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Amber and Blanca

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Amber and Blanca were enjoying the last few days of their Caribbean vacation. They had been friends for a number of years and had quickly developed a tradition of taking a week’s vacation together every year to travel, sight-see, shop and relax.

One night, after an amazing dinner of local fresh fish and a couple of bottles of wine at their resort’s outdoor restaurant, they decide to take an after-dinner walk on the beach front of the resort.

Leisurely, they stroll along the wet sand, picking up seashells and avoiding the occasional beached jellyfish. The ocean glinted from the combination of the setting sun and the rising moon. It was an odd vision and yet comforting in a peculiar way, night and day blending into one.

After a while, Amber produces a joint, wiggling her eyebrows comically as she spoke, “Care for some after-dinner dessert?”

Blanca’s green eyes sparkled in the growing moonlight, a smile played on her lips as she replied, “you must’ve read my mind. Here I am, thinking how the only thing missing from this perfect day is a little post-meal toke.”

Amber pulled a lighter out of the back pocket of her shorts. Tossing her auburn hair safely over her shoulder, she flared up as they continue their sandy walk, passing the joint back and forth. Each woman takes turns occupying her lungs with the sweetly acrid smoke, then exhaling it through parted lips into the warm night air. Just as Amber is passing it back again, Blanca manages to trip over some driftwood, and falls to the sandy ground.

Amber looks down, “Holy shit, Blanca! Are you okay?!”

Brushing her sandy hands on her white linen shorts, Blanca smirks, “Oh sure… I’m fine… just tryin’ to break in these new feet.” As Amber bends down to help her, Blanca starts to giggles and it becomes contagious.

The both go from giggling to all-out laughing until they’re almost crying, all the while still trying to get Blanca back on her feet and doing a miserable job of it.

“Ouch! I…(giggle)… think I… (hee hee)… twisted my ankle…(hiss)… owww!” Blanca leans on Amber, who slowly walks her back to their room, both of them chuckling the whole time. Amber giggles, “Had I known your motor skills would suck like this when you’re stoned and on sand… I would’ve smoked alone!”

Blanca feigns shock and gasps theatrically, “Is that any way to speak to an injured woman?” They continue with their silly talk as Amber digs out their room card to open the door. She helps to situate Blanca on the bed, sitting up with her back against the headboard, pillows under her ankle to elevate it. Amber grabs the ice bucket and says, “Gonna go grab some ice to keep the swelling down.” With a wicked grin on her face, she prepares to leave, but not before digging into her pocket for the remainder of the joint along with the lighter, “Here. I don’t have any Tylenol. Be right back.”

While Amber retrieves the ice, Blanca lights up and tokes away, holding the strong pungent smoke inside her, carefully flexing her foot. The mellowness of the weed actually helps keep her mind off her mild aches and bruises.

Amber returns promptly, and improvises a cold compress by filling a shower cap from the bathroom toiletries with some ice, and places it on Blanca’s ankle. Blanca holds the roach out between her slender, tan fingers to Amber, who leans her head towards it. She puckers her lips, kissing those delicate fingers holding the unlit end, taking a final toke of the rich and heady smoke.

Amber sits at the foot of the bed, facing Blanca, seeing her brow crinkling in discomfort, “My ankle’s starting to feel a bit numb.” Amber sets aside the ice pack and unties Blanca’s sandal, slipping it off and begins to cautiously massage her ankle, softly probing the mildly swollen flesh. “It doesn’t seem too swollen, maybe if you stay off it as much as possible for a day, it should be fine.”

Blanca leans back, sighing softly, “Amber, this is so sweet of you… that feels… really good.” Removing Blanca’s other sandal, she begins to gently massage that foot as well. She tenderly massages each ankle, each instep, and each toe. Amber becomes mesmerized by how her friend’s thighs and calves press against each other when she hits a certain spot on Blanca’s arch. Hearing only soft moans and no complaints escaping from her beautiful patient, she gingerly lifts Blanca’s painted toes to her lips and begins to suck on them, delicately, one by one. Blanca’s eyes flutter closed as her whole body shudders and she groans, “Mmmm… hey… that sort of tickles… ohhh.”

Amber looks up from Blanca’s toes, her caretaker’s gaze replaced by something a bit more predatory and whispers, “Should I stop?” all the while caressing her instep, alternating between soft touches with her fingernails and digging a knuckle along the length of a tendon. Blanca bites her lower lip before answering, “No, please… don’t stop… it’s fantastic.” Amber continues to slowly make love to Blanca’s pretty feet. Kissing, sucking each toe, running her tongue around each one. She then strokes her hands fethiye escort up Blanca’s long, smooth caramel-colored legs, caressing the calves, making lazy circles along her warm skin. Amber sits up and continues the leg massage in earnest, stroking her upper thighs, softly scratching the velvety soft skin right to where Blanca’s shorts begin.

Kicking off her own espadrilles, Amber continues her climb up Blanca’s prone body, straddling her thighs. Blanca rolls her head back, and slides her hands up the headboard and gripping it, whispering, “Ohhhhh… your hands feel so cool on my hot skin.” Amber undoes the knot at the bottom of Blanca’s black and white plaid shirt and is presented with a black stretch lace top, restraining two beautiful peach-sized breasts.

Amber strokes Blanca’s taut bare belly, slipping her hands underneath the material to softly squeeze and caress her breasts, stroking the nipples and feeling them start to pebble. “Mmmm… Blanca… you feel like silk.”

Blanca sighs as she leans forward and brings her hands to Amber’s face as she kisses her lips, sucking and nibbling on that protruding bottom lip for the first time, but certainly not the last, if she gets any say in the matter at all. Blanca enjoys men and all their manliness. But this… it’s such a contrast. Everything is so soft, curvy, smooth and smaller. She continues planting soft kisses on the corners of her mouth as her fingers trace around Amber’s ears and down her slender jaw, her hands taking in the curvature of her friend’s face and throat. Delighted moans and sighs escape them both as they explore each other, savoring each new sensation.

Blanca pushes Amber away gently, so that she can tug the woman’s blue tank top out of her denim cut-offs, lifting it off and discovers Amber’s lacy bra. Blanca whispers in awe, “My god, Amber… your tits… they’re so full and round! Your bra looks like it’s gonna bust.”

Smirking, Amber replies, “Yeah, I have to buy underwire bras with metal fatigue warranties.” Blanca grins lasciviously as she traces a finger down Amber’s satiny throat to where her décolletage begins and unclasps her bra, letting the floodgates open. She slips the straps off Amber’s shoulders, reverently kissing the pink marks on her shoulders left by the straps. She hugs Amber, hiding her face in the sweet, musky valley between Amber’s breasts. She brushes her lips against one large pale pink nipple and then the other, sighing, “I should be so mad with you for keeping these hidden away from me.”

Amber whimpers, stroking the other woman’s hair as Blanca starts sucking on one of her breasts like a hungry baby, all the while squeezing and tweaking the nipple on the other. She pokes at the nipple with the very tip of her moist tongue, making it strain as it hardens and becomes tauter. Amber’s pale aureoles begin to darken as her breathing become more ragged from Blanca’s velvety lips latched onto her breast, suckling it, running her teeth along the nipple.

“I guess this is something else we have in common,” Amber murmured as she leaned down, lifting Blanca’s camisole, tossing it carelessly over her shoulder. She cupped her small hands around Blanca’s breasts, planting a quick kiss on each before shifting down to lick at the under-swells of her breasts and humming happily as she nuzzled all the soft skin she could reach.

“Mmmm… your tits… taste… sooooo good… I could lick and suck on them all day,” Amber whispered in between sucks and licks.

Blanca tensed slightly. Hesitantly she spoke, “Amber… you don’t think… they’re too small?”

Amber, surprise, gazed up at her friend for a long moment, never stopping her caresses. “Of course not. They’re perfect. Round and sweet.” She stroked the dark tips with her soft fingertips. “Your nipples are so sensitive. You fit perfectly in the palms of my hands… and they’re so soft. How could they be too small?”

Blanca smiled slowly, “Well, some lovers… have said they’re on the small side.” Amber tilted her head and leaned in, to nuzzle her face into the other woman’s neck. “Querida, regardless of their size… they’re yours… they’re beautiful and they turn me on… very very much.”

Blanca shivered from the heat of Amber’s breath on her neck, gasping happily, “Really? Mmmm… I’m so glad… I would have thought you might prefer someone built more like you. You’re so very lush and curvy.”

Amber affectionately bit into the cords in her neck and Blanca gasped, “I didn’t know if we’d ever end up in bed together.” Amber reached up and tousled Blanca’s hair, then kissed her hard on the lips, until their mouths opened together in a mutual moan. Their tongues each moved towards each other, slowly starting to swirl and dance around each other. After several moments, Amber finally pulled away to catch her breath, her hands still in Blanca’s hair. “Blanca, it matters less to me than you’d think. I’ve always enjoyed your friendship and company. This is icing on the cake, being together like this. Now, can we shut up… and fuck like bunnies, please?”

Blanca escort fethiye leaned forward to peck Amber on the lips and then mischievously pushed the other woman off her lap. They finished undressing, playfully tugging each other’s shorts and panties off. They kicked off the bed coverlet and sheets to lay on the bed together, with Amber finding herself on top of Blanca. Blanca sighed as she opened her long, tanned legs and felt Amber shimmy her creamy thighs between hers. They kissed and nibbled at whatever body parts their lips could reach as their mounds pressed and bumped slowly together.

Amber moaned as she gently bit into Blanca’s neck again, relishing the taste of her skin, feeling the other woman thrust at her. Amber slid one hand down between them, rubbing Blanca’s trimmed bush, in search of the delicate seam of flesh that she was finding herself more and more eager to locate and delve into. Blanca’s hands found themselves taking a path up and down Amber’s amble curves, finally resting on the pillowy cheeks of her ass. She clutched at them and gasped as she felt Amber’s fingers pressing into her moistening folds.

Their bodies aligned and re-aligned as they each found another way to make the other moan or sigh. Pressing here caused a shudder, nuzzling tight against here rewarded the nuzzler with a moan of tortured delight, caressing this made a stuttered hiss escape.

Once Amber located Blanca’s clit, still hiding under its hood, she slowly pressed her middle finger against that sensitive button. She stroked it, sliding her finger down to Blanca’s entrance. She was wet. And getting wetter. So wet, slippery, like the fresh oysters they would sometimes eat at lunch. She slicked her finger with Blanca’s juices and continued to rub her clit. She wet another finger, gently popping it past her many slick folds and slipped up into her dripping path. Blanca was in mid-frenzy… rubbing against that single delicious finger, feeling all that exquisite friction on her cloaked nub, while grinding onto the finger penetrating her. She clung to Amber, her tan fingers groping at her full ass, squeezing and pulling on her cheeks as Blanca rode her hand, chasing wave after wave of pleasure.

Amber moved her hand away and raised Blanca’s lithe legs, guiding them into the air. She sat up and kissed a trail from her calves towards that hot, liquid ‘v’ between her thighs. She lay down between Blanca’s legs and rested the woman’s legs on her shoulders. Using her fingers to spread Blanca’s nether lips, she could smell her scent… sexy, spicy. And she could see her scent as well, the moisture making her folds and creases almost iridescent. The room was becoming warmer and warmer from all their playing, even with the cool ocean breeze floating in past the slightly open French doors.

Amber took her pointed tongue and painstakingly ran it up and down the front of Blanca’s entrance, making just the slightest contact with only the very edge of her lips. She enjoyed the contrast of it all. The short coarse hair and the soft, supple skin below it and the tangy flavor of Blanca herself, not quite salty, almost sweet.

And those long silky tanned legs and the many pink-hued folds in between them. She could feel Blanca trying to bounce herself against her face. She blew cool air onto the hottest part of Blanca’s body and said, “Be patient, sweetness, we’ve got all night.” She took her thumbs and used them to hold back Blanca’s outer lips. She brought her mouth down to Blanca’s sweet little slit, kissing and sucking on her tiny inner labia, working her tongue down one side, then up the other. She licked each fold, sucking each crease, nuzzling every contour.

Amber latched onto Blanca’s tender inner lips, just nibbling and almost chewing on them. Once in a while, in an almost absent-minded fashion, she’d seek out her clit, poking and prodding it out some more from under its cloak. She lapped at the little pearl of a clit, feeling it harden and push out from its hiding place. Blanca’s hand clawed at the bed sheets as she felt Amber’s tongue starting to snake itself into her pussy. “Oh, more… your tongue… feel sooo good… please mooooore!!!!” Amber slipped her hands up Blanca’s body until she reached her forearms. Then she ran her hands back down Blanca’s arms until their fingers were laced together.

This drove Blanca over the edge. She began humping at Amber’s lips and chin with her hot slit, her body shuddering from the sublime feelings created by Amber’s tongue. She pulled on Ambers’ hands, as if she were trying to feel her tongue as deeply inside her as possible. Amber knew that Blanca was close, she could feel her insides tightening, clutching at the tip of her tongue. Pulling away momentarily, licking her lips, Amber gasped, “Cum for me, baby, cum on my tongue… I won’t stop ’til I feel you all wet and juicy from cumming on my tongue.” She went back to lapping at Blanca, tongue-fucking her cunt with her silky wet tongue. Blanca cried out as her climax began to take hold, her body arching, drawing up like a bow. She shook and moaned fethiye escort bayan as she came and came, her fingers grasping at Amber’s as her body was overcome by growing waves of pleasure.

Amber slowed down her movements until she was just barely caressing Blanca’s clit and tiny inner lips with the tip of her tongue. As she softly caressed her warm lips against Blanca’s heated parts, she could feel the shuddering of her body beginning to slow. “Ahhhh… please stop… its’ too good… it’s too intense,” Blanca whispered, her firm, dark body covered in a sheen of sweat. Amber raised herself up and lay next to her, brushing Blanca’s hair away from her glowing face. She kissed her neck, pressing her lips to the racing pulse in her throat and slowly caressed Blanca’s body, feeling her breathing returning to normal bit by bit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They fall asleep together, spoon-style, until Blanca wakes about an hour later.

She warily hopped onto her good ankle and carefully walked over to the dresser, leaving Amber stirring softly in the bed. After a moment, she returned to the bed with five silky scarves, waving them over her head like a brightly colored whip. Coquettishly she said, “Now it’s my turn to take care of you.” Amber looked at her, almost shy with sleep, clutching a pillow to her naked form. Blanca asked softly, “Tell me, cariña, would I be right in guessing that the idea of a little bondage doesn’t turn you off?”

Amber sat up, now completely awake and no longer bashful. She stared at her new lover, a delighted look on her face. “I guess we’re both psychic. Seems like I was on the money with the joint and your toes.” Blanca approached her and began to tie the silk to one slender wrist, as she spoke, “Well, that little gimmick with you holding my hands made me think you probably enjoy being restrained and held down every now and then.” Amber surrendered her other wrist to her friend and lover as she sighed, “Blanca, I like the way you think.”

Blanca took full advantage of the headboard, making due with tying the scarves to the feet of the bed and up to Amber’s ankles, since there was no foot board. She stepped back to admire her handiwork. Amber’s lush frame was stretched out, spread-eagle, her full breasts softly sloping to the sides. Her slightly rounded tummy dipped down into a dark brown nest of curls that opened up to a pair of completely shaved and pouty labia. Blanca’s voice was hoarse with excitement as she spoke, “I think I’m going to enjoy this as much as you are.”

With four scarves already in use, Blanca took the final scarf and began to run the tip of one corner along Amber’s arms, working her way to her armpits and down her sides. Blanca smiled as Amber’s body tried to evade the ticklish material. But the struggling only caused the tickling sensations to develop, with Amber’s soft giggling deepening into throaty sighs. Blanca gazed at the restrained woman’s flexing leg and arm muscles as her lips parted in gasp after gasp. She waved the scarf above each nipple, flicking the fabric to and fro, listening to the moans escaping from her pretty captive.

She worked her way around Amber’s entire prone body. Shimmying the silk up one leg and down the other, watching the tremors shake Amber’s body. She then crawled between her legs and began to truly torture Amber by resting the silk against her mound and blowing her breath through the fabric. Even though she only did that for a moment or two, Amber cried and moaned and pulled at the scarves as though someone were penetrating her very core. Blanca knew she’d been right about the bondage idea, and when she pulled the silk away, it was damp with Amber’s wetness.

Blanca raised the scarf to her nose, taking in the delicate scent. She said dreamily, “Oohhh, I can’t wait to taste you. You truly smell good enough to eat… and that’s what I want.” She then took the scarf and tied her hair back with it, to keep it out of her face as she proceeded to work her way between Amber’s thighs. She stroked the sensitive skin that joined pussy and thigh. She stroked the pouting, protruding lips as she lowered her face to them and kissed them. She lapped at them and felt Amber’s body raise itself to her tongue. She sucked on each lip, squeezing them together with her fingers, then pulling them apart, letting Amber’s juices flow. Whenever she parted them, she could see the nectar at its source, almost bubbling out of Amber. She licked at the dark pinking lining, flicking her tongue into each and every nook she encountered. Amber groaned and convulsively opened and shut her legs as far as the restraining silk would allow.

Amber tasted completely different. Blanca had tasted herself on the lips and cocks of various lovers, and Amber had almost a creamy taste, like home-made birthday cake. Blanca felt Amber’s eagerness as she tried to bump and grind herself onto her face. She repeated Amber’s trick, blowing cool air onto the most heated morsel of flesh on Amber’s body, speaking in a tsk-tsk-tsk sort of tone, “Now… now… remember what you said… we’ve got all night.” She delicately hooked her thumbs and employed them to clasp Amber’s naked outer labia. She brought her mouth down again onto Amber’s delicious pussy, lapping at the hot skin before proceeding to kiss and suck on her inner lips.

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