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An Adventure in Gay Paree

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Big Dicks

I had most rewarding day while touring Paris recently…..taking Metro Line 2 to “Pigalle”, walking around Montmartre, then strolling down Blvd De Clichy toward the Moulin Rouge. This street abounds with sex shops, xxx movies, etc. I toured the Musee d’ Erotica, which has a most impressive collection of very graphic porn spread over 4 floors, from all over the world…..something for every taste and persuation, for sure. I covertly played with my rising penis as I took in the hot exhibits, hoping that I might connect with a like-minded fellow traveller, but no such luck that particular day. These exhibits are real hard-on makers.

Afterward spending a most enjoyable two hours in the museum, I walked out onto Blvd De Cichy, and immediately zero’d in on the Altas xxx movie house down the street. I decided to check it out, entered, and paid 7.50 Euros (equiv to $12). It was a rather sleazy sit-down theater, dark as hell, but finally my eyes adjusted to the din, and I observed dozens of horny guys spread around the theater in various seats…..most jacking off. Every so often one would get up and walk into a dark area to the left thru a curtain….hmmm – figured that must be where the action must be.

I cast about for a likely partner, and finally decided to sit a seat away from a nice looking young, black guy in Nike sweats, who was slowly masturbating a huge, glistening hard on….clearly discernable in the lightglow from the screen. God, what a great looking penis!! We immediately reached for each other’s cocks, and slowly stroked each other for awhile. I took a hit from my bottle of fresh “Rush” poppers, offered it to him, and he took a sniff up both nostrils too. That put me on fire….hadn’t gotten off in almost a week of vacation, and my desire to give (and get) head had become quite intense!

I sank to my knees and started sucking him off. It was the “perfect” mouthful…stiff as a board, sticking straight up, nice cut head, and I’d guess a good eight+ inches. He started humping upwards into my mouth as I orally pumped up and down on his dick. I could feel it twitch in my mouth against my tongue as I sucked him off. After a few minutes of this opening act, he suggested we head over to our left thru the curtain….and who was I to object. We broke off, zipped up, and I followed him thru the curtain into what was a totally pitch black men’s room. Couldn’t see a damn thing, so had to literally feel my way to make sure I didn’t trip on anything or bump into balıkesir escort anyone. I was an erotic experience in itself….like being blind, with all other senses acutely aroused. I got back on my knees, took another hit of poppers, dropped my pants to my ankles, and resumed giving my blow job.

I find that being in that supplicant position on my knees in front of a guy to be a huge turn on…like being an altar boy sucking off a priest (one of my favorite adolescent masturbation fantasies). I could tell he was getting close to orgasm…..but he pulled away, and I sensed that he didn’t want to cum in my mouth for some reason (and maybe there was good cause for that – which I appreciate). I then started jacking him off, and in no time, he moaned loudly, shuttered, and ejaculated…. spurting an absolutely huge cumload all over my hand and onto the tile wall and floor. He just kept spurting and spurting…damn – what a load!!!! I wiped my cum-covered hand in the front of my white cotton underpants..as a souvenier for later enjoyment (I enjoy masturbating while licking out cum-crusted briefs on my face). We bade our goodbyes, and he faded into the darkness. It was strange not being able to fully communicate in this foreign country….I speak only a few popular words of “tourist” French.

I adjourned back to the seats, with my hard cock poking straight out of my open fly. There was enough ambient light from the movie to see fairly well, so my intentions were pretty obvoius to anyone looking. I sat in the front row for awhile, took out my small bottle of “Astroglide”, and started jacking off as I watched the flick (which was man-on-woman, and pretty graphic). I looked down the row and noticed this well-dressed younger guy in a light sport coat sitting against the wall…he was masturbating too, and looking at me invitingly. I slid down the row of seats and sat next to him. He whispered “Bon Jour”, I did the same. Then I reached over and took his stiff penis in my hand, and started jacking him off with a slow handjob….he immediately did the same to me. This went on for a few minutes.

Then he reached into his coat pocket, took out a tissue, wiped off my lubed cock, leaned over, and started sucking me off…..it was heavenly. I took a few hits of poppers, he declined my offer of some, then I pulled out of his mouth, got on my knees, and pulled his pants and briefs to his ankles, and reciprocated by giving him a very balıkesir escort bayan enthusiastic blow job on my knees. He kicked off his shoes, pants, and underpants, then spread wide to give me full access to his cock, balls and asshole. He was going wild with pleasure as I sucked his dick, his balls and tongued his asshole (all of which were very clean). He was hunched down on his seat with his equipment nicely positioned for easy access. Took another hit from my brown bottle, and I was now on a mission to extract a big load of cum from this guy,….and he certainly seemed more than willing to accomodate. As I bobbed up and down on his penis, I inserted my lubed finger up his asshole, while he humped up from his seat to meet each of my head pumps…..he was equally turned on. Pretty soon he was grunting loudly. I began to notice that we had attracted a crowd in the adjacent seats….mostly older guys, all watching and enjoying the show.

He suddenly arched up, and held still as he climaxed into my mouth…..I felt, and tasted, his sperm jetting onto my tongue….and this guy must not have cum for days, because it was a very intense and large ejaculation of sperm. I could feel his cum spurt in my mouth, also his anal spincters pulsating around my finger in perfect time with his cum spurts. About the same time I saw two other guys, who had been jacking off, shoot on the floor. It was like being in a porn movie. It took the two of us a good 5 minutes to come down from our cloud nine, and stop beathing hard. What grand sex!!!!

But, I still hadn’t gotten off, so I continued to prowl the theater. In the very back of the balcony, I noticed someone on his knees giving head to an older gentleman, who was, quite obviously, having the time of his life. When I got closer, I saw that the guy on his knees was a fully-dressed transvestite, complete with wig, make-up, heels, hose, etc. Pretty soon the older guy started thrashing around and came in his/her mouth….and she took it all and swallowed it all down with an audible gulp. The older guy, immediately zipped up, thanked the guy, and left….leaving me in the adjoining seat, cock in hand. The CD seemed relatively uninterested in me for some reason, but didn’t seem to mind when I reached up her dress and stroked her hose, garter belt and lacey panties. I was jacking off. I expected to feel a hard cock, but he had tucked beneath him somehow….I could feel no noticable bulge. I escort balıkesir soon tired to this, and went on to greener pastures, since this guy showed no interest in sucking me off….go figure? I really needed to get off at that point.

I walked around the theater a little more, when I discovered a stairway leading down to a lower level. At the bottom, I found yet another theater, a bit smaller, but just as active. I sat down and jacked off awhile, having relubed my cock….which was getting uncomfortably sore with all the attention it had been getting. At some point you can’t rub your cock anymore without it getting raw….and I had reached that stage. I checked out the exit stairs (marked “sortie), which was dimly well lit, and found a whole bunch of guys standing around this twosome…..one was a young guy on his knees – barely 21 I’d guess, baseball cap turned backwards, giving very nice head to a much bigger, and equally young guy, leaning up against the wall. The bigger kid seemed to be in a trance-like state of pleasure. You could clearly see the big kid’s large, stiff penis as the other kid’s mouth slid up and down on it…..with his saliva making it glisten in the dim light.

It was a truly erotic spectacle, and all in the crowd were masturbating as they watched. In a few minutes, you could tell that this big guy was getting real close to cumming, so did the young cocksucker, as he quickened his mouth strokes. The big kid came, gangbusters, into the other kid’s mouth, just as three other onlookers shot-off on the stairs. It was a genuine “cumathon”. When the big kid zipped up and split, I slid over and took his place against the wall in front of the young guy. I took a hit of poppers, the kid did too. He seemed pleased with the new hard cock that had just been presented to him. I dropped my pants, and the kid leaned forward and gave me one of the best blow jobs I’ve had in months….to the combined pleasure of the dozen of so onlookers that were still hanging around, jacking off. I humped in and out of the kid’s mouth for the benefit of our audience, and it didn’t take like long……I came like a racehorse, arching as I did with a loud groan. The kid took it all, gulping down my sperm as I spurted in his mouth. A bunch of guys, cheered, and quickened their strokes, and I watched as 3 or 4 ejaculated onto the stairs in nice ropey cumspurts. What a trip!

By that stage, I was getting sweaty and exhausted. I pulled up my pants, and went back into the theater, just to sit and recover. After I orgasm, especially one as intense as this, my libido falls off dramatically, and this was no exception. It wasn’t until about four hours later, after a nice lunch at a Montmartre bistro, that my desire returned….but that’s another whole story.

Damn, Paris is a great town!!!!

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