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Amazon Prime and Tickle Time

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Warning: Foot worship and Ticklegasm

Tess and Jon chatted through dinner, laughing together often. She complained about an irritating professor with strict policies regarding certain tests they had to take. Jon commiserated with her politely, but she could tell he didn’t really understand. Not wanting to bore him with nursing school drama, Tess changed the subject to the concert they’d just seen. Their fourth date was passing like a flash of lightening, and she didn’t want it to end.

After sharing dessert, Jon drove them back to her house and she invited him inside. Unfortunately, her parents and brother were home. After a brief introduction, they headed down to the basement. She went to the Amazon Prime app and started scrolling through movies. Although they’d both seen it a few times, they settled on Princess Bride since it was one they both enjoyed quoting.

Tess sat beside him on the couch and her pleated skirt hiked up a little. The motion exposed the top of one of the shear nylons gripping her thighs. His eyes flicked down and bulged slightly. A narrow strip of her sun-kissed skin was visible between her skirt and stockings.

Giggling nervously, she crossed her legs. His gaze leapt immediately back to her face, and she noticed his skin go a little pink around the ears. She smiled. Tess knew how difficult it must have been for him to maintain eye contact when he could almost see her underwear. It was commendable.

He returned her grin, and her stomach did a small flip. She pressed her shoulder into his and he draped his arm around her. Warmth washed through her as she turned to watch the movie.

They sat comfortably for nearly an hour before they changed position. Jon rested his hands in his lap as Tess crossed her legs the other way. This time, she noticed his eyes following a different part of her body: her foot. He looked back to the movie at once, but that prolonged glance sparked her curiosity.

She wriggled her toes, furtively loosening her high heel so it slid off her foot a little. Jon continued facing the tv, but his gaze strayed to her nyloned foot. He watched it out of the corner of his eye until her shoe was dangling haphazardly from her toes.

Nothing happened. He didn’t make a move toward it. Tess sighed and turned her attention back to the movie.

A few minutes went by before she suddenly felt something poke her sole. She moved instinctually, pulling her foot away and letting out a squeak. Her high heel fell to the floor as she looked at him in surprise.

Jon grinned. “Oh sorry. Are you ticklish?”

“You just… surprised me is all,” she replied. Regret flowed through her. Why did I pull away, she thought, annoyed with herself. He finally did what I was hoping for, and I pull away. I’m such an idiot, she scolded inwardly.

Tickling was a bit taboo to her. She’d had a sheltered childhood with very few playdates or sleepovers. One she remembered was with a girl from school. They’d stayed up late drawing pictures on each other’s backs with their fingers, trying to guess the image. It was innocent fun. But their giggles had drawn the attention of her mother.

When she saw Tess with her shirt pulled up to expose her back, she lost her temper. You would have thought the two of them had been kissing. She made her friend sleep on the couch and Tess had never been allowed to have anyone stay the night again. And sleeping over at someone else’s house had been completely out of the question.

Since then, tickling had become mysterious and alluring. It was intertwined with sex in her mind. The thought of it even aroused her sometimes.

She hoped her parents would relax a little after she graduated, but they were just as bad once she started nursing school. Last semester during finals, she’d accidentally fallen asleep at her friend’s dorm while studying. Her mother showed up and started shouting up and down the halls for her.

Her mom woke up so many people that Tess’s friend got in trouble with the Residence Assistant. She had to go on housing probation, and Tess wasn’t allowed back at the dorm. It was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to her. She looked forward to the day she could afford her own place and wouldn’t have to live under her mother’s strict “roof rules” as she called them.

This was only the second time Tess had ever brought a date home. And it was the first time she’d considered exploring this particular interest with anyone. Jon just made her feel comfortable. She snuggled closer to him, bringing her foot into his line of sight. She even took to shaking it in time with the background music.

He didn’t glance at it again, and Tess felt crestfallen. Perhaps she’d been imagining things. Maybe he hadn’t been admiring her foot at all.

Wishful thinking, she thought with a quiet sigh. There was one last thing she could try, but she didn’t know if she could manage it without being obvious.

Tess lifted her arms up and stretched dramatically. The motion drew his gaze. She watched him as her sleeveless top exposed Maltepe Escort smooth, bare armpits. He swallowed, eyes widening. They lingered on her underarms until she slipped off her remaining shoe, dropping it to the floor. Then she sprawled out across the couch and rested her feet in his lap.

He looked at her for a long moment before saying anything.

“Comfortable?” he finally asked.

She shot him an innocent smile. “Definitely.”

“Good.” Jon rested one of his thick hands on the side of her foot. But he didn’t start rubbing or tickling it as she hoped. He just chuckled and looked back at the movie.

After a few minutes, Tess started rubbing her feet together ever so slowly. He didn’t seem to notice, so she moved them a bit quicker. The nylon material made a soft sweeping sound as she rubbed her feet together.

He cleared his throat, but he didn’t say anything. That’s when she felt something poke the side of her foot. She inspected the rigidity with her toes, and a thrill ran through her when she realized what it was. Then she froze.

Jon cleared his throat again and muttered, “You better be careful there, Tess.”

She licked her lips. “I have no idea what you mean,” she replied innocently. Though her feet had stopped moving, he was still growing harder.

“Uh-huh,” Jon said, sounding unconvinced. He seemed to know exactly what she was doing. She turned back to the movie, face going pink, but Tess could still feel his eyes on her. She twitched her feet again, wanting to keep his interest peeked.

A few minutes later, the basement door opened at the top of the steps.

“We are heading to bed,” her mother called down. “You two doing alright?”

Tess was still lounging on the couch with her feet in Jon’s lap. Luckily, her mom didn’t come into the basement.

“Yes,” Tess shouted back.

“How much of your movie is left?”

“About thirty minutes!”

The was a prolonged pause before her mother responded. “Alright then. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight!” they both called back in unison.

The door closed and she rolled to face him. It was getting late. If she wanted something to happen, she’d better get it started now while she had the chance. She ground her teeth, searching within for the nerve to say something. Anything.

“I uhhm… I liked when you touched my foot before,” she blurted out. Her face warmed, and it seemed to take ages for him to respond.

“Oh?” he said without any inflection she could read.

Is he disgusted? She wondered. Intrigued? Or perhaps aroused? Speak, man! Tess’s mind screamed from within.

Finally, he spoke. “Would you like me to massage them?”

“Please, feel free,” she said enthusiastically. “I’d love that.”

“Me… me too.” He set one large hand on the top of her foot and wrapped his fingers around it. Warmth enveloped her chilly foot. He started to massage her arch and she inhaled in pleasure. His other hand joined in, pressing into the ball of her foot and rubbing.

“Mmmm. That feels good.”

He applied more pressure and the nylons let his fingers glide around easily. Her toes spread out in bliss, stretching out the nude fabric between them as far as it would go. He moved up to caress them in his strong fingers. Her toes wriggled enthusiastically as he focused on each stem one at a time. She moaned happily while he worked, sinking into the plush couch.

After thoroughly massaging her toes, he switched his hand placement and kneaded her heel. He pressed into the middle with his thumbs them moved them outward in opposite directions. It felt better than she ever imagined, especially after walking across campus several times that day. She was glad that she’d showered, and her feet still smelled fresh.

“Damn. How’d you get to be so good at giving massages?” she asked as he moved on to her other foot. The new warmth seemed to make her leg melt. “Ohhhh yeeees.”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Mmmmm-hmmmm, I do,” she countered.

“Mostly I practiced on myself from watching… watching videos…” he trailed off. “Then I’d just figure out what felt good.”

“Well you definitely got it down. You’re fantastic.”

“Why thank you.” Jon grinned, keeping his eyes fixed on her feet. He almost seemed transfixed as he squeezed her tender foot from top to bottom.

Tess leaned back and closed her eyes, letting the pleasure wash over her. That’s when his touch became suddenly softer. Instead of applying pressure, the tip of his finger was sweeping across her sole. It barely grazed the silky fabric encasing her foot.

“Ohhh huhuh,” she chuckled, eyes springing open. She sat up to watch him, but she was careful not to pull away this time. The hunger in his grin made desire stir inside her. It was something she’d rarely felt before.

On the next pass across her sole, he added his other fingers. They were surprisingly delicate for how thick they were.

“Huh-huh-huh Ohhh huh-huh. Ohhhh hooo myyyy.”

He zipped over her sole faster. His fingertips slid along Anadolu Yakası Escort the arch then up onto the ball of her foot. There they began to tap rapidly.

“Huh-huh-huh-ha! That tickles,” she said biting her lip.

Jon paused and looked over at her. “Do you want me to stop?”

“N-no. It…it feels good too.” She buried her face in embarrassment, but then she peeked between her fingers to check his reaction.

His hungry smile broadened, and he turned back to her foot. He brushed her sole with a gentle caress, sending goosebumps up her leg. Then he started tickling it with both hands. She twiddled her toes and tried not to yank her foot back. It tickled so much, but it was sending delightful thrills throughout her body. Tess could even feel her pussy starting to moisten as he tickled all over her left foot.

After that, he moved onto the right one. She giggled and stayed in place, unable to stop staring at his dancing fingers. They trailed upward onto her ankle, then leapt behind her knee. She squeaked as he pressed into the warm crevasse and skimmed his short nails back and forth.

Tess laughed breathily, her leg quivering despite her best effort to keep it steady. So he held it in place with one hand as he tickled ever so slowly with the other, getting higher and higher. Then his fingers disappeared beneath her skirt. Her heart fluttered. She could still feel them inching up her thigh, exploring every curve. Then he switched to the other one.

“My God huh-huh that feels good,” she whispered to him.

Jon twiddled his fingers more quickly, making her laugh harder. When he reached the strip of flesh between her stocking and panties, her leg shook in his grip. He felt along it adroitly as if eager to touch every centimeter of her supple skin. Then he switched back to her right thigh. She did her best to keep her legs apart, giving him room to caress.

His fingers crept into the top of her thigh-high stocking and excitement buzzed through her. But he paused and looked at her again. Tess really didn’t want him to stop. Unfortunately, she was too breathless to speak. She nodded quickly and he took hold of her stocking.

Although she was extremely worried that her parents might come downstairs, something inside was urging her to let him keep going. She couldn’t help it. It was a need unlike anything she’d ever felt. A growing desire only he could fulfill. She wanted to rip off all his clothes and climb atop him, but she suppressed that particular urge.

Tess was still a virgin, and she wanted to stay that way until she was engaged. So she would try to behave like a lady. At least, as long as she could. But Jon was making her wetter than she’d ever been before. She’d had a few orgasms in the past, and she felt that same welling of energy between her legs.

The slinky fabric tickled as he pulled her stocking down her thigh. He paused to swirl his pointer finger in the hollow under her knee. She twittered in laughter, and he continued to pull the nylon over her tensed calf muscle. After he passed her ankle, he began working the shear stocking off her foot with deliberate slowness. She held her breath as he teased her with pokes and soft scratches. Then he dropped the nylon to the floor in a little tan heap.

Once her foot was released, Tess stretched out her lengthy toes. He looked at them with longing in his eyes, and she wiggled them tauntingly, the glittery blue polish catching the overhead light. He took hold of her ankle and lifted her foot higher. Considering the look on his face, it seemed as if he were about to place it on a pedestal. Instead, he pressed his lips to the tip of her big toe.

Jon’s warm kiss sent chills up her leg. She let out a moan and he lifted an eyebrow at her.

“You like that?” he questioned, the excitement plain on his face.

She nodded eagerly and he took her toe into his mouth. Gasping at how good the heated wetness felt, she leaned back and gave him full control. He spread his lips and took the next two toes into his mouth as well.

It felt so good she wanted to scream. But she knew she couldn’t. Perhaps her parents and brother had fallen asleep by now. But either way, she needed to make sure and stay quiet. She didn’t want to wake them and end this experience when she was only just discovering how much she enjoyed it.

“Ohhh huh-huh-huh, yeeeeessss,” Tess uttered quietly. She tried her best to keep her toes still as he dragged his wet tongue across them. He moaned into her foot, making it vibrate. More goosebumps appeared and he traced them along her calf. The tiny bumps continued up her leg and he pursued them with deft fingers. His hand slipped back under her skirt.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she repeated, trying to keep her legs apart as he brushed along her inner thigh. Then he snuck over to the other and used his broad fingernails to sweep up and down it. Pops of color clouded her vision, forcing her head back in pleasure.

Although she burned for him to slip her panties to the side or even İstanbul Escort touch her through them, she was glad he didn’t. She wouldn’t stop him right now, but she’d told him about wanting to remain pure for the man she planned to marry. Tess was glad at least one of them was respectful of her wishes. He was a true gentleman.

Ecstasy filled her as his fingertips grazed her sole and thigh in tandem. At the same time, his lips devoured her twitching toes. Jon’s fingers on her sole moved faster and faster until they were skittering like mad all over her right foot. His other hand trailed out of her skirt and back down her leg.

Tess was slightly disappointed. She swelled with desperation for him, and she could feel how stiff he’d grown. She knew he must want her as badly as she wanted him. Couldn’t he try and push her boundaries just a little? She wanted more.

A second later, Jon grasped her ankle in his strong hand. Excitement rushed through her as his teeth brushed the pads of her toes. She yelped and her foot began to quiver. Instead of stopping, he nibbled up and down her middle toe. A long peel of laughter rang from her before she managed to stifle it in her inner-elbow.

He stopped briefly and whispered, “Shhh, you better be quiet. You don’t want to get us caught.” Then he tightened his grip on her ankle and went back to licking and nibbling her toes. At the same time, he tickled her sole even quicker.

Tess buried her squeaking laughter as he destroyed her ticklish foot one toe at a time. She was panting and breathless when he tucked her right ankle under his arm and trapped it. He continued to tickle with one hand while the other found her left foot and began to scribble. A fresh thrill shot up her leg and straight to her pussy, making her throb a couple times.

It shocked her how much this was turning her on. Longing for more, she hardly noticed when the movie’s credit roll ended. It went back to Amazon Prime’s home screen and displayed an ad for the next Magic Mike installment. It featured a muscular man covered in oil which sent her thoughts into overdrive.

She closed her eyes and images flashed through her mind. A sweaty, shirtless Jon was overpowering her on the couch. He grabbed her arms, forcing them over her head and restraining them there. She imagined him tearing open her shirt and bra then kissing her breasts passionately. He sucked one of her nipples while gently twisting the other. Her fictitious self protested weakly when he tickled her armpits and breasts.

Suddenly, the real Tess felt a new sensation on the arch of her nyloned foot. It wasn’t in her daydream but was extremely real and extremely ticklish. The fantasy in her mind shattered. Her eyes sprang open as the sensation slid up to the ball of her foot. The thing was much smaller and sharper than Jon’s fingernail.

“Ohhh hoho dear God!” she cried. Then she clasped her hand over her mouth to keep in her laughter. It tickled like hell, but somehow it felt incredibly good at the same time. It drove her completely wild, but he had her well-trapped now. There wasn’t much she could do to stop him without getting herself into trouble too.

“Whaaa huh-huh-ut is that thing?” she asked quietly between giggles.

His only response was to drag whatever it was back down her sole. Then he circled her heel over and over. Tess’s foot shook instinctually, but that just made whatever it was scratch even faster. She tried unsuccessfully to still her foot. That’s when she felt another pointy object on her opposite sole. Without the stocking, it didn’t glide as easily, but it still tickled like crazy.

“Ohhhh! What! Haha,” Tess muttered through her pressed fingers. “What are you doing? That tickles soooo bad! Haha! What are the-ey-ey-ey?”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“N-n-nooo hohoho. Haha!”

“Why not,” he asked, shooting her a sly smile. “Do you like it? Do you like when I tickle you, my sweet sexy Tessy.”

She bit her lip in embarrassment, then nodded. She knew her face had to be bright red.

“Then you better say it, just so I know for sure I should keep going.”

“Haha! I like haha… I like it.”

“Like what?” he persisted playfully.

“I like when you tickle me,” she admitted sheepishly.

“That’s good. That’s very good.”

“As long as you don’t use it against me.” Tess poked him in the side playfully.

There was a sudden creek from the floor above, and both of them froze immediately. They looked at each other, then up at the ceiling. The pair of them waited silently, sweating in fear for a solid thirty seconds. Luckily, there weren’t any other noises. Jon grinned then set his hands back into motion, tickling her senseless.

He made the two things spiral faster over both of her sensitive soles at once. Waves of pleasure and ticklishness rolled through her, and she loved every moment of it. She longed to see what he was doing to her that felt so good and so unbelievably tickly. The only thing she wanted more was to feel his hands and hot mouth all over her body.

Eventually, she was so overwhelmed that she had to give in to either her curiosity or her desire for him. So she sat up to watch what he was doing. Tess was surprised to see a pen in each of his rotating hands. He was making the pair of pens dance up and down her soles.

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