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Again on the Beach

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As she pushed away the branches she could see him standing along the edge of the beach. He always waited for her before he stepped onto the sand. She was wearing a new suit. Burgundy and gold. She hoped he would notice how she tried to be pretty for him.

“Hi,” she said as she stepped out to meet him.

“Hey,” was his reply as he turned to look at her. He was wearing his green and white board shorts. Falling just low enough so that she could see the outline of his lower abs. He looked good. Then again, he always looked good. “New suit?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said smiling shyly.

“It looks good on you,” he said looking her up and down, pausing for a moment on her cleavage.

“Last one in the water has to kiss me!” she said getting her confidence back. As she took off toward the water’s edge she could hear him snicker behind her before taking off after. She reached the water first. The waves coming up to meet her ankles. Laughing as she turned around, “Looks like you lost.”

“Too bad for me,” he replied grabbing her waist and pulling her close. His lips were so soft. His kiss was urgent with his tongue slipping into her mouth. It had been so long since they had been to the beach. Life always got in the way. But not today. It was just going to be the two of them.

As she ran her hands up his arms and along the back of his neck she remembered why she came. Why she would risk the rumors. Her friends never approved. Her family forbade her from ever seeing him again. But he was what she needed. As she pulled back from the kiss, she looked into his eyes. The depth she saw within them held so much pain and yet, so much tenderness. This was one of the reasons why she knew that he would never hurt her. He may be rough on the outside, but she saw how what he was really like on the inside.

“Wanna swim out to the dock?” he asked already leading her further into the water. The dock was small, only a few hundred feet out into the water, but it was always fun to play around. They swam next to each other, not speaking. Until they reached the dock. He let her climb up first. As she stood looking at the rocks at the edge of the small bay he walked up behind her and put erenköy escort his arms around her, pulling her back into his arms. She interlocked her fingers in his and leaned back. “I’ve missed this,” he said, “I’ve missed you.”

She had gotten a lot of pressure after the last time they were caught together. Everyone had made it clear to her that he wasn’t good enough for her. She was a member of society. She wasn’t supposed to date boys like him. She had her Ph.D. and he almost didn’t graduate high school. She made good money and he was an artist. But his quiet honesty, the way he looked right at her whenever she talked, and the way he always supported her when things got too rough made him exactly what she needed.

She had met him in the middle of one of her self-destructive binges. Drinking heavily and doing anyone who would pay attention to her, she was heading for another breakdown. This one was coming faster than ever before. But in the bar that night, she looked up, and he was standing there. They spent all night standing and talking. Never touching, and yet being closer than anyone had been before. After he had left her friends pounced. “Why were you talking to him?” “He’s not good enough for you.” “He won’t be worth it.” But it was too late. A connection had been made.

A few years later they were still friends. Circumstances had kept them separated for the most part. But when they were together, it was like the weeks or months hadn’t mattered. They were meant to be together, and she knew it.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“How I wish Brad Pitt were here. I would jump him.” It was a standard joke of hers and got a chuckle out of him. “You just wish you could be so hot!” he laughed as she pushed him. He pretended to be hurt, staggering back and falling into the water. She gasped and looked over the edge as he came up and pulled her down with him.

For the next few hours they dove off the dock and swam in the clear water. It was relaxing. Just to spend the day in the sun with someone special.

As the sun went down he looked back at the beach, “Lets go lay down and watch it set.” They göztepe escort swam back to shore and collapsed on the blanket just as the sun was lowering over the water. They laid there and talked about her job, about his shows, always avoiding the question.

He was the first to bring it up, “So why did you call?”

She knew she couldn’t keep it from him any longer. “I had another break down. I’m back on medication.” She hated to admit it to him, but she needed his strength to help her. He pulled her into his arms as it all came out. How frustrated she was at her job, how much she hated living alone in the city, how she missed being with him. He had always been better for her than anyone could have even imagined, but people had forced them apart. They had made it apparent that if the two of them remained together they would suffer for it. “Tell me it’s going to be OK.” she whispered.

He tipped her head up to him, “I will always be here for you. You mean more to me than you can ever imagine. No matter what, I will be here for you.” He leaned down and softly pressed his lips to hers. She kissed him back, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Teasing his tongue with hers the kiss intensified. It had been months since she had him and she missed it.

She laid back onto the beach towel and pulled him down on top of her. He always knew exactly what she wanted. And right then she wanted him. Her heart started beating faster as he began kissing that sweet spot on her neck. She wrapped her arms around him and ran her fingers through his dark hair. He slid his hand down and pulled her bikini strap off her shoulder and exposing her breast. He leaned down to take her nipple in his mouth as a moan escaped her lips. He tugged on it playfully with his teeth as he slid his had round behind her back to undo her top. With one swift motion he pulled it away and cupped her breasts in his hands. He was always very patient at this part. He knew how much attention to pay, and just what to do to make her wet. Slowly he worked his way between both breasts, kissing and sucking, stroking and teasing. She was breathing heavy as he leaned in to kiss her. She kadıköy escort wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pushed him onto his back. “Now it’s my turn to turn you on,” she said as she started a trail of kisses leading down to the top of his shorts. She had already undone the string and with a tug had them off and flung into the sand. She slid her hands along his inner thighs and grabbed his cock as she licked her lips. Taking his head into her mouth she began to use her tongue to play with the tip. She loved turning him on. As she sucked and flicked her tongue back and forth, she could hear him breathing heavier. She was beginning to drive him crazy. All the sudden he pulled her up and rolled her onto her back.

“I can’t wait any longer to have you,” he gasped and he tugged her bikini bottoms off. He positioned him self over her and pushed in. She caught her breath and he paused for a second to let her get used to him. As she relaxed be pushed all the way in and let out a sigh. It had been a long time for both of them. Their urgency was coming out. There would be no more teasing tonight. It had turned into a raw need. He was pushing in and out, steadily fucking her. Her legs were wrapped around his middle and she was digging her nails into his biceps. He leaned down to kiss her again and started moving faster. Their hips were moving in time as her tension built. He kept pushing deep inside her as the orgasm built. Her breath was quicker and her moans louder as she reached her peak. He held onto her as she came. He leaned down to kiss her again before he started thrusting again. Her wetness had him slipping in and out so easily. It wasn’t long before he came, collapsing on top of her. He lay his head on her chest as they both tried to regain their breathing.

He rolled onto his back and pulled her close. “Let’s run away,” she whispered.

“Are you sure?” he asked looking down at her. He had asked her before. To leave, to run away. To go where they could be together without the pressures they had here.

“Yes,” was her reply. “I’m ready.” And she was. To get out. To leave with him. She knew she needed him and that was all that mattered. His loyalty and support. His hope in the future gave her hope. He was so good for her.

As they lay on the blanket under the stars they were both lost in thought. Of a future without her job, and the hospital and medication, and her family and friends. And as they lay thinking they both knew that no matter what happened. Nothing would separate them again.

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