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An Open Family Ep. 02 – Her Son Sam

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Previously: Brenda and her husband Harry have decided to have an open marriage and it’s been going great. The two feel their bond has never been stronger while they’ve also been able to experience many fun sexual adventures on their own and also together. One such adventure was Brenda watching her husband plow her younger sister Becky. The experience made Brenda realize she is drawn to the idea of incestuous relationships.


Brenda checked her phone while Patricia quickly put her uniform back on over her stout, curvy body. “This was really fun,” Patricia said again, “but I gotta get back to my route, I’m already behind.”

Brenda chucked softly. “Hey, no, it’s fine, you don’t need to explain. You have an important job. My fault for enticing you.” She smirked. Patricia had been delivering her family’s mail for years. Brenda had been a little drawn to her when they first met, Patricia ringing the doorbell to deliver a parcel that wouldn’t fit in the mailbox. The two had remained friendly and friendly had occasionally been a little flirty until today when Brenda had decided to open the door in lingerie under a poorly tied silk dressing gown and invited the postal worker in.

Patricia smirked. “You know, I always heard these jokes about housewives sleeping with mailmen, didn’t think it was a real thing… can’t say I didn’t hope it was true when I saw you for the first time,” she teased, buttoning up her shirt.

“I’m not a housewife,” Brenda giggled.

“And I’m not a mailman, guess we subverted the stereotype a little,” Patricia laughed.

Brenda left her bed, naked and slick from her fun with Patricia. She pulled her dressing gown back on and walked Patricia to the door. “You know…” She said, placing her hands on Patricia’s waist. “Next time I’m here alone… I could always put up that little outgoing mail signal… and you could knock on my door… give me my mail in person…” she suggested with a smirk.

Patricia smiled back. “I like the sound of that,” she said with a wink. She gave Brenda one last quick kiss before she headed back to work. Brenda watched her leave until she walked out of sight. She closed the door, sighed and stretched. Then she dropped her robe. She’d found she liked being naked around the house when she was alone, sometimes she wished she could do it more often, though she had to worry about Sam walking in on her.

She’d found herself thinking a lot about Sam lately. Part of her still thought of him as a child but, looking at him nowadays, it was becoming harder to see him that way. He was like his father in a lot of respects, tall, broad-shouldered, slender, but with her dark hair and eyes. He had facial hair now, a bit of stubble on his jaw. She had seen him walk out of the shower the other day. She bit her lip just thinking about how toned his upper-body had become. She shook her head and tried to put the thoughts out of her mind as she started tidying up the house.

Doing chores naked had become Brenda’s new ‘thing’. She, for some reason, found doing housework in the nude far more stimulating, making something mundane into something erotic. It was better than when she worked to music or when she discovered podcasts. Though she still often had them in the background as well, but somedays, like today, she just liked to be alone with her thoughts. She bent over a coffee table, polishing it with a cloth, imagining that someone was watching through the window, and getting a full view of her behind.

She never thought of herself as an ‘exhibitionist’ before and she wasn’t sure if this open marriage of hers had ‘unlocked’ it or something, but she found she really enjoyed it. She’d sent a few pictures to her husband as well as to a few of the other men and women in her life, they’d all been very positive. She’d even been bold enough to post a few online, her face hidden and under an alias, of course. The perverts on the internet were as disgusting as to be expected, sometimes excessively graphic in their comments, but they did seem to like her body as well. She wondered how far she’d be able to go with it.

After she’d tidied the kitchen, Brenda decided she better shower. She still smelled like sweat and sex from this morning. In the shower she found herself thinking of Sam again. She hadn’t meant to. As usual under the warm water she found herself thinking about sex. Her libido had definitely increased since this open marriage began and generated so many new opportunities, and she’d think about those opportunities in the shower. Brenda would think about who was next, or else who she might revisit next, or often, what experiences to share with Harry, what new moves to show him. And as she touched herself slowly, contemplating all of this, the image of her son, Sam, popped into her head once more.

She didn’t know why her mind kept going there. She supposed it had something to do with her other new found obsession – incest. Something about her experience with her sister, as well as the re-evaluation of her relationships with her cousins, it Lefkoşa Escort made her consider incest as an option. Harry had, after all pretty much given his blessing for any sexual relationships she wanted to pursue in the future. So she considered other cousins, her other siblings. She’d thought about her uncles and her aunts, some of her older nieces and nephews, even her own parents. She thought about what it might be like to spend an evening with one or more of them. Would they be receptive to such an offer? Could they both have a good time together? Would it be sustainable in the long term? Most seemed like unfit options. Her son had popped into her head last, and since that moment she couldn’t get him out.

Brenda pushed one her fingers deep inside of herself as she imagined Sam penetrating her. She heard her breath getting heavier as she thought of his bare body pressed against her own. Sick, twisted, perverted… but surely no worse than what she’d done thus far. Let’s face it, if there really was a hell and ‘fornication’ was really a sin, she was doomed, that was true. As her mind once again quickly considered all her options, Sam was the one that turned her on the most. She just wondered how he’d feel about being with her. Would he be skilled? Perhaps not, but it would be fun to teach him a thing or two? Probably, much like that young delivery boy she’d invited in once while home alone. Would it be sustainable, however? It’s not like she could avoid him if something went wrong. There was a lot of risk with trying to make this happen… but she had to admit, the idea of risk just made her hornier.

She pleasured herself with the showerhead for a while, much like she used to back when her sex-life with Harry had grown stagnant. She moaned and sighed and thought about Sam, concocting a plan.


Sam opened the front door with his key and tossed his bag aside. Hungry, he decided to go into the kitchen for a snack. What he saw in there startled him. His mother was wearing an apron… and only an apron.

“Hi,” Brenda said casually, as she chopped vegetables.

Sam, red-faced and trying not to stare, wondering if he was having one of his weird oedipal complex dreams again, decided to play it casual too. “Uh… hi… what’s for dinner…” he asked in a slow voice.

“Stir-fry,” Brenda responded, struggling not to laugh at her son’s reaction, “but I can make you a sandwich if you’re hungry now?”

“I…it’s fine… I can make it…” said Sam, walking around the kitchen counter to get to the fridge. He was about to grab the bologna when, on a whim, he decided to turn and steal a glance at his mom’s bare behind.

“It’s considered impolite to stare at your mother’s ass,” Brenda said with a grin, not looking up from dicing her spring onions. She’d had eyes in the back of her head since her kids were toddlers and throwing food at each other.

Sam’s face turned redder still. “I…uh…” he stammered, unsure what to say. Should he ask why his mom was naked or would she be angry? She probably already considered him some sort of weird pervert. Luckily his mother answered with out him needing to ask.

“It’s just something new I’m trying. I feel more free like this, you understand?” she said, looking back to try and read his expression. “If seeing my body upsets you, I can always cover-up around you, like normal?” she suggested.

Sam looked like he was about to pass-out. “I um… no… is fine… your body… is nice… sandwich…” he spluttered, turning back to the fridge, grabbing the meat, cheese, mayo and bread. He started making his sandwich on another counter, facing away from his apparently nudist mother. Brenda continued to chat to him.

“So… I’ve been meaning to tell you…. about your father and me. We were having relationship problems… all solved now of course…” she said hurriedly. “In fact, it’s better than ever… we actually found that having an open marriage really helped things.”

Sam dropped the butter knife he was holding. “What? Open marriage?” he said stunned, turning around, wondering what new surprise his mother would present him with next. “What like… you’re swingers?”

Brenda turned to face him and laughed. “Didn’t expect you to know a word like that but, basically, yeah.”

“So… you and Dad… you like sleep with other people… but you’re still married…” Sam asked, holding his head trying to comprehend what he was hearing.

“And we still love each other, and you and your sister as well. I felt… well… I felt you’re basically an adult now, you have a right to know, just in case you see or hear anything that makes you think your Dad or me are cheating on each other.”

“Right… okay…” said Sam, looking down at the kitchen tile, unable to look at his mother. An avid consumer of internet porn, like most young men, he was having a hard time trying to get the image of a bunch of random guys ‘running a train’ on his mom… and having an even harder time trying to figure out why that Girne Escort image was such a turn on for him.

Brenda went over to hang her apron on a hook and suddenly her slender body was fully exposed to her son. Sam tried very hard not to look, and failed, staring at her dry-mouthed. “I um…” he began, unsure how to react.

Brenda let out a girlish giggle. She moved towards her son slowly and stroked his cheek. “It’s fine, you can look… I like being looked at. I hope this isn’t too much for you… learning your mother has been sleeping casually with other men, besides your father…. and other women too.”

Sam’s eyes widened at that last remark and something that had already stiffened quite a bit began to throb. Brenda smirked and grabbed it through his pants. “Getting a little bored though… was hoping to spend some time with someone younger… more exciting,” she purred.

Sam looked like he was about to faint again. It was all too much for him. He made a strange squeaking noise then rushed off to his bedroom without another word. “Fuck,” Brenda said loudly after he’d left, cursing herself for coming on way too strong. What was she expecting him to do, bend her over the kitchen-counter there and then and fuck her brains out… god that would’ve been amazing though. She was becoming as pornographically minded as her son. Too many ‘Step-Son’ videos that had constituted her research the past several weeks. She sighed, grabbed some clean clothes out of the laundry and continued making dinner.


Dinner that evening was eaten in relative silence. Harry talked a little about his day but soon fell quiet when he saw his wife and son weren’t in a chatty mood. Sam ate quickly then rushed back to his room without a word. Brenda sighed and poured herself a second glass of wine. “Do you have a date tonight?” she asked her husband.

He shook his head. “No… you?” he asked, though a mouthful of noodles. When she also shook her head, he smiled. “Quiet night then, just the two of us. Did you want to… honestly I’m not really in the mood.”

Brenda sighed. “Me neither… had Patricia this morning and well… something happened this afternoon…” Brenda slowly explained everything to her husband. She was surprised to see his face remain so relaxed and passive throughout. “You don’t seem surprised… or shocked.” she said, when she was done explaining.

Harry shrugged and swallowed and sipped at his beer. “I kinda figured this might happen… especially with your choice in movies lately…” Brenda turned red, remembering she’d had Harry watch a lot of the ‘step-son’ porn with her. “I think you have an incest fetish,” he said continuing. “Which is fine… it’s kinda hot actually. Look this whole thing was something I suggested, remember, and it’s allowed us both to explore our sexuality. You don’t make me feel bad for my black guy fetish, even if it’s incredibly racially insensitive,” he grinned. “Sexuality is weird, we’ve both figured that out through this. Hell neither of us thought we were into the whole ‘cuck’ thing before but, hey, turns out it can be kinda fun to watch each other get off with someone else, right?”

Brenda nodded slowly. “So… you don’t think I’m a horrible mother who’s estranged our son from us forever?”

Harry pulled a face. “Look, honestly, I wish you’d talked to me first before you told him all that because now he’s gonna act weird around me… but I think you just were a little over eager. I think you should just talk to him. He’s an adult now, he’ll probably understand.”

Brenda sighed, nodded, conceded that Harry was ‘probably right’, and they spent the rest of dinner talking as Harry finished eating. Harry told her about the intern he’d convinced to follow him into a bathroom stall and Brenda laughed along with him and tried to not get too worked-up when he relayed the explicit details to her. “He moaned into the the stall door as I took him from behind, kept calling me ‘daddy'”, he chuckled, “I love how sexually open some of these younger ones are.” Brenda smirked in agreement.

They headed upstairs together, continuing to talk as they touched and held each other for a little while. After a long kiss, Harry cupped his wife’s face and said, “tell me more about you and Sam.”

Brenda was a little taken aback, but smiled. “What do you want to know? Think I told you the whole thing.”

“Tell me more though… like what did you want him to do to you?” Harry asked as he stroked her side.

Brenda turned pink and told her about her little fantasy about wanting her son to take her in the kitchen. She expanded it a little more, ad-libbing and describing him using utensils on her – spanking her with a spatula, that sort of thing. She found she was turning herself on quite a bit, and when she grazed her finger tips gently against the front of her husband’s boxers, he found he was rock hard himself. She pull his cock out and began to stroke it. “Most men wouldn’t like the idea of their son fucking their wives,” Magosa Escort she said with a smirk.

“Well, I think we established long ago, I’m not like most men,” Harry laughed. “It’s fucked up, I know, but god, the thought of it… I just can’t get it out of my head.”

Brenda laughed with him, “I know right,” she sighed. “I should offer again… but not push too hard.”

Harry nodded. “Give him some space… a couple days maybe… then just talk to him openly… honestly. Maybe he’s not into you, but that’s fine… though I’d find it hard to believe… as sexy as you are,” he grinned, giving his wife a quick but impassioned kiss. She gigged and nodded. “Yes, I suppose you’re right, I definitely am.” She moved down and gave her husband’s tip a little kiss. “Now let me show you exactly what I’m going to do to your son,” she grinned as she took Harry in her mouth.


Brenda headed Harry’s advice and waited a few days. She couldn’t stand how distant Sam was from her in that time but still thought the advice was for the best. She remained fully clothed in that time too, even choosing more conservative outfits, not too much skin, no low cuts. Still, whenever she passed her son in a room, she could have sworn she felt him eyeing her, x-raying her, knowing exactly what was underneath those clothes. Brenda was unsure whether to take that as a sign or not.

She didn’t disclose what had happened to anyone else besides Harry, not even Edith who was the closest thing she had to a partner besides her husband. During their usual ‘brunch’, she thought about Sam the whole time while Edith was going down on her. “Something on your mind?” she’d asked, when they cuddled up after sex.

Brenda sighed. “Just… some other… person I’ve been seeing… reluctant… worried I pushed too hard…” she tried to explain.

Edith smiled knowingly. “Young one? Yeah they can be intimidated by gals like us, too ‘sexually aggressive’, we know what we want and we try to take it without question. Some are into that though. Just try a gentler approach with this one.”

Brenda nodded in agreement. Edith always had the wisdom she needed.


The next day, she was in the family room watching TV when Sam tried to sneak out the front door. Brenda heard him turn the latch on the door. “Sammy… some sit with me, please. We need to talk.” Sam reluctantly stopped and went to go sit on the couch next to his Mom.

It was Sunday. Harry was out all day with one of his ‘dates’. Brenda could do this properly this time. She moved to touch him on the leg but thought better of it. “Listen… honey… um… look… I’m kinda going through something…” she began as Sam sat patiently and listened, though staring across at the paused image on the TV screen. “I um… maybe I was too forward yesterday… or maybe… actually probably… I shouldn’t have tried approaching you… in that way… at all.” She took a deep breath. “No child really wants to hear about their parents’ sex lives… I kinda forced that information on you and, I’m sorry… and I shouldn’t have… come on to you… grabbed you like I did… I think I’m just a little bit sex obsessed lately and you shouldn’t have been made a part of all that. I’m sorry and I just don’t want you to hate me or your father because of it.”

“I… I don’t hate you Mom…” said Sam softly, looking at his mother directly for the first time in a while. “It was just kinda… I dunno… the whole thing… okay it was weird but… I dunno…” he looked away again, this time staring at the carpet. “I didn’t really know what the hell that was… if you were having a mental breakdown or punishing me for something or… if that was like… real… so it was real right?” he asked, looking at Brenda once more.

Brenda nodded. “Your father and I have an open marriage, yes… and I think it would be fun if you and I…” she hesitated, her heart pounding. Sam was hanging on to her every word, anticipating the end of the sentence. “…I…you and I… if we… if we were to…” Brenda was annoyed at herself, she was usually so much more confident than this, she hated playing it meek. Finally she managed to say what she meant, “I think we should fuck,” she said bluntly, looking right at her son. “I think it would be fun and I think you’re very attractive. But we don’t have to if you don’t want to and it won’t change our relationship either way, it’s just something fun we can do on the side.”

Sam stared at his mother dry mouthed. In his own chest he felt a mix of nervousness and excitement. He’d given this a lot of thought the past few days. Having seen his mom naked seemed to make the decision pretty easy but still there were all the ramifications to consider. What if his friends found out? Would they shun him? Would any other girl talk to him again? Was this like some sort of sex toy thing? Like was his Mom into some BDSM shit? Then again, it wasn’t like he got laid a ton, and if his Mom was offering… “What… like right now?”

Brenda laughed, “I mean… if you want to. I don’t have anything to do today.” She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. “I’m not going to force you, and it doesn’t mean we have to again if you don’t like it… and we can go at any pace you like…” Sam nodded rapidly at all of this. “Okay… um okay… let’s um.. what do… um…”

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