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An Erotic Disconnect

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The soft rustle of a million leaves filled her ears as the wind blew gently through the end of summer trees. Danica stood at the deck rail outside her bedroom, fresh from the bath, and smelling softly of the lavender beads that had foamed and softened her skin. The soft silk of her night robe flowing in the breeze pulling the material taught across her hardened nipples. The luminous glow of the white silk reflecting the moonlight gave Danica an almost ethereal appearance.

The soft shuffle of feet behind her was Danica’s only warning, as a soft blindfold covered her eyes. The familiar smell of her husband’s aftershave Danica at ease, she turned just as his lips found hers in a firmly passionate kiss. Normally much more timid, her husbands new game elicited breathless groans of approval from Danica. Deftly, almost gracefully she felt him slide around behind her. His hungry, mouth slipping from her soft lips, to lightly suck and bite upon her neck and shoulder. Danica laid her head back upon his shoulder as he pulled her tight against him, his manhood obviously free pressed into the soft valley of her ass. Danica shuddered as she imagined the trickle of precum staining the silk. His hands slid upward softly cupping her breasts as the forefingers gently slid over and around her hard nipples. The kitten smooth skin wrinkled one way then the other, as her beylikdüzü escort tender buds are rolled back and forth between his fingers. A sharp cry turned groan as he pinches, Danica’s hands fly to cover his as the burn flushes through her breasts and stokes the fire of her moistening sex.

His hands lift from her chest, slipping his fingers to intertwine with hers. His hands pull out and to the sides before he releases, to slip the silk from Danica’s shoulders. The gossamer robe rustles softly as it pools around her feet, leaving her naked and blind as the moon shines upon her. Grasping her hips, he nudges her forward, through the door and into the bedroom. Her hands reach to grab his wrists, to catch her balance, as she moves forward under his direction. He slows her just as she reaches the bed, a slight push and Danica falls forward with him quickly behind, The cool rush of adrenaline fills her as the sensation of falling blind triggers quick fear. His hot mouth again suckles against her neck and shoulder with previously unknown passion from her rather docile husband. Danica feels his engorged manhood nestled within the cheeks of her ass as he straddles her, grabbing her hands and pulling them forward in front of her.

The harsh rattle of the phone leaving its cradle confuses Danica until she feels büyükçekmece escort him wind the spring cord around her wrists. The thrill of being tied causes her to shudder as she feels his manhood slide down and across the wetness that is her arousal. Her hands held together as if in prayer realize that they cup the receiver between them. Her thoughts are interrupted as he slides deep within her sheath, seemingly much deeper than ever before.

Danica welcomes his newfound passion and thrusts herself back against him, taking him even deeper, and causing a slight grunt from her own lips. He slides out his entire length, the slippery walls pressing to fill the emptied space. His breath bursts upon her ears as he thrust again firmly into her, forcing it apart once again with an insistent soft brutality.

Her head spins as she is taken, fucked like she has never imagined. Her loins scream instructions to her mind, relaying feelings it has always desired but till now never felt. Danica’s mind replaces her lost sight with visions as she again cries out in pleasure at a shift in his angle that seems to fit her pussy even more completely.

The image of her unassuming husband smiles at her in her mind as his tinny voice calls her name again and again. Danica answers again and again with a breathless, cevizli escort “Yes!” , “Yes!”, “Yes!”, each time he calls to her. The tinny voice fades silent as it is replaced with the guttural growl of a male caught up in the timeless animalistic sensation of breeding. His breath quickens, even as her pleasure peaks. A long low groan fills the night complimenting her screams of passion, as he thrusts deeply, spilling his essence inside her womanhood, she responds pulsing, pumping, and welcoming it deep within herself, laying herself bare to his issue.

She lies gasping as she feels his comforting weight lift from her back, the softening shaft sliding from within her as a slight whimper escapes her lips. Danica lies there panting in sexual euphoria until at last she gains control of her breathing. She lifts her face from the mattress only to slide the blindfold down across her chin. Danica sees herself in the mirror across the room, hands out in front of her tied with the phone cord, ass up and pointed to the open sliding glass door like some bitch in heat. The curtain blows in the wind giving focus to the empty doorway.

The sound of keys pulls her from the mirror and Danica slowly realizes it comes from both the handset in front of her and the direction of the main bedroom door. Confusion runs fills her mind for just a moment longer then the door bursts open. Her normally docile husband stumbles through, his eyes wide in shock as he stands there, panting. His lips still form her name over and over as he fights to regain his breath. It doesn’t take long till the full realization hits her; he stands there fully dressed in his work clothes, with his cell phone active in his hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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