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An Unlikely Dalliance

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Like clockwork at 05:30pm, Shalini walked out of the school towards the parked car in which Vishal was waiting to pick her up. But today her gait was different. She had a cheerful bounce in her walk. There was a tiredness on her face contradicted by the smile of satisfaction on it with flushed cheeks. These contradictions perplexed Vishal but nonetheless he was please to watch her approach the car. Even after 10 years of marriage, Shalini was able to ignite the furnace of loins just by her looks and he never found a reason to complain about his life barring some intermittent off hand bickerings. She looked phenomenal in the peacock green saree and black blouse which complimented her fair skin. The hooked nose and sharp jawline accentuated her feminine features. Though she was not slim but she maintained herself enough to make heads turn with regular exercise.

As soon as she sat inside the car.

Vishal: hey! You look different today!

Shalini (flustered): Is it? Well… it was a regular day.

Vishal (teasingly): I bet it was!

With that Vishal started the car and started driving home. Throughout the journey he kept talking and shared about his day while asking her about her day. On the other hand Shalini, used all her energy to keep a poker face so as to not betray an iota of emotions she was feeling while trying to her best to reply in monosyllables. She wanted the journey to end so that she can keep distance between Vishal and herself and think clearly in her own space. Her reason to avoid Vishal was not the lack of love for him but at this point she did not trust herself in this state of emotional turmoil. What surprised her more was she did not have these conflicting emotions until a few hours ago. At that time she was clear on her line of action without a worry about the consequences of her actions which was quite contradictory to her nature.

As soon as they reached home, Shalini put on the home-makers hat and got working on preparing the dinner and cleaning the house simply to keep her mind occupied with the mundane things. Vishal would usually chip in to help her out with her chores but today she did not want him around at least until she had sorted her line of thought on the things that had transpired through the day. She asked him to go for his usual jog and get some groceries while returning which he happily obliged to.

The next couple of hours passed away in a blur and as soon as Vishal returned she asked him to freshen up while she set the dinner. They had a quiet dinner which was not unusual before Vishal headed for the bedroom and Shalini to the kitchen to wrap up remaining chores there and complete preparations for the next day. By the time Shalini entered their cozy bedroom Vishal was fast asleep with a book lying open on his chest. She kept the book aside, removed his glasses and laid next to him after turning off the lights.

It was in this darkness that she got the flashes of the day, especially the proximity of the third person and the rush that followed. The sound of their lips intertwined made her squirm in the bed. Somehow, Vishal’s snores were completely silenced by the sounds of the day. Was she dreaming about this? Shalini turned to see the time on her cellphone which showed it was just past midnight.

She put a halt to the chaos in her head and started to chronologically analyse the sequence of events throughout the day to add perspective to her actions.

She wasn’t unaware of the effect she had on the people around her. More often than not she enjoyed it. Those stealing of glances under the pretext of stretching the neck or the excuses men gave others and themselves to be around her or to check her out often gave her butterflies. And this mot only extended to her personal life but also in her workplace. Male teachers would often be around her like moths around source of light.

She was also aware about Dhondu’s roving eye and the lust that was evident in his eyes but he didn’t not have an inkling of the fact that he was bold enough to make a move on her. Dhondu was the school peon who appeared like a simpleton istanbul escort in his mid 40s always dressed in crumbled khaki shirt and pant. He was slightly potbellied with salt and pepper unkempt hair and a stubble. His eyes were puffy probably because of the excessive drinking at his age and had a fat nose. His complexion was wheatish and was squarely built. Contrary to his looks he had shiny white dentures instead of read stained ones which is usually a norm amongst his peers.

That day as usual she was waiting after school to take extra classes, starting at 3, for the underprivileged students who couldn’t afford tuitions from the near by locality as a part of the initiative that the school had taken. However, the school authorities had forgotten to inform her that there would be no classes today and hence she was surprised when no one showed up at the prescribed time. Sitting on her chair waiting for the students to show up, she didn’t realise when she dozed off under the gentle soothing breeze of the ceiling fan over head.

Around half past three, she was awakened by the gruffly voice of Dhondu.

Dhondu: Hello! Madamji!! Wake up!!

After a pause.

Dhondu (smilingly): What happened did they not tell you that there will be no extra class till further notice? These administration people are becoming lousy that government officials. Anyways you can leave now as I want to lock the classroom.

Shalini slowly came back to her senses and assessed her surroundings. She checked her watch and decided to push off.

Shalini (smilingly): Can I wait here till I book the cab and the cab arrives? Once the cab arrives, ai will find you and tell you to lock the room. Or are you in a hurry to lock and leave?

Dhondu: Arre!! Madamji no problem! You can wait as long as you want to. I , anyways, have to wait until 5:30 for my shift to end so I can wait for you to leave and lock the room. And you dont have to take the effort to find me. I will wait right here for you to leave and then lock the room. Hope you dont mind!

Shalini noticed the spark in his eyes when he said that and decided to play along assuming it will be a harmless banter.

Shalini (while fidgeting with her phone and trying to book a cab): Dont you want to leave early and spend time with your family. I know your shift ends at 05:30pm but I dont see any one around to supervise you to notice you are leaving early. Also, I promise I wont snitch on you.

Dhondu: Madamji! My family will be happy with the fact that I am not at home. They prefer it that way and I dont mind the arrangement. Plus I am more than happy to give you company.

Shalini: My company is only for another 15-20 mins. Once my cab arrives you are on your own.

Dhondu (laughingly): Them I hope you dont get a cab till 05:30pm.

Shalini: I think your prediction is coming true. This is the 3rd cab that has cancelled. But I am hopeful I will find something soon.

Shalini took a pause and then said, “Why doesn’t your family prefer having you around?”

Dhondu (slyly): I dont want to burden you with the everyday problems of the working class.

Shalini: Ohh Dhondu! Its not a burden. I wont mind hearing you out. Plus we have nothing else to do considering the pursuit for getting a cab has been unfruitful so far.

Dhondu (smilingly): Arre Madamji! Where should I start? Let me put it this way they cannot handle my reaction and my way or coping with the banality that my life has to offer.

Shalini: You mean your drinking?

Dhondu: It is not my drinking they have a problem with. It is my behaviour after drinking that troubles them.

Shalini: Then maybe you should stop drinking. Who doesn’t have problems? All of us do. Even my husband has to overcome a lot of challenges at work on a daily basis but he doesn’t drown himself in alcohol every night. And even if he does drink, he knows to handle his drinks.

Dhondu (laughingly): I knew you wouldn’t understand. You are that typical high society madam who think our problems are simple avcılar escort and solvable especially when you compare us with your husband.

Shalini: What do you mean?

Dhondu: What I mean is that some people are born lucky and don’t have to face difficulties in life like your husband. Though they have faced difficulties in life, they at least had circumstances in their favour to roll the dice in a manner that was favourable to them unlike the vast majority of us who spend the entire lifetime doing one thing. If monotony and banality had a face that would be mine.

Though Shalini did not completely agree with his argument, because there were millions who rose every morning to fight the circumstances irrespective of what had transpired the previous day and not bow down to them, she knew what he said had some gravitas to it. Also, unknowingly, she felt a sense of sympathy towards him.

Dhondu (continued): Even if he has so many obstacles atleast he has you and your beautiful house to come back to which I am sure he looks forward to. He has something to look forward to. What do I have? Nothing!

Shalini(sympathetically): Oh! Don’t say that. I am sure you have something worthwhile in your routine.

Dhondu (harshly): Oh there is something worthwhile in my life too! But You dont want to know about it. Plus telling you might land me in trouble and I need this job to feed my family more than the need to satiate your curiosity.

Shalini: What if I promise I won’t tell this to anyone?

Dhondu: I don’t think you have the maturity to handle it.

Shalini (irritated): What do you mean? Am I not mature enough? I am trying to have a genuine conversation only to be chided by someone like you.

Dhondu (smilingly): See this… this is what I was referring to… if you were genuinely interested you would have egged me on… instead you choose to flare up… how can I trust you with sensitive information that can land me in trouble if your reaction is so trivial.

Both sat in silence for few minutes contemplating. Shalini saw the strength in his argument ans folly in hers. Maybe the sympathy she initially felt for him had primed her to feel that way.

Finally, Shalini broke the silence.

Shalini (calmly): I am sorry for reacting that way. Would you share your story if I promise to not react negatively and keep your secret amongst us only.

Dhondu smiled again revealing his white teeth. He now had her where he wanted.

Dhondu (calmly): Only if you promise to be open minded and not react harshly.

Shalini nodded expressing her implicit agreement to his condition.

Dhondu took a deep breath and continued without looking at her.

Dhondu: The only sliver of colour in my otherwise monotonous life is when I see you walk in and walk away from these 4 walls. These moments barely for a couple of seconds fill me with hope. That the tomorrow may be brighter and that life is full of possibilities is something I feel when you come in sight! It is in these small interactions that I have with you is when I don’t feel lonely. I am forgiving of the circumstances that have plagued me all my life. But the dreariness fills me up again when you walk out of that gate, sit in the car and drive away. I curse my fate all over again watching you go. I wish I was the one driving that car and taking someone like you to a fancy place you call home. This system is rigged where a man like me can never dream of something like you.

After sharing what he had to, when Dhondu looked at her, he found her looking at him with her mouth agape clearly showing signs of shock. Dhondu expected this. No matter how receptive one says she/he will be, such sensitive information will always draw such a reaction. He just sat there waiting for her expression to change and for her to reprimand him for what he had just confessed. But when none came, he continued.

Dhondu: Look at you mocking at my misery under the garb of sympathy first and shock now. What would the society have me do now? Beg? Beg for the happiness that entitled people take şirinevler escort for granted… simply because circumstances were in their favour or because they were born in the right family or at the right time. If that is what it is like then here I am begging for you to have some mercy on me and indulge me.

Shalini was too shocked to respond and simply rushed out of the classroom to the teacher’s washroom leaving all her belongings behind including her phone. In the inertia of their conversation she had stopped booking cabs. Meanwhile, Dhondu sat there gloating at how he had confessed and not yet been reprimanded for it. Somehow he did not dread the thought her complaining about him because if she planned to would have left the building by now.

Shalini splashed some water on her face and looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t perplexed at Dhondu’s confession but by her own reaction to his suggestion. She was puzzled by her own acceptance of it. Why did it feel like a natural progression to the conversation? Why was what he saying agreeable? Where had all the social norms vanished? Why did she want to submit herself to him? None of these questions appeared in her line of thoughtThe contrast in their physical traits and social standing did not matter any longer. He was not even that attractive and plus she was still happily married. But her sympathy towards him and the gap in their standing made this encounter more enticing. Plus, the monotony of her own marriage was pushing her further down the line. She wanted to walk out and submit herself but somehow she was more cognisant of her surroundings and decided to test the waters and take things slow.

She walked in the classroom again with a resolve. She looked at him squarely and asked him, “What do you want?”

Dhondu got up holding her gaze with his eyes. He gulped. His mouth ran dry realising his dream will soon be a reality if he played his cards well. With her hoarse voice, unbelievingly, he said, “You!”

With that he almost ran towards her and pushed the door of the room shut with his feet. Then he put his hand on her arms and pushed her against the wall next to the blackboard. She could feel his breath on her face. She closed her eyes as he started leaning in. She, eventually, felt his lips on hers. It took very little time for them to progress from pecks to a full blown smooch. The slurping of lips because of his sluggish kissing was the only sound in the room. Shalini, somehow, was enjoying every moment of this unbridled passion. It felt like the dam of passion had been opened. She could resonate this with a similar feeling during the early stages of marriage.

While her hands roamed over her broad shoulders and black, his hands moved to her bare waist and then sliding up towards her bosom. She felt his fingers working towards unhooking her blouse hooks. He was successful in dropping her pallu and unhooking the top two hooks of her blouse exposing the top of her lacy black bra, all the while locking her lips to his. He started kneading her tits over the fabric of her blouse and squeezing them now and then.

Shalini could feel his dick growing when tried to thrust his pelvic region. His one hand tried to lift her saree up while with the other he tried to lift her up for the penultimate act in order to seal the deal. Shalini realised his intentions and with great resolve tried to push him away but he was relentless in his efforts. Then out of nowhere here phone started ringing. She pushed him away and ran for her phone. It was her husband who called, as usual, to inform her that he will reach the school in another 15 mins.

She was a sight to behold with her disheveled hair and smudged lipstick and the unhooked blouse exposing her lacy bra. There were beads of sweat rolling down her chest and belly. Dhondu couldn’t take his eyes of her.

Shalini quickly gathered herself by hooking her blouse and adjusting her pallu. She picked up her things and started walking out of the room towards the washroom while smiling mischievously at Dhondu who returned the courtesy by smiling and adjusting his crotch.

The recalling of the day’s events had made her wet. She quietly got up and walked in to the bathroom. She pointed the jet spray towards her clit and let the water hit the most sensitive area while imagining the lines she will cross with Dhondu later and cumming hard with the mere thought of it.

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