands felt their way up his forearms to circle his biceps. Once my fingers reached the hair that tickled his shoulders, I realized this is not Ky. I push at his chest to end the kiss and gasped in the dark.

“Spin?” I asked the man in the closet with me as he was catching his ragged breath.

“Rae?” He asked equally confused and once he slowed his breathing, he flipped on a light switch I didn’t know was there to see we weren’t in a closet at all but the game room.

“Who’d you think I was Sunshine?” He asked and his lips, that were just on mine, stretched to a sly smirk.

“No one,” I muttered disappointingly and he raised his eyebrows before he tsked me, “Doesn’t seem that way.”

“Just forget it Spin,” I spat rather nastily.

“Woah! Sunshine . . . You’re a mean drunk,” He said with a smile crinkling his green eyes.

“I’m not drunk,” I slurred and he smiled wider as he nodded.

“Yes ma’am,” He looked to his black vans and shoved his hands in his pockets.

“For what it’s worth, that was an excellent kiss, that was rudely interrupted,” I scoffed at his surprised comment.

“What? You thought I was an amateur?” I asked haughtily and his eyebrows stretched to reach his widows peak.

“I never said that,” He stifled his chuckle and I narrowed my glossy blue eyes at him.

“But you thought it! ” I nearly yelled and he pushed me against the wall with his hand over my mouth. He shushed me as I struggled against him. This was ineffective and only made him mad so he pushed his body against mine to keep me still.

“We need to be quiet. It would not look good to be found in here with you,” I glared at him as I lapped my tongue over his palm until he removed it. He made a disgusted noise as he wiped his palm against his pant leg.

“What? You can handle my spit in your mouth but not on your hand?” I whisper yelled my challenge and he winced.

“Your spit in my mouth . . .” He said slowly in a low voice with a pained expression that made me want to back away from him; oh wait, I can’t!

“It’s ridiculous that the statement should probably gross me out but it simply turns me on,” Spins’ clenched fists were on either side of my face as he whispered to me. I gasped and his bright green eyes focus on my lips again.

“It only makes me think of your mouth, your spit, on other things . . .” His eyes closed slowly as he continued and he released a breath through his clenched teeth.

“Who did you think I was?” He asked suddenly popping his eyes open to catch my gaze and I sighed as I let my head hit the wall behind me.

“I can’t tell you,” I whispered shaking my head back and forth, letting my brown hair hit my face.

“Well you called me rock star, so I could only imagine it was one of my band mates, am I right?” He asked as he cocked his brow knowingly while he watched me fidget with a strand of hair. I nod slowly, sheepishly, before I even knew what I was doing.

“Kyler. You thought I was fucking Kyler, didn’t you?” Spin guessed sounding utterly defeated and I closed my eyes slowly as I nodded.

“You know he’s taken, right?” He said sounding quite hysterical and he punched the wall next to my face before he continued, “You want Kyler? You can’t fucking have Kyler!”

“They always want the fucking singer. Is there something wrong with me? I’m hot too . . .” He said angrily and I watched him pace before me.

“It’s just Kyler is . . . He’s just so . . .” I start but my voice fades when I meet his wild, intense green gaze.

“Yeah, yeah I know. He’s fucking Kyler Lovely,” He said as he raked both his hands through his long black hair and went back to pacing.

“Spin you are hot,” I whisper to my intertwined fingers and he stopped in front of me.

“You’re attracted to me?” He asked with his eyebrows raised skeptically.

“I mean, duh! You’re dark and dangerous, and you have an amazing sense of humor, and a perfect complexion, gorgeous, long black hair, beautiful green eyes, soft lips, your piercings fit your face so well . . . You have an excellent sense of style and you take care of yourself.” I said as I roamed down the length of him, taking in his black linen shirt matched with his dark skinny jeans hanging low on his hips. A silver chain attached to his wallet swung at his left hip and there were two silver balls in his bottom lip matching the bar bell in his eyebrow. I wondered briefly why I didn’t notice them while we were kissing but then found the look in his green irises distracting.

“I Casibom want to kiss you again Rae,” Spin said lustfully to my parting lips then to my eyes he continued, “But this time it will stop when I stop it and you’ll know it’s me.” I gasped at his demands and he moved closer to me quickly. I was against the wall again with his body holding me there and I placed my hands against his shoulders.

“Ok,” I said quietly and his eyes widened slightly as he leaned his face down to meet my lips to his. His teeth pulled at my bottom lip momentarily before he massaged my lips between his. His tongue touched my top lip slightly asking for entrance and I moaned as I let his tongue twist to mine. His hands felt their way down the sides of my torso to fondle my hips and his long fingers were dangerously close to my behind. His grip around me tightened and he pulled me harder against him as our kiss intensified. His hands moved from my hips to pull my hands from his chest. He broke the kiss momentarily as he slammed my arms against the wall above my head. When he decided I wasn’t going to move he put his lips back on mine and they moved with an anger I didn’t quite understand. I fought him back with my lips but ultimately he led the kiss. He grinded his hips against mine literally pinning me to the wall and I could feel his hardness through his jeans as he kissed me. One hand left my hands pinned to the wall and cupped my chin as his tongue explored my mouth. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted but when he finally stopped it he was breathing hard and his head fell into the crook of my neck.

“Fuck Rae, you smell so good . . .” He mumbled breathlessly against my skin and I shuddered as I tried to control my breathing. His head was moving but my eyes were closed as my arms remained pinned by his left hand as well as the rest of my body pinned to the wall by his. Soon I felt soft, wet kisses on the skin where my ear meets my jaw line and a small moan escaped as I felt his tongue lightly graze my skin there. His eyes glance at me curiously as his pierced lips traveled down my neck, kissing and licking my skin. Each spot his mouth touched sent fire through my flesh that instantly spread throughout my whole body, resulting in more moans.

“If you keep moaning like that I’ll need to fuck you,” His words were said harshly and I gasped at his outlandish comment.

“If you keep kissing me like that I may have to let you,” I said softly back and his light green eyes darkened considerably. The fingers on his right hand traced the curves of my waist and my hips as he gazed into my eyes.

“Are you a virgin Rae?” He asked almost tauntingly and the look in his eye made me squirm uncomfortably in his hold.

“Y-yes,” I stuttered and his wide lips stretched across his face in a brilliant smile. His fingers grazed the skin beneath the white Break Till Dawn tank top I had on as his green eyes twinkled with amusement.

“You were talking pretty tough just then for being a virgin,” He put a strange emphasis on the word and I blushed as he teased me.

“I-I—” Spin shushed me with his mouth against mine and my lips parted for his automatically.

“I know Sunshine,” He smiled knowingly to my gasping mouth and quirked his eyebrow as he asked, “Wait, do you want me to fuck you? Because if you do, I’m going to need you to beg baby.” I gasped and my eyes widened at his statements. My legs quivered and he noticed, looking down and smiling at me.

“Your body wants me,” He whispered and I released a long shuddering sigh.

“You need me to beg?” I asked slowly as my lashes fluttered and my cheeks heated. I felt incredibly embarrassed and turned on. He nodded slowly smiling with lust in his eyes and he tipped his head to the other side to trail his tongue lightly to my ear. His lips closed around my earlobe softly but I could feel the metal in his lips graze my skin and I moaned loudly.

“Do you want me Sunshine?” He asked sexily in my ear and I sighed as my lower half heated. I nodded while my eyes blinked slowly and he smiled sweetly as he said, “Say it Rae baby.”

“I want you Spin,” I said quietly lowering my eyes to his chest pressed to mine and he moved my hands around his neck before tilting my head up to meet his gaze.

“More baby . . .” He said before sucking his right silver hoop in his bottom lip into his mouth. My stomach fluttered as my blush deepened and I thought of his piercings kissing me everywhere.

“Please fuck me Spin,” I said and his reaction was sensuous. He moaned softly against my neck before biting the skin there sharply. I let out a soft cry of pain and he chuckled lightly.

“I think that’s the first time I’ve heard you say ‘fuck,'” He smiled at me proudly and I felt my lip jut into a small pout.

“Please, Spin, please . . .” I dragged out the last plead in a whimpering whine and he smiled again. He leaned forward so our lips were a millimeter away and I tilted my head up to meet his Casibom Giriş lips but he pulled back slightly with a sexy smile on his face.

“Tell me what you want,” He beckoned and I blinked up at him innocently until what he’d asked registered in my mind.

“Please kiss me,” I begged and he smiled encouragingly before doing as I’d asked. My lips molded to his and he consumed my being as he sucked and bit and massaged my lips. I let my fingertips slip through his silky black locks as his lips demanded from me. His hands roamed to the edge of my shirt and began to slowly lift it till the fabric was touching my biceps. He stops the kiss as he pulled the shirt over my head briefly lifting my arms from his shoulders. When my hands fall back to his hair, he continues his severe kisses. His long fingers fondled my torso with feather light touches and once he reached the edge of my light pink bra, he traced the under-wire to the clasp at the back. He pulled at the bra with one swift motion and it snapped off. He roughly pushed my arms off his shoulders so he could pull the bra from my chest and throw it to the floor. The whole time his lips stayed on mine and he let his hands fall on my chest greedily. He squeezed and kneaded my breast in his hands before pulling his fingers around my nipples softly grazing the tips. I moaned into his mouth and he smiled as he kissed me. His fingers trailed along my stomach to the edge of my low waist jean cut offs and he slowly unbuttoned them before unzipping the zipper. He shimmed the shorts off my hips till they fell to the floor, leaving me in only my light blue lace thong. He pulled away from my lips and I gasped for air as he let his eyes consume me. He took my hand to help me step out of the shorts on the floor in my black strappy heeled sandals. He smiled appreciatively down at me before leaning forward and catching my left nipple in his mouth tenderly. A soft moan left my lips and he smiled around my nipple, grazing it with his teeth. I cried out, “Ahh,” and he smiled wider as he kissed down my torso. His tongue dipped in my navel on his way to kiss my healed tattoo. Then he spread kisses over the lace of my thong and I moaned as he reached my core. His eyes caught mine as he stood and he moved his hands to my hips roughly. He lifted me and threw me over his shoulder so my ass was next to his face. I laughed loudly and he swatted my cheek sharply, making me squeal as he walked around the room.

“Shhhh,” He shushed me and I folded my lips in my mouth to keep quiet. He pauses momentarily and I wonder where he’s going. He takes a few more steps before he stops and sets me down in front of him. I took a step back and my butt hit the edge of a table; I turned to see it was an air hockey table. He grips my hips and turns me around so my back is facing him quickly.

“I like these,” He said as his fingers skimmed the edge of my lacey thong and he let his fingers fondle down my ass. His breathing sped as he felt my back up to knead my shoulders briefly and I groan. He pushed me down so I was bent over the table and my ass was up in the air for him. I heard and felt him sink to his knees behind me and his fingers pulled the thong off my body, lifting each foot carefully. I heard him inhale briefly and he kept me waiting, wondering what he was going to do next.

“Spread your legs wider baby,” He said and I did as he asked while he continues his demands with, “And arch your back.”

“Good, just like that,” He cooed as I felt him near my core and I sighed in anticipation. I felt his lips at my clit for only a second then he pulled away to blow along the length of my lips. I wiggled my hips provocatively and he pushed me back in place with his hand at the small of my back. His tongue grazed my entrance and I moaned at the wet, warm intrusion. He pulled back and moved to kiss my inner thigh.

“Spin,” I sighed and I hardly recognized my pleading, lustful voice. His index finger traced the curve of my ass and when he found the warmth between my legs he stopped. His finger hovered by my arousal as he asked, “What do you want?”

“Please Spin . . . Do something . . . anything to me, please!” I begged unsure what I wanted and he sucked in air quickly as he slipped his finger into me. I sighed at the sudden relief I felt.

“God you’re wet,” He murmured and my stomach fluttered at his words. Soon his finger was moving inside me and the pulsing need that I didn’t understand was back. I moaned and thrashed my head from side to side on the table. I felt his tongue clean around his probing finger and I moaned louder when I felt his finger and his tongue inside of me together. I could feel my need building deep inside my pelvis rising to my belly.

“What are you doing to me?” I sighed my rhetorical question and I felt his lips smile against me. He pulled his finger out and reluctantly pulled his head away from my sex to stand. I groaned as the lust in me shook with vivid anger at his betrayal.

“Oh Casibom Yeni Giriş did you want to come?” He asked mockingly and I moaned as I nodded pleadingly. I heard him unbutton his black shirt and then his jeans letting them drop to the floor. His chain clinked against the hardwood floor and I jumped lightly at the noise. I heard a rip of foil and I shifted my hips impatiently. His fingers were against my hips then and he whispered to me, “I’m going to fuck you now and I need you to not be loud okay baby? No matter how bad it hurts don’t scream.” I bit my lip and nodded slowly to let him know I understand. He lifted my hips slightly before flexing his hips to push himself into me. My mouth opened but I didn’t make a sound as his length filled me. A small pinch and 30 seconds later his hips hit my bottom indicating I had all of him. I sighed once I adjusted to the new sensation between my legs and the need began to build again. He began to pound into me hard, slowly at first but then his speed picked up. I was moaning with each thrust and as he quickened, I got louder. He wrapped his hand in my hair and moved his hand over my mouth as he pulled me up so he could whisper in my ear.

“I told you to be quiet,” He said breathlessly and I moaned in his hand as he continued to thrust into me. I felt him deeper in this position with my back touching his chest. He began his slow pounds again building his speed and my need up. He pulled my head back lightly with a thrust and ordered, “Come baby. Now!” I unraveled then for him, around him and I felt heat gush from my sex as it throbbed deliciously. I clenched his length inside of me over and over again as my orgasm continued. He didn’t stop his punishing pounds until he exploded himself. He crushed my body against his as he moaned in my ear and his body released. I was shaking as he held me and I gasped when he pulled out of me slowly. I was trying to control my breathing when he suddenly lifted me into his arms honeymoon style and sat with me on his lap in one of the many recliners. That’s when I realized he was still wearing his boxers but I was too exhausted to say anything. I fell asleep to the sound of his breathing slowing and the musky, sexy smell of his sweat. I woke up over heated and when I blinked my eyes open I saw I was on Spin’s lap, completely naked. Oh right, that. I looked to the clock and saw it was 5 o’clock in the morning. No one should be up now. I lightly tapped Spin’s cheek to wake him up and he grumbled something before slowly blinking his green eyes open.

“We should probably try to sneak out or something now,” I said pointing to the clock and he blinked at the numbers than blinked wildly at me looking extremely bewildered. His arms went limp around me and I stood quickly to find my clothes.

“Uh, Rae?” I heard his uncertain voice behind me as I bent to get my shorts, bra and shirt. I turned to see him staring at a large red stain on his grey plaid boxers. I gasped mortified and my hands flew to the apex of my thighs.

“Is that normal?” I asked cautiously as I tried to decipher if I was still bleeding or not without looking.

“Yes it is Rae,” He said as he pushed the stained boxers down and stepped out of them carefully before continuing, “I popped your cherry.” Strangely him saying that and his brilliant smile released butterflies in my belly.

“Oh. Do you know where my panties are?” He shook his head as he folded the boxers and stuffed them into the back pocket of his jeans. I shrugged and got dressed as I continued to look for them. He dressed and threw away the discarded foil packet on the floor by the hockey table. Mmm, the hockey table. He looked over to me and his eyes widened briefly as his brow wrinkled.

“Fuck,” He muttered and I blushed unsure what he was upset about all of a sudden. Who am I kidding? He’s freaking out because I bled all over him.

“Come on,” He mumbled as he walked to the door and he silently cursed once he realized the door had been unlocked this whole time. I followed him out of the frat house, tip-toeing carefully through the house but all the people we saw were knocked out entirely. Spin slid in his mustang and unlocked the door for me to get in before lighting a cigarette in his mouth. He drove me to the sorority house in silence and he pulled in the circle drive slowly. When he offered the half smoked cigarette I accepted it for some reason and smoked like an old pro.

“Will I see you later?” I asked and cringed briefly as the question came out more needy then I’d originally planned.

“No, I’m spending the day with my mom and aunt and uncle. I’m staying at my mom’s tonight and I need you to pick me up from her house tomorrow morning. I’ll text you the address,” I frowned briefly at his orders and try to give him back his Newport but he waves it off dismissively. I finish the cigarette as I continue questioning him and ash in the tray inside the smoke filled car.

“Why do you need me to pick you up?” I asked curiously and he shrugged, “I’m getting a new sound system put in today and I won’t be able to pick up my car until tomorrow.”

“Well do you need a ride to your moms?” I offered feeling like I needed to do something for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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