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Alien Prison Ch. 05

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I want to thank everyone who has voted and commented on my stories thus far. Please continue to do so. Also, as an opening reminder I want to remind all readers that Draco from the second story is the same person as Zmaj from the third and fourth story. And at the end of the fourth story it was found that Draco/Zmaj’s real name was Drak. I apologize if I make any mistake in the usage of names. However, if I say one of them, you will know who I mean. 🙂

P.S. Once again I didn’t have an editor. Sorry!!!!



As I came out of my blanket of unconsciousness, I tried to figure out where I was. Okay, judging by how the bed is moving, I would say that the room is moving, I reasoned to myself. Brilliant observation genius. Are you going to figure out next that you are on a space ship, in space perhaps, or maybe you will figure out that your freaking life just got turned on its head, came the sarcastic response.

I didn’t want to open my eyes yet. To open my eyes meant to face what had just happened, however long ago, and I wasn’t ready yet.

I felt the cool comfort of silk wrapped around most of my body. I seemed to be partially lying on top of a rock. No, make that a warm, breathing, hard as a rock body. I cuddled closer to this source of warmth that had been foolish enough to get caught in my trap.

Good luck getting out of this bed before me, I thought at the figure I was trying to meld with.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I got a response that wasn’t my other side. “Well thank you for wishing me good luck. However, I don’t think that I am willing to try at this moment. Please try again later,” came a deep sexy voice in my head. It was enough to send a shiver down my spine and make me open my eyes.

When I opened my eyes I was staring at the hard smooth body that I had grown to love. I brought up a finger to stroke the lines. I leisurely brought my eyes up the perfect body before me so that I was looking into two beautiful oceans.

“Well, hello there. I must say that I could get used to having an extra ‘comforter’ in my bed,” the deep angelic voice said.

“Well, I must say that I like waking up on top of a rock,” I answered. My eyes ran down, up and back down his body, stopping at his crotch when it started twitching. “My rocks,” I added, “all of them.” Even as I said this I started sliding down his body.

I hooked my fingers inside the waist of his night pants and started to pull them down. Drak kindly lifted up his hips as he figured out what I wanted to do.

Once I got his pants off I took a moment to stare at my prize. I watched as it twitched and filled with blood. MINE, I practically screamed in my mind. My mind fogged over as the realization of the truthfulness of that statement hit me.

I could almost feel my eyes glaze over as the lust that was a small drop of water in me a few minutes ago, grew into an ocean that threatened to burst every cell in my body.

I lowered my head onto his massive cock and gave it an appreciative lick. I felt Drak’s body shudder underneath me as I engulfed the head of his cock and ran my tongue through the slit.

I shuddered as I tasted his sweet nectar flow into my wanting mouth. I sucked harder trying to get more of the salty but sweet fluid. I decided to try and work the fluid up from the bottom of his shaft.

I traced my tongue down a vein in the shaft all the way to the base of his beautiful cock. Moving even lower, my tongue ran across the soft skin of his sac. I ran my tongue over both of the orbs inside and then took one at a time into my mouth. I sucked ever so gently on each, just enough to make Drak want more, but too little to actually relieve the burning itch that I hoped I was creating deep inside him.

Then I moved to the base of his shaft. I lightly ran my tongue around the bottom of it before licking my way to the top. Once I reached the top I ran my tongue through the slit again and licked back down.

I continued doing this until my own need was burning like an inferno inside me. I must make him come! was one of the few coherent thoughts that ran through my mind.

I brought my mouth back over the crown of his hard flesh and started to lower my head. I felt him shiver with excitement, which only added to the fire that was glowing inside me.

I relaxed and took him into my throat as I worked my face closer and closer to his body. I wanted my nose to be buried in the hairs that framed the work of art in my mouth.

I pulled back and stroked him a few times admiring the hard, hot, and throbbing flesh in my hand. Then I brought my mouth back to his cock and glanced back up at his face. I then began my downward journey.

“What are you doi–?!” The rest of Drak’s sentence was cut off with a moan. His hands came up to the sides of my head as I started moving up and down on his cock. Taking it into my throat each time I went down on it. I inhaled his musky scent as my pre-come started leaking more tipobet365 yeni giriş copiously from my engorged cock.

I hummed, or at least tried to hum with his thick cock in my throat. This evoked a moan and a thrust from my sweet mate. I felt the fog in my mind grow thicker as I thought of this glorious male being mine.

I brought my hand up to play with his sac by rolling the orbs around, all the while bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I took breaths every time I reached the top of his cock, before plunging back down. I had started moaning as making Drak feel good felt amazing for me.

I felt Drak’s body tense up and knew that he was about to come. I was determined to both taste my lover and swallow all he had to offer. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do first. Drak made the decision easy.

He started coming as I was near the top of his cock. I tasted his come, savoring the flavor before quickly swallowing as more come flooded my mouth. I worked him back into my throat as he was nearing the end and milked him by continuously swallowing.

In my daze to bring him pleasure and while he was coming I had started coming. I realized once I was coming out of the fog of my pleasure and orgasm that I had been rubbing against his leg, getting it very wet in the process.

My body was pulled up Drak’s body before his lips met mine. Even though we had both just come, the kiss was no less passionate or needy. I think that I could just lie in bed and kiss this man all day.

Once again a deep angelic voice rang out in my head, “Well, as much as I appreciate that idea, I think that we have other things that we need to discuss at the moment.” With one final shove of his tongue down my throat, Drak pulled back so that I was looking into emerald eyes.

My body was still shuddering from his kiss but I had to know, “How can I hear you in my head?”

“I’m not quite sure. I didn’t start hearing you until that little son-of-a-bitch was trying to rape you. I think that it was because you finally connected with your powers. In a sense when you accepted your powers you accepted me into your heart and mind. It seems to me that we need to tap into each other’s’ head in order to hear one another’s thoughts. It’s probably better that way,” Zmaj’s eyes had darkened a little while talking about Blake.

“Shit!” I yelled out as I remembered what had just happened. “What do you mean that I am an ice prince? Is Mar really my bodyguard? So you are a prince, no I’m sorry, a CROWN prince, and you are my soul mate?”

“Yes, love.” Drak replied soothingly. “I am the crown prince of Shiar’cata. Tamac is my bodyguard. He and I have been friends since we were children. The same is true with you and Mar.”

I started shaking. I couldn’t remember anything! “Why can’t I remember? Why? I don’t understand.”

“I would tell you, love, but I want you to be able to remember on your own love. That way you will be able to know that they are your memories, not someone else’s ideas.”

“Can you at least tell me why I can’t remember? I remember everything after my 17th birthday, but very little before. The only thing from before was the drowning incident and my love of water.” I pleaded with him, I needed to know.

“Okay, my little prince, I will tell you,” Drak sighed. “It was just after your 16th birthday that it happened. A group of people from Anapaty Molorak started attacking your planet. I was going to visit you, but when I got to your room I could see that a struggle had taken place. I followed your scent out to the cliff by the palace. There were ten of the bastards surrounding you and beating you. I took off towards you, but you had somehow gotten back on your feet and landed a punch on their leader,” Drak said the last part with pride although his eyes were changing color, becoming darker.

Drak continued, “Their leader got angry and pushed you back, which sent you over the cliff. I couldn’t stop you. I tried but I couldn’t. I fought them all off and dove in after you, but you had hit you head on the way down, and couldn’t remember much. Your elder brother had you sent away for your protection. I was told to leave you alone. But I was promised that I could check on you after about two years, so that’s what I did.”

As Drak finished up his story I simply stared at the floor. My brother made my mate stay away from me! I could see the floor becoming whiter and whiter as I suddenly felt my body being shaken.

“Love, LOVE! Calm down please, my little prince. Tell me what it is that bothers you. You shut off your mind there for a minute,” Drak’s face was wracked with worry. I looked down at my hands and saw that they were paler and that I was slightly shaking.

“I’m sorry, Drak, I was thinking about the fact that someone made you stay away. For years I thought that I had done something wrong that night. When I had woken up, you were gone,” my voice cracked as I remembered the terrible heart ache that I had tipobet365 giriş felt the next day. I had felt as though a little piece of me died that morning. I felt arms tighten around me as Drak brought his face onto my shoulder.

“My little, little prince. How could I have caused you such misery? I would never have left if I had known it would hurt you so much. Nor if I had known who would set their eyes on you,” Drak said as he pulled my body even closer to his.

I snuggled closer to his warmth as I calmed myself down. “Why did my older brother tell you to stay away?”

“He had said that the Molorakians that had attacked you knew that we were soul mates. It is extremely hard to hide a crown prince. He felt that it would be easier for you alone to go into hiding.”

Drak continued, “I was only supposed to meet with you that night. However, I couldn’t restrain myself when I saw how your skin glistened in both sunlight and moonlight. My inner dragon called out to claim what was and is mine.”

The glint in Drak’s eyes and his possessive voice sent a shiver of desire racing through my body.

“Your ‘inner dragon?’ What is that?”

“I forgot that you only remember one of my forms. The royal family of Shiar’cata is very strong. We have the ability to change into any other underwater creature, such as a dolphin, squid, or whale. We have two true forms: our human looking form and our dragon form.”

“Wait a second,” a light bulb finally turned on in my head, “were you the shark in the pool?” Drak’s face became dumbfounded before he broke out in a fit of laughter.

“You- didn’t, haha, realize it, haha, was me?” he somehow managed to get out between laughs. I blushed crimson.

“I loved touching your body while you were in that form,” I felt my eyes glaze over again as I started remembering the feel of it beneath my fingers.

I felt something growing beneath me as I looked up into Drak’s eyes to see that they had become emerald green again. His pupils had started to elongate also.

I unconsciously started to rub against the growing evidence of attraction beneath me. His pupils went from slowly elongating to becoming exactly like cat eyes. They weren’t slitted enough to be like snake eyes. They were more like dragon eyes that I had seen in the ancient art back on Earth

“Ah yes, I should probably tell you why I changed so quickly after you started doing that,” Drak stated.

“My skin in different forms is quite sensitive. At least it is sensitive to your hands on it. I’m not sure why you felt it was necessary to arouse me any further at such a bad time.”

I blushed a little bit at the fact that I was getting so aroused by simply remembering what had happened. I turned my face up towards his again and brought my lips to his in a burning kiss.

I turned around in his lap and started to grind myself into him, to let him know what I wanted, what I needed.

He took the hint quite quickly. He flipped us over so that I was underneath him on the bed.

“Gonna make you come, beautiful. Gonna make you scream my name,” Drak’s voice dropped into a deep sexy rumble.

He brought his lips to mine in another kiss that ignited the rest of my body. His hands traveled down my neck and stopped at my chest to play with my nipples.

I arched my back and moaned into his mouth as the pleasure of his actions assaulted me. I felt completely safe with Drak and wanted him to know it.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes with his emerald green ones. He then leaned in and started licking his way down my neck towards my already aching nipples. I shuddered as his hot breath danced teasingly over them.

He brought his mouth down over them and started sucking. His head lifted off and he blew cold air over my moist nipple. Goosebumps broke out on my skin and I shivered in his arms as his lips moved to my other nipple. I was so caught up in his actions that I almost didn’t notice his hands traveling further down. Almost.

That is until one hand started slowly pumping my throbbing cock and the other one snaked around behind me to play with my twitching hole. Drak lifted his head from my chest and gazed down on my body.

“A little eager, are we my little prince?” Drak said with a smile in his voice as I had spread my legs wider for him.

I was past the point of answering or caring. All that I knew was that I needed him in me, even if it was just his fingers. He put a finger to my lips and I started sucking on it like I wanted to suck on a different part of him.

He pulled his finger from my mouth and gently pushed the slick finger inside my aching hole. I moaned deep in my chest the approval I felt towards his actions.

I needed this, this closeness. This great love that I felt coming off of Drak was like nothing that I had ever experienced before.

“Please Drak, let me pleasure you too,” I asked as soon as I was able to put letters and syllables together.

“You tipobet365 güvenilirmi pleasured me quite well earlier, my little one. Now is the time for your pleasure.” Drak’s voice was now a constant sexy rumble that reduced me to a shivering mass of bones and flesh.

I felt him slide down my body even further and then I almost passed out when my cock was suddenly enclosed in a wet heat. My back arched as I tried to push my cock even further into the heat but a firm hand on my hip held me in place.

I looked down to see Drak’s eyes locked on my face with my cock in his mouth. His finger that had been lying dormant inside me started to thrust in time with his head bobbing up and down my length.

“Ahhhh, Drak, going….I’m going to come. Ahhhhhh FUCK!!!!!!” my back arched off the bed as my orgasm hit me. Drak removed his hand from my hip and allowed me to bury my length in his throat, making me come even harder.

Drak kept sucking me, leaving his eyes on my face the entire time until I felt something hit my thigh. As my orgasm subsided I looked down and saw that Drak had come as well.

I took hold of Drak’s hands and pulled him up my body as I laid my head back down with a satisfied smirk on my face. I kissed him one more time before my stomach decided that it needed to be fed.

Drak chuckled after my stomach growled and then pulled me up to my feet. I ran into the bathroom before I got dressed to relieve myself. I looked into the mirror and smiled for the first time a while.

The bruises that Blake had given me before he tried to blow me up were fading a little but the new ones were just starting. Some of the worst of the whip marks had torn open again and looked nasty. However, Blake was DEAD!

A huge weight had lifted from my mind. That constant nagging of who might die because of me had stopped. To top it all off I had found out that I had super-hot soul mate.

I walked back into the bedroom and groaned out loud. Drak was stretching. All of the muscles in his body were bulging and rippling. My cock started to stir.

I looked into a different corner in the room and tried to concentrate on how hungry I was.

“I think that I’m going to need to start wearing a blindfold soon, baby,” Drak said with a teasing tone.


“Because, if you keep walking around naked and aroused all the time, I don’t think that we are ever going to get anywhere. We might as well just get room service all the time.” Drak’s eyes were dancing with laughter but the way his eyes roamed over my body had me wanting to say yes to his statement.

I blushed, “Well, I’m not the one looking super sexy and stretching to show off all of my muscles now am I?”

“Well, you aren’t stretching, however, I do wish to point out the fact that at least I have pants on.” Drak couldn’t contain his laughter any longer and burst out into a laugh that warmed me to my core.

I looked down, turned even redder and dashed to the closet to throw on some clothes. I pulled out some silky dark blue pants and a black silk shirt. Both of which were a little tight but looked flaunted my best assets.

I actually look decent, I thought to myself. A low growl in my mind was the only warning that I got before I was tackled to the ground.

“Do you have any idea of how good I think you look all of the time? The only reason that you weren’t attacked, and gang raped, by a mob of prisoners at IGP1 was because they knew that I had first dibs. You are gorgeous. What’s it going to take you to convince you?” Drak’s blue eyes searched mine like he was looking for the answer there.

“I’m sorry Drak. I’m just not used to thinking of myself as bring attractive. I’ve been constantly told how unattractive I am since Blake and I had started going out,” I confessed. “Then, I was beaten and marked so badly that I didn’t think that anyone even slightly good looking would ever look my way again.”

“Now, I have the hottest man that I have ever seen in front of me. Not only that, but he tells me that he is my soul mate and I get to spend the rest of my life with him,” my voice started crack with my emotions. “Oh, and let’s not forget that all of this has happened in less than a week!”

Drak looked at me as I tried to calm my breathing. The he pulled me into his embrace.

“Oh, my little prince, I’m sorry. I realize that this is hard for you to accept and you have done such a good job already. I just got a little angry that you were putting yourself down so much. Also, I will prove my love and how attracted I am to you when we make love. You will know of my love while you are inside me, but even more often when I am inside you, my beautiful Te.”

I melted at Drak’s words and relaxed my body into his arms. Wait, I get to be inside him? My eyes shot back up to Drak’s eyes and he smiled before my stomach cut off any further conversation.

“Now, little one, what do you say we go and meet up with Mar and Tamac to go and eat?”

My growling stomach was enough of an answer. Drak pulled me to my feet and we stepped out of the bedroom.

It seemed to me that Drak’s room on IGP1 was the exact same as the one in which I now found myself. The layout was a little different but most of the furniture was similar.

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