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All Bets are In

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A friend of mine had one of his poker parties and of course he said I had to go mainly because he knew I had the $500 to buy in. I don’t play very often and I prefer to play at the seriousness level of everyone else in the game. I don’t have to win at all costs, just have fun with it if that’s how we were playing.

I was the object of quite a bit of attention from this awesome babe, Kelly is 28 years old a beautiful blond, 5-8 tall and 130 pounds with a mouthwatering 38f chest. If they’re not real I don’t think I care and I would have been incredibly flattered by her coming on to me if I hadn’t been told she was a lesbian. She was having fun I guess and I was willing to let her think she was having it.

Well Kelly’s girlfriend was having a good time as well. Lisa is a rather hot brunette, a 35 year old fitness trainer who stands 6-3 tall and weighs 180 magnificent pounds, long firm legs, broad shoulders and an impressive 38DD chest. Lisa having some size on her might not appeal to some men but me being a big guy myself at 6-1 tall and 245 pounds I can hang onto a good sized woman.

Lisa would have been less noticeable if she hadn’t been wearing these tight stretch pants, as if there is another type. Damn she had the finest ass I’ve seen in a long time. She was really into winning and by the end of the evening we ended up at the final table.

So as things wound down it was me, another guy and Lisa. I had nearly two thousand dollars in chips in front of me when we started the last hand, and had slid three hundred more into my pocket in reserve so I didn’t look quite so well off. There had to be five thousand dollars in the pot and the other guy ran short and folded early and Lisa was all in when I raised the last five hundred I had on the table.

It was hard to tell if Lisa was bluffing, those tits were really distracting, but I had a 3-7 clubs straight so I was confident. Out of chips Lisa couldn’t call so she says, “I’ll bet my ass to see.” I wasn’t the only one unsure of what she meant so she explained, “I’ll give you a night fucking the dyke you’ll never forget to call are you up for that?”

Now that’s a woman who plays serious poker I thought. I would have walked over hot coals to fuck a woman as awesome as Lisa so I said, “Witnesses at the ready I’ll take that bet.”

So we flip over our cards and Lisa’s got a pair of twos and a pair of threes. I just casually flipped over my straight and she said, “Motherfucker, where did you ever get those yalova escort come from?”

“The same deck you got that losing hand from but I had the good sense to only bet chips.” I replied.

Lisa sat back in her chair and said, “Yeah winner of the dumb ass move of the night.” Then looking over at her girlfriend Kelly semi passed out on the sofa, “Not like it much matters.”

For a second, but only that long, I entertained thoughts of being the big stupid gentleman and saying, ‘Give me a call when you want to settle up’ but Lisa actually surprised me standing up and saying, “Let me get my coat and we can head for your place. I fucked up so I might as well go all in and get myself fucked. Maybe I’ll learn someday”

So after making sure Kelly would be able to sleep it off there we headed for my place. Upon arriving Lisa accepted my offer of a couple of shots of whiskey to put her in the right frame of mind I led her to the bedroom. Grabbing a scarf from the closet I said to Lisa, “It’s not an execution but maybe we should blindfold you to get started.”

Lisa replied, “Well maybe it will help, I feel like such a stupid bitch.”

So placing the scarf around Lisa’s eyes, I said, “Oh maybe miscalculating some and I haven’t seen any bitch coming out.” then we got underway.

I gently removed Lisa’s top and bra and then we both contributed to her wriggling out of her stretch pants and thong. As I was getting Lisa naked I could only think how lucky any woman would be to be getting it from a woman with such an awesome body. I took my clothes off and guided Lisa to lay face down on the bed.

After grabbing a bottle of baby oil I got on the bed and straddled Lisa. Starting at her broad shoulders I softly massaged her upper arms working my way to the middle of her strong back. Lisa was tense at first but as she realized she was in no danger I could feel her relax and grudgingly come around to fulfilling her losing bet. Working my down her back I stopped when I came to Lisa’s waist and shifting my position went to her feet and began working my way up her long legs.

Oh what magnificent hard calves and fabulous firm thighs. This was a real treat and I think Lisa appreciated how good it felt on her end, even coming at the hands of a man. Speaking of which I got to Lisa’s firm round ass and damn what a cock stiffening pleasure it was to have those two glorious globes of backside in my hands. I pushed and squeezed that sweet yozgat escort ass for quite some time and Lisa seemed to enjoy the attention.

Satisfied I had put Lisa at ease I leaned forward to kiss the back of her neck and whispered in her ear, “So that’s side is taken care of should we flip you over and see what we can do on the other side?”

Lisa groaned and replied softly, “Oh yeah if you’ll use that touch let’s take care of the front.” So I moved off to one side and Lisa rolled over onto her back.

I thought, damn she was an incredible sight and felt awesome from the back she was even better looking and more fun on the front as I once again straddled Lisa’s body. I again started massaging her shoulders now Lisa raised her arms up to caress mine as I worked around her shoulders and down to her huge breasts. Full, round and incredibly firm I couldn’t resist the urge to lean down and take the full round nipple of one then the other into my mouth. What a feeling to suckle on such a huge pair of tits, I was firmly squeezing them together and Lisa had her arms around my body rubbing my back.

It was even more fun knowing Lisa, still blindfolded, was getting into it so I kissed her tits and made my way down to her ankles and started up her long shapely legs. Reaching the top of her thighs I was pleased and encouraged as Lisa drew her feet towards her butt raising her knees and spread her thighs. With that suggestion I dove in and went down on her.

I felt a little pressure going down on a lesbian, Lisa certainly knew both sides of giving a woman head but I guess I was doing alright. In between licking Lisa’s pussy I kissed her inner thighs and tickled the backs of her thighs. All of which got her attention.

Looking up we were both having fun as I could see Lisa bending her head forward as she cupped her tits to lick her nipples. Darting my tough into Lisa’s pussy and flicking her clit she planted her feet, raised her ass up off the bed as I stayed with her, tongue in place, her body started a slow shake moving outward from her flat stomach to her shoulders. Lisa put her head back hard into the pillow, her legs kicked out on ether side of me and she erupted in a huge orgasm.

Settling back on the bed Lisa removed the blindfold and looked at me, “OK big boy if that man stick is hard now’s the time to give it to me.”

Well I was good and hard so after reaching over to the nightstand I rolled a condom onto ankara escort my nine inches and as Lisa spread her long strong legs wide I said, “Here’s your hetero wild time.”

I moved up between Lisa’s knees and slipped the head of my dick into her sweet neatly trimmed pussy. Lisa rolled her hips slightly and seemed to get into it as I slowly worked my cock deeper into her pussy. As Lisa, with her eyes closed, squeezed her tits together I balanced on one hand and played with her nipples with the other.

Before too long I was pushing just about all of my cock into Lisa’s pussy on every stroke and she was humping her big firm butt off the bed up at me. At that point I wasn’t giving much thought to her being a lesbian and it didn’t seem like she had all that much objection to getting fucked by a man. But what I did know was that I was ready to cum and bracing myself I di just that buried to the balls in the big dyke’s pussy.

I needed a break but Lisa was still in need of some attention, obvious by the fact she was fingering her pussy to get off. I sat up against the headboard and had her sit between my legs. Reaching around her body I squeezed her fat tits with my left hand and went to work fingering her pussy with my right.

One finger working on her snatch had Lisa sweating, two had her squirming between my legs and the third had her planting her feet and pushing herself up and had her ass climbing up my chest. Lisa came twice by the time her waist was at my chin and when I bit her lightly on the ass she screamed, her legs kicked out and she slid back down in front of me onto the bed. She was breathing heavy and said, “Fuck that was intense. Could you do that one more time?” So after I got her off again we decided to take a brief nap and snuggled up in a spoon position with me behind and rested.

Before we dozed off Lisa asked if I had a girlfriend and I said no. “Well I know a woman who you’d enjoy and she damn well would go for you when she hears about this.”

Lisa went on to describe Sarah, a 36 year old blonde, 6-2 tall and 200 pounds and built every bit like Lisa. “She’s a weight training coach at the same club I work at and bisexual, we’ve made out a couple of times nothing more but I sure wouldn’t mind getting more if you know what I mean. Sarah has such an awesome body and she’s really hot.”

I replied, “She sounds quite delightful I do believe I would enjoy meeting her.”

Lisa laughed and said, “Yeah right she would delight your cock for all she was worth and neither of you would need a blindfold.”

The next morning when I was recharged I fucked Lisa again, doggy style with firm grip on her powerful shoulders and banging against her solid ass. Damn good for both of us. And not the last time I’d see her either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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