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Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 06

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Alene and Nadia walked to Nadia’s apartment. The shopping day was a tiring one and both girls couldn’t wait for the long walk to end. They both needed a shower and some good sleep, especially Nadia who, by now, was getting stuffed by Alene’s monster on a daily basis. Both girls loved each other and as hard as life got they stuck together. Today was a very special day, one month ago they first had sex, life was good, mostly.

Slowly walking to the apartment door Nadia and Alene knew something was out of order. The front door was wide open, Nadia rushed in to check, no sign of forced entry. Whoever did this was planning, and planning well…

The girls looked around to see if anything was taken, but everything was as they left it, the cash, the TV and the jewelry.

“I don’t get it! Why plan a break in but not take the loot?” Nadia wondered.

“Only one option than, the thief is still inside, maybe we can stop him.” Alene answered.

“Ok, you call the police and I’ll go get us some weapons,” Nadia commended, as if leading an assault on an enemy base.

***7 days ago***

Nadia opened her eyes in panic, it was early morning, the sun hasn’t risen yet. She tried to remember where she was. Her head hurt, and she felt a body next to her, it was Alene’s. She was in her home, it all started to come back to her. The monster cock, the inflating cumshot, everything was coming back. Alene filled ardahan seks hikayeleri her with enough cum to make her look 9 month pregnant.

“Shit,” she whispered as she reached for her belly, it was flat, all the cum must have leaked out while she slept, or maybe it was a bad dream, yes! A bad dream. No way this can happen, no one cums so much. She called Alene, the woman turned around and to her amazement Alene’s cock was as big as she remembered. The balls, full of cum, where the size of melons. Nadia couldn’t help but scream.


Nadia came back with two knifes, a giant one for her and a butter knife for Alene.

“Ok, very funny, I get the joke, Alene can’t fight.” Alene mocked at the butter knife as she cast a spell, turning the knife to a gun. The girls went inside the house and got up to the second floor.

“You take the right room, I’ll take the left.” Nadia commended.

They split, Nadia went to the left door as Alene took the corridor to the right and left Nadia’s view.

Slowly Nadia turned the doorknob to the left and rushed in, knife ready to slash the intruder. The room was empty, just the heavy smell of cum in the air and the sperm soaked sheets on the bed.

***5 days ago***

“Oh god, Nadia you are a goddess, just one more time please.” Alene begged.

“Ok, one more shot and you let me empty myself?” Nadia demanded.

“Thank you love,” Alene said as she started her fifth orgasm of the day. Massive shots of cum fired into Nadia’s overstuffed belly, she looked like she was pregnant with a dozen babies and as Alene’s monster kept pumping it looked like the pregnancy was in full term.

“Are you done?” Nadia asked.

“For now. let me get out so you can empty yourself,” Alene answered as she pulled the cock out. As it left the pussy a study stream of cum shot out, the lovers laid down and talked.

“Can I have a rest today?” Nadia wondered, “in the last 48 hours I had more sex with you than possible, and you cum with no end. I need to rest, and we need new sheets.”

“Ok love, I fully understand. You need rest, I’ll take care of myself ok? You just rest and regain your strength, we’ll go get sheets later.” Alene answered lovingly.

“How big did you say it was?” Nadia wondered.

“Last I checked it was 15 inches long.”

“And I took this monster all the way in?” Nadia wondered gullibly.

“Yes, the monster and the gallons of cum, thank god you are on the pill.”

Nadia mounted Alene again, “I can rest after this round, give me your best.” she said, taking Alene’s cock all the way in.


“We totally forgot about the sheets.” Nadia mumbled to herself.

Suddenly the quite was pierced by a single scream and a gunshot. Nadia knew this was Alene’s voice screaming and she knew something was very wrong. Wasting no time, she sprinted across the corridor preying her love is unharmed.

***3 days ago***

“Please, just one more time, I haven’t even emptied half of it.” Alene begged.

Nadia was sitting in her hot tub, Alene filled it with cum to the point of overflowing.

“No! Enough Alene!” Nadia yelled as she started to cry. the tears burly showing as her face was completely covered in cum, “I spend all my time pleasuring you, I can’t take it, I need a rest!”

“Don’t say that love, I let you rest, you rested yesterday, didn’t you?” Alene replied.

“Yes, after you came 9 times inside me and made me pass out from the pressure. I spent the whole day emptying, that isn’t called resting!” Nadia answered angrily as she stood up from the tub, her body covered in white. “I’ve had it! Find a solution!” she declared as she left the bathroom and banged the door behind her, leaving a trail of cum and a horrifying silence in her wake.


Nadia rushed to the room, it was dark, yet some light from the setting sun lingered inside. Alene was standing at the door.

“I’m ok, it’s all ok,” she declared, her voice calm.

As Nadia looked around she saw a new figure, someone she didn’t know, all she could tell was that the figure was slender and famine. the setting sun obscured the rest of her features. next to her head was a bullet hole in the window.

“Hell of a welcoming party,” the figure spoke in a feminine voice, “You summoned me?”

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