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AGD: Trick or Treat

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( Okay, so a few things before you start reading. The Good Deed storyline is about a widow who takes pleasure in helping out others. It is written from a female point of view because of a challenge that was issued by Magicalhands. She only messes with guys over the age of eighteen and it is a fantasy. So no trolling over protection or STD’s and such.

As for Maria, she is a volunteer in her community. She’s in the PTA, plays organ for her church, etc. So her secret life has to stay hidden. If this sounds confusing, try reading the other Good Deed stories first and you’ll get the idea.)

Another Good Deed: Trick or Treat

I love Halloween. I love the look on the children’s faces when they get candy and the smile on the parent’s faces when they see their children happy. No matter what the beliefs are of some, I just love that time of year. I have a selfish reason as well. You see, I love wearing the costumes. My online personae of the “Naughty Nurse” on Yahoo Messenger started because of me buying one of those sexy costumes at an adult store a while back. It isn’t the only costume in my closet, but obviously I can’t wear something that sexy while passing out candy in the Podunk town I live in. So it’s a challenge to discover a way to feel sexy while still showing the image of a pillar of the community.

A few days before the holiday, I was looking through my closet and found an old choir robe that was stark white. After doing a flashlight test to ensure it wasn’t too sheer, I thought about turning myself into an angel since that’s what the majority of the townsfolk see me as. I looked around the closet and found a tiny set of wings with a halo already attached to it. Needless to say, I felt pretty lucky.

There was a naughty part of me that liked the idea of the robe. Not just because it looked so innocent, but also because it was solid enough to hide perhaps a lack of underwear. Even though I get turned on by colder weather as much as any girl can, I knew I needed more to keep my pilot light lit if you catch my drift. It was then I logged onto my laptop with the shades drawn of course and looked on some of my favorite toy websites. I wasn’t sure what I was actually looking for, but my eyes gravitated towards an egg. Obviously an egg with a long wire would arouse the attention of the townsfolk, so I almost didn’t get it until I saw a wireless remote egg.

I was excited. Here was a toy that I could hide under my costume so I could play while passing out candy. It did make me reconsider the naked under the costume idea however since I didn’t want such a toy falling out of my pussy while distracted. So I amended my original idea and decided to wear a pair of thigh hi panties. I chose white just in case even though I knew they’d be sopping full of juice when I was finished. I then ordered the toy using next day shipping of course before I grabbed my trusty vibrator and played a little to ease the excitement of how naughty my Halloween was going to be.

It was hard to wait for that Halloween Saturday night. I didn’t open the new toy at all, but I did ensure to get a fresh set of batteries for it. As it neared the witching hour, I began to put on the costume. My nipples were already hardened before I even started sliding the toy inside its resting place for the night. I had the underwear nearby knowing full well that I was going to drench them before the night was completed.

I then slipped on the robe. The choir robe was polyester which I completely forgot about, so it scratched a little in the wrong places. The fabric did feel good on my nipples, so I went ahead and slipped on the wings and halo combination before slipping on a pair of white fuzzy slippers for comfort. As I carefully walked down the stairs, I ensured I stayed away from the computer lest one of my “patients” decided to IM me. I did turn on the television and began to watch some of the Saturday programming until the door rang.

The first trick-or-treater wore a Batman costume. I recognized it immediately as the neighbor’s son who was eight. As I heard him say the words, my hand in the pocket of my robe pressed the button and shook the inside of my pussy for a moment. The sight of his hunky dad didn’t do much to dull the sensation either. I so do love watching him do yard work wearing nothing but a pair of cutoff jeans. It’s the damn image thing that keeps me from jumping on him.

Batman was followed by my other neighbor whose daughter was dressed in a frilly pink princess costume. I pressed the button as she said the words and tried to conceal my pleasure. Her mom was the town busy body and the main reason I keep to myself. She was the president of the school PTA and the girl that arranged the stuff for our church, so I kept myself relatively quiet until she turned. The princess was followed by a small cowboy who had a hard time saying the magic words. I held off pushing the button and gave him some candy while his dad smiled. His dad was also a busy Ataşehir Escort body, but only because he was the town’s newspaper editor.

On and on the night went with every child getting candy and my pussy getting wetter and wetter from the repeated button pushing. Almost too soon, the town’s curfew that was set to ensure the kids got home safely hit. I always thought nine o’clock was too soon to stop going for candy, but I don’t have to worry about hyper kids. As I sat down in my chair, my fingers went immediately to my moist full lips that begged for a finger to touch them or more. The robe was up and I was already sliding my panties off before a text message came over my cell phone.

I reached over to where I stashed it near the charger and noticed it was a message from Samuel. Samuel not only is the son of the town’s minister, but he’s also one of the only people in town that knows about my secret life. He discovered enough to trick me into sucking him off in his dad’s office before I turned the tables and made him dependent on my brand of sexual medicine. He went back to college a new man and was already wowing coeds with his sexual prowess. The fact he was texting me and not fucking some coed had me curious.

The text read,” will be by soon. Will go thru back door.” It was a strange text, but considering Mrs. Busybody was tied down with the kid, I figured he was safe. I went back to playing with my pussy until a gloved hand grabbed me around my mouth before I could scream. I looked up and saw a man wearing a black toboggan hat and black bandanna over his mouth and nose. I was ready to bite him before I heard a familiar voice.

“Sorry, Maria, I thought you’d like being caught by surprise.” I look towards the door and there stood Samuel wearing his outfit from the last time we fucked. I let my robe drop so I was covered before looking up at the person behind me. He removed his hat and bandanna before he quietly apologized to me. I stood and gave Samuel a big hug. I felt his hands feel for how nice and hard my nipples were before I let him go. He turned me towards the other guy and introduced me.

“Maria, this is my roommate Isaac. Isaac, this is the most wonderful woman in the world.” I was floored by the compliment, but I tried to speak up before Isaac spoke.

“You mean she’s the hot babe in that picture that fucked you?” Again, I was flattered before Samuel spoke again.

“The same. Can you excuse me for a minute, Isaac?”

“Sure, Maria, where is your bathroom?”

“Down the hall to the right.” I waited until Isaac was out of ear shot before I turned towards Samuel. “What did you tell him?”

Samuel wore a look of embarrassment before he smiled, “I was so excited after our last encounter that I bragged about you to Isaac. Turns out he has the same problem as I did except he didn’t have a hot organist to help him out.”

Okay, so the flattery was really sweet. Instead of being mad, I relaxed. “So you brought him here…”

“…for you to help him if you can. I know it’s risky considering we are at your house, but if you could help him it would be a big deal.”

“How big?” I asked sarcastically. Samuel laughed.

“I don’t measure or look at guys. But will you consider it?” I paused for a moment.

“Are you gonna watch?”

“No, I’ll be at home. But maybe you can check my temp tomorrow after church?” I couldn’t resist those eyes of his. The worse part is that I thought he knew that and was using it against me. When Isaac came back from my bathroom, he looked scared, almost pale white as a phantasm. I looked him up and down just to see what I was going to deal with. As Samuel took Isaac into my kitchen, I decided to go upstairs and change to something more appropriate for what I needed to do.

I shuffed off my angel costume and looked through my closet for a tank top. I knew it was too cold for one, but a tank top was easier for Isaac to move the straps off of my shoulders and get to my nipples. I also went with a pair of sweat shorts that were nice and loose. That way, it was easier for him to pull off if we got that far. I decided to not wear underwear also for the ease of helping Isaac. The combination of the constant self-teasing all day plus the thought of deflowering a virgin was definitely getting my juices flowing in more ways than one. Yet, I knew in my mind I needed to take my time to make Isaac not only experienced, but a thoughtful lover like I tried to do with Samuel.

As I walked down the stairs, the boys were sitting on my couch. Isaac seemed to be breathing normal as the color went back to his flesh colored cheeks. Samuel then excused himself before giving me a peck on the cheek and a hearty ass grope. He walked towards the back door and let himself out leaving me alone with Isaac. I cleared my throat a bit before speaking. “So you’re Samuel’s roommate?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he answered. It was cute the way he was trying to be respectful. Kadıköy Escort I continued.

“Isaac, I need to ask you a few questions to make sure everything’s okay. This is partly because I want to protect both of us and partially because I want to give you the chance to think about things first. Okay?” I noticed Isaac was a little alarmed before I sat next to him and allowed him to smell the natural perfume I was producing.

“Isaac, are you really a virgin?” He cringed a bit before I took his hand in mine and rubbed the top of it.

“It’s okay. Samuel was one also as well as everyone else. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“It is when you’re the only one in the dorm who is,” he retorted before his eyes began to water. I allowed his face to go towards my shoulder and allowed him to cry out his frustration before he righted himself out. He stood up before he spoke.

“I better go. This isn’t right.”

I stood up also. “Why?”

He looked at me. “Because I am not in love with you. My mother always told me sex happens between two people who love each other and…” My index finger was on his lips before he could finish. As he looked at me partially in fear, I began to speak.

“Your mother is right. Sex is the ultimate expression of love between two people. However, sometimes people have sex to relax or to indulge their desires. Did you see me before you put your hand over my mouth? I was indulging in some self-love because my body craved it. There is nothing wrong with that is there?” He shook his head slowly in response. I let my finger down before continuing.

“Did Samuel put you up to this or did you want to do this and ask him?” He seemed to pause before answering, so I decided to press my luck.

“Isaac, I have a very needy pussy right now and not that much time to play games. If this was Samuel’s idea, then it would be best for you to go out that back door and get to his house. However, if you asked him, then you need to decide what you are going to do. While you make up your mind, I am going upstairs to my room and use my toy to finish myself off. If you go, that’s fine. Otherwise, you will go upstairs and I will help you.” I left it at that before I started towards the steps. His words cut me off.

“It was my idea.” I turned towards him.

“Are you being truthful?” He nodded his head, his eyes looking towards the floor modestly. I walked towards him and took his hand.

“Let’s go upstairs. I am not much for living room sex, especially due to the drapes.” As we headed upstairs, I thought about how I was going to loosen up that stiff piece of wood. The idea of a massage was a thought, but another thought came into play. As we entered my room, he seemed to wane a bit before I invited him inside. As he went to my bed to sit down, I went to my closet on the top shelf to find a video for him to watch. Since I knew he was new, I refrained from the gangbang or bondage videos and found a tame one on one DVD. I turned to him and started talking in a smooth, comforting voice.

“Isaac, I am going to put this video in. You are not to touch yourself in any way while watching it, but I have the right to touch you. Hopefully, this will loosen you up a bit. Is that okay?” Isaac blushed a bit before I put the disc in and pressed play. The first scene was a nice loving session between a nicely built guy and a blond with fake tits. As they began to undress each other, I slowly climbed behind Isaac to hear his breathing. He was already getting turned on by the blond girl’s tits. I decided to whisper.

“Do you like big tits, Isaac?” He moaned slightly as I licked his ear a bit. I then climbed off the bed and slowly pulled down the straps of my tank top to show him mine before taunting him again.

“Do you prefer real ones like mine?” I paused before continuing. “Or fake ones like hers?”

Isaac stuttered,” I-I-I like real ones like yours.” I rewarded him by removing the tank top completely so I was topless.

“First rule is to always compliment your partner, Isaac. Sex is like a business transaction in that it needs communication to continue and be successful.” I walked towards him and bent down on my knees before him noticing the bulge in his jeans. I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes getting into character.

“Would you like me to loosen these jeans for you?” He nodded at me before I slowly undid the button and slipped the zipper down. He was wearing white briefs. I laughed inside before continuing.

“I recommend you change to boxers to give your cock a place to breathe. Now stand up so I can pull these jeans down.” As he stood, the jeans fell to the floor and I saw the bulge in his briefs as well as a wet spot. I pulled the jeans off before pushing him back on the bed. As he fell, my tongue licked the wet spot on his underwear.

“Would you like me to remove these, Isaac?” I asked as seductively as I could.

“Yes, please,” he said with a breathy Ümraniye Escort desire. I pulled off his briefs and was rewarded with a nice view of his six inch member. It stood straight up almost with no provocation. I leaned upwards so that I was breathing on the head before I spoke again.

“Just so you know, most girls expect kissing and love making before they go down on you. I am pushing forward because I am extremely horny and I know you’ll cum quickly. To help us out, I am going to suck you off so you cum really fast. Then we’ll proceed to do the rest, okay?” His eyes were open wide before I slowly took just the head into my lips. He started protesting quickly.

“I’m going to shoot!!!” He started emptying his cock inside my mouth. I didn’t have time to react, so the cum filled my mouth and started shooting on my face. It was a few moments of pause before I looked up at him and he began to apologize.

“I am so sorry, Maria. I-I-I…” I grabbed my tank top and wiped my face before looking at him and smiling. I swallowed his cum before speaking.

“You must have been worked up worse than I thought,” I said smartly attempting to defuse the situation. As I did, I noticed he started to grin a bit before I became more serious. I turned towards the DVD player and hit the stop button before I started talking again.

“Okay, Isaac, it’s your turn. You are going to learn some things about female anatomy. Now get up for a moment.” Isaac got up from the bed before I simply dropped the shorts and lay on my back. I pointed him towards my nipples and started explaining again.

“When a woman starts getting aroused, her nipples harden like so. It’s up to you, but I would like you to kiss my nipples.” Before I could finish speaking, he crawled onto the bed and began to kiss them with little pecks before I tapped him on the head.

“Slower please.” He started slowing down before I whispered for him to gently bite them. He was responding very well as my fingers began to slowly stroke my pussy. I then guided his head towards my pussy. He tried to go straight down before I tapped him on the head again.

“Isaac, there are plenty of places to kiss between my tits and my pussy. Instead of going straight down, kiss me down.” He looked at me and smiled as he started kissing the space between my breasts and made a straight line slowly down towards my pussy with his kisses. He then kissed the top of my clit before I tapped him again.

“I want you to get to the edge of the bed so I can show you something.” He crawled around so he was at the edge of the bed, his head right above my pussy. I started to show him where to kiss and encouraging him to lick a little before I started pushing his head against my pussy. Due to the high state of arousal I was already in, I started to cum quickly after he started. He held his face on my pussy until I was done before he looked up at me. I smiled at him and complimented him on his first time.

“Don’t ever let a guy tell you that women hate cunnilingus,” I warned him before I slid off the bed. By then, he was already standing with his dick already in position for round two. As I slid my hand onto his shaft, I looked up at him.

“This time, please warn me before you cum. Okay, stud?” I asked as I saw him smile. I then took his shaft into my mouth and began to suck him off in earnest. Since he already came once, I knew that he had some time before he would climax again. I spent about five minutes caressing his cock with my tongue and lips before I stroked him a few times. I looked up at him trying to do my most lust filled look.

“Ready to fuck me?” I asked him. He smiled at me before I stood and pressed my body against him. I placed one of my legs behind him and pulled him onto the bed so his cock was rubbing my clit. The feeling felt wonderful until he pressed himself up. I opened my legs and his cock slid in perfectly. He tried to go fast until I whispered for him to slow down. Then his strokes were slower and deeper. He was more deliberate than most first timers I thought to myself. His strokes were staring to speed a bit as I edged towards climax a second time.

At that point, he whispered, “I am not wearing protection. What do I do?” I felt a bit of respect that he would ask me that before he tried to empty into my pussy.

“It’s okay, I can’t get pregnant,” I answered as I saw the look of relief on his face. “Do you want to try a different position?”

He agreed and pulled out of me. I had him lay down so that I could crawl on top of him. As I slid his cock inside me again, I took his hands and showed him how to grasp my tits. He started a little rough until I was able to get him to be gentler. The cowboy position was doing the trick as I saw the tell-tale sign of another climax happening before his man cannon shot its ammunition inside me. I rolled off and lay next to him while he recovered. The look on his face was a look of compassion mixed with pride. I kissed him on the cheek before speaking.

“Not bad for your first time with an old broad, huh?” I said sarcastically. He laughed before responding.

“I don’t think you’re old. So was Samuel’s first time like this?” I looked at him before laughing.

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