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Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 02: Agatha Starts College

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Double Penetration

Agatha Allbut & The Bimbo Squad Ch. 02: Agatha Starts College

Revised 4/2020

© 2012 Sal De Klerk All Rights Reserved

Edited by madame_tasha & ElmerStudd

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!.


This story contains adult content including female deflowering, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and vanilla sex. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


Agatha arrived on campus a day late, missing orientation. She ended up going to a state school because Bryn Mawr gave away her spot when she missed the deadline for tuition payments while dealing with her inheritance and trying to cope with the loss of her beloved Grandparents. Pinto, the retired Magazine editor, and her grandmother the manager of a small independent grocery store she had worked at since she was a teen. Agatha had tried to make the payment with her inheritance since her parents were too shell shocked to do anything. But, the lawyers told her it would take time to get everything in her name, and she missed the deadline.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Using a campus map she had downloaded to her phone, Agatha drove through the campus, navigating the antique car her grandfather left her, to parking lot D. She pulled into an open spot, shut off the car, and took a moment to look around at the place she would call home for the next four years.

As she got out of the behemoth she heard a rich, slightly familiar baritone voice behind her, “Wow that’s a hell of a ride!”

“It’s a ’57 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop. Before you ask, yes, It’s got all original parts and I’m the 2nd owner,” she said in a monotone. She had grown tired of gear heads drooling over the car. Wishing that, just once, a cute guy would drool over her as they did over her car.

Without looking at the source of the strange voice behind her, she opened the trunk and began taking out her luggage, wishing that a cute guy that knew what being a gentleman meant, would come by and offer to help her. As Agatha slung a bag over her shoulder she said, “I’ll take you for a ride if you help me get moved in.” She turned, expecting to see the guy walking away. She was frozen in shock when she saw a very familiar face, “Lars?” she exclaimed, stunned and confused, embarrassment making her tongue twist itself into a clove hitch.

“Agatha?” Lars responded warmly with a giant smile, recognizing his high school classmate, and appearing genuinely happy to see her. “Where’d you get that fine ass piece of automotive history?” he asked appreciatively. His eyes darting between the car and Agatha.

Agatha smiled, completely unable to respond as her tongue finished the clove hitch and tried to add two half hitches.

“Wow,” he whistled as he gave her a long slow appreciative look, just like he did the car. “You’ve changed, changed a lot. You look…hot!”

Agatha shrunk into herself, not used to that reaction from a guy. Especially not this guy. Feeling self-conscious, she gestured toward the car, trying to get Lars to stop looking at her.

“My…um… My grandparents died…”

“Yeah, I heard. I’m so sorry,” he said, “I know how close you were to them.” He stepped closer to her, offering to hug her.

Agatha, still feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable, stepped back, “They left me the car and some money. I decided to start college looking…different.” She looked away, embarrassed. She had worked hard to change her appearance, but explaining it to someone from her past made it sound vain and silly.

Sensing her discomfort, Lars changed the subject, “You really would’ve liked graduation.”

“No biggie,” she replied, “not like I had a lot of friends or fond memories.” As she spoke, she remembered her last interaction with the Bimbo Squad when they bombarded her with urine-filled balloons. That was the same day that her grandparents died in a plane crash. Agatha’s cheeks began to burn, both from embarrassment and rage, as she tried to push that memory away.

Lars nodded in understanding. “When I heard you were coming here instead of Bryn Mawr, I made sure to get you a copy of the yearbook and the graduation video. Let’s get your stuff to your room, then while you unpack, I’ll get them.”

After several trips, Agatha and Lars were hot and sweaty but finally finished. “I’ll be right back,” Lars said as he gave her arm a friendly squeeze. Agatha began to unpack, putting her clothes away, making the bed, and making her part of the small space her own. She made a good start in getting unpacked and organized in the twenty minutes Lars was gone.

“I’m back,” Lars called as he walked into the room. Grabbing Agatha’s laptop off of the desk, he opened the CD drive and inserted a disc labeled “Grad Video”. Agatha shook her head, becoming quite annoyed that Lars insisted on screening the niğde escort ceremony. She mustered up all of her courage, “Fuck graduation. I don’t give a shit.”

Lars reached up and grabbed Agatha by the wrist. “Sit down Aggie, you’ll love this,” as he guided her onto the bed next to him.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Agatha had never been called Aggie before. After thinking about it, she realized that Aggie was a better fit for her new look. While she hadn’t gone for any surgical enhancements, she did avail herself of several medical professionals; a dermatologist for her seborrhea, a Lasik surgeon for her astigmatism, and her orthodontist for removal of her braces. Even better, Mother Nature had finally turned her body from a surfboard to a surfboard with a slight waistline and noticeable hips. Even her itty bitties had grown to be a nice handful.

Working with a cosmetologist, she learned how to properly care for her dull hair. The mousy brown was replaced by a much more flattering caramel balayage. After mastering styling tools and deep conditioning treatments she thought were only available to celebrities, she was capable of creating soft curls or a sleek blow-out at home as she pleased. She also learned about makeup and how to use the creams, powders, and brushes she once feared to create looks that flattered her features. Laser hair removal took care of the excess hair she inherited from some long-forgotten Mediterranean ancestor.

She had finished her external transformation by hiring a fashion consultant to teach her how to dress for her body; moving from hiding herself behind drab, sad, shapeless frocks, to celebrating herself through fashion. She still wasn’t entirely comfortable with some of the outfits she owned, especially the corset style top, tight jeans, and the strappy sandals with two-inch heels she was currently wearing.

Changing your appearance is easy, changing who you are … not so much. Agatha was ninety-nine and forty-four one-hundredths percent sure that a new hair color and some insanely expensive shoes wouldn’t change her introverted, wallflower, church mouse personality overnight. But going by Aggie might just take her from an ugly, depressing nerd to a slightly attractive, slightly less introverted nerd.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Aggie shook her head to end her reverie. As she sat on her bed next to Lars, their legs just barely touching, “Show me the stupid thing already,” she said, hoping the opening montage of the last four years wouldn’t be too horrible for her. Lars hit play as Aggie realized that she was alone, in her bedroom, with the boy she had been infatuated with since they first met. Her tongue added a sheet bend to the knots already formed in her mouth.

Lars started the video and the St. Sextus Academy logo appeared on the screen. It quickly faded to an aerial view of the campus. As the image moved over the Main building towards the sports field, the image faded to the view from the dais. Pomp and Circumstance began playing as the Seniors processed in. Aggie sighed in frustration when she saw the Bimbo Squad being given front row seats.

Once the graduates were all seated, a voice intoned “Ladies and gentleman the graduating class of 2012. Thunderous applause blasted from the speakers as the seniors, following tradition, began to chant “Sha Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na hey hey, goodbye”

As the applause died out and the chant faded, the video jump cut to a long shot from behind the audience looking at the faculty on the dais. The shot slowly zoomed in on the screen above the dais. A flickering poorly illuminated video started to play on the screen. The video cut to a direct feed of the montage covering the graduating class’s high school experience.

Suddenly there was a very rough cut to a grainy, slightly out of focus amateur video. It showed the interior of a locker room. Aggie had seen that from enough times to recognize it as the senior section of the girl’s locker room. At first, there was no one on the screen, then the entire Bimbo Squad came out of the showers wrapped in towels. The camera was poorly positioned and the details weren’t clear, but you could identify the people in the video.

As the girls dropped their towels and started to dress in their street clothes, they began discussing their plans for the weekend. Things like what mind-altering chemicals would be ingested, how to stay out after curfew and not get caught, who was going to fuck their boyfriend and other secrets teen girls share with friends, confident that their teachers and parents would never find out.

Aggie sat there in amazement as she watched Bree, Pris and the rest of the Bimbo Squad reveal their secrets on video. When the girls started to leave, the video faded to black. “I had the projectionist take a break, locked the booth, and squirted Krazy glue into the lock, Lars explained.

Aggie looked at him in shock as he continued, “You and I have the only copies. For some reason, the faculty canceled the sale this year. Lots of students ordu escort protested that decision. I stole the master from the AV room and made a copy for you,” Lars told her with a straight face.

Aggie was staring at him in disbelief. “But why…how?” She couldn’t fathom why he would do this to his girlfriend and her friends.

“Remember Dave Jones? He bet me he could get a video of the Bimbo Squad naked. He snuck into the locker room and hid his phone with it running a security cam app. He won $50 bucks, I got revenge for what happened …” he paused not wanting to mention her grandparent’s death, “The last day you were in school.”

“You should’ve seen it, parents grabbing their daughters, teachers running around trying to stop the video, the graduates laughing so hard most of ’em pissed their pants. The entire Bimbo Squad disappeared. No one’s seen hide nor hair of them all summer.”

Aggie began to laugh. It felt good to know that after all the torture and humiliation she’d suffered at the hands of the Bimbo Squad, karma had finally balanced the scales.

As they sat in her dorm laughing, Aggie wondered if she finally had a friend, a cute guy friend. When they finally stopped laughing, Lars handed Aggie a yearbook with her name embossed on the cover. She took one look at it and put it down, knowing there would be a total of three pictures of her and zero signatures in it.

Lars looked at her and said, “Don’t you want to open it, Aggie?”

“Maybe later,” she replied.

“Trust me, open it now.”

She reluctantly picked it up and opened it. Aggie’s jaw dropped when she saw the book was full of signatures. Most admitted they were happy the Bimbo Squad got what was coming to them. Some said that they wished they had befriended her and several wrote KIT with phone numbers and addresses. When she turned to the last page, she saw a larger than average note, saying…

To the best kisser, I know, hope to see you and your sexy Allbut soon, Lars.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at Lars. “Why…,” she squeaked, unable to get the rest of the words past the Gordian knot her tongue had become.

Lars looked at her and shrugged, “It’s how I was raised. Truth, Justice, and the American Way, all taught along with my ABC’s.”

“You don’t know what this means …” Aggie never finished speaking as Lars looked deep into her eyes.

Without saying a word. He put his hand on her chin and gently pulled her forward. His eyes boring into hers, reassuring and inviting. “Just before their lips met Lars said, “Say stop and I will.”

Aggie had no desire to stop him. She always wanted him to be her first, from the first time she saw him walk into class. Finally, her desire was coming true. Their lips met for the second time. This kiss surpassed the first one by far. For one thing, Lars was kissing Aggie on purpose, secondly, it lasted longer, a lot longer, but the most important reason, there was no violence done to her person.

Without breaking the kiss, Lars maneuvered them into a prone position on the bed. Without stopping the kiss, he began to run his firm hands over her body. Aggie was in heaven. She just lay back in ecstasy, knowing that soon her Chevy would be the only thing she had that was still cherry.

Lars finally broke the kiss and looked hungrily at Aggie. Keeping his eyes fixed on hers, he gently pulled her into a sitting position and pulled her top down, as he leaned in and began to kiss and nibble on her neck and ears. As Aggie pulled his head closer to her, his hands found the clasp on her strapless bra and unfastened it, letting it fall to the floor, exposing Aggie’s breasts.

Aggie crossed her arms over her chest to hide her breasts, embarrassed about her size. Lars kissed Aggie to reassure her as he lightly moved her arms, revealing her mounds to his hungry gaze. Lars used his weight to get Aggie prone and then shifted his mouth to her erect nipples. For the first time in her 18 and 1/9th years on the planet, a male mouth touched her nipple. Aggie had no idea anything could feel that good.

Aggie felt Lars’s hand grasp hers and their fingers intertwined as he sucked, licked, and bit her nipples. She squirmed at the oral onslaught on her highly sensitive buds. More than once Aggie had ‘accidentally’ brought herself to orgasm in the shower, simply by washing her breasts.

She felt that same heat wash over her as Lars flicked her nipple with his tongue. Aggie wanted Lars to make her cum desperately, but she wanted her first one to be from sex. She pushed Lars away from her breasts, Lars immediately understood. He stripped himself naked, exposing his strong firm toned body. His penis was hard and pointing right at Aggie’s mouth. He knelt on her bed one knee on each side of her torso.

Aggie froze as she got a close-up view of the first living breathing post-adolescent naked male she had ever seen. His … thing … was huge, 9.41″ she calculated. Aggie remembered learning that the average size for adult males in the osmaniye escort US was 5.51″. ‘My first time is already above average,’ she thought and giggled quietly, hoping it would stay above average.

Lars shifted forward placing his cock uncomfortably close to Aggie’s mouth. “Give it a kiss baby,” Lars said, “It likes being kissed.”

“Eww, no way I am kissing that,” Aggie said, fearful of his reaction. Lars looked down at her and saw the same fear and desire he saw the night he deflowered Pris and Bree. “Is …is this your first time?”

Aggie nodded, despite her fear that he wouldn’t want someone as hopelessly inexperienced and timid as she was.

Lars smiled reassuringly and pulled his cock away from her face. He returned to kissing her breasts as his hands found the button on her jeans. Aggie let out a breath she hadn’t even realized she was holding while Lars quickly unfastened the pants and began to push the coarse material down her legs.

Aggie was trembling in fear and lust as she lay there in her neon green boy short panties that said:

Keep calm

& Eat ?

Aggie started to tremble in fear and lust. Lars kissed his way down her smooth belly, stopping at her belly button for a few seconds. He continued down her body, reaching the waistband of the last piece of clothing hiding Aggie’s body from him. He took the waistband in his mouth and pulled her panties down exposing her completely.

Her scent wafted up to his nose, his nostrils flaring in arousal as he guided the panties over her ankles and off her body. Lars shook his head like a dog with a bone, letting the panties fall to the floor as he climbed back onto the bed. Easing her legs apart, he lowered his face and began kissing his way up her thighs, getting closer to the pool of moisture that was overflowing and running down her legs.

Aggie sat up, alarmed, “What are you doing?”

“Lay back and relax, you’ll enjoy this,” he responded.

“No … stop,” Aggie said as she squeezed her thighs together to stop him from putting his mouth down there. Lars looked up in surprise. Aggie couldn’t believe she heard herself saying “Just fuck me. Take my cherry.”

Lars smiled at her words, “As you wish milady.” He stood up, eased her legs open, and placed the crown of his manhood near her wetness. Aggie could feel the heat radiating from him. It was the most erotic sensation she’d ever experienced. She waited breathlessly for him to enter her, to make her a full woman.

Lars remained still, looking at Aggie’s naked body. He could see her skin was covered with goosebumps as she trembled in a mixture of anticipation, lust, and fear. He knew she was ready for him, so he said, “Ask me.”

“What?” she said in confusion.

“Ask me. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Please take me,” she said timidly not sure what Lars wanted.

“Be descriptive, use your imagination. Tell me exactly what you want from me.”

“Make love to me,” she pleaded.

“Not like that. Be dirty.”

“Fuck me?” she questioned.

“Better,” Lars said, “but try something like “Lars put your cock in my cunt and bust my cherry. Then ride me until your balls empty your cum into my wet cunt. Feel free to paraphrase.”

Her face turned a bright red listening to his dirty talk. Hearing those words she felt herself get wetter, but there was no way she would or could say that. She was horny and desperate enough to try, “Lars please make me a woman by sticking you’re… Ummm … tool inside me. Make me a woman.”

Lars smiled kindly at Aggie. “We’ll have to work on your bedroom talk,” he said not unkindly and then began rubbing the tip of himself up and down her slit, getting it ready to enter the folds of her dripping hole. He paused momentarily and then pushed until he felt resistance. With one quick thrust, he broke through the thin barrier and was inside Aggie. She screamed, uncertain if it was from pain or pleasure. Aggie watched as Lars kept pushing himself deeper into her. Lars started to gently rock back and forth his cock slowly sliding in and out of Aggie.

Aggie estimated she had 3.833″ inches of him inside her. She was worried about it fitting inside her. She wanted it, but she knew that she was 17.8% smaller than the average woman. He was 12.6% larger than the average man. She didn’t think that the numbers would work. Aggie always trusted numbers, they’d never steered her wrong.

She was amazed when Lars stopped thrusting. She looked up at him confused, sweat glistened on his forehead and little droplets rolled down his chest. She watched as one drop flowed down his pectoral muscle and onto his erect nipple. She was mesmerized as it grew in size and hung off his nipple until it finally lost its battle with gravity and fell toward her. The droplet landed .357″ to the right of her belly button. Was it over? She wondered. Did he ejaculate? She didn’t want to ask, afraid she would insult him, and/or reveal how truly ignorant and naive she was.

“Damn Aggie, I didn’t think your tight little body could handle me. But look, I’m balls deep in your pussy.” Aggie looked and couldn’t see his shaft. His dark thick pubic hair meshed with her light wispy hair, and she could see that her belly was slightly distended. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was her imagination or if Lars was that big.

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