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An Earful of Rain

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I keep looking in the mirror but I just don’t see it. Personally I find a gray haired granny looking back at me, not eye catching but not butt ugly either. A modest woman, demure, perhaps a bit to the withdrawn, but that’s just my opinion. My dear dumbass husband Denny must see something else. Honest to God, he must think I’m the stupidest shit on earth.

That view came to me Saturday night about midnight as he was banging me. Believe it or not children, women in their sixties still get banged now and then. Hard to comprehend for the younger generation who invented sex perhaps, but true all the same. In the raw, nipple to nipple banged. Not regularly, don’t give me that much credit, but don’t be putting me in a convent either. I’m still a woman, I know what a pecker can do and I can enjoy it very much. Come to think on it, I can even enjoy it with my husband.

Not that his technique is that bad, not at all. As I once wrote, he established in my mind and in my body that there are various categories of sex, ranging from getting fucked to making love. It all depends on the circumstances which direction it goes and who gets the enjoyment. Saturday night it was mutual, banging being the act where both are in heat and both get the pleasure by the time it’s all done. That’s a pretty easy concept to understand. Saturday night it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out something else as well. His pecker might have been in me but Denny was banging the shit out of Wendy.

Wendy, my very best friend I’ve ever had in life and our houseguest now that she’s gone through another divorce. I hope our permanent houseguest for I absolutely love her dearly. Not as a lesbian, we’re straight women for sure, but more than a sister. She’s been my protector, my confidante, my mentor and my alter ego, all the time carrying 40 Double D’s on her chest. The girl is HUGE, no doubt and Denny would give his left one to have her. Just one time fucking out Wendy. It’s enough to make me laugh and Wendy just plain gag.

Not that Wendy has let a wedding ring be much of a barrier at times in the past, whether the ring was on her finger or his. Maybe that’s what I so love about altıparmak escort my friend, always a woman never afraid to follow her heart when she gives herself to her man. It has come with a cost, that noble heart broken more than once, but she continues on still looking for the good, in the heart and the cock. More than once she’s found him. A woman experienced enough to know the lout I married isn’t one of them too.

Funny thing, she didn’t even know he was wanting her until I said something one time over lunch. It was like the most alien concept the girl ever heard, that Denny of all people would be taking her to bed. Wendy didn’t want to offend me but he is just not her type in any way, shape or form. Once she realized I wasn’t kidding, she proved what a she-devil the woman can be. It was everything we girls could do that night at dinner, us conversing pleasantly while Denny choked on spaghetti trying not to stare at Wendy sitting there braless. What a bitch, what a friend she is.

So yes, there I was Saturday night, well aware he was banging another woman the whole time my dear husband was sticking it in me. As long as he keeps his hands off Wendy in real life, I actually don’t have a problem with it. If he would hurt her though, that would be another matter. Not that he’d force it, he’s not that low, but wounds to the head and heart are more painful than something physical anyway. It’s just not going to happen. Instead we get a night like Saturday when the heat was just too much.

Not that it was any surprise Denny wanted laid, given the evening. We all went over to a neighbor’s place where the drinks were good and the action bizarre. I’ll write about it some other time, at least in detail, but a quick review of the basics might make everything more logical. A local lady was a very bad girl recently and needed punishment in the way of humiliation. Given the option of having her indiscretion on the front page of the local paper or being a party favor, she logically chose the latter. Me, I was just wondering why I’d missed something like this all my life.

I mean I’ve heard about such things, I’ve bursa anal yapan escort read about such things, but I’ve never actually seen it before. Hell, let’s be honest, I’ve never seen another couple in the act, not in real life. It wasn’t that the people I knew were saints, I just never was in the situation. Until Saturday. There I was though, sipping a Seven and Seven, one eye watching Denny trying to put another whiskey in Wendy and the other eye catching the show down the hall in the guest bedroom. Boys and girls, I believe it’s what they call a gang bang.

The little olive skinned beauty had been done once when I realized where the action was. At least it wasn’t out in the living room, that would have been gross. At least to me. Down the hall, the bedroom door open, and a lady can always look away in the name of modesty. She could, or she would stand there watching as the guy from the water department went down the hall, pulled down his pants and went to take sloppy seconds. As the bank executive made her groan on thirds. By the time the fourth was having his way, this girl needed another drink and Denny needed pussy.

He wasn’t going to score on Wendy, we all know that and the action was making him crazy, that was for sure too. The little party favor did have a nice rack, no doubt. Better than mine but I’m the one he’s married to. It didn’t take a whole lot of talk and just a few sips of the second round of drink and I could be talked out of heading home. Not that I’d admit I was excited but it was a damn good thing I wore a little black dress. I’d hate all the fellows to have seen the ends so hard, so wanting. I gave Wendy a nod to take care of herself and her own way back, waiting until she gave me that impish grin of congratulations before we beat feet. After all, it was my turn.

With that let the bang begin. Me, playing the tease the whole way home, soft purring and my hand alternating between caressing my breasts and his thigh. Denny getting hard, stealing a hard kiss at the bend in the road and copping a feel at the traffic light. All man, tugging down a zipper and thrusting his bursa bayan escort hand down the front of my dress, feeling how hard my nipples were. Me, knowing he was as hard as he can get. Two gray haired adults begging for it, knowing they were going to get it. Just get me home.

Me, but it was Wendy his mind was pulling up the sidewalk and through the back door. He was in a lust fury to get pussy, make no mistake. Hard, hungry kisses inside the back door, the zipper on the dress now totally down. For one second I thought he’d wham-bam me on the kitchen table. Hey, I’m an honest woman, I was wet enough. I’d just seen live sex, my cherry at that popped now and I was totally turned on. No doubt I would have consented but it was bed his destination. We about ran through the house, that was the heat level and it was about to get hotter.

If you want to make me crazy, strip me. God, I love it when a man does that to me, piece by piece with a million kisses and licks through in to send me to Paradise. Strip me as I strip him, the lust growing with every motion. Hard, almost brutal, kisses as I felt the dress go away. My bra, gone. Panties and stockings, the only thing between him and me and I knew. The son of a bitch was banging Wendy, not me.

A woman knows, we know instantly. Denny was imagining 40 Double D’s as he suckled my breasts. I could tell by the force, his mouth feeding harder and faster. Those were Wendy’s panties he ripped off me, his moans of need louder than they had been in years. It was her soaking wetness his pecker plunged into, at least in his mind that night. His lust grunts were savage, his cock pounding away as he imagined huge breasts pressing against his chest. Her body quaking in orgasm after orgasm as he continued to thrust, to pound away in pure lust, taking, until with one last massive push, Denny totally exploded, gushing scalding hot semen into her, making her shriek in pure joy. Making her pant in the total satisfaction of a woman laid. Darling husband, I know it.

So Denny, please, don’t piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining. Maybe you love me but you don’t have to say it, not when you are really putting a bang into somebody else. Even if it is in your mind, that other woman you just nailed. It’s not necessary to gasp how much you love me. How much you loved banging me. Know why, my darling husband?

Because, sweetheart? Remember how hard my nipples were? How wet I was? Honey? It sure as shit wasn’t you I was imagining getting banged by.

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