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An Amazing Discovery Ch. 05

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who have taken the time to vote and post comments on the previous four chapters. I do appreciate the feedback, positive and negative.

I would also like to point out that this story is total fiction, whilst some of the events reflect real life situation’s the characters are not based on anyone in particular. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is just coincidence.

Chapter 5

At dinner that evening, we all spoke about our trip to Aunt Jane’s. We realised that it must be over five years since we had last visited her. She lived about five hours drive away on the west coast. Aunt Jane was my mother’s younger sister. She is a whole two minutes younger, being my Mothers twin.

Unlike Clare and me, my Mother and Aunt Jane are identical twins. They have always been close, although in recent times contact has been by almost daily phone calls.

After dinner I helped Clare clear up, we had finished in no time and I asked Clare if she would like to go for a walk. Clare accepted and I told our Mother what we were doing.

Clare and I headed out of the door, going nowhere in particular. “Clare, I hope you don’t mind me selling the family business?” I asked. Clare had a somewhat puzzled look on her face.

“Why would I mind?” She continued “I wanted you to sell the business, I really miss my brother; you had become a real grump trying to cope with that place.”

I took Clare’s arm in mine, to anyone else watching we would have looked like a real couple out for a romantic walk, not brother and sister getting some fresh air.

“God, I’m so sorry for the way I behaved Clare.” She stopped and looked me straight in the eyes, I continued “It’s just there has been so much to deal with in the last few month’s. What with Dad and everything, plus my gorgeous sister telling me she loves me more than just in a sisterly way.”

Clare’s eyes were tearing up, but I could see a look of deep love there, also there; which I hadn’t seen in a while was the twinkle. I had not seen the twinkle in her eye since the day I got Brad off her.

“Dave, I’m really looking forward to this trip.” Clare’s face lit up as she continued, “Have you noticed a change in Mother recently?”

“How do you mean?” I asked. “Well, the other night we were together until quite late into the morning, and Mother never said a word when we came down for breakfast. And she didn’t make a big deal of the robe I wore, or your comment about me walking round naked all the time.” Clare stood in front of me and her eyes widened as she took in what she had said. “Oh my God, Dave she knows she bloody well knows” Clare shrieked.

“Knows what! We haven’t done anything Clare, OK we done some pretty heavy petting and spent the night together twice. I am bloody sure she does not know we have been making out, so that means she knows we spent the night together. Hell we slept in the same room for ten years!”

Clare gorukle escort bayan looked like rabbit caught in the headlight’s, which really surprised me especially as she had been the one that started all this.

“Clare, I don’t see what the big deal is, if Mom had a problem she would definitely say something, you know that.” I replied.

Clare responded, “Well I guess so, but you must admit Mom is different now.”

“Clare, of course she’s different darling, she just lost her husband of nearly thirty years. She’s bound to be thinking and feeling differently at the moment.”

Clare looked very sad as the reality of what I said hit her; I took her in my arms and gave her a big hug. She melted into my arms and we stood there for quite sometime. We continued to walk, before long we found ourselves standing outside the garage.

Clare asked if we could go in, she wanted one last look around before we sold the place. Grudgingly I opened up the clasp on the large steel gate and let her through, closing the gate behind us.

I walked into the garage behind Clare, as we did I inhaled the familiar smell of the workshop; old engine oil, fuel and grease. I found it quite comforting; probably because I now felt no pressure, I had no need to prove myself.

I had found it difficult with Dad’s customers, even though I had worked there for six years most people wanted to speak to him. After he had died it made it very uncomfortable with most of the customers, who without realising I’m sure were comparing me with my Father all the time; things like “Your Father would have had that fixed hours ago.”

“Earth to Dave, come in Dave.” I realised that I had been daydreaming and Clare was shouting to get me back to the real world.

“Penny for them.” She said. “Oh nothing just memories” I said.

“I hope they were good ones, I want you to have good memories about this place” Clare replied.

I responded with a saddened heart as I realised they were not particularly good memories. “No Clare, no they’re not particularly good ones, it’s a long time since there were good memories from this place. It’s been so hectic the last few months; we didn’t have the fun that we used to when I first started.”

Clare walked over to the recovery truck parked in the corner; she climbed up onto the flatbed and sat down legs crossed. “Remember the opening day when we were kids?” She asked.

“I sure do, we all had our photo taken with that truck.” I replied.

There it was again, that twinkle in Clare’s eye, “Dave, do you still keep your camera in the glove box of your truck?”

“Sure, Why?” I responded.

“Err Dufus, I want my picture taken!” Clare made a silly face at me.

I went back to my truck and retrieved my camera as Clare had asked, when I returned to the workshop she was still sat on the recovery truck, but her legs were dangling over the side.

I said “Cheese” as I focused the nilüfer escort bayan camera to take the first picture, Clare gave me one of her melt your heart smiles. However, she had something else in mind, as I focused the camera; Clare opened her legs wide… She wasn’t wearing any knickers; I was looking straight at her pussy as she came into focus through the viewfinder.

“Clare! What the hell are you doing?” I shouted, Clare just told me to shut up and carry on taking pictures until she told me to stop!

As I took the photo’s Clare stripped slowly and sensuously, I could not believe how hot she looked as she continued to loose her clothes until finally she was naked. She just beckoned me over to her with her finger.

Clare said “Get up here Dave; we’ve got memories to make.”

I climbed onto the bed of the truck; Clare was now lying on her back, using her discarded clothes as a blanket. I knelt down and kissed her forehead, moving slowly I continued to her eyelids and her nose. Smothering her with feather light kisses,

Clare reached up and lifted my t-shirt over my head, then she pulled me down to her and our lips touched, I felt Clare’s mouth open and slowly her tongue started to caress my lips; I opened my mouth and our tongues wrestled back and forth like gladiators in the amphitheatre.

I fondled Clare’s breast’s with the palms of my hands, as I did I felt her wonderful nipples stiffen and grow. Damn this girl’s nipples are amazing, I’ve never seen or felt anything like them before. Without even realising what I was doing I bent down and sucked Clare’s left nipple into my mouth, as I did so Clare let out a sigh, her body stiffened and I swear her nipple grew another half inch in my mouth. “Oh Dave fuck that’s amazing, suck harder, suck it harder” Clare hissed.

What with the sight of Clare’s strip and the hot action that was going on, I was painfully hard.

I’m not the most well endowed guy on earth but I was being painfully restricted by my jeans and pants. Clare must have sensed my discomfort, as she proceeded to undo the zipper and unbutton my jeans.

I tugged my jeans down my legs and kicked them off, flinging them to the other side of the workshop. Clare wasted no time in pulling down my boxers; they followed the jeans.

Clare scooted down beneath my and took hold of my rock hard prick, she ran her tongue the length, from the base right to the swollen purple head. She ran her tongue around the head and swiped it across the top, paying special attention to the pre-cum leaking from my japs eye.

I switched to Clare’s right nipple and sucked that into my mouth, nipping it lightly with my teeth. I tweaked her left nipple between my fingers. Clare’s hand had settled between her legs, she was circling her clit and plunging her fingers into her steaming hot pussy.

Clare had continued playing her tongue over my prick, it was driving me wild I just bursa otele gelen escort bayan wanted to take it into her mouth, I couldn’t wait to feel the warmth and the pleasure that she could give with that magic tongue of hers. Suddenly Clare took my prick into her mouth. It sank all the way to the back of her throat; I could feel her hot breath on my stomach. She sucked me into her mouth with all her strength and then pushed me up until her lips surrounded just the tip.

We both stopped, as if frozen in time, I looked deep into Clare’s eye’s and felt such love and warmth radiating from her it brought tears to my eyes. Without I word being spoken, I knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Clare released my prick from her mouth; it glistened with her saliva. I gently lowered my body over hers. My prick rested in the clevis of her pussy, without taking my eyes of Clare’s I manoeuvred until my prick was resting at her entrance. I kissed her liked we had never kissed before, I felt like we were as one. I slowly slid my prick up and down her slit, rubbing against her womanhood I could feel how hot she was, how wet she was. Could I do this? Could I make love to my sister? MY SISTER!

I think Clare must have sensed my hesitation; she took matters into her own hands, or to be correct her own pussy! I felt an amazing feeling wash over my body; it felt like a velvet glove surrounded me. I could feel Clare’s pussy drawing my prick into her. This was it, I was no longer a virgin and it was thanks to my gorgeous sister!

I thrust into Clare; I could feel my prick being squeezed by Clare’s pussy muscles. We were as one, we soon settled into a loving rhythm, slow and steady, I was amazed that I was able to last longer than a couple of seconds.

If I was honest with myself, I was living out a fantasy that I’d had for years, but always pushed to the back of my mind as wrong.

Clare was amazing, she was controlling the pace, she was sensing when I was getting close and slowed the pace. Then she flicked a switch in my head with the statement “You can fuck me as hard as you like, I want to feel you come in me!”

With that, I sped up and thrust as hard as I could, unsurprisingly I lasted only a few more seconds before I blew my load deep inside Clare’s pussy. To be honest I think I may have passed out for a second or two, I had never felt anything like that in my life before. Still Clare was busy milking my prick as it deflated and slid from her warmth.

Clare lay there for a few seconds she looked amazing, as beautiful as ever but somehow with a look of total relaxation on her face. Even her body seemed to be blooming, radiating positive vibes.

Clare leaned up on her elbows and asked me to take her picture; she wanted to capture her feelings after our first fuck. I complied, taking several shots, including some of her oozing pussy. She then took the camera from me and took some of me including my rapidly recovering prick, still covered in our combined juices.

Once she was happy with the photo’s Clare put the camera down and gently sucked my prick back into her mouth, gave it a couple of sucks then suddenly let go.

“There you go lover boy, all nice and clean again” Clare said as she recovered her clothes and got dressed.

To be continued…

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