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An Unexpected Feast

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She woke up to darkness. As if synchronised with her waking, red candles lit all around the room she was in. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she grew aware of her surroundings: rich furs decorated the top of an enormous bed in the centre of the room. The bed had an inviting look to it, as if consciously willing her to sit and rest.

But her wrists and ankles were tied to the floor and ceiling with a magical rope, making her unable to move. It glowed as she looked at it, almost more luminescent than the candles.

The position of the rope ties in the ceiling forced her to bend forward, arching her back and pushing her butt up and out. Her somewhat sizeable breasts had fallen out of her dress and now dangled in front of her, followed by curls of her pale hair. To say the position was uncomfortable would be an understatement.

“Ah,” a woman’s voice said from behind her. “I see you’re finally awake. Good, that means we can get started.”


A few hours earlier…


“Miss, we’re not letting anyone else in. I’m very sorry, but you’ll have to join the other guests permitted into the courtyard. Lady Stoneforth’s hall is full for the night.”

“I have an invitation,” the girl said to the guard. He was dressed in a red gambeson. The colours of House Stoneforth, she thought to herself. Lobstered gauntlets held a halberd barring entry to the feast.

The guard sighed. He was probably worried about her complaining to his superiors, and the swift punishment he would very distinctly feel the following morning as a result. “What’s the name, Miss?”

“Sophia.” Her first name would be enough. She showed the guard her invitation. Without a word, he raised both eyebrows and stood aside, letting Sophia into the feast.

Sophia walked through the long hallway and emerged into a richly decorated room. Tables had been put out along the walls, each filled with food and drink. The cleared centre allowed for the noble guests to dance.

“Nice mask,” a passing butler said as he ran to fetch another platter of drinks.

Sophia smiled at him. Tonight’s party was a little something different to the usual feast. She’d never been to a masquerade before, but she had to admit, the anonymity was exhilerating. Here, nobody knew who anyone else was. If one played the game cooly, no-one would ever know. The only way for people to identify a guest was to catch them acting out, which for once subdued the usually brash noble men and women at the party.

Sophia didn’t need to catch the eyes of several groups as she walked past to know she looked attractive. It was something she knew instinctively. Though she had doubted herself in the past, she was now something more than that entirely.

She walked up to Lady Stoneforth, identified by her beaver mask, and took a goblet of wine from a nearby table. It was custom for the host to be easily identified by everybody at a masquerade, mainly so they couldn’t get up to no good. Lady Stoneforth, in turn, recognised Sophia by her fox mask. The request for her to wear one had come in the letter pleading for Sophia’s aid this night.

“My, my, what an exquisite dress!” Lady Stoneforth said. Sophia recognised the coded greeting and followed her employer away from the throng of guests.

“Well, is she here?” Sophia asked.

“Yes,” the woman turned, eyeing nearby guests. “I can sense her in the crowd tonight. You will have to be ready. My son is in the gardens with his friends: I would recommend taking watch there.”

“I will employ my methods as best I see them, my lady, though I will make sure no harm comes to your son tonight.”

The woman looked visibly relieved, though stress still gnawed at her brow. “You must keep him safe. If you can do that, the reward is yours.”

Sophia nodded. “He will be protected. You have my word.”

Another man approached Lady Stoneforth, giving Sophia an excuse to slip away quietly. Over the next few minutes, she drank her wine and appraised the crowd. Amidst them hid a powerful sorceress, disguised by the game of the masquerade and come to kill the Stoneworth heir. Her motivations were unclear to Sophia, but a contract was a contract, and she had considerable experience handling mages.

Sophia didn’t go to the gardens immediately. She knew sorceresses like Elluen, the woman who hunted the boy she was supposed to protect. She knew they were the kind of people that would never give up the chance to partake in a ball, even if they had other prey to attend to afterwards.

Sophia moved to the dance floor and almost instantaneously received an offer to dance from a young nobleman. She could tell he was nervous, trying hard not to look at her curves in the dress. Gracefully, she moved him through the steps and thanked him afterwards. The next three dances were practically identical to the first, but the fourth person to approach her was a woman. She had her blonde hair in an intricate set of braids and curls. The bulk of it tumbled down her back, but the mersin escort rest was artfully styled to frame her shoulders and face. The mask obscured that face, but Sophia could tell just by looking into the woman’s green eyes that she was beautiful underneath the mask. A sorceress, perhaps?

“You look positively stunning,” the woman said. “Care to dance?”

The bracelet on Sophia’s wrist tingled. Magic was clearly in her presence. “Yes, of course,” she said, taking the woman’s arm. Sometimes Sophia was glad that the South didn’t follow the same strict view of religion as the West. Here, two women could dance at a ball and the worst thing that would happen is them drawing unwanted attention from nearby men. In the West, the stories she’d heard horrified her.

Sophia could tell this woman was a natural. She moved with a fluidity and grace that Sophia almost struggled to match herself. Unlike her other dance partners, the woman was bold enough to start a conversation as they moved through the steps.

“What’s a girl like you doing at a feast like this?” the woman asked, seemingly seeing through Sophia’s finery and boring into the last year she’d spent on the road. “It’s nearly scandalous.”

“Courting,” Sophia said, not letting herself show any emotion despite the mask on her face.

“Are you looking for anyone in particular, Miss Sophia? A powerful sorceress, perchance, or someone to spend the night with?”

Sophia knew who this woman was, though she was surprised at how forward she was being. This whole maneuvre reeked of a sorceress’s games. She was certain of it. “Both, if it’s possible,” Sophia shot back. “If there were a woman fitting that description, I’d very much like to meet her, wouldn’t you?” Sophia smiled as she made the woman pause.

She cocked her head, then leaned in to whisper in Sophia’s ear. “As it happens, I know the woman you speak of. Her name is Elluen, is it not?”

The silky way that the woman said her own name made Sophia stare at her parted lips. She had to swallow the sarcastic comment that she was about to make. She liked flirting, true. If it were another night, she might even allow Elluen to continue making advances. But this woman was here to kill someone. The bold narcissism radiating from the woman holding her hip made Sophia’s stomach churn.

Elluen continued whispering. “I think she would like to meet you just outside, in the gardens. Perhaps she wants to hear your offer, to let herself be distracted. For a time…”

Sophia knew what the woman wanted. She knew what it meant when people looked at her like that. Why not? she thought. Clearly something can be worked out between us. She’d always been drawn to dangerous people, like a moth to a flame. Sophia couldn’t help it. She found the sorceress intruiging. And if she could distract her for a few hours, maybe Elluen could be convinced to leave the Stoneforth heir alone for good. She nodded to the suggestion.

Elluen smiled widely. “Please, meet me outside in… oh, let’s say five minutes.”

As Sophia walked to the gardens, she heard a scrape on the ground. Something was whispered in a strange language and the next thing she knew, Sophia’s eyelids felt heavy.


“My, my,” the woman said, cupping Sophia’s buttocks with her hands. “I can tell you’re a fighter. Your body is so toned, not like those flabby noble girls that sit around preening themselves all day. It’s been an age since I’ve seen such a shapely-“

“What do you want, Elluen?” Sophia asked, trying to hide her fear. “Let me go and we can talk.” As much as she hated being bound like this, as much as it humiliated her, Sophia had to admit that there was something satisfying about it. It had been over a year since she’d been with someone, since… No, better not to think about that right now.

Elluen slapped Sophia’s ass and playfully caressed her skin, running her fingers up Sophia’s arched back and arm as she rounded the restraints to face her. “I want to use you. To pleasure myself with your body.” She folded her arms and looked at Sophia’s beautiful dress. “Well? Are you going to make me an offer?”

“For what?” Sophia asked angrily. “You know, if you’d have asked, I might’ve said yes. But you using magic on me? Dragging me to the depths of the palace and tying me up? I should spit in your face, sorceress.”

She smiled at the comment, knowing that Sophia was at her mercy and would do no such thing. “We’re not in the palace. Don’t worry, I haven’t killed your precious little lord,” Elluen said, seeing the anxiety on Sophia’s face. “Not yet, anyway, now I have other plans for tonight. Go ahead, persuade me to spare his pitiful life.”

“Where are we?” Sophia asked.

“We are in my Pocket World, of course.”

Sophia’s eyes widened. She’d heard stories of mages using these, mainly to hide themselves from unwanted guests. Only they knew the command phrase to enter them, and they could be entered anywhere, at any time. How would she escape from this? She mersin escort bayan would have to appease Elluen, she would have to…

“I’ll make you an offer,” Sophia said, causing Elluen to perk up. “It seems I have little choice but to give in to your demands.” She gave Elluen her most contemptuous look and sighed, consigned to what was about to happen. “Do you want to fuck me?”

The corner of Elluen’s mouth rose in a smirk. “Yes,” she said, caressing Sophia’s chin with her fingers and bringing her face up so that it was mere inches from hers. “And I want you to enjoy it. Squirm, struggle, try to break free, curse me, but enjoy it. Put in a good performance and I’ll leave your contract alone. Then you can go back to that drooling imbecile Lady Stoneforth and collect your pay, on top of what I’m about to give you. Do we have a deal?”

Sophia nodded and Elluen kissed her on the lips.

Sophia had never been so powerless before, but when Elluen grew tired of her lips and moved to her rear, ripping open her fine dress and slipping fingers into her wet pussy, Sophia moaned. She forgot how pent up she was after a year without a lover. She was only twenty, but she’d known many men and women throughout her time on the road as a Magekiller. She considered herself to have plenty of experience, but no-one had ever treated her this way before.

“Fuuuuuck!” she drawled as Elluen fingered her. She squirmed helplessly as the sorceress pushed a finger into her ass and began massaging around in circles inside her. She felt the sudden sting on her skin as Elluen spanked her with her free hand, then started licking her pussy.

“Oh! Please, please Elluen!”

The sorceress laughed as she plunged her face into Sophia’s backside and licked her clit, lapping up wet cum. When Sophia had donned the dress earlier that evening, she never dreamed that she would be getting bent over and fucked in it. Even less so by the woman she was meant to keep from killing someone.

Her pleasure was building slowly as Elluen used her. Sophia felt disgusted by how she was being treated, but for some inexplicable reason, it only increased her arousal even more. She wiggled her butt about as much as she could in the restraints, struggling to get free. How dare someone use her like this? How dare-

Her orgasm ripped through her like a cavalry charge. She felt her pussy throb and convulse against Elluen’s fingers as she came.

She remained there for a moment, dripping helplessly.

“You’re such a pretty little fucktoy, aren’t you?” Elluen drawled in her self satisfied tone. She grabbed Sophia’s face and kissed her again. Sophia felt and tasted her own cum on the sorceress’s lips. “The look on your face is so priceless, so petulant, hanging like that. Has no-one ever treated you like that before?”

It was difficult for Sophia to think through the pleasure of her orgasm, but she grew hot at the teasing.Damn, how was she going to get out of this? She had to see it through, had to do whatever Elluen wanted…

“As I was saying,” Elluen went on, “For once, I’m glad time passes more slowly in these Pocket Worlds. I think we need a few more hours to get to know each other. Don’t you agree?”


“Owwww!” Sophia cried as Elluen spanked her. The sorceress made her slaps grow harder and harder with every hit. “Please, I’ll do what you want!”

“Will you now?” Elluen spanked her again. “Will you pleasure me if I let you free? If I keep you tied, but invite you to join me in bed, will you see to my every desire?”

“Yes! I’ll do whatever you want!”

Elluen grinned. She liked watching cute trussed up noblewomen who were out of their depth. She felt Sophia’s butt against her palm. The skin had grown reddish, but maybe that was just the candlelight. Elluen loved how curvy some women were. She admired Sophia’s ass, wanting it on her face again. The girl was petite, true, but her hips were somehow wide and seductive, She had a cute little dimple just above her butt, the flesh below soft yet firm. Elluen couldn’t help but plant a kiss on the girl’s backside as she wondered how the girl had achieved such a physique without the magical aid one gets when becoming a sorceress. As much as she liked Sophia’s ass, Elluen thought the young girl’s face was so pretty. She liked the idea of defiling it with her dripping pussy, of ruining her makeup as she fucked her face.

“If you disobey me…”

“Yes, you can tie me up like this again. I promise I’ll do anything. Please?”

Elluen grinned. “Very well, Miss Sophia.”


Sophia grunted. She was still tied up, hands behind her back, but now at least she got to rest on the bed. It was so soft and comfy. Her back thanked her for getting out of the awkward position she’d been in previously.

“I’m going to sit on you now,” Elluen said. “Give me what I want, girl and maybe I’ll return the favour. I can tell you want me to.” Elluen swung a thick thigh over Sophia’s head and planted herself firmly above escort mersin the girl’s face. Sophia wanted to bite the sorceress’s clit as hard as she could, but she licked at it instead. She couldn’t afford to be insubordinate or she would go back to being contorted around her bonds as she was earlier. Besides, it was kind of hot having a woman use her like this. Her previous female partners had not been so adventurous.

She lapped at Elluen’s pink pussy, causing the woman above her to moan. Elluen bounced her ass hard against Sophia’s face. She sat upright atop Sophia, not giving her any pleasure apart from the arousal of being used. As Elluen rode her, Sophia grew more and more worked up. She’d never had more than one orgasm at a time before, but at that moment she wanted nothing more than to be allowed to climax again. She felt Elluen’s wetness on her lips, trickling down her throat after she’d tasted it on her tongue. The sorceress’s soft buttocks continued to bounce on her face and she continued to lick. She wouldn’t stop licking. She would show Elluen how good she was, how she wasn’t just some country slut to be fucked and used. She would make the woman crave her after they parted.

Sophia’s constant licking pushed Elluen over the top. She came on Sophia’s face, nearly suffocating her as she slammed herself down and covered Sophia’s mouth with her pussy.


Elluen had to accept that the girl had been good. She’d not had an orgasm like that in months, and now she intended to have another. Smiling, she tossed Sophia onto her tummy and lifted her hips up so that the girl’s butt was presented to her. Elluen uttered a spell, one from the book that lay on the bedside table, and summoned herself a magic cock. Pink wisps dripped off of the cock as it inserted itself into Elluen’s ass.

She’d heard of women in the West using a similar concept, but it all involved straps, which Elluen saw as troublesome things. The dominant woman would feel little direct pleasure from using the strapped penis, whereas Elluen would feel everything, as if she were also being penetrated by it. Magic stabilised the toy and held it in place. It wouldn’t slip or fall out, and it was supposedly far more intense than what a man would feel himself.

Elluen smiled as she pushed herself into Sophia’s ass, thrusting in a simple rhythm. The cute flesh of Sophia’s pretty butt squished as Elluen thrust her hips into the girl.


Sophia moaned as Elluen pulled her hair back. She had never had anyone do this to her before. It felt better than almost any of the men she’d been with. She didn’t even know what it was. She couldn’t look around to see what Elluen was doing to her, but she could feel her butt stretching to accommodate whatever Elluen was up to. Contrary to the pain she thought would come with having her butt fucked, her entire backside was reaming with pleasure. It must’ve been something to do with the spell: no first time anal sex would come without any pain. She cried in shock at how good it felt as Elluen fucked her. Any semblance of conscious thought was completely pushed out of her mind by the incessant slapping of Elluen’s pelvis against her ass. She forgot what had happened at the feast – she forgot there even was a feast. All she knew was the pleasure she felt. And it was so intense.

“You like that, don’t you?” Elluen panted from behind her, pulling her hair harder. “I know how good you feel. What if I stopped, huh?”

“Pleeease, don’t stop!” Sophia screamed. She didn’t even care that she couldn’t move her hands. She gradually slipped down onto her tummy as Elluen fucked her into the bed, routinely stopping to pick her up and bend her over again, only so she could destroy her even more. She saw her makeup coming off and staining the bed sheets. She tried to look around, to see the beautiful woman fucking her, but she couldn’t. Sophia strained and squirmed in the constraints, wishing that she could see. Her orgasm came suddenly, exploding through her pussy and almost knocking her unconscious.

Sophia cried as Elluen removed the magical binds from her wrists and ankles and wrapped herself around her. She let herself be hugged and fucked, feeling her ass fill Elluen’s groin as the sorceress repeatedly thrust herself inside her until she came. Elluen planted kisses on her neck and back, rubbing Sophia’s sensitive nipples with her slender fingers. The warmth of her body rushed in to fill the cool release as the magic cock was withdrawn from her asshole.


She awoke some time later. Elluen was passed out on the bed next to her. Sophia suddenly remembered where she was, in all startling detail. Her body ached, her pussy throbbing and her butt hurting badly.

She felt used.

She remembered her contract. At least she’d distracted Elluen for tonight, but surely the sorceress would try again…

Sophia realised she was no longer tied. An idea slipped into her mind and she foraged on the bedside table for the book, the one that Elluen kept consulting before casting her spells.

She leafed through the tome, brow raised as she read the translated text. Her finger came to a very interesting spell. One that was meant to summon bonds to be used in tying up one’s lover…

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