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Alone During the Holidays

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Carrie looked longingly outside the frost covered window. The snow was falling several inches per hour. It was one of the biggest snowstorms that Carrie had ever experienced and she was all alone with the exception of her huge Newfoundland dog, loyally following her around the cabin. She was thankful for the large pile of logs in the corner and the full tank of propane that was now covered in snow outside. Still, she was not going to be able to spend the holidays with the people that she loved. There was no way that her parents were going to be able to leave from their home further north, and the mountainous roads that led to the cabin Carrie was in were virtually shut down. Only the most durable cars and trucks with heavy chains would be able to make it to where she was.

A panic struck her suddenly, when would she be able to leave? The snow was not supposed to let up for several more days, she had enough food to last her for a week or two, but who knew if she would even be able to start up her car — or dig it out — after the snow let up. And what if something happened to her? She was in perfectly good health, but who knows what sort of ailments may fall upon a young woman while panic stricken in the mountains?

She sighed again and pulled a heavy blanket from the couch around her shoulders and clicked on the old television set that had been sitting in the cabin since the 1980s. In recent years, her family had installed a satellite dish on the roof of the place, so at least she had a bit of entertainment for the time being. She turned to the Weather Channel, snow, snow and more snow. There were blizzard warnings everywhere in her surrounding area, the weather people were urging everyone everywhere to stay off the roads and to definitely stay away from the mountainous areas.

“Happy Christmas to me,” Carrie said glumly. She walked to the lit Christmas tree in the corner and toyed with the ribbons on some of the presents she had brought for her family members and a couple of her friends. She walked around the enormous living room space in the cabin. It was a very large space to be alone in. This maybe was a cabin, but her family was wealthy, and a cabin for them was more like a large house for a 5 person family. They often had ten people visiting on any given occasion. How was it that Carrie was alone now? She had no idea. She was scared and she was lonely. She wondered how she would be able to sleep with the wind howling at the creaking logs, knowing that she was probably the only person around in a thirty mile radius and the ever present knowledge that by morning the ground would probably be buried by three feet of snow.

In any case, she walked back over to the big couch in the middle of the room and turned back to the television and changed to a local channel to watch some late-night comedy show. Carrie curled up and closed her eyes slowly, then snapped them back open again as she heard the winds howl down the chimney, sending the fire ablaze briefly. Her dog looked up, surprise and fear in her eyes. She jumped up on the large couch with Carrie. Carrie shook her head and turned off most of the lights in the living room with a flick of a switch on the coffee table, all except for the light on the table next to her and the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree and the lights along the edge of the fireplace. She sighed deeply a few times and settled down into the couch and against her dog. She let down her guard against the brutal force of nature outside and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

There was a hard knock at the front door of the cabin. Carrie bolted awake from her deep sleep. Her dog jumped as well. The TV was still on and playing infomercials for Christmas music, “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole was playing comfortingly. There was another hard, loud knock. Carrie bolted upwards. Either there was someone at the door, or the storm was becoming increasingly violent and pelting ice or tree branches against the front door. There was another knock. Carrie wrapped the blanket around her body and cautiously started to walk towards the door. On her slow walk to the door, there were two more hard knocks. Carrie stood on the other side of the door. She wished there was a peep hole or something. There was one more knock and Carrie breathed in deeply. Her heart was racing, she was about ready to run upstairs and hide under the bed. She had no idea who could be there. It could be a blizzard murderer for all she knew! She knew for certain it was none of her family or friends. They had all called her to tell her they would not make it in the blizzard.

“Please!” a voice shouted from the other side of the door, much of it was being carried away by the wind and the snow. “Please! There must be someone inside! I see lights on! Please! Let me in!”

Though Carrie could only barely hear the voice, she could sense the desperation in the voice and she pulled the enormous door open. After all, it was Christmas now and she wanted to spend it with someone. erenköy escort bayan A large man, in a red coat, black pants, huge black boots and what appeared to be a white beard flew in through the front door.

“Oh thank you! Thank you!” the man exclaimed in a gruff voice.

“Santa?” Carrie asked, quietly and deliriously, she looked at the clock, it was about four in the morning. She had never really believed in Santa before, and it was not like her at all to automatically jump to that sort of conclusion.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you,” the man said as he rushed around the cabin living room, shaking snow from his body as Carrie closed the door. When she turned around to face the mysterious man, she realized the white beard had been snow, and the man had quite a young face.

“Who are you?” Carrie asked pulling the blanket around her shoulders a bit more tightly. Her dog, too, stared curiously at the strange man. The dog made no move to attach the strange man, so Carrie knew that she was not in too much trouble as the dog was usually a good sensor of good versus bad.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he replied. “My name is Zach. What is yours?”

“I’m Carrie…What are you doing here?” Carrie asked.

“I got stuck driving in the storm in the middle of the mountains, I ran off the road…I’ve been walking for six hours now. You’re the first place that I’ve run across,” the man said. Carrie gasped.

“Take off your coat and boots, please,” Carrie said. The man nodded and peeled off his coat and boots. Carrie took them immediately and hung them up by the fireplace in order to dry them off and warm them a bit. When Carrie turned back around, she noticed blood on the sleeve of the man’s shirt and some dried blood dripping down his temple.

“Are you hurt?” Carrie asked.

“No, no, I’m fine now,” Zach replied. Carrie gawked at the strange man, she knew that he was not okay, and the first aid classes that she had gone through for various college courses and backcountry training told her that she needed to take care of this man. If he had been out in a blizzard for six hours, he surely had suffered from frostbite among other things.

“I’ll be right back,” Carrie said looking the man up and down. “Sit down in front of the fire and warm up a bit.” The man nodded and sat down on the stone in front of the hearth as Carrie rushed off into a room off of the living room. She emerged only seconds later holding a large pair of sweatpants, a wool pair of socks and a huge black and white sweater.

“Here,” Carrie said handing the clothing over to the man, “these are my uncle’s, but he’s not here, and you definitely need them right now. Change out of your clothes and put these on. They’re warm and dry.” The man nodded as Carrie turned around and went to the kitchen to make some tea for herself and the mysterious man.

As she boiled the water, she stole glances at the man changing near the fireplace. He tore off his wet shirt and Carrie noticed a long, bloody scrape along the man’s right forearm. She then noticed the very attractive muscular stomach, chest and arms of the man. She ducked back into the kitchen and measured some tea into a porcelain teapot. She snuck another peek at the man in her living room. He was slowly removing his wet and icy pants, and Carrie caught a quick glimpse of his genitalia. A quick pang of horniness ran through Carrie’s body. She had not been with anyone since her last break-up, which had happened the previous July. The quick desire washed away, she knew that she had to take care of this man. She was not usually the kind of girl that would drop everything for a guy, but this poor person had been out in a blizzard for six hours, he needed help. Carrie also noticed her dog starting to warm up to the man, and he in return was starting to warm up to her.

The water on the stove started whistling from the steam. Carrie took it off of the heat and poured the hot water into the porcelain teapot and carried the teapot with a couple of large mugs out into the living room and set it on the coffee table in front of the man, now fully changed.

“She won’t bite you,” Carrie said with a smile on her face.

“She’s huge,” Zach said as he nervously moved his hand towards the dog’s head. Carrie sat down on the couch again.

“Drink some tea,” Carrie said pouring the hot liquid into a large mug and handing it over to the man. “It’s nice, tasty, non-caffeinated, and will warm you up a bit.” Carrie poured some for herself and smiled at the man, he smiled back.

“Can I see your arm?” Carrie asked. The man pulled up the sleeve of the sweater to reveal his bloody scab. “What happened?”

“Icy tree branch,” Zach replied. “I rubbed it down with some snow, so hopefully it’s not infected.”

“And your head?” Carrie asked.

“Same thing, icy tree branch,” Zach replied. He took a deep, long drink of the hot tea and smiled.

“Good, etiler escort bayan huh?” Carrie asked, Zach nodded.

“I can’t believe that this is the only house in miles…” Zach said.

“Well, it’s not really,” Carrie said. “There’s several houses within a ten mile radius of here, but it’s very possible that the people who own them aren’t around, or you just passed by them.”

“Thank you for being here,” Zach said. “I was about to give up hope…I thought I was going to die.” Carrie nodded. A couple of moments passed by silently. The two strangers sat side by side, sipping on hot tea. “Are you here all on your own?”

“Yeah,” Carrie said. “It’s the fault of the blizzard. My whole family was supposed to be here from yesterday until New Years. I’m not sure if they’re coming at all now.” Carrie yawned.

“I’m sorry,” Zach said.

“Don’t be,” Carrie said, “you’re here now…at least I have someone to spend the holidays with.” She yawned again. “You must be exhausted.”

“And cold,” he said. Carrie stood up and grabbed the warmest blanket that she had available in the living room and threw it gently around Zach’s shoulders.

“Listen…I know that we’ve only known each other for about a half hour or so, but I’m pretty sure that you’re a bit hypothermic, and it’s always a good idea for human to human contact for warmth…” Carrie said warily.

“All right,” Zach said.

“Either that, or you can sleep with Sephie, she may look like a small bear, but she’s the biggest wimp I’ve ever come across,” Carrie said stroking her dog’s head.

“Sephie?” Zach asked.

“Persephone,” Carrie replied. “I’ve been kind of a geek for Greek mythology.”

“She’s quite the dog, really,” Zach said. “Beautiful.” Carrie smiled.

“I do love her,” Carrie said. She yawned again. “I’m also tired though. I’m going to curl up with Sephie…you can join us if you’d like. I strongly encourage it.”

Carrie moved to the end of the couch and curled up on a very wide section of it and her dog immediately jumped up next to her and nestled against Carrie’s middle. She fell asleep almost instantaneously.

Carrie awoke the next morning to the wind howling down the chimney, snow and ice pelting against the windows and a dog slobbering on her hip. She tried to stretch out, but she was pinned against the back of the couch by her dog and Zach, hugging her dog. Carrie yawned and looked at the television — Christmas parade.

“Happy Christmas Sephie,” Carrie said patting her dog on the head. She looked up at Zach, sleeping peacefully next to her. His eyes were closed softly, his full, pouty lips were slightly parted, and he was snoring very slightly. A couple strands of chestnut brown hair hung over his closed eyes, and he had a hint of dark brown stubble along his chin, upper lip and his cheeks. He was really a very attractive young man, Carrie couldn’t believe the luck that had fallen upon her.

Carrie pushed herself upwards and once standing, threw a couple more logs onto the fire in the fireplace and then walked to the kitchen in order to brew some more tea for the morning. She caught glance of the clock in the kitchen as she was filling up the tea kettle for the stove, ten thirty in the morning. She slept longer than she had thought. She heard some rustling out in the living room and saw Zach starting to wake up. He threw the blankets off of him and stood up. He had an extremely prominent case of morning wood and Carrie couldn’t help but blush and quickly turn back to what she was doing in the kitchen.

“Carrie, right?” Zach asked, poking his head into the kitchen. Carrie looked up from her post at the stove and smiled.

“Yeah,” she replied. “Are you feeling warmer this morning?”

“Much,” Zach replied with a smile. “I thank your dog.” Carrie giggled and pulled the teakettle from the stove.

“Would you like some breakfast tea?” she asked. Zach nodded. “Have a seat on the couch…watch some television. I’ll be out there in a second.” Zach nodded. Carrie fished for a couple of things in the kitchen and brought out the tea, some breakfast scones and butter on a platter.

“Happy Christmas,” Carrie said. “Do you celebrate?”

“Not entirely anymore,” Zach replied. “My mother and father died a couple of years ago in a car wreck, the rest of my family lives in Europe and…well, I don’t see them too often.”

“You’re European?” Carrie asked.

“I was born in Switzerland,” Zach replied.

“Wow,” Carrie said. The two of them sat in silence for a moment. “Well, I’m sorry anyway that I have no Christmas present for you.”

“What are you talking about?” Zach asked. “You gave me the best Christmas present anyone could ask for. You gave me company when I most needed it, you saved my life! I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“Where were you traveling to?” Carrie asked.

“About sixty miles north of here,” Zach florya escort bayan replied. “I have a small cabin up in the mountains I was going to spend the New Year at.”

“Alone?” Carrie asked. Zach nodded.

“This is better,” Zach replied. “Plus, this place is about five times the size of my little cabin.” Carrie blushed.

“I’m not usually here alone,” Carrie said, “I swear.” Zach smiled and nodded.

A couple of days passed, Zach and Carrie were unable to leave the cabin. The doors and windows on the first floor of the cabin were practically sealed with snow. The only way Carrie’s dog was able to leave was by jumping in and out of a window. Zach and Carrie were growing closer by each day. By the 28th, they knew each other’s life histories. The two of them had resorted to sleeping in the main living room of the cabin due to the heat from the fireplace and Carrie’s reluctance to run the propane heat. Amazingly, the electricity generator was still running strong, and Carrie was not too worried about running out of electricity.

The night of the 28th, the snow was finally starting to let up. The wind was no longer howling down the chimney all the time, and according to the weather channel, the blizzard warnings had all been cancelled and from the looks of the forecast, the temperatures were warming as well.

“Let’s go outside,” Carrie said spontaneously at midnight. Her and Zach were sitting together with Sephie on the sofa watching an old romantic comedy from the 90s.

“Are you kidding?” Zach asked. “It’s freezing!”

“Come on! We haven’t been outside in three days!” Carrie exclaimed. She grabbed her coat and threw Zach’s to him. As she threw her coat over her shoulders, she rushed to the front door and threw it open. The snow was up to her chest, but she climbed up over the snow and onto the surface of it all. It was no longer snowing. The sky was crystal clear, the moon was nearly full and the entire world looked as if it was made of glitter and sugar. Zach slowly followed as Carrie looked around, eyes wide with wonder as she took in her surroundings. She looked up into the northern sky and saw the most marvelous green aurora flickering and dancing in the sky. She turned to Zach and smiled.

“I love the aurora,” she said quietly. Zach nodded. Carrie looked Zach in the eyes and threw her arms around his neck and stared up at him. “Thank you for coming.” She stood on her toes the best she could and softly kissed Zach on his pouty lips. She quickly started to pull away, but Zach pulled her close to his body and kissed Carrie forcefully, making Carrie go completely weak in her knees and she actually fell backwards a bit while Zach caught her in his strong arms. Carrie ran her hands through Zach’s hair and thrust her tongue in his mouth, tasting the spiced cider that the two of them had shared only minutes before. Zach moaned slightly and Carrie felt a familiar warmth that she had not felt in a long time spread through her entire body.

Zach broke the kiss and pulled Carrie by the hand back into the large cabin. Carrie looked over her shoulder to the north once more to look at the beautiful aurora before the two of them would be secluded to their snow cave once more.

Carrie slammed the door to the cabin behind her, Zach picked her up in his arms and carried her over to the widest part of the couch. He reached for the remote to the television and turned it off, then reached for the remote for the lights and turned all the lights off with the exception of the twinkling lights of the Christmas decorations. Zach pulled off his jacket then pulled off Carrie’s as well and threw them over the side of the couch.

Carrie kicked off her boots, Zach followed suit. Zach cuddled against Carrie’s warm body and began to slowly unbutton her sweater as she began to unbutton his long sleeved shirt. She buried her head into his neck, nibbling and biting him playfully. Zach wrapped both of his hands around Carrie’s back and pulled her upwards with him, unhooking her bra with a quick flick. Carrie gasped and pushed Zach’s shirt off of his shoulders and bit his right shoulder hard.

Carrie ran her hands down Zach’s back and ran her hands along the waistband of his pants. When she reached the front, she quickly unbuttoned the pants and pulled them downwards. His massive boner immediately sprang upwards, poking Carrie in her abdomen. She looked down and smiled mischievously then looked back up in his eyes and kissed him fiercely. Zach looped his fingers around the waistband of Carrie’s pants and yanked them downwards to her knees. His left hand traveled up to Carrie’s neck and he kissed her gingerly on her lips while his right hand started to go to town on her clit. Carrie opened her eyes and looked Zach in his light brown eyes, blue light from the Christmas tree sparkled in his eyes and Carrie smiled.

Zach hit just the right spot with the flick of his finger on Carrie’s clit. Her pelvis thrust forward towards his, her eyes closed tightly and a soft moan escaped from deep in her throat. Zach smiled and flicked over the spot again. Carrie moaned a bit louder, her pelvis thrust upward again, gently rubbing against Zach’s covered erection. Zach groaned slightly at the slight, moist touch. It had been eons it seemed since he was last with a woman, especially one as attractive as Carrie was.

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