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An Affair that won’t be Forgotten

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He wasn’t intending on having an affair, he was just bored. It started innocently enough, as most things do. Morgan was sitting on the couch on a Saturday afternoon watching college football and surfing the internet. His wife was off doing something, she had told him, but he had more or less ignored her, he just knew she would be out of the house most of the day. Their kids were off in college and wouldn’t be home for a couple months. He had discovered an adult message board called Literotica a couple weeks earlier and had read a lot of the posts, exploring different areas as a guest. There were sections where people discussed politics, adult literature, porn and a personals section where people posted that they were looking to chat with people, meet or in some way connect.

After reading some of the posts he found one where the poster provided her username on a chat site, ‘nakedwife88’. He installed the app on his phone, created a username, Footballguy52, and followed the prompts to contact the poster. Nakedwife88’s profile had a picture that appeared to be a professional picture of a topless woman. Morgan immediately suspected that Nakedwife88 was a fraud, but he sent her a message anywhere saying, “Hi, saw your post on Literotica. I’m Morgan.”

Fairly quickly, a response came back saying, “Hi Morgan, I’m Sandy. I’m naked. Want to fuck me?”

Morgan laughed to himself. He had been around the internet enough to know that the majority of women posting, weren’t. While he guessed it was possible this was a horny woman, the odds were against it. He really didn’t want to be part of some guy’s jerk off session, so he closed the chat, set his phone aside, and went back to watching his football game. After a while he pulled his laptop back out and went back to Literotica to surf some more. He realized that a lot of the users posting in the personals asked that you send a PM through the site and to he needed an account to do it. He found the register link and discovered it wanted an email address. “Shit,” he thought, “I don’t want to use my real email for this site.”

He pulled up a free email service and created a new mail account using the name Footballguy0052 since Footballguy52 was already in use. Then he returned to Literotica and finished registering for the site and logging in. He found a couple of women’s posts in the personals section, checked their profiles which usually contained very little, and sent a few PM’s to introduce himself and asked if they wanted to chat. He didn’t get any immediate responses, so he put his laptop away and went to kitchen to get another beer and some peanuts.

Half an hour later he opened his laptop again and found he had responses from a couple of his PM’s. The first said “Fuck off noob.” The second was just “Hi”. He figured out how to delete the first response, then responded to the second. He exchanged a few messages with ‘Karen’ and then she asked if he wanted to cam. He had never done that, but was intrigued. At the very least he figured he’d find out for sure if ‘Karen’ was actually a female. He told her sure, but he would have to set up an account, to which she responded with her username. He assumed that he could use that to find her once he created an account and logged in.

He installed the app and used his new email address to create an account and log in. He searched for ‘Karen’ and found her fairly quickly. Her account had a display name of Karen as well, so he assumed he had the right one. A quick message to connect with her and she responded immediately, obviously waiting for him. After a couple pleasantries, she sent a message that read, “Cam?”

“Sure,” he responded and within seconds the tone began, and Karen was calling him. He clicked the button to accept the video and was face to face with a very large woman who was wearing a flannel shirt, unbuttoned and showing most of her breasts. From the angle of the camera he couldn’t tell what else she was or wasn’t wearing, but he quickly discovered that the answer was nothing.

“Still have your pants on?” she asked with a grin as she pulled a dildo out from beside her and put it in her mouth.

Morgan was a bit surprised by this and not entirely comfortable, but thought, “what the fuck.” He hadn’t had sex with his wife in about a month and even when they did, it was nothing exciting, so he moved the laptop to the coffee table in front of him and unbuttoned his pants, slipping them down and pulling out his semi-hard cock.

She smiled and adjusted her laptop to show more of herself and spread her legs, revealing a hairy and untrimmed bush. She pulled her legs back and slid the dildo inside her and began to moan and tell him how much she wanted him to fuck her. They watched each other as they masturbated, and she urged him on until both climaxed. Not sure what to do next, Morgan picked up a napkin and began to clean the cum from his hand and stomach. “Awww, what a waste of cum,” Karen said with a smile as she slipped her dildo into her mouth and licked it clean. “Thank you, that was fun,” she said, “say hi anytime almanbahis yeni giriş you want to get off.”

Morgan smiled and said, “OK, I will.”

The screen went blank, and the call ended. Morgan sat for a moment and thought, “what the fuck just happened?” He pulled his pants back up and got himself resituated, then went back to Literotica and surfed some more. “Is that really all it takes, just PM a couple women and in minutes you are jerking off on cam with someone?” As he explored further, he found some other boards and began reading the posts, realizing that several were populated by what were obviously regulars who knew each other well it seemed. He spent the rest of the afternoon reading different boards and settled on one that seemed to be a lot of people flirting and posting to threads that were a lot like ongoing games.

He caught a few obvious personalities, some that seemed very nice and fun, others that appeared abrasive and the normal set of trolls that are a part of any online community. In other words, just like the real world. After a while he put his laptop down and watched some more football until his wife came home. They had dinner, a polite discussion about the kids or the house or something, then went their separate ways again as usual. She went off to the bedroom to watch TV while he returned to the den and flipped on the evening football games.

He pulled his laptop up and went back to Lit, he had noted that the users referred to it as lit, and began reading again. He responded to a few threads, but mostly just watched the dynamic, trying to figure out the personalities a bit. After a while he noted a few women who seemed friendly and after reading their profiles and deciding they were at least open to being contacted, he sent a few PMs like the one’s before where he introduced himself. Over the next couple of hours he got one response, had a brief and cordial conversation but realized it wasn’t like the personals board where people were just looking to get off with someone.

It was getting late, so he turned off the TV, cleaned up the day’s mess and headed to the bedroom. His wife was sitting in her chair, watching something on TV. He went into the bathroom, undressed except for a t-shirt and boxers, brushed his teeth and climbed into bed. He pulled out his tablet and caught up on scores and other news of the day, before turning off the light and slipping under the covers. His wife turned off the TV and came to bed a few minutes later. He was quite aroused from the stuff he had spent the evening reading, so he rolled over and laid his arm across his wife’s chest.

He could tell if she was in the mood or not from that most of the time, depending on which way she moved. Her back to him meant, no, facing him meant, probably. They fooled around a little before she slid her hand down and pushed his boxers down. He knew that meant she was on top tonight and after a few light tugs on his cock, she pushed him onto his back, straddled his hips, and slid his cock inside her. She moved a bit and he played with her breasts until she came. She continued to ride his cock, though it was obvious she wanted him to finish now, so he did, at which point she rolled off him, turned her back to him and went to sleep. He shook his head, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Sunday morning, Morgan slipped out of bed, made a cup of coffee and went to the den to watch a movie. His normal Sunday morning was a western and a cup of coffee before spending the day puttering around the house or playing golf. Today was a golf day, he had a noon tee-time. After the movie, he made some breakfast, dressed and headed for the golf course.

After a decent round and a couple beers with his golf buddies, he headed home and showered, then grabbed his laptop and settled into the den. He surfed his normal web sites, nothing exciting going on, then went back to lit. A response to one of his PM’s, a polite brush off. He read a few threads and saw a post from someone named Elena in a thread about cats vs dogs. She had posted that cats were far superior to dogs, which Morgan knew to be an absolute falsehood. He began to respond to the thread, but first checked out a feature of the site that allowed him to see other posts by Elena.

He saw that she was very active and quite flirty. Well, more than flirty, she was pretty aggressive and open about her exploits and many of the men on the site were pretty open about their feelings about her. He hesitated, wondering why she would be interested in him with all these other men after her that obviously knew her already, but decided to contact her anyway. He sent her a message, explaining to her how wrong she was about the superiority of cats, then closed his laptop and went about the rest of his day. A few things around the house, dinner, then watched some TV with his wife before going to sleep.

The next morning he was up at five am like always. Coffee and the news, surfed a little porn, then showered and into his home office for work. He kept his personal laptop open and almanbahis giriş occasionally would check things that would be frowned upon in the office. He popped open lit and got a pop-up that he had a message from Elena. He opened the message, her once again claiming cats were the superior beast. They exchanged several messages, introducing themselves and providing some background. “Elena” was actually Cecily. She was in her mid-forties, about 8 years younger than Morgan, and married as well. She said that her sex life wasn’t great with her husband, the standard theme for most on lit it seemed, thus she was on lit to meet people and get what she wasn’t getting from her husband. She also said that her husband had taken a job where he traveled for months at a time and she was living with her sister and brother in-law.

They continued to chat, until Morgan asked her if she wanted to chat somewhere else as the lit PM interface is not a great place to chat. She responded with her user name. He opened the app, saw that Karen had sent him a porn clip on Sunday with a note that read, “I’m horny”. He laughed and found Cecily through the user search and contacted her. She responded and they continued their chat. About half an hour into their chat, a voice message appeared, and Morgan clicked it to listen. Her voice was beautiful, a slight Southern accent with a breathy sexual tone. Their conversation continued though voice messages, rather than text messages for a few more minutes before she said that it was her lunch time, and she was going up to her bedroom to masturbate.

Morgan was taken a little off guard, but decided to take a shot and responded with a voice message asking, “Do you want company?”

“Well of course I do,” she responded, “Give me a couple minutes to use the bathroom.”

Morgan smiled and responded to a couple emails while he waited. His wife was home, so he would have to be quiet. A few minutes later a voice message popped up and he listened and heard her begin to role play a sex scene with him as they exchange voice messages. Two pictures popped up of her breasts in a red nighty, one just her cleavage, the other with part of her nipple exposed. Her breasts were big and heavy and a few moments later she sent a short video clip of her fingers pinching as tugging on her nipple. Interspersed with the roll play, they would tell each other what they were doing as they each masturbated. The delays from the voice messages made it a little challenging, but it was hot as fuck and before long Morgan was ready to cum as he listened to her climax. He slowed as the clip finished and quickly began to record his response, reaching his own climax and breathlessly saying “fuck” as he shot a load of cum that splattered onto his dress shirt.

They exchanged a few more voice messages before they both realized they needed to get back to work. They continued to chat occasionally throughout the day, then again in the evening and they roll played through voice message again. When they finished, they chatted a bit more then said goodnight and went to bed.

For the next several days, Morgan and Cecily chatted occasionally throughout the day. They would keep in touch with each other but with each passing day, it seemed to Morgan that Cecily was less interested. Morgan continued to browse lit and had met and chatted with several women and in some cases played on-line with them. One woman in particular he was chatting with regularly, though after an initial voice chat where they masturbated together, it had become a mostly friendly relationship.

About a week later, Morgan was feeling a bit horny and began messaging Cecily some very suggestive things. Cecily was polite but let him know she wasn’t in the mood. Morgan was frustrated, he thought there was something between them more than with the other women he talked with. He knew they weren’t in some exclusive relationship, but he felt like they had something special. Frustrated, Morgan messaged her and said, “it feels like you have lost interest in me.”

Cecily’s response was direct. “I am not always in the mood for sexy stuff. Sometimes I’m not in the mood,” she typed.

Morgan felt like an ass. He apologized but pretty much left her alone the rest of the day and that evening. He said good night to her, and she responded, but he figured that he had pretty much wrecked whatever there was between them. By the time he went to bed, he was pretty worked up and began thinking about Cecily and touching himself as he lay in bed beside his sleeping wife. He picked up his phone and sent a message to Cecily saying, “Laying here stroking my cock thinking of you.” He rolled over and went to sleep, horny and frustrated.

The next morning he woke and made a cup of coffee, pulled out his laptop and re-read what he had said last night. At that moment he realized how much of an ass he had been. He sent her a message saying, “Good morning. I am sorry for what I said last night. That was uncalled for and completely disrespectful to you.” He sent the message and assumed that would almanbahis güvenilirmi be the last time her heard from her. He went about his morning, feeling like an asshole.

A couple hours later he saw a message from Cecily. He opened it and read it, “Thank you, it’s fine.” But he knew it wasn’t. He had treated her like a piece of meat and had allowed himself to get caught up in the persona that many on lit take on and forgot that behind that persona is a real person with real feelings. He continued to stay in touch with her with little notes in the morning, saying good night to her at bedtime, but her responses were just polite. Most evenings, she told him she was playing a video game and they rarely chatted.

A couple weeks later, he noted that she had posted on the board several things that indicated that she was very upset. He didn’t know the details, but he could tell something was wrong. He messaged her and let her know that if she needed a friend or a shoulder to lean on, he was there. She responded quickly and let him know that some people on lit had said some very cruel things to her and that coupled with her husband not calling for two nights had made her very upset. Morgan just let her vent and gave her a virtual shoulder to lean on.

They talked more over the next few days, but it was just as friends. He assumed that they were just going to be friends, and he was fine with that. She was fun and interesting, with a quirky sense of humor, and he was beginning to develop a group of friends and feel more at home on the lit boards. One night that week he was watching TV when she messaged him. They chatted and he felt a flirtyness to the chat that he hadn’t felt in a while. She teased him a bit and after a while the chat turned sexy, and they once again exchanged voice messages while they masturbated together. They said good night when they were finished and Morgan told himself that it didn’t mean anything, it was just a thing, and he wasn’t going to make more out of it than it was.

They continued to chat more regularly for a few days, and it seemed to Morgan that they had developed a nice friendship, and maybe a friends with benefits thing. They chatted and flirted, the rest of the week until Friday when Morgan had a really crappy day. Work, wife, all of it seemed to be a mess that day. As they were chatting that evening, he made a comment to Cecily about how bad his day had been. She was so sweet and caring and they chatted late into the night, getting to know more about each other. At one point she started getting playful, but he told her he appreciated it, but after the day he’d had, he wasn’t really in the mood. As they said their goodnights, he thanked her for letting him vent and she let him know that she was glad to do it, that he had been there for her when she needed it, it was only right that she returned the favor.

Morgan got up on Saturday morning, made his coffee and pulled out his laptop. As he usually did, he said good morning to Cecily and a few other on-line friends, not expecting to hear from her for a while as she usually slept later. A few minutes later she responded with a voice message. They exchanged voice messages that became more playful and before long they were roll playing and masturbating again. After they finished, they continued chatting off and on for several hours. Cecily told him that she had found a vibrator when she was cleaning out a closet that she didn’t remember buying and was unopened and never used. They had talked about how they wanted to do a voice call so they could really cum together and not have the delay that comes along with exchanging voice messages and decided trying out the new vibrator was the perfect way to do that. They agreed that they would do it that night, but it would have to be later than normal to make sure his wife was in bed and he could have some privacy. The day was getting away and they both had things to do, so they went about their days, but throughout the day they messaged each other, keeping each other aroused and excited for the whole day.

That evening they spoke on a voice call for the first time and it was amazing. They teased each other, urged each other on and listened to each other as they came together. Cecily tried out the new vibrator and enjoyed it a lot. Both had to be somewhat quiet since others were in their houses, but the urgency and intensity of their time together was amazing.

Over the next few weeks, they were the first voice each heard every morning and the last voice they heard each night. They grew closer and began to explore different fantasies and she gave him access to control her internet app controllable vibrator when they played. They both continued to chat and sometimes play with others as well, but they were more and more becoming a thing. Her playfulness and sexuality were one of the many things he adored about her, but he continued to see her posting on the boards things that were very flirty with other men and it bothered him. He didn’t say anything though, he wanted to let her be herself, because that was who he so enjoyed being with. One afternoon when they were chatting, she posted a couple of more flirty than usual things and it upset him. He made a snarky comment to her about the guys she was flirting with and regretted it immediately. She responded, “Are you jealous?”

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