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Chapter 032 � A New Generation



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Noah Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: Captain, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington (Israeli Nationals)

Jason Allman: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army (Chief of Staff to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Matt Longdick: First Lieutenant, U.S.Army (Alpha Zulu Headquarter Staff) (Partner of Jason Allman)

Hayao Kinugasa, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Robert Manning, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Robert Allen Gregory, Colonel, U.S. Army – Alpha Zulu 69

Taylor and Tyler Worthington: (aka T&T) (Adopted sons of Logan Worthington and Alex Meat-Goodman)

Steven Douglas Worthington: (aka S.D.) (Adopted sons of Robert Allen Gregory and R.A. Worthington)

Jamison Miller: Colonel, U.S. Army (Head of Human Resources for Worthington Executive Security Alpha Zulu Program)

Frazer Sullivan: Colonel, U.S. Army (Head of Human Resources for Fort Connor Alpha Zulu 69 Program)



Randy and Adam had been the heart and soul of the Alpha Zulu program since it conception but even they deserve a retirement and the thanks of a grateful nation for their years of service. Retiring with four stars on their shoulders says much as to how much the military and the Worthingtons appreciate all they have done over the years. But now the most difficult task of my life is to select the replacement for these two men. Two men who can never be replaced in my heart.


Luke, John, Steven and I had the task of reviewing over 500 files of men who both Adam and Randy felt were capable of doing their job. Both Randy and Adam agreed to stay on and make the transition as seamless as possible. But, as the old military surgeons used to say: “If you have to amputate, cut quickly and use a sharp knife”. It was such a painful thought to lose two men who were like fathers to me but they deserved to enjoy their “senior years” and they knew they would always be welcome at Fort Connor.


Steven and I spent weeks reviewing the files of potential candidates and finally Luke and John agreed that each of us would select ten candidates and any candidate all four of us selected would be given a personal interview. Of the remaining candidates any of us could submit one person additional to be included in the interview process.


Whereas Adam and Randy developed the Alpha Zulu program from scratch the individuals we selected would be more of a “Human Relations” component than part of the command structure. Steven and I would inherit the command portion of Randy”s and Adam”s work. We were looking for an intuitive people person who had contacts throughout the military. (Being gay was almost a prerequisite for the job but wasn”t in the job description.)


When the four of us had our initial meeting we were surprised that out of over 500 candidates we each had selected three of the same individuals. These three automatically went on the short list for interviews. Each of us had one person we could ask to be included and had the opportunity to explain our rationale. Whether out of respect for each other or perhaps on their merit these four individuals were added to the list of officers for interviews. At least we had reduced the selection from over 500 candidates to seven. That alone was a small miracle.


Talk about intimidating the interviewee, walking into a room and seeing the top two individuals of Worthington Industries flanked by two four star generals and two six star generals. To say they were intimidated would be an understatement.


We started with some basic questions for each person: 1) What is your sexual preference 2) Do you have a partner 3) What resources do you have to screen and select qualified individuals for the Alpha Zulu program and a lot of personal questions that wouldn”t be allowed in a civilian interview process. We were dealing with the lives of children and the security of the United States so nothing was off limits. If we felt we needed to ask the individuals how many times a week he jacks off we would. Nothing was off the table as far as the information we needed to make the right decision.


One of the officers in our initial selection asked during the interview if he was in the final selection would we please give consideration to his partner who worked with him in his current human resources position. He was the best he had ever worked with and frankly he loved him greatly. During the break Randy had Alpha Zulu Ops notify the individual to report to the base airfield for private transportation to Worthington Industries. (Talk about tongues wagging around his base.)


His partner was shocked to see him walk in to meet with the six of us later that afternoon. He was amazed at the speed of which we could accomplish this simple task which would normally take days in the Army. He turned to his partner and asked “What in the hell did you tell them about me”… as he was sworn to secrecy he couldn”t even acknowledge the question.


He went into temporary shock as he entered the room and saw who was sitting at the table. Finally Luke asked him if he would be more comfortable sitting and offered him a glass of water. When he returned to reality and asked why he had been requested to this meeting. Your partner in life says you are one of the best human resources persons he has ever worked with. (To which he blushed!) Is he just saying this because you two are sleeping together or are you actually good at your job. His reply was most impressive as he stated areas in which he lacked strengths were areas his partner excelled. Together they were the “Perfect Storm”.


Luke went into an adjoining conference room and told all the officers other than his partner they could return to their lodging as we would continue with their interviews tomorrow. His partner was asked to join us and continue his interview.


Adam and Randy were old pros at interviewing two individuals at the same time. They had been forced to do it more than once during the past years. We all knew if these two actually could fulfill the requirements of the position a “Partners Team” would indeed be an asset above two separate individuals with no prior history. Luke asked if they had any evening plans and after being told they had no plans Luke ordered dinner from the Worthington Executive Cafeteria and told them to plan on an extended interview session.


The two officers had been dating and then living together for five years and although not married were totally committed to each other. They felt the network of resources they had built during their time in the military would be of value to any military organization. Luke then gave them the mini overview:


You would have offices both in the Pentagon and at Worthington Executive Offices
You would have access to a private jet for all your transportation needs
You would be part of a 200+ soldier team of Alpha Zulu Special Ops
You would be an integral part of Worthington Executive Security
You would answer to Meat, John, Colonel Gregory, Steven and I.


If you two are interested the next step is a thorough background check and a medical exam of your nightmare and I hope neither of you two are modest. Both of them indicated their interest to continue with the interview process and the next step was medical tests being interposed with hours of paperwork for their deep dive security check. As with many men of the Alpha Zulu program bornova escort their parents were deceased and they had few living relatives.


The next day Luke and John informed the candidates that had not been selected the bad news and guaranteed them their information would be kept on file for future consideration. It took about two weeks to get the medical report on our two new recruits to the Alpha Zulu program and shortly thereafter Alpha Zulu security gave us the green light on their preliminary “deep dive” background check. (They would continue the security check for the next 90 days. One spy infiltrating the Alpha Zulu program taught us that simple due diligence wasn”t adequate. We now went well beyond what was required in checking the background of any individuals in authority that worked in the Alpha Zulu program.)


When it became evident they would be the final candidates submitted to Mama Bear for consideration and for her approval we explained the monetary incentives, the perks, the risks and the rewards of the Alpha Zulu program. Once Mama Bear approved them we would have them fitted for their new uniforms and have them spend a couple of weeks at Fort Connor to understand the nuisances of our Alpha Zulu program.


Coincidental to the selection process, Colonel Gregory called and said he had a problem he needed some assistance in resolving. Max needed to retire. Billy Bob assured him Max had a home for life at Camp Phoenix and Beauty would love to have him in residence with her. We needed a new “War Dog” and that was like pulling teeth to even get to talk with anyone who can make it happen.


I turned to our two new prospects and said here is your first challenge. We need to find a war dog or get a dog into war dog school and transferred to Alpha Zulu YESTERDAY! Max is an integral part of not only base security but the security of every imp that passes through our doors. Do your best and let me know by close of business tomorrow or sooner what options you can offer. (Talk about hitting the ground running with a near impossible task.)


Both officers were beaming when they called Colonel Gregory and informed him his dog handler was to report to “War Dog School” next Monday for assignment of a new dog and full participation in his training. The old clich�: “The difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer” came to mind… These two men really made a positive impression with the first difficult problem to be submitted to them.


Billy Bob and Beauty flew out to Fort Connor and brought Max back to Camp Phoenix to enjoy his senior years and enjoy the company of Beauty which he truly had affection for. (Billy Bob found a Vet who does “Tubal Ligations” instead of a “Hysterectomy” so the trauma to Beauty was minimal and our two four legged lovers could enjoy all the conjugal moments of two senior citizens in love.) Although the men of Fort Connor would miss Max we were all happy to see him enjoy his well earned retirement.


Sergeant Rod started sending back pictures of Alexander and the training he was going through to be certified as a “War Dog”. Alexander was a young adult male Malinois and had not reached his full adult weight but knowing our men and the abundance of doggie treats and table food he would be given he”d be putting on plenty of weight quickly and Sgt. Rod would make certain those calories were turned into muscle. The pictures quickly made the rounds of every smartphone on base and Ops had a power point presentation going on the big screen in Mess at every meal updating the base on their newest addition. Everyone was in love with Alexander and he hadn”t yet stepped a paw onto the soil of Fort Connor.


Colonel Gregory went one step further with Alexander than we did with either Beauty or Max… he gave Alexander an Alpha Zulu authorization which meant few individuals could overrule Rod or Alexander when it came to the United States Military. Alexander graduated at the top of his class and at graduation ceremonies every dignitary present was impressed with Alexander body armor and Alpha Zulu insignia proudly displaying both the Secretary of Defense and POTUS insignia. Alexander was the star pupil and every dog handler present was extremely jealous of Alexander and Rod.


Alexander strutted himself across the field as he was presented to the men of Fort Connor and wasn”t the least bit shy at being a mooch that even Max and Beauty would be proud of calling a four footed “Brother in Arms”. The men and our imps missed Max but they loved Alexander. Colonel Gregory never realized how many nights he would want Alexander to curl up with him just to have a warm cuddle when R.A. was hard at work so he could have a three day weekend with the man he loved.


When our two finalists for Randy”s and Adam”s position had gotten the green light from medical and their security “deep dive” was finished the most traumatic moment of their careers now faced them… the finally step and the approval of Mama Bear. Throughout the selection process they both had heard tales of Gloria Worthington and to say they were intimidated was truly an understatement.


Mama Bear had every intention of intimidating them and making them well knowledgeable of the big shoes they were filling. Our new additions had to remember this sweet “grandmother” had fangs and claws when threatened and was not a person you wanted to have against you for any reason. Obtaining Mama Bears approval, they received their credentials, obtained their new uniforms and body armor and then accepted Washington as a life which just a few weeks previously was unbelievable. They went from Captains to Colonels with the stroke of a pen. They looked at their brief case with the same terror as everyone who proceeded them and had the responsibility of carrying this near lethal item. They looked at each other as they flew to Fort Connor, holding each others hands knowing together they would surmount any obstacle and conquer any challenge. The true meaning of Fort Connor didn”t present itself until they arrived and were being taken to meet General Meat, General Goodman and Colonel Gregory. Seeing 100+ naked soldiers frolicking in the swimming pool totally naked and in abandoned fun isn”t the norm on any military base other than Fort Connor. Our newly minted Colonels were starting to understand the briefing book and as they met the men and reviewed the operation they would understand better why these men were so dedicated to the purpose of Fort Connor and why they were willing to voluntarily commit their lives to its purpose.


Hayao saw to it our new Colonels were settled in the guest quarters and advised them the Generals and Colonel Gregory would meet with them after lunch. He would be back and escort them to lunch so they could be introduced to the men prior to their afternoon meeting. Our new Colonels could only drop into the comfortable chairs and holding hands passionately kissing knowing how much they were in love and this was the best posting they could have dreamed of and stay in the Army.


They both knew the monetary compensation was obscene but more important to them was their being together and not having to hide the love they had for one another. With the hardness bulging in their uniform slacks it was a “no brainer” as to what was on their agenda when the formalities of the day had concluded. After a night of extreme passion their minds accepted what their bodies had desired all these years and they asked General Meat and General Goodman if they had time to meet with them. They formally requested permission to marry which was granted after the mandatory premarital counseling with the Chaplain. Luke realized what an asset they were to the Alpha Zulu program and their wedding gift from the Worthingtons was a two week say in Hawaii in the Marriott Honeymoon Suite. Of course the men of Fort Connor wanted pictures and wouldn”t accept “NO” as an answer. Swimming naked in the infinity pool of their honeymoon suite they could only reinforce the love they had for each other as they left a wet trail of footprints from the pool to their bed and consummated their love as only two dedicated soldiers in love can.


Yes, they worked long hours and at times traveled apart as they performed their job but always there was the home they shared and the bed they knew would always be occupied by the man they loved. They both knew whoever was absent would return and their love would continue for as long as they were allowed to walk upon this earth.


After their morning meeting with the Generals and Colonel Gregory, Hayao escorted our newbie HR team to Doc and wished them the best. Hayao quietly whispered in their ears: “You won”t believe how long his fingers are” and then smiled at our two newest victims of our “power hungry” medical director. They had been warned about being “chipped” so it was no surprise when Doc told them to “drop `em” and bend over the table. It didn”t just “smart” it hurt like hell. Doc didn”t have the nuisance he did with putting a chip in a child. If these men were prepared to take a bullet they could handle his big bore needle.


When they returned to Colonel Gregory he apologized for not warning them about our “Doc”. He isn”t always the most subtle of men and he does have damn long fingers but if I was injured I wouldn”t want anyone else to work on me. He is the best there is and many a man on this base owe their life to his outstanding talents.


Our new Colonels were then handed the files on five doctors being considered for the personal physicians of General Meat and General Goodman. They needed a deep dive background check before they were offered the position. If they checked out then it would be a consideration of personality when it came to the final decision. He was told: “Check them out as if it was your life and frankly I wouldn”t give two cents for your asses if any happened to our Generals. The men respect and love those two men and would march through hell for them.”


It was finally decided the two physicians selected would be assigned to staff at Walter Reed and only pulled out when the Generals had extended travel schedules given to them by POTUS or the Pentagon. General Meat and General Goodman were now the patriarchs of the bostancı escort Alpha Zulu program and anyone who wished them ill will would quickly find out how ruthless our “black ops” men can be when anyone they love is threatened or harmed.


It was a relaxing weekend at Camp Phoenix as Logan and Alex lay exhausted in bed after a sunrise session of intense sexual pleasure. No more than finishing the massive explosion of baby batter from their balls their twin red headed sons came bursting into their bedroom and went airborne landing on their post orgasm sensitive cock causing the two fathers to grimace in pain as they hugged their sons. (Note to self: Lock bedroom door before having sex!) The fathers were not shy about nudity with their sons and wanted them to be comfortable with their bodies and would answer any question asked by their sons. The time was fast approaching for the four of them to return to the orphanage for final review of their adoption and permanent placement of their sons as part of their family.


After an exhaustive all day review of Taylor and Tyler by physicians, social workers and psychologists the administrator was happy to have the adoption approved and the Worthington as far as possible away from his operations. (R.A. would soon be the Worthington of the orphanage administrator”s “nightmare” as he reviewed the operations of this orphanage under a microscope. With the highest cost to placement of any orphanage the Worthington Foundation funded it became far too obvious the luxuries which the administrator splurged on himself at the cost of the children. His contract wasn”t renewed and the orphanage staff was elated at the placement of a young, enthusiastic administrator who believed in the children coming first.) R.A. took his responsibilities as head of the Worthington Foundation with the same dedication as his Uncle Luke did running Worthington Industries.


Colonel Gregory and R.A. had just finished a night of passionate and exhaustive sex which left R.A. with a sore ass and a big smile. As the two lovers showered and flush the residual evidence of their night of lovemaking down the drain OPS notified the Colonel of Worthington One requesting permission to land. Thanks to the miracle of Velcro they both were quickly dressed and on their way to the air strip. Luke walked down the ramp, had his credentials verified and asked if he was in time for a wonderful breakfast in their mess.


Luke, with his appetite sated asked if he could have a moment of their time and their returned to Colonel Gregory”s private quarters. Relaxing in his comfortable surroundings, Luke opened his briefcase and removed five folders. Handing them to R.A. he commented: “You know the drill”, “Mama Bear has spoken”… “You can appeal any objection to her if you two have the balls”.


Both Colonel Gregory and R.A. had discussed a child in their life and now the decision was forced upon them. They both asked Luke to express their gratitude to Mama Bear for forcing the issue and he would have their decision by the time R.A. flew back from this weekend.


Needless to say both Colonel Gregory and R.A. had many a tearful moment reading of the trauma parents can do to their children both physical and psychological. If they could, they would adopt every one of the children but they could only adopt one. They finally decided on a blue eye blond young adolescent who had been sexually abused by his fathers who had started when he was still in diapers and continued until his ass was so torn and sloppy there was no muscle tone left to provide the father any pleasure. Then the boy was thrown out of the house to fend for himself. The only way he had to survive was selling his body on the street until he was arrested by an undercover vice cop.


After hearing his story the father was arrested and was given a 25 year to life sentence which both the Colonel and R.A. felt was far too generous. Luke and John had been down this road with Connor so they knew Doc would help in finding the medical resources to correct the damage done. The psychological damage would heal over time with the men of Fort Connor being the protective big brothers that was so needed in his life.


Unlike the fiasco Logan and Alex had with the adoption of their twin sons R.A. and Colonel Gregory adopting their son was flawless and expedited. A three month determination and Mama Bear was again an elated “Grandmother”. Mama Bear was in full grandmother mode when she was introduced to her grandson “Steven Douglas Worthington”. When it was time for Taylor and Tyler to face Doc and get “chipped” it was decided that their son would also be chipped at the same time. As Logan and Alex took Taylor and Tyler around Fort Connor to meet the men who soon they would be sharing their lives… Doc now had the unpleasant duty of examining S.D. to see how much damage he had sustained. The damage to his rectal muscle and tissue was substantial but repairable. The good news was his blood tests and tissue smears all came back negative and he was STD free. The surgery could be schedule whenever the parents felt he was ready to handle it psychological.


It was decided that S.D. would live with Taylor and Tyler at Camp Phoenix and visit with R.A. on the weekend when he visited Fort Connor and Colonel Gregory. It made for some interesting moments figuring time to enjoy a sex life between the two men but with the help of staff they still enjoyed the romance they had in their relationship. As it got close to the year timeline that would require Logan and Alex to accept their role at Worthington Industries and Taylor and Tyler relocating to Fort Connor… Colonel Gregory and R.A. started to broach the subject of S.D. having an operation to repair the damage done by his biological father.


Our young imp was in tears remembering the pain and trauma he had suffered at the hands of this monster. He couldn”t believe two “strangers” would adopt such a “ruined” boy and offer to heal his body and mind. As S.D. wrapped his arms around his two fathers and said he promised to be the best son he could to these two wonderful men.


Doc consulted with his colleagues and the surgery was scheduled for the following week. S.D. would spend 2-3 weeks in the hospital. A week of tests to totally evaluate the damage and then they would have a better idea of how invasive a surgery would be required and an estimate of the recovery time till he could go home. Colonel Gregory took a leave of absence and Fort Connor provided a security detail for S.D. during his hospital stay.


The surgery went flawlessly and the recovery with a minimal of pain and discomfort. Taylor and Tyler were elated when S.D. returned to Camp Phoenix and they could share the time they had together before they would relocate to Fort Connor.


S.D. was crucial in motivating Taylor and Tyler into relocating to Fort Connor as R.A. asked him to join in his weekly visits to Colonel Gregory. Both Meat and Steven assured Colonel Gregory that being a parent is time consuming but we survived parenthood and running Fort Connor, you will also. You just have to be fair and treat all the imps as equal. Colonel Gregory and R.A. couldn”t thank Meat and Steven enough for having sound deadening foam sprayed into the walls of their bedroom. S.D. had little doubts as to what his fathers were sharing in their bedroom and even at his young age he was mature enough to respect their privacy and their need for intimacy.


Colonel Gregory”s father was elated to have a grandson in his life and as soon as Luke had his “deep dive” security check finished he received his credentials and was notified the Worthington aircraft were available any time he wanted to visit Fort Connor.


Now with six imps in residence the base was preparing to face the reality that by environment if not by blood R.A. had returned in the form of his son to terrorize them. The men loved S.D. but accepted when the “honeymoon” was over the three new terrors would be the same as their fathers who preceded them. The kitchen staff smiled knowing it would only be a matter of time before they had clean shining garbage pails again at Fort Connor.


Logan and Alex missed not having their sons living at Camp Phoenix but found it wonderful to retire to their bedroom after a delicious meal prepared by Connor and burn off a few thousand calories with multiple orgasms that left them with a sore ass and walking funny the next morning. Luke and John knew the feeling well and they could only smile and remember their young days of sex morning, noon, afternoon and as many times as possible at night till they were begging for someone to use Doc”s super lube on their ass. Yes, love abounded at Camp Phoenix and Fort Connor. It wouldn”t be long and our three new imps would learn the pleasures of enjoying consensual sex.


Taylor, Tyler and S.D. had no problem with the men skinny dipping in the pool and joined the men without any reservations. They loved to play with Alexander and became the “puppy sitter” of choice when Ssgt Rod needed to get his itch scratched. It was fun to watch one War Dog wear out three imps to the point they were so exhausted a quick shower was followed by an imp sound asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Our three new imps formed an immediate bond with the Leib trio and that bond would cement Worthington Industries and the nation of Israel for generations. Ari saw the future of these six imps and was proud of his contribution to the security of the country he loved. (Not every battle is fought on the field of conquest.) At least Ari was quick enough to protect the vital areas of his body when six imps came running into his bedroom and were airborne wanting to hug and cuddle before they had to attend flag raising and breakfast. There were a few morning when Ari was walking funny with bruised balls and Colonel Gregory and he could only commiserate at the enjoyment of being a parent.


The Arab countries still had a $1 billion USD contract out on the lives of the Leib trio but most assassins were wise enough to know that Mama Bear would hunt them to the end of the earth in retaliation for any attempt and their death would be made as unpleasant and painful as possible. Peace and prosperity buca escort reigned at Fort Connor and we all knew it was the quiet before the storm.


Colonel Gregory and R.A. had a night of sex, passion and multiple orgasms planned and were cherishing the hours when S.D. was slumbering. They kissed like teenage lovers on their first date and the obvious hardness between their legs left little doubt on the eventuality of this night. Being force to spend over four days each week apart their first moment of intimacy was fast and swift with R.A. relishing the exquisite pain of his partner in life burying his cock balls deep with the first thrust. As R.A. returned to reality he got his ass pummeled doggie style and then flipped onto his back, legs lifted and then piston fucked to Nirvana and back screaming as his cock erupted and he enjoyed a full body orgasm.


Returning to reality he hated to feel Colonel Gregory slowly remove his hard cock from a now super tender ass and then the shock of “ALERT, ALERT… THIS IS NOT A DRILL! With cum running down his leg R.A. grabbed S.D. and deposited him in the imps bunker only to realize he was stark naked showing the obvious aftermath of a good ass fucking. Ari, being the gentleman he was, offered R.A. a towel as the six imps giggled at the state of R.A.”s body and what he must have been doing when the alert was called. R.A. had this experience before and just chalked it up to life at Fort Connor. It wouldn”t be long before one or more imps had the same or similar experience.


Colonel Gregory headed for OPS to determine the nature of the Alert. There had been an unsuccessful incursion of Mama Bear”s penthouse but it triggered a complete lockdown of the Worthington clan, Fort Connor and Camp Phoenix. Until the facts were determined regarding the breaking and entering protocol dictated going to Alert Status. Fort Connor and Camp Phoenix remained at Alert Status for six hours until it was determined the breaking and entering was simply a novice “cat burglar” attempting to steal Mama Bear”s multi-million dollar collection of diamonds. We all breathed easier knowing it wasn”t an attempt on any imp. R.A. returned to his lover and together they enjoyed a long and romantic shower preparing their bodies for a major fuck-a-thon till sunrise. S.D. was sleeping soundly in bed with Taylor and Tyler, our pair of fathers decided they would extract him in enough time to clean up, dress and make morning assembly. For now S.D. could sleep undisturbed.


General Meat and General Goodman returned that afternoon from a long multi-nation trip requested by POTUS. They ate a late lunch and then retired to their quarters. Giving Captain Manning and Hayao an order of taking time off, giving them the assignment to find your lover and spend the night in his bed and in his arms. You best be walking funny when we see you in the morning. “With pleasure Sirs!” was the unanimous reply.


Meat and Steven started with a luxurious long and intimate shower tweaking every erogenous zone in the male body. Both had raging hardons they knew would not be wasted. Mount Meat wanted Steven”s ass and he was not to be denied. Meat held Steven tight and with one swift and powerful thrust claimed every inch of his tight ass possible. The howl that emanated left no doubt as to the pleasure they both were experiencing and as Steven returned to reality he turned his head to kiss his lover and tell him to fuck his brains out. No words were necessary, Meat had planned on this moment when they finally had time together. When Meat finally extracted his man meat from Steven”s body his cum gushed out in a massive quantity. Showering off, the two lovers kissed passionately as they walked to their bed to continue to make up for their long absence apart from each other.


Our General”s two aides were getting their asses destroyed the minute the doors of their respective bedrooms closed after they entered. Their lover tore at their clothing to get them naked and then immediately dropped to their knees giving them the best head possible until their mouths were flooded with their liquid love. Then they progressed to bed where all four asses were destroyed and their minds sent to Nirvana and back multiple times. Only after multiple orgasms and their cock were too sore to considering more sex… only then did they curl up in the warm afterglow of great sex, cuddled and enjoy the man to which they promised their life. They were as much in love as the first day of their honeymoon. These are the wonderful moment which will be cherished as they grow old together.


Colonel Gregory was the last of the lovers to finally get back to his quarters to find R.A. naked in bed sporting a hard piece of meat between his legs. S.D. is sleeping with Taylor and Tyler so let”s enjoy the moment and I need my brains fucked out. I don”t know who was quicker, R.A. to get on all 4″s “doggie” or Colonel Gregory to get naked and thrust his cock into R.A.”s ass. R.A. howled at the insertion of the Colonel”s man meat and begged him never to stop. The Colonel wouldn”t have stopped even if there was a gun to his head. He was going to breed his lover and no power on earth would stop him. As R.A. was flipped on his back he was piston fucked till he was in heaven. He savored the pain knowing he would be feeling his partner for days after he was forced to return to the bureaucratic world of the Worthington Foundation. He loved his Colonel even more than the day they were married. There were nights he would lay in bed at Camp Phoenix video conference with his lover as he shoved a big dildo up his ass and scream as he looked into his lovers eyes wanting him to replace the hunk of plastic and give him the ability to pleasure his mate. R.A. never strayed from his commitment to the Colonel but Fort Connor was as much a home to R.A. as Camp Phoenix and everyone at Camp Phoenix knew why R.A. was walking funny when he returned home each weekend.


The shower bidets were well used this morning and even Meat had asked Steven to fuck his ass a few times this night. Everyone was horny and everyone had access to a partner that was more than willing to deposit a few loads of hot baby batter deep in their ass. Yes, everyone was walking funny as they proceeded to the mess hall after morning flag raising but no one complained knowing the pleasures they had shared with their partners. R.A. made certain that Colonel Gregory knew his ass would be giving parody with what was provided for his pleasure. R.A. was a stud and the countless hours at the gym (Worthington”s, Camp Phoenix and Fort Connor) assured he had the stamina to give his partner a fuck he wouldn”t long forget. R.A. was thankful to have a stud like Colonel Gregory in his life and wasn”t shy about letting him know how sexually stimulating just the thought of the man made him.


S.D. wasn”t shy about jumping into bed with either of his parents and harassed them about needing to go to the bathroom and “drain the lizard” so they didn”t have an accident while they were cuddling. R.A. was shocked when one morning when S.D. crawled into bed with him he quickly went under the covers and wrapped his lips around R.A.”s cock which exploded in his mouth. S.D. extracted himself from under the covers coughing cum from his mouth and nose as it ran down his face. “Damn, you taste good” was all he said as he wrapped his arms around his father and cuddled with this man he loved. R.A. admitted to Colonel Gregory what had happened and to be prepared for it in your near future. He isn”t doing anything I didn”t do at his age so go with the flow and however you feel and whatever decision you make you have my support.


S.D. following in the footsteps of his father would become the leader of the Worthington trio of imps. Ari knew how sexual Jacob and David had become but Uri was still his little boy. That changed one night when Uri and S.D. came running into the bedroom and they both burrowed under the covers and a pair of mouths proceeded to suck Ari”s cock and balls. Ari was in heaven and all these months of nothing but the palm of his hand produced the most intense orgasm of his life and made Uri come up for air as he sputtered coughing cum from out of his throat. S.D. took over on Ari”s cock and again a massive blast of baby batter produced the same effect. Ari was torn between the pleasure of these talented young mouths and the feeling of betrayal to his three imps dead parents.


There was little doubt in any mind whether S.D. would following in R.A.”s footsteps. The only question in most minds was who would be his next victim. The fathers held S.D., cuddled him, talked with him and made him well aware that propositioning a soldier would result in a major sexual overload. These men didn”t tease… you get one turned on and you best satisfy him or be branded as a cock tease… probably the worse fate you could have at Fort Connor. So long as it is consensual you father and I won”t stop you. You aren”t doing anything we didn”t do at your age. Just be careful and play safe. You can always ask Doc if you have any questions about your body development.


A sheepish S.D. went to Doc and asked him if the Surgery he had would prevent him from being fucked. Doc told him he”d have to examine him and if he wanted an answer to drop his pants and briefs and get up on the exam table. Doc applied a massive amount of lube to his ass and then warned him about the cold speculum he would be inserting. After some long deep breaths forcing his ass to relax Doc got the speculum in him… then he was told he needed to spread the opening. He wouldn”t feel any pain but he would feel the pressure. S.D. grimaced as the speculum spread his ass wide and breathed a sigh of relief when Doc reached the desired dilation. Doc then sprayed the internal tissue with a local anesthesia and explained as he felt the tissue to see how it would handle the pressure.


The muscle tissue seemed to be returned to its normal state and other than the pain of losing your virginity again so long as you take it slow and easy, use plenty of lube and foreplay there is no reason you can”t enjoy anal sex. Just make certain who you choose to be your first because for better or worse you”ll always remember the man who takes your cherry ass.


S.D. was too young to remember his biological father busting his cherry so this time would be so special for him. Now the question in this young man”s mind… who would he seduce to be the man to bust his cherry ass?






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