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An Incest Birthday Ch. 20

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I woke up at 8:07 to an empty bed, which was unusual for two reasons these last few weeks; one, I don’t get up that early normally, and two, due to all the stuff we’ve done in one day the last few weeks, getting up early last the last thing on either of our list, mine or Rita’s. I sat up and wiped the sleep out of my eyes as I prepared to get ready for another “play date” with the Ashley’s.

Three weeks have passed since we found out we had to hang out with Ashley, and what a three weeks they turned out to be. It took us some serious convincing on our part, but we managed to persuade Stephanie and Chris to come with us when we went to hang with Ashley and her friends, much to their dismay, and our relief. The prospect of no contact for three weeks was the nail in the coffin, but we were still in their favor for even agreeing. Speaking of no contact, due to Ashley’s sexist and strictly stupid schedule Rita and I didn’t get any alone time for that entire first week, the last being when we ganged up on Aunt Lisa (which according to mom we almost got caught by did twice). It was too risky to try anything again with dad there so we didn’t do anything, but true to her word, the second dad was out of the house unexpectedly that second week, Rita was raping me, literally, she was the one fucking me, but I didn’t care one bit.

The next two weeks slowed down a little from the first week, but it was still occupied by her schedule, every single day. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t all bad. The girls got to enjoy all the girly stuff they didn’t get to do often, like the manicures and pedicures, shopping without a limit, relaxing in a spa, things like that, and it was nice to see them happy. There was only one day that Chris and I were able to fully enjoy, and that was fat Tuesday. Nothing but candy, fast food, pizza, chocolate, pop, chips, and whatever else fattening we could get for the whole day we had it, and afterwards none of us could move from the spot we were in, so we always ended up spending the night over Ashley’s that day, but it was well worth it. We also came to a kind of truce with the “Ashley’s.” It took some real patience and a lot of biting our tongue, but as the weeks went we all began to tolerate each other, even started being nice. Don’t know how long it’ll last, but at least for now it was there. As fun (yeah, I actually said that) as these last few weeks have been, though, Rita and I wanted a break for just us, a day where we could just stay at home and be in each other’s company, but it’s hard to get that when no one can know about our relationship. We had to hope that maybe Ashley wanted a day to herself to kick back and do nothing, a day where she didn’t wanna be bothered by anyone. That hope was shattered as fast as it formed when my phone rang from the nightstand, the unmistakable ringtone guaranteed it wasn’t a random person, but it was Ashley, fuck.

“Hello,” I drudged out, pretending to be woken from my sleep.

“Cedar Point! My treat! Get up, get dressed, and get over here with everyone ASAP!”

“I just woke up Ashley I need…”

“Come on you’re wasting time! I wanna get there when it opens! Lots of rides to ride!”

“Ok well you gotta get off the phone so I can get ready.”

“Hurry up! Lots to do, millennium forces to ride! And bring swimsuits!”

She hung up and I got out of bed and drudged to the bathroom, wiping the rest of the sleep from my eyes. After I did my morning ritual I went back to our room and called up Chris to let him know of the days plans.

“Hello?” Chris said as I undoubtedly woke him from his sleep.

“Hey man, were going to Cedar Point today, get dressed and get to Ashleys asap.”

“Wait what? Cedar Point? I don’t have a lot of money left; she made me use it all.”

“She’s paying for it.”

“Really? For all of us? Well that changes everything,” he said springing awake.

“We gotta get over there pretty much now though.”

“That’s cool. Need to take a shower and stuff but ok.”

“Alright see you at Ashley’s.”

I hung up the phone and sat for a minute. Even though we were going with Ashley and her group of followers, I was kinda excited to go to Cedar Point, not to mention they actually cooled off on their bitchy attitudes a little, which made it a little easier to put up with them. I grabbed up my towel and my phone and headed to the shower just as Rita was going to the room.

“Ashley’s taking up to Cedar Point, she wants to get there when it opens.”

“Yeah I just got off the phone with her. Is it me or are you more excited than usual?”

“Hey it’s Cedar Point! I’ll deal with them another day for that, plus we can ditch them.”

“Yeah we could, I didn’t even think of that!”

“Ok well I’m getting in the shower; I’ll be out in a second.”

“Want some company?” Rita grinned.

“Dads here…”

“Didn’t stop us last night…”

“And he’s awake.”

“Ok if you don’t wanna shower with me then I’ll…”

“Ok, we gotta be quiet though, if someone comes to the door I’ll nilüfer escort say I’m shaving or something.”

“Randy you don’t even have a razor!”

“Yeah whatever come on!”

We snuck into the bathroom together and turned on the shower. I locked the door and climbed in to see Rita had already started soaping herself up in the back of the shower. I got in front of her and sat under the water for a second, letting it wake me up. Rita grabbed her loofa and soaped me up too, then stretched her soapy hands reach around me to get my front, and when she found my cock, she seemed all too happy to start stroking it.

“I knew you had ulterior motives! We don’t have enough time, not even for a quickie,” I said.

She pouted like a little girl who couldn’t get a pony. “Not even a little one?”

“Nope, we gotta get to Ashley’s with enough time to get to the place when it opens.”

“And since when did you start listening to Ashley so eagerly?”

“I figure its best to go along instead of argue with her, it saves a lot of headaches, plus it doesn’t hurt that we get into the best theme park in town free of charge.”

“That’s a shame, I was feeling really horny today too…”

I turned around and picked her up by her ass. “Ok maybe we have a little time.”

“That’s more like it.”

I went to kiss her at the very second my phone started to ring, guess who.

“Why did you even bring your phone in here?” Rita whined.

I shrugged as I dried off my hand and answered the phone. “Ashley I…”

“Is everyone on the way yet?”

“I’m in the shower right now! Can you hear the water?”

“What? Stop moving so slow!”

“Ashley you called me like five minutes ago…”

“Plenty time for a shower! Now come on, wash that little thing and get over here!”

She hung up and a stared at the phone before I sat it down, trying to hold in a laugh.

“What she say?”

“She said to wash my little thing and get over there with everyone.”

“Now she’s definitely waiting,” Rita said as she hopped back on me and guided my cock into her. “Uuugh god, little my ass! This thing stretches me out every time you put it inside me…”

She rested her head on my shoulder as I pulled her up and down in my cock, washing the soap off of her in the process. I had to keep shushing her to remind her of where we were, but you know Rita, once she has my cock inside her, almost nothing else matters.

“When was the last time we had sex in the shower?” Rita asked.

“I don’t remember, a couple months back I think, why?”

“I forgot how great it feels when you push into me when I’m under the hot water, I can’t tell if it’s the shower, or if I’m really wet.”

“Remember, quiet, we don’t wanna get caught having sex first thing in the morning.”

“Keep sliding that cock in me and I’ll cum in no time, I promise!”

She looked me in the eyes as she rode me in the shower, good thing we had a floor mat in there or we would’ve fell on our ass for sure. She hugged me tight as our skin started clapping together from our conjoined movement. She squeezed me tighter as her orgasm approached, right as someone knocked on the bathroom door.

“Hey whose in there?” dad yelled from the other side of the door.

I started to put her down and say something, but she put her hand over my mouth. “Shhh, just don’t stop. ME DAD, I’M ALMOST FINISHED, JUST WASHING MY HAIR!”

“Ok honey, I gotta get in there too, leave me some hot water!”


Imagine Rita, having a normal conversation with our dad, while her tits bounced in my face as she rode my cock under a hot steamy shower while trying her hardest not to moan. Yeah. I swear she doesn’t even try to be sexy, it just happens. She squeezed my neck again and let out labored breaths to stop from screaming, and when that didn’t work she bit my neck.

“Rita are you…”

“Yes, I’m cumming! Don’t move, just stand sti- oh my god!”

She held on to me for what seemed like minutes, and when I felt her body go limp, I pulled her off my cock and let her stand on her own legs, which didn’t quite work out. After just having an orgasm her legs were like jelly, so I sat her down on the tub floor and stood back up, my still hard cock pointing at her as she looked up at it.

“Give me a second; I’m not done with that thing yet.”

“We don’t have time; I have to get out of here before dad comes back.”

She sighed, but knew I was right. “Ok, I’ll be fine. As soon as my legs start working again I’ll be right behind you. Bring me a towel in here please.”

I gave her a kiss and made sure the coast was clear before grabbing my stuff and bolting to our room. I threw on some boxers and took a towel in the bathroom and walked back through our door just as mom was coming up the stairs. I kept walking to avoid any more delays and closed the door to finish getting dressed, only for Ashley to call for the third time in half an hour.

“Yeah Ashley…”

“Are görükle escort you on the way?”

“I’m getting dressed.”

“What? How are you not ready yet?”

“Because you keep calling me! I can’t do stuff when I have to keep answering the phone!”

“If we’re late Randy…”

“It’s only a forty five minute drive from here at most, it’s not even nine o’clock yet.”

“If you’re not here at 9:15 exactly…”

“Is anyone else even there?”

“My friends are. Waiting on you two and Stephanie and Chris, bunch of slowpokes…”

“We’re leaving in no more than ten minutes.”

“Hurry up…”

We hung up just as Rita came through the door in the towel using the hair straightener thing. “That was Ashley again? What is it with her today?”

“Apparently she really likes amusement parks, they’re waiting on us.”

“No time for breakfast?” Rita asked as she started getting dressed.

“We can stop by Burger King on the way.”

I threw on some khaki shorts and a white ac/dc t-shirt and Rita put on Capri shorts and a hello kitty shirt with flip flops. It was 8:51 when we finished getting dressed and headed out the door yelling goodbye to everyone. With our stomachs growling, we pulled into Burger King and grabbed a couple croissants and smashed them on the way to Ashley’s, not even bothering to talk. We pulled up just as Stephanie and Chris did to see “The Ashley’s” all waiting on the porch.

“9:09, cutting it really close, I almost called you again,” Ashley said as we walked up.

“Please don’t, you called me enough for one day,” I responded.

“Well ok, let’s go. I hope you all ate because we’re going straight there. Randy, I hope you know how to get there because you get to drive,” she said as she handed me the keys.

I didn’t know whether to be happy I got to drive her Cadillac or pissed because I had to drive the Cadillac the whole trip there, no one wants to be the one to drive, that’s why she dumped it on me. I let it go and got in the driver’s seat, planning to take it out on the truck. Chris jumped shotgun and the rest of the girls piled in the seats in the back. I did kinda know how to get there, but I wanted to be sure, so after messing with the gps for a while I got or destination programmed in and we were off.

We weren’t on the road for five minutes before all the gossip started. Becky, Carina, and Dana sat in the row behind us and Rita, Steph, and Ashley sat in the one behind them, with Ashley in the middle. They would whisper for a few seconds then burst out in laughter as only girls know how to do; I’d been glancing in the rear view mirror watching for about ten minutes before they finally caught me.

“Hey eyes on the road, this is girl talk!” Carina yelled.

“It’s everybody talk with how loud you guys are,” I retaliated.

“Back seat only, just make sure we don’t die on the way there.”

“I feel like a damn chauffer, without the getting paid part,” I complained.

“You’re going to Cedar Point, that’s payment enough. Now get us there safely driver, and put on your hat,” Becky said throwing a cowgirl hat at me which everyone thought was hysterical.

“Don’t sweat it man, at least no one’s jumping down anyone’s throat,” Chris said.

“Yeah true. I’m not driving back I tell you that much, I’ll catch the bus before I do.”

“They’ll probably have me drive back then so they can go to sleep, and if I say no then I’m their new favorite target, no offense.”

“Cool. Well you have fun with that, at least they’ll be tired when you drive, I got them all loud and hyper, come on twenty more minutes, hurry up and get here.”

I zoned out and focused on the gps and the rest of the ride there. While the twenty minutes didn’t go by quickly, it did go by, and before I knew it, we were pulling in the parking lot. Ashley gave me the money to pay and we got a rather good parking spot close to the entrance. I checked the time, 9:52, just enough time to walk to the gate, pay, and get in. I looked at Ashley and pointed to the time to rub it in, and she responded with a mock pat on the back. Whatever, I won, it was a small victory yeah, but against Ashley I’ll take it. We got out of the truck and headed for the entrance when Ashley stopped us so she could get a quick word in.

“Ok everyone listen up, we’re gonna stay together as a group except for bathrooms and stuff, we’re gonna eat together, and most important, we’re gonna ride all the roller coasters, ALL THE ROLLER COASTERS! None of that “I’m scared” crap, we go on everything.” She looked at me as I was laughing to myself. “What Randy, you scared of roller coasters or something?”

“No, I actually agree with you. No point in coming if you’re scared to get on anything.”

I was laughing because I caught Becky and Dana’s face when Ashley said we were getting on everything, they’re scared of roller coasters, definitely the millennium force, I can tell, and with it being damn near right at the front I could bet that’s bursa escort the first ride we were getting on. They probably didn’t bet on being forced to go on anything, which made this day great before it even started, I can’t wait to see their faces when we get to the top of the hill.

“Ok everyone ok with that? Good. Let’s go!” Ashley said sprinting towards the entrance.

True to her word, Ashley paid for everyone to get in, and she bought line jumper passes for everyone, which aren’t cheap. She gave everyone a pass and as soon as we were into the park she said exactly what I knew she was gonna say.

“First ride millennium force everyone, let’s go!”

I knew it. They were scared holding each other’s hands the whole time we were walking to it. We got to the line and jumped to the front thanks to our passes and in about five minutes time we were watching the next cart roll up in front of us.

“Come on Ashley, do we have to get on this?” Becky pleaded.

“You heard what I said; everyone gets on everything, no exceptions!”

“Really though, the millennium force first? We can’t build up to it or something? Start with something smaller like Blue Streak?” Dana followed.

“How do you go from Millennium Force to Blue Streak? Scaredy cats,” Chris teased.

“No, were already in line, we’re going on it! And since you two wanna be babies after I already said we have to go on everything, you get to ride in the first cart.”

The green light came on just as Ashley finished her sentence and we all got in the carts behind the first one so they didn’t have a choice. They stood there scared, and also holding up the line, which is what they probably were planning to do.

“You two, are you in or out?” the ride operator asked.

“They’re in, come on, get in the cart or go wait in the car,” Ashley said as she got locked in.

Both girls paused then slowly climbed in the front cart as the operator locked them in. Rita and I were sitting directly behind them and we saw they had a death grip on the bar; I would be lying if I said I didn’t love this. The operator gave his speech and before we knew it, we were heading around the corner and up the hill.

“HEY, HOW YOU TWO DOING UP THERE!” Carina teased behind us.

“Shut up Carina!” Becky retaliated a little agitated.

“HEY, WHATEVER YOU DO, LOOK DOWN!” Chris teased as we got to the top of the hill and rounded the corner.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god,” Dana kept repeating.

“HERE COMES THE FUN PART!” Ashley yelled as the cart went over the edge and sped downhill.

Both Rita and I had our hands in the air screaming in joy, but Dana and Carina were locked on to the bar screaming as if they were getting killed. They held it all the way to the bottom and around the first turn, but they never took their hands off the bar.

“Seeeee, that waaasnt so baaaad,” I said with extreme wind hitting my face.

“Shut up Randy, just shut up!”

I couldn’t tell who said it because I was too busy laughing. As usual, the camera snuck up on us, but we probably had a good picture. We came to a stop shortly after, and it wasn’t until that moment that they finally took their hands off the bars.

“See? You didn’t have anything to be scared of you big babies!” Ashley teased as we got out.

“You’re a bitch for that, we could’ve had heart attacks!” Becky complained.

“You’ll live. Now that you did that one, the others will be a walk in the park, and then we go again!”

“No, were not going on it again!” Dana jumped in.

“Yes you are, we get on everything remember?”

“We already got on it, you didn’t say anything about repeats, so we’re done with this one!”

Ashley relented, knowing she lost on a technicality. “Fine you big babies. I’m buying the picture then. I know your faces are jacked up.”

We went to the TV screen and found our sections, and sure enough, their faces were jacked up. Their hair was wild in the wind with horror screams burned on their faces while the rest of us were all smiles, Ashley wasted no time buying the pictures. We got lockers near the front and put the pictures and bags in there so we wouldn’t have to carry them around, and I kept the keys on me since my shorts had zippers on the pockets, I wore those especially for today. We bound back in the park and headed to the Mantis which was next to the Millennium Force. Once again, thanks to our passes we jumped to the front of the line and were on it in no time. This coaster fared way better than the Force for Becky and Dana because it wasn’t nearly as high and we got to stand, so about time the pictures came around they looked like they were actually having fun. We went for the Maverick, Power Tower, and the Top Thrill Dragster in the next hour and a half or so, by then more people with line jumping passes were showing up so we didn’t get to get straight on like earlier, but it was still no more than a fifteen minute wait.

We got pictures for every ride that took one, all paid for by Ashley, most were Rita, Steph, Chris and I all in the same row so that made them all that much better. Over the last hour the sun had slowly come out, but in the last ten minutes it came out completely, increasing the temperature by at least twenty degrees. We were all starting to sweat a little.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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