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All Tied Up

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Age Difference

The room was darkened; curtains were drawn; the only light emanating from scented candles set on a mirrored dresser. Her lover guided her to the side of the bed as she drank in the atmosphere of the room. It was elegantly furnished with a walk-around canopied four-poster bed located in the center. He had promised her something special for this evening, and the setting certainly was different.

They had enjoyed a late evening dinner in their favorite restaurant. They had danced to soft ballads played by a trio on a deck overlooking the Bay. Their bodies were glued together as he whispered about a surprise for later, one that he believed she would enjoy.

Both married, they had been Internet lovers for months. They had traded stories and fantasies and opened their minds and exchanged erotic experiences. The anonymity of the net provided apparent security that encouraged them to express their most secret thoughts.

They started an affair and became lovers in the flesh. They met infrequently, but each meeting had been intense and fulfilling. Their rendezvous had a freshness that neither of them had experienced since their youth. They had walked and talked and dined and danced and drank wine and made love and fucked.

After dinner this particular evening, they had taken a cab to a condo overlooking the harbor owned by a good friend of his who was currently away on business. They undressed and donned ‘His’ and ‘Her’ robes before entering the bedroom.

Her lover untied the belt of her robe. She stood naked after he slipped it off of her shoulders. His arms went around her body as they kissed. He whispered to her, “You must trust me my love”. He moved behind her and placed a blindfold over her eyes and tied it snugly behind her head.

Her heart pounded with the uncertainty of being suddenly sightless, needing to rely on his support to remain standing. He guided her to the bed, laid her down and positioned her in the center while moving a pillow under her head.

He fastened soft cuffs on her wrists, tying them to the posts each side of her head. She panicked a little; he sensed it and kissed her ear while whispering, “There is only pleasure to come my sweet one.”

She did not relax however as he quickly tied her feet, her body now spread-eagled on the bed. She lay there exposed; totally vulnerable to her lover, her breasts splayed one to each side, and her pussy spread open, the lips glistening in the candlelight.

She realized that he had been inspired to do this by comments she had once made. She had admitted to him that she often fantasized about being restrained and fucked. She told herself to relax, that he was a gentle lover and would do nothing to cause her pain or distress. But doubt lingered in her mind as she tried to adapt to this real situation. artvin seks hikayeleri She wondered if she knew him all that well.

“You must be quiet my love, we need silence to make this night special. No words exchanged, no matter what might happen.” His gently spoken words were firm and commanding. She sensed him hovering over her as his lips found hers for a lingering tongue filled kiss.

He was kneeling on the bed beside her. She felt something soft caressing its way up her legs to her hips. It was most likely his hand in a soft fur glove. Her nerve ends were raw as she anticipated where he might next touch her. He teased and tantalized, hovering over the hairs on her mound, caressing her hips and the back of her legs, then moving up her soft belly to her breasts. Her nipples puckered in pleasant agony as he grazed the tips.

She felt the bed lift as he moved off. And then he returned; she sensed his body leaning over her. A warm liquid was spilled on her breasts, belly, hips and thighs.

She felt the bed move as he climbed up beside her once more. His strong hands begin to work the oil into her skin never ceasing to caress and massage. She could smell the scented fragrance of the oil, wafting up as his hands roamed effortlessly. She could sense her body softening and surrendering to the onslaught of slippery loving hands.

His fingers worked in between her legs, rubbing the oil along her pussy lips and back to her butt hole. A pause, then more warm oil was applied directly to her open slit. She arched her back upwards wanting the fingers to enter her. One and then a second oily finger worked between her lips, sliding easily up inside of her. She restrained a groan as the fingers caressed and teased her pussy, tapping inside as if searching for her G-spot. She was ready, she could come easily if he persisted, but he was suddenly gone from her side.

She was disoriented, what side of the bed was her lover on? Did she hear another person in the room? Was that a murmured voice, an unknown one? Her mind went back to the restaurant and her lover stopping at another table to talk to a man she did not know. Was he going to act on another of her admitted fantasies? She hoped not, all she wanted this night was his cock in her.

Suddenly her breasts were being kissed; a hand was rubbing her pussy, oh so gently. She could feel the lips swelling and becoming juicy. One nipple was now being sucked and licked. Now the other one, and back again; the fingers were working into her slit, two fingers in a ‘V’ shape slipping in and out, capturing her clit in between them. The heel of his hand crushed her mound as the fingers worked their magic. She was in a frenzy of anticipation.

She was powerless to act but did not want to stop the tease. Her breathing was becoming very sharp and quick. She was pushing her hips up in unison with the stroking of his fingers. She wished she could grab the hand and hold it while she humped it to her satisfaction.

Then she was alone, no touches anywhere on her body. She sensed her lover standing to one side, but was there another person in the room? She laid there, nipples swollen and hard, her pussy wet and slippery and wide open. Then more light filtered through the blindfold, a bed lamp must have been switched on. She was aware of shadows flicking behind the blindfold.

Suddenly he was on the bed, kneeling between her legs and she could feel warm breath on her open pussy, then a tentative touch. It was a tongue. It became more insistent, tracing the outline of her pussy lips, bottom to top and back to the bottom. Each time it made the pass, the tongue pushed more deeply inside her until she was receiving deep full licks, each one ending at her clit. She wanted to move her hands to hold the head and mash it against her, but she could not.

The mouth found her clit and sucked it in, the tip of the tongue flicking the hood. The lips closed on it, sucking gently, her breath came more quickly and she felt herself on the verge of an orgasm. She strained to push her mound against his face.

Was there someone else at the side of the bed? It didn’t matter; she just wanted to come, to get off, and to end this pleasant uncertainty. His mouth left her pussy, the person got off the bed. What was happening? There was only silence, then more murmurs.

Someone was on his knees between her legs. Hot hands lifted her butt and slid a pillow under her ass bowing her body upwards. A knob rubbed and pressed her pussy and worked itself into her. She bucked as much as she could, while trying to suck it into her. She needed relief from this pleasant torment.

A very hard cock was filling her, sliding slowly into her. She felt the bed sink beside her head, the person must have been leaning over her on extended arms as he forced his cock his slowly into her. She moaned, pushing her hips upward to take it all. He started fucking her. Almost immediately her ass cheeks began to clench involuntarily as she got off within a few strokes, almost passing out in release.

He sucked each lip, a tongue circled inside her mouth. Fingers rolled and pinched her nipples and suddenly the cock was gone, the weight lifted from the bed. She was panting, relieved but even more anxious now.

It had seemed so strange. She suspected someone other than her lover had fucked her. Had it been that man her lover had spoken to in the restaurant? They had looked over at her for a moment as if she was the subject of discussion.

More movement, was there someone different between her legs? Her heart pounded as her lust rose once again. This time a body covered her as a warm stiff cock slid easily into her. No teasing this time, it was fully intent on plundering her very juicy cunt. This was her lover, no doubt, the feel and scent of him was certain to her mind. His lips and tongue, the way he grabbed and held her ass cheeks as he fucked her, were his trademarks.

He was in a stage bordering on rage as he pounded away at her. His cock had never felt so big and so hard. The long tormented foreplay had finally caught up to him and he felt as if he owned this woman. He exploded inside her, his body jerking and flailing uncontrollably. He continued to cover her body for some time. His cock remained firm and hard as her pussy contracted and released around it.

He had arranged this evening to please his lover, and he was surprised at the zeal with which he had carried out his part. He had never imagined that controlling and dominating a woman would be such a turn-on.

They were both too shocked to speak for some time. Eventually she felt him lift up, sliding his cock out of her creamed slippery pussy.

She had never experienced such raw emotion. She continued to lay there exhausted as he removed the blindfold and ties. She looked wildly around the room for the other man. But there was only her lover standing there smiling at her. He bent and picked up a strap-on dildo from the floor and swung it before her eyes.

“You bastard,” she barked, “You are evil.”

He climbed on the bed beside her and they lay side by side facing each other. “You are not angry with me are you baby? I did it to please you and to explore one of your fantasies. Well, maybe two of your fantasies.”

She smiled, “No, of course I am not angry. It was scary and exciting and wildly erotic. I have never come twice in such a short time.”

He said, “Good, I hoped that you would enjoy it. I was surprised at how much I got into it. Did the suggestion of another man scare or excite you?”

“It did both. I thought that I heard someone else, and then I knew that it was not you the first time a cock went in me. I was almost certain you had brought that man from the restaurant,” she smiled.

He said, “I almost cum myself when I strapped that dildo on and fucked you with it. That was what made me so wild when I finally did mount you.” A pause, then hesitantly, “If we do something like this again, would you want me to bring another man?”

She sighed, “Baby I don’t know. It is both exciting and forbidden to think of taking two men, although it has been a fantasy of mine for a long time.”

She rolled on top of him, rubbing her still full tits on his chest. She parted her legs and rubbed her wet pussy on his upper thigh. He found her ass cheeks and fondled her as they kissed in wild abandon once more. She pressed her mouth close to his ear, as if someone might hear her and said, “Yes, bring someone.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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