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Amanda Visits from UK Pt. 01

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After jumping out of the shower and throwing on some jeans I hear a knock at the door, running my towel through my drying hair I walk toward the door. Through the glass door I see Amanda a friend I have not seen in over six months. Meeting almost a year ago while I was studying abroad in the UK it seems years since I have seen her. Before I can say a word she throws her arms around me kissing me on the cheek, I return the favor and ask for her bag. She slides an old backpack off her shoulders and hands it to me. As she enters the door I start to give a brief tour. Walking through the living room I point out the kitchen, guest room, and my room. She walks around to the couch and sits down as I take her bag into the guest room.

Landing on the couch next to her I ask “how was the flight.”

“Exhausting!” She exclaims as she lays out on the cough.

“Would you like to get some dinner?” I ask.

“Yes, just let me get cleaned up I’ve been on a plane all day.” she replies with her amazing British accent, which I immediately fall in love with all over again. With that Amanda hops up from the couch and disappears behind the door of the guest bedroom.

As I relax on the couch I remember all the memories we shared during my semester at the University of London. She was like my tour guide meeting her in a small shopping center she noticed my American accent and asked me why I was in London. After telling her I was doing a semester of study, and didn’t really have any connections she saw it her place to show me around. During my brief stay she took me to all the best Pubs and Restaurants. While for whatever reason we never dated during that time. I had always had feelings for her and I suspected she did as well. Before departing I offered her the same courtesy she had shown me if she ever felt like a vacation to Florida.

With my eyes closed the door opens and out steps Amanda with a sleek black dress and a pair of stilettos that would make any man’s mouth drop. “Ready,” she says in an innocent voice as if she doesn’t know the temperature just went up about ten degrees. Slightly dazed I recover as I open the door and we walk out to the truck. Driving to one of my favorite ocean side restaurants we begin to catch up on the past. She tells me about her new job, some new friends that I just have to meet, and adventures she’s taken. I begin to tell her about my recent schooling and how I’m about to graduate but with me nothings really changed. Pulling up to the restaurant I can tell we’ve made it just in time to see the sun set.

As the waiter seats us at our table we order a few drinks jack n coke for me and martini for her. As we order taksim escort bayan I can tell the waiter cant keep his eyes off Amanda, and honestly who can blame him. Standing about five foot seven with the aid of her four inch stilettos. The black dress that hugs her slender body extenuating every curve, and the long dark hair that flows down to the small of her back. All this countered only by her glowing green eyes that appear as if they look straight through you. As the night wears on we enjoy our meal on the ocean where not even the most beautiful of sunsets could distract my eyes from the woman in front of me. A perfect body she truly is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen

Getting late and a little buzzed I can tell she is starting to feel the effects of her long day and we decide to call it a night and head out to the truck. As I open the door for her she turns to me and says “That was truly an amazing dinner,” she then leans in and again kisses me on the cheek. Slightly disappointed I run my hand through her long dark hair and kiss her on the forehead. On the way home she doses off and I cant help but stare at her in her black dress looking so peaceful, so content, so beautiful.

Pulling into the driveway I place the truck in park and head over to the passengers side. I reach over to unbuckle her and stirring I tell her were home. She leans up and with my help to balance her she steps out and I walk her into the house. She loosens her grip on my hand as she starts to regain her balance and turns to face me. She looks up starring into my dark brown eyes as if to look for an answer to a question she hasn’t yet asked. As she holds my gaze I lean in to kiss her and without hesitation she meets my lips with her own and as I move my hands to her arms I can feel a wave of endorphins running through her body. She then turns away just enough to break our connection and after a few moments silently walks into the guest bedroom and closes the door.

Confused I also retreat into my room and begin to prepare for bed. After finishing up a few quick preparations for tomorrow I wonder into the kitchen to make myself a drink. As I grab the whiskey I see that the guest bedroom door is not fully shut. Through the small opening I see Amanda drying off from a shower. Turned with her back to me drops of water fall from her long dark hair dripping onto her ass and running down her thighs. This alone is enough to make any man go insane. Right as I start to feel a pressure building up in my cock she walks out of view and turns out the lights. A wave of excitement, confusion, and frustration ümraniye escort bayan rush over me. Returning to my own room I find it impossible to sleep with the images of her naked body cycling through my mind and I just lay their in my boxers thinking of her beauty.

Laying in the dark I try to push the images from my mind to no avail. Then the light in the hallway leading to my room switches on and to my surprise my door slowly opens. As rays of light flood into the room they are only blocked by the still silhouette of Amanda. Standing in the doorway with nothing but a bra and thong she slowly makes her way over to my bed and crawls up beside me. Her eyes even with mine and again it seems as if she’s staring into them looking for an answer. I meet her gaze and after a few moments she says in her sweet British voice”I love you, and I’ve always loved you.” At this, I move in and begin to kiss her. My left hand moving to her hip and as our tongue’s meet I feel the same wave of endorphins passing through her body. This time she does not turn away but instead places her hands on my waist pulling me closer into her.

As we kiss for what seems hours time is absent, lost in the ecstasy of her embrace. Breaking away from my lips she positions herself on top of me and I place my hands on her hips. Looking down at me through her gorgeous green eyes with the same questioning look, she reaches back and removes her bra. She then leans down as our lips meet once again this time with her naked breasts laid upon my chest. As I caress the roof of her mouth with my tongue I place my arms around her and roll her onto her back. Now on top, my focus lingers from her soft lips and slides down her neck. I work my way down her neck and and can feel her energy enhance and pass through my body as she slightly thrusts her hips forward letting out a quiet moan.

As I begin down her chest I begin to kiss between her perfect tits. Moving my mouth I now suckle on the left breast then the right making sure to give each ample attention. As my mouth moves around Amanda’s chest she reaches down and begins to move her fingers through my hair. Working my way down to her belly button, to which I give special focus. I can feel Amanda getting restless and as my hands place onto her hips I stop just for a moment, and as if to give permission she lifts her ass slightly off of the bed and I slide her purple tong down her legs.

Now with her bare shaved pussy exposed I bypass it and begin to kiss on her inner thighs. The torment is killing her and her body aches for a release after the relentless teasing. Lifting my üsküdar escort bayan head from her thigh I place my mouth on her pussy and giving one strong lick she thrusts with her hips shoving her pussy deep into my mouth and lets out a deep moan much louder than the first. Continuing, I feel the fluid movements thrusting her now soaking pussy further into my mouth as she then grabs my head and forces it closer to her womb. Thrusting quickly and constantly into my face her ass now completely off the bed I take it into my hands as I continue to eat her out. I can feel the pressure building in her body not to mention my own cock as I continue to lick her pussy lips. Then with one final thrust into my face her body stiffens she lets out a loud moan and her juices flood into my mouth. Then collapses onto the bed.

Cupping her left breast in my right hand as I move up to meet her gaze and we begin to kiss. Undoubtedly she can taste the juices that had just filled my mouth. I then move my hand from her breast and begin to massage her pussy. With this she takes her hand and slowly begins to stroke my already throbbing cock. She brakes away from the kiss and looking me in the eyes with a sweet voice says “what took us so long.” I meet her with another kiss then reply “you will never have to wait again.” laying there she stares at me once more and with a pause says “FUCK ME.”

This alone was almost enough to make me come laying above this perfect beautiful women the words were intoxicating. My eyes scan her body, so relaxed she seems to be glowing. Leaning her head forward kisses me and the repeats “Fuck Me.” Removing my hand I place the head of my cock at her pussy lips and move it up and down the lips of her pussy. Then as I slowly push the head of my cock into her pussy she thrusts her hips hard into my body and in one swift motion fully engulfs my cock. With this her hands latch around my back and she lets out another loud moan and I can feel a rush of pleasure running through her body.

As I begin to push into her pussy I almost cant believe how tight it is. Seeming laced with velvet the walls surround my throbbing cock. I can feel her muscles loosening and contracting around me and in a state of pure ecstasy I lower my head and begin to kiss her neck. Thrusting harder and harder and faster and faster her breathing becomes shallow and her nails start to sink into my back. Now her thrusts meeting with mine I continue shoving myself into her. Again I can feel her body start to stiffen. She becomes almost frozen as I feel her juices rushing over my cock and she lets out a deep moan. Placing my hands under her to hold her in place I give a deep thrust into her tight pussy and begin to come. As I come I continue thrusting with each deep thrust filling her with more and more of my semen. Then one final thrust and I collapse next to her.

Both of us thoroughly exhausted she places her head on top of my chest and within seconds is fast asleep. Laying there hearing her breath I slowly close my eyes and fall fast asleep.

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