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After They Relaxed

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The unease had been slowly building in him ever since he had signed the credit slip at dinner. Conversation had been smooth and enjoyable all evening, but with that one signature, anxieties that never existed in his fantasies began to spread through him. His gazes turned to quick looks and then all together avoidance, and his change in behavior affected her as well. Had she misspoken? Was something in her teeth? What had she done?

As he drove her back to her apartment, the anxiety increased as the conversation continued to decrease into nothingness. This was always so hard for him. He used to just stutter and make an ass out of himself, but now he just kept quiet and let his nervousness eat away inside rather than affect his surroundings. The five-minute silence was broken after he put the parking break on and turned off the motor. He stared straight ahead. Tensely and somewhat mechanically, with the fear of his own impending and self-imposed failure, he tried to recite the words that he had been practicing over and over in his head during the silence. “It’s dangerous out you know. Maybe I ought to help you upstairs.”

That didn’t come out though. It was in his head, but all that came from his lips was “Thanks for going out with me. I really had a great time.” He could hear the defeat in his own voice.

She rushed her own response to his comment. “Yeah, me too. It was fun.”

Silence hung for more than a moment. He stared straight ahead, and he had no idea what to do. After a moment, her breathing became uncomfortably loud for him, and it served only as a reminder of what he wanted so much, what was there for him to take, but what seemed to be comically out of reach. All the frustration and energy built in him, but it had nowhere to go as he stared blankly out into the first floor of the complex. The breathing, and the thoughts in his head, and the deafening beat of his own heart drove him to madness, and this madness, however powerful it was, was only strong enough to make a small crack in his current demeanor. It made him turn his head, and look at her.

She sensed the movement immediately, and she turned to look at him. He looked at her eyes, but not like he had when they were dining. He noticed that they weren’t just brown, but that they were almost black around the pupil, and a light agate on the perimeter. He noticed that, unlike earlier when they were bright and darting all around him and their surroundings, they were now soft and focusing only on him. In the dark light, they were so large. And dark. Those eyes did something to him. Even though all he could do was repeat what he had already said, “I really had a great time,” he did it this time in a hushed voice that softened her eyes even more. Those eyes kept getting softer, and as they did, they melted away all the internal chaos and pulled him in. He felt himself just melt into her, and suddenly her eyes closed. He should have snapped out of his new confidence and relaxation, but it was too late. His lips had already made contact.

He tried to think of what to say and what to do, but his thoughts were viciously beaten down. All he knew was how wet she was. And warm. She tasted vaguely of the mint she had popped kurtköy escort into her mouth after dinner. Her tongue started to dart playfully in his mouth. His entire body was in her mouth right now, and the warmth of her mouth spread throughout his entire body. His face was on fire, his chest felt larger, and his cock was suddenly as hard as it could be. He didn’t even remember it rising.

After what seemed like both forever and only a moment, they slowly glided away from each other. Without thinking or rehearsing, he whispered in her ear “Would you like to come home with me?” He never even considered hearing anything other than a throaty “Yes.” And that’s exactly what he got.

The car ride home couldn’t end fast enough. Although there was no more speech than there had been back from the restaurant, there was no sense of discomfort. All pretenses had dissolved, and their bodies continued to bond even while he drove. Her hand rubbed his leg, and his hand rubbed hers. At a light, he leaned over and kissed her deeply on the lips, and then caressed her neck a bit.

When they finally did arrive at his home, there was still not talking. He didn’t lock the doors or feed the cats or check the machine. He just led her by her hand into his room. After they had both entered, he closed the door, but instead of turning on the lights, he opened the window and let the moonlight spill in. He stepped slowly towards her from the blinds, and his arms extended to slowly rub her torso up and down. Her blouse was a little course, but it was warm with her excitement. He embraced her but leaned his face on her shoulder so they couldn’t kiss. He just kept rocking her back and forth in a sort of a dance, and his hands moved faster and faster. Hers began to attack him as well, but they focused on his hair, where she pet him as if her were an animal. Their breathing became heavier and heavier, and their bodies became wetter and wetter with their own sweat. Finally, he led his hands up her back and through her hair. He lifted his own head, lightly grasped her cheeks, and kissed her passionately. With that one kiss, all the pent up energy from the dance exploded. She kissed him as if she were trying to eat him, and their hips began to grind against each other. Hands began to stroke again, but this time clothes began to disappear.

Her hands savagely ripped his shirt off of his buttons, and his deftly unclasped her bra. They both cupped each other’s buttocks, and with that her skirt and his jeans began to slide down. They both took a moment to clumsily remove their shoes and socks, and then they faced each other, him in only his briefs, and her in only a sweater and a black thong. They hugged again, and her hands wandered down to the bulge in his shorts. It had grown so large that it was peaking up top, and a trail of wetness slowly flowed down his waist. As she slowly massaged him, he moaned in her ear and traced his own way down the back of her body. After rubbing her ass for a bit, his hands wandered slowly around the side of her thigh along the thong. It seemed so painful to her, how slowly he was moving. She felt like she was going to explode. Her breathing levent escort grew more and more shallow as his hand moved around. Finally, his fingers reached the lowest peak of her thong, and he was greeted with wetness. He ran up just a bit from the wetness, and she shuddered and her knees buckled slightly. Enjoying the wetness just a little longer, he ran his hand back up along her abdomen and under her sweater and up to her breasts. He massaged and cupped for a bit, and then lifted it up over her head. All the while she had been caressing him, and finally she slid down his briefs in one smooth motion.

With that smooth motion, she lowered her own body down his. She kissed his torso slowly, and then ran her tongue down from his navel to the base of his penis. She flicked her tongue quickly along the underside of his balls, and his knees buckled just as hers had. He was now breathing in short gasps, and her blood boiled with the thought of what pleasure she was giving him. Her tongue extended up from his scrotum to the underside of his cock, and she slowly ran her tongue up to the tip. Her hand gripped his base firmly, and squeezed up to the tip. More liquid escaped, and she spread it around the head like butter. After running her hand up and down for a minute or two, she lightly kissed the tip. He was putty in her hands at this point, and his entire being was concentrated on hoping and praying that her mouth would engulf him. After torturing him for what seemed like an eternity, her lips and the inside of her cheeks finally ran along his manhood. He gasped now, and nearly fell forward on top of her.

With that first thrust of her mouth, she tasted his warm flesh that was soft and hard at the same time. She tasted the saltiness that came from him, and that she had covered him with. She felt her hair tussle up against her shoulders as she bobbed up and down. She felt her tits rock and sway back and forth with the motion, and she was acutely aware of her femininity. She felt the wetness in her own groin growing warmer and warmer and sliding down her thighs. She heard his breathing go from shallow and quick to loud and deep. She felt his hand running through her hair and along her neck, and she thought only that this felt so right. Suddenly, she felt him tense, and begin to breath out of both his mouth and his nose simultaneously. His breaths grew deeper, his hand suddenly gripped her hair firmly, and his thighs tensed up. He exploded in her mouth, and his body continued to rock as if it was in shock. She tasted him and felt so lewd and yet so pure and intimate, having his cum in her mouth. It kept coming, and she began swallowing to keep up with it. It finally stopped, and she ran her hand along his once again, and squeezed out the remaining drops. His body relaxed as she continued gently sucking on him, and eventually she stopped and slowly stood up and gazed in his eyes. He kissed her passionately.

He felt totally relaxed at that point, and that relaxation swallowed him back up in her deep eyes. She wrapped her arms around his torso, and slowly began to lead him over to his bed. They kissed lightly the whole time, and he kept his face close mahmutbey escort to hers. Their breathing was music to both of their ears, and they drank each other’s saliva as if it were wine. They fell gently onto the bed, with her on top of him and continuing to kiss and caress. She moved, her panties now up on top of his flagging penis, and grinded softly but firmly. Little gasps escaped from her mouth as she stimulated her clitoris on his manhood. She continued this as she kissed his lips and then his neck, and then wrapped her arms around him and pulled slightly so that he knew to get on top of her. The continued to kiss, but this time his lips explored around hers. He gently nibbled at her lower lip before gliding his mouth over to the nape of her neck, where she shuttered once again. The lips move slowly from neck to shoulder to upper breast to nipple to breast to navel. Her breathing mimicked his as she had gone down his body so slowly, and her nostrils now flared as he looked up, and her eyes were shut. Her legs moved uncomfortably as if she was trying to get away, but they were simply trying to ease the indescribable longing that was pulsating from her cunt.

As his mouth moved closer and closer to the line of the thong that she still wore, she became more and more tense. He slipped his tongue a little below the fabric and wetted her skin, and then teased her by moving up a bit again. After a moment, he was satisfied that he had worked her up sufficiently, and he was becoming as eager as her to taster her womanhood. He gently slipped his hands under her ass and dragged the edges of the thong down and off her legs. He gazed for a second at this goddess before him, completely nude and utterly devoted to him at this moment. Her thin tuft of hair and glistening lips stared back at him, and he inhaled as he approached her flesh once again.

He lightly kissed her hair and inched his way down to her crease. Her scent became more and more deep, and he became more and more intoxicated. When he finally did feel a warm slipperiness on his nose, he tasted her and succumbed to her body. She was salty and warm, and she tasted utterly…right. He ran his tongue down her slit, and when he encountered the small bump that was her clitoris, she shuddered violently. A gasp escaped from her mouth, and her back arched severely. Her hand moved down to his head and gripped his hair firmly. He gently ran circles around her clit and she relaxed a bit but continued to moan.

For several minutes he made love to her with his tongue. He occasionally slipped his tongue inside of her, and his hands wandered up to rub her nipples, but he primarily concentrated on her clit. Her legs gradually began to unspread themselves and cross over his head. As her breathing became shallower and quicker, the pressure on his skull became greater, and she began grinding her hips up to meet his face. Suddenly, her body tensed, just as if she had been imitating him minutes earlier, and she began to whimper and groan. Her legs clenched tightly around him, and her wetness flowed freely on his chin. He squeezed her left breast and gripped her right hand tightly as the intense pleasure ripped through her. After her orgasm subsided and her breathing became more normal, he lapped gently between and around her lips, and she lie there content. She pulled him up by his shoulders and kissed him gently on the lower lip and tasted her own wetness. They lie there in an embrace, both wet and relaxed, and both utterly content and elated that that one moment in the car had led to this.

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