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An Affair with a Girl

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Things in the sex department had been pretty darn slow with my fiancée of five years. He is quite a bit older than me. The first few years were absolutely divine. But then it all came to a screeching halt when he developed some medical problems. I blamed myself for his lack of interest for a long time, then when I realized it went beyond that, I asked him to see a doctor. He wouldn’t. After many heated arguments, I decided that I wasn’t going to miss out. We just can’t bear to split up, but I told him I wasn’t waiting forever. Finally, one day, I asked him what he thought of an open relationship. He said he had been waiting for that question.

What a relief. Literally.

As a woman in my prime, I had had a couple of affairs. Nothing serious, and nothing regular. I was mostly wearing out a lot of batteries.

Ever since almost being seduced by my best friend about ten years ago, I had wondered what it would be like to go ‘all the way’ with another woman. I decided that since I wasn’t getting any younger, I’d have to go after it, instead of waiting around for that chance to never come again. You only live once. It was time to grab my sex life life by the balls. Or lack of.

I placed an ad on a website known for these kind of hookups. Got a few really bizarre responses, of course, but there was one reply from a really cool sounding girl. I say girl, because she was almost ten years younger. And the photos she had attached blew me away — what a hottie! Long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and lots of interesting curves. I replied right away, a bit paranoid about whether this was a real person. Sites like that tend to be magnets for weirdos, and you can never be too careful, you know?

We traded phone numbers, and yes — she was real! We decided to meet at a bar and have a few drinks, see what developed from there. I was so nervous, it was really weird getting ready for a date with a female! I couldn’t help thinking that it was the same process as getting ready for a date with a guy.

When we got out of our cars, I wanted to hug her, but was just too shy. It seemed like she didn’t know what to do with her hands either, so after just grinning at each other like a couple of fools, we went in and ordered a couple of beers. The conversation was easy, we are both pretty laid back people. We had a good couple of hours just chatting away about our respective fiancées, work, & life in general. It was getting late for a work night. I started yawning, saying I had to be up at 4:30 for work the next morning.

She took a drag of her cigarette, blew the smoke in my face, and said fethiye escort “I’d like to see you again.” I was blown away by her directness. In a very good way…I don’t know where my usual nerve had gone, but I was glad she made up for it! We decided that I’d go to her house the next week, since mine had no privacy whatsoever.

We exchanged emails about how psyched we were for the next week, and talked on the phone a couple times. Finally, the day came. I was ridiculously nervous, of course. But the anticipation had almost led me to pull off the road and rub one off before I had even gotten there.

She had left work early, since I got out earlier than her and was going to her house right from there. She answered the door with a friendly “Hey!” and a large grin. I plopped down on the couch and pulled out the DVDs I had brought with. We picked “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan”. I figured it would go well with the joint we were about to smoke. We talked for a bit, and just got comfy. She was easy to be comfortable around. Her fiancée came home during the first half hour of the movie, and she introduced us. After a quick chat, he made himself scarce. He knew what was up.

Finally, sensing that I was not going to make the first move, she asked if I minded if she kissed me. I just couldn’t get over the fact that she was younger, but bolder. It definitely worked for me! I said, “I don’t mind if you don’t.” She leaned over and brushed my hair from my face, moving her lips closer until they met mine, softly. She had beautiful, full, soft lips. Our tongues met, and the tingling in my nether regions attested to the growing passion. We kissed harder, devouring each other’s mouths, tasting the heat as we began to moan. She moved her lips to my neck, and began nibbling, licking, sucking. Her hands began to roam down to my breasts, and her fingers quickly found my already hardened nipples and began working them, much to my pleasure.

I moaned quietly…since her fiancée was in the house, I didn’t want to make too much noise. He had encouraged her to try out her fantasy of another woman, but the condition was that he had to be there, she had told me. Smart. These days, you never know who’s who. In any case, worrying about what he would hear from the couch would be out of my mind very soon.

My mouth found the soft warm skin of her neck and began licking and biting softly. I could tell she liked this by the low moan coming from her throat. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but figured I’d try things that I knew I liked myself. It seemed to be working so far…I was still sort of nervous, escort fethiye but that would go out the window soon along with worrying about the noise we were making!

My hand found her breasts, and I began rubbing her nipples, both of them, back and forth with the palm of my hand. Since she seemed to be enjoying this, I cupped one, lifting it slightly, and started pinching her hardened nipple slowly, softly. Her breathing became more rapid against my neck, and I kissed her hard, with a passion I had all but forgotten. I was absolutely reveling in this effect I had on her, it was so new and exciting. I was seriously dripping wet…

She stood suddenly, and started tearing off her clothes. I followed suit, of course. Her body was beautiful — soft, with curves in all the right places. We began kissing again as our four hands roamed over each other’s body. She moved down to my breasts, and began sucking softly on my extremely sensitive nipples. My hips gyrated in response as I moaned, and her hand found it’s way down my side, over my hip, and around to caress my inner thigh, teasing…teasing, before it wrapped around my ass and pulled it towards her own hips. We ground together, her on top of me, rubbing her gorgeous breasts back and forth against mine, each feeling the heat of the other’s body. Our breathing was coming in short gasps as we explored each other’s mouths with our lips and tongues.

I flipped her over to lie on her back, so I was on top now. I began licking my way down her neck, slowly and softly. Her breathing slowed a bit, and her body began writhing in the pleasure and anticipation of what was to come. My tongue worked it’s way from her neck, slowly in one line to her hardened nipple, and I began swirling circles, before the animalistic passion took over again, and began sucking hard on it. Her breathing came in short gasps again…I was loving this control over her responses! I moaned against her hot skin, and began moving my lips slowly down her stomach. I was caressing her face as my face worked it’s way down, when my fingers brushed her lips, she took them and began sucking in earnest. I trailed my wet fingers down her neck, in between her breasts, caressing, kneading, finally settling on twirling her nipple between my fingers. My lips were just below her navel, teasing, licking, sucking, pushing in to her belly with my tongue.

Her hips were pushing up invitingly, but I was determined to tease. She was moaning loudly now, and I moaned softly against her skin as my mouth made it’s way further south.

I put both hands under her, to lift her ass towards fethiye escort bayan my face. I was between her legs now, and pushed one leg out with my head, so she was opened wider. Her hips tried to find my mouth, but I was still teasing…I softly kissed her inner thigh, swirling my tongue around while kneading her ass, not letting her down, wanting the anticipation to torture her a little more. My tongue found it’s way to the top of her lips, and I teased her there for a moment before quickly moving down to spread her lips with it. The taste was heavenly — too much to resist. I moaned into her pussy as I felt my own dripping incessantly, and began licking and sucking to my heart’s content. My lips found her clit, and I wrapped them around it, sucking gently, not letting go as her hips began to buck wildly. My tongue flicked as I sucked, and her moans were so loud by now that the neighbors five houses away could probably hear! Suddenly her body stiffened, her hips came up, and I pulled her ass tighter against my face. She came hard, in a moment she was shaking violently as she screamed in pleasure. My face wet with her juices, I moved up and kissed her passionately, then a bit slower as her breathing began to return to normal. I pulled myself away, and there was a shit-eating grin on her face.

“Wow,” was all she could say through the grin.

I smiled back and agreed completely.

We sat up then, and her eyes were still glazed as her hand dropped between my legs, right into my hot wetness. My head went back against the couch as I reveled in the pleasure of feeling another woman’s fingers working their way around my clit. They started moving faster as she began sucking my breasts, lightly biting the nipples before pulling them in to suck harder, and her fingers moved faster still. My hips ground against her fingers in response…no other thought could enter my head but her fingers furiously bringing me closer to orgasm. My body tingled as I felt it building, and then it hit. My hips bucked harder into her hand, as I let out one long, loud, shaky moan. She kissed me hard as I moaned into her mouth, her fingers never stopping their speed. She moaned back into my mouth, and I came again fast, not quite as hard this time, but still incredibly mind-blowing. I had to push her hand away and we both laughed.

“Wow,” was all I could say through my shit-eating grin. She just laughed in response.

We just sat there for a while, trying to get a grip on what had just happened. It was incredible. I was kicking myself for not trying this out sooner! But before long, I had to pee. I made my way down the hall on still shaky legs, and through the bedroom, where her fiancée was lounging, raging hard-on at attention! I gave him an evil grin and hit the bathroom. I would meet that raging hard-on close up before long…

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