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An Unusual Day For Cynthia Ch. 04

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I woke from the deepest sleep I had had in years. Being a bit of an insomniac that is saying a lot. My brain finally caught up with how wonderful my body felt and started taking inventory. Not my bedroom, aches and pains in wonderful places on my body, and last but not least, a very large warm masculine body spooning against my back, ass and legs.

I snuggled back against Glenn and enjoyed the feel of his naked body against mine. When I moved he slide his hand around my waist and pulled me back against him harder. I suddenly felt lips softly kissing my shoulder as he worked his way around to my neck and up to my cheek. I turned my face toward him to give him better access.

“How long have you been awake?” I asked as he softly kissed the corner of my lips.

“Ummm… not too long, about 15 minutes or so. You are so beautiful when you sleep.” He said.

I could feel my face turning bright red and placed a hand over it. “Oh god, ok… tell me how loud did I snore?” I could feel his laugh before I heard it. “Tell me! Do you think it was loud enough for the neighbors to complain?”

Glenn was now laughing full out. He held me close and rocked me from side to side as I complained. He stopped rocking and started smothering my face with kisses until I couldn’t help but laugh and giggle at him.

Rolling over I pressed my naked front against his and sighed in contentment. At this we both stopped laughing as our lips drifted toward each other. We slowly made out, lightly touching each others bodies, and woke each other up. I pulled his face away and opened my eyes to find him watching me. “Hi!” I said with a smile.

“Good morning.” He said smiling with his hands roaming over my naked back. “How did you sleep?”

“Wow, I slept so good. I bet that I haven’t slept that good in six months. Thank you!” I kissed him softly and ran my fingers through his soft messy hair.

“What are you thanking me for?” he responded.

“Well, the way I see it, is that I either slept so good because you have a great bed or because you fucked me so good it wore me out. Either way you are the one to thank.” I grinned as his face turned red. Leaning in I whispered in his ear, “I’m leaning toward the fucked me good reason myself.” This time it was my turn to laugh at him.

“Know what I would like?” I said slowly kissing different areas of his face.

“Mmmmm…” he sighed. “What would you like baby.”

“I would like…” kiss (pause) kiss, “.. to visit the bathroom. I really need to pee.” Laughing I smooched him on the lips with a loud smack, jumped out of bed and ran for the rest room. Glenn, after and exasperated moan, jumped up and ran after me. At the door of the bathroom I turned and struck a pose grabbing my tit. This stopped him in his tracks. As he watched me fondle my breast, I said, “Glenn, I get to go first.” Then I shut the door and locked it.

Despite my growing comfort in running around naked, my new friend watching me pee was not going to happen. I could hear Glenn on the other side of the door chuckle and start to clean up the beautiful room we had managed to trash during our play time last night.

Just as I was noticing the funky taste in my mouth after peeing, I heard a soft tap tap on the door. “Cynthia? There are some spare toothbrushes in the linen cabinet if you would like one.”

Smiling I called out, “Thank you sweetie, I would.”

After doing a quite sponge bath to get rid of the ..’evidence’ I brushed my teeth and confiscated Glenn’s robe from the back of the bathroom door. The early morning light had cast a golden tone over everything and the room that was lovely in the afternoon was breathtaking in the morning. Glenn had been cleaning and the pillows were now back on the bed, and a simple sage colored bedspread had replaced the one we had soiled the day before. I blushed at the idea of taking it to the cleaners remembering our activities on it. Just as I was wondering where my new lover was the smell of bacon and fresh coffee floated in the open door. I was suddenly starving and headed back down stairs.

My bare feet made very little noise as I walked down the carpeted staircase. Close to the bottom I caught site of Glenn in the kitchen. I paused there to watch him unannounced. He was wearing a faded blue t-shirt and baggy old boxer shorts. As he moved around I could see he was wearing no shoes or socks, and unless I was mistaken, nothing under the boxers. When he turned back to the island to cut up the fruit he was cleaning in the prep sink I could see the unmistakable sway of his soft cock under the shorts. I could feel myself getting a bit moist at the idea of how accessible he was.

Finishing my assent I walked up behind him as he worked at the stove and pressed myself against his back, wrapping my arms around his torso. Amazingly enough he still smelled a bit like me. I could smell my perfume as I kissed his neck good morning. “Hi there.” I said.

Glenn leaned back and turning his head kissed my eve gelen escort cheek. “Hey, did you find the toothbrush okay?” At this question I breathed a bit in his face to show how minty fresh I was. He laughed, “Good, I found a spare in the guest bath down here. Soooo…” moving the omelet he was working on off the burner Glenn swiveled in my arms til he was face to face with me. Or considering our height difference more like face to upper chest. Scrunching down a bit he wrapped his arms around my waist and believe it or not, picked me up and set me on the island countertop. “… now we can have a proper morning kiss. One where I can make sure you can’t run away from me.” Glenn spread my legs and stood between my knees. The split in the robe opened a bit so that my upper thigh was visible and as we began to kiss Glenn moved his hands around and with one hand on each of my ass cheeks he pulled me against him. Our soft kisses slowly turned into breathy wet ‘do-me-now’ kisses.

Wrapping my legs around his ass I pulled him as hard against me as I could and tried to swallow his lips and tongue. He tasted like apples, strawberries and coffee. We broke apart panting and as Glenn held me to him he said, “I am so glad you are here Cynthia.”

I smiled at the sincerity in his voice. “God, you are so sweet.” I said kissing him all over the face.

“Hey, are you hungry?” he asked rubbing my back through the robe.

Leaning forward I pressed my forehead against his, “I’m starving! Please feed me.”

Glenn laughed and reached for a strawberry. “Here, this one is for you.” He said running it along my lips. I looked into his eyes and as he watched bit into the strawberry, letting some of the juices run down my chin. Not laughing anymore Glenn leaned in and licked me from the base of my neck to my lips kissing me again.

“What about you? Don’t you want one?” I said leaning back on my hands, with my legs swinging off of the edge of the counter.

“Yeah, I want one. But I would rather have it with a little something on it instead of just a plain strawberry.”

“Oh really, what exactly did you have in mind?”

Glenn reached over and picked up a large strawberry. Stepping close again he looked at my face as his other hand moved down and opened the robe. I was now exposed from the waist down. I knew what he wanted and was more than happy to oblige. As he stood between my swinging legs I leaned further back until I was leaning on my elbows. I stopped swinging my legs and lifted my left foot and placed it flat on the edge of the counter, moving my knee to the left. This gave Glenn a nice view of my wet pink interior. I moved my other leg up and draped my ankle on his shoulder.

Glenn smiled at me as I seductively spread myself open for him and waited. “I thought you were hungry too baby?” I said with a purr.

Slowly touching my legs Glenn working the strawberry toward my pussy with his right hand a his left held my ankle on his shoulder. I watched him from my position never taking my eyes off of his face as he moved his face and hand closer to my crotch and then dipped the fruit in. I gasped a bit as I felt the roughness of the strawberry touch my sensitive pink pussy flesh. Glenn swiveled the fruit around making sure to get as much of my girl juice on it as possible.

Standing back upright again, I watched as he pressed the freshly coated strawberry to his lips and deeply inhaling he sucked on the end of the fruit.

“I can taste you on here, smell you on here.” He said with a sigh of joy. Then he took a big bite, chewed and swallowed it. Popping the rest of the red fruit in he swallowed that as well.

I laughed at the enjoyment on his face and was preparing to sit back up when his hand on my leg stopped me. Glenn ran his hand down my right leg from the ankle on his shoulder, to the junction of my spread thighs. He lightly ran a finger up the crease of my pussy collecting the wetness there as I started breathing hard. “You know… I think I left some strawberry residue here.” He licked off his finger as I watched him enjoyed the taste of me. “Yep, I need to clean up the mess I made here.”

Suddenly and without much warning Glenn dived into my pussy. He was now frenching my cunt the way he had just been frenching my mouth moments before. After the kissing, the fingering and the strawberry I knew I wouldn’t last long. Not to mention that Glenn was that rare bread of male that truly love the taste of a woman’s pussy. The texture of a woman’s pussy and the look of a woman’s pussy. Basically, he LOVED pussy. As I panted away, grabbing his head and wrapping my legs around his shoulders and neck Glenn was hard at play worshipping my cunt. Suddenly he latched onto my clit and I was off like a rocket. SHAZAM!!!

As I came down off my orgasm Glenn was actually cleaning me up now. I could hear the slurping of his lips as they lapped up the juices I had produced from his hard work. As he finished my istanbul eskort bayan legs dropped to hang off the side of the counter again. Glenn ran a hand over my pussy from my abdomen to my lips, petting it like a favorite pet.

Glenn took both my hands in his and hauled my body up to a sitting position. Suddenly I was enveloped in his arms, once again feeling the heat of his body. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now.” I kissed his damp lips and tasted myself on him. “You are soooooo good at that!” I said. “How in the hell did I get lucky enough to find you… or actually for you to find me?”

Kissing me again, Glenn moved against me. “I’m the lucky one. You are the most passionate woman I have ever met.”

I hugged him against me and kissed his neck. I moved my hand down between us and cupped his cock. I could hear him grunt a bit as he grew even harder in my hand. I looked up at his face as he lifted his head and smiled. “At this rate we are never going to get to eat breakfast.”

I giggled again as he picked me up and off of the countertop, standing my back on my bare feet. Smacking me on the ass, he pushed me toward the sink and I was forced to let go of his dick. “Go wash your hands young lady. Breakfast in 5 minutes.” And he turned back to the cooling omelet. I could see in profile his hard cock tenting his pants. I washed my hands keeping and eye on the front of his shorts.

“Okay, my hands are washed now. Don’t you want to wash yours?” I said drying my hands on a tea towel.

Glenn moved to the island and slide the now hot and ready omelet onto a platter and placed the pan back on the stove. He flipped the burner to off and leaned against the counter. He raised his right hand up and smelled it. I knew he could still smell me on his fingers. “No, I like the idea of smelling you every time I take a bite of food. Lets eat.” With this comment he gave me what can only be described as a lecherous grin.

I laughed so hard I had to lean against the counter for support. “You are such a perv. Who would have thought YOU would be such a little perv.” I slowed my laughter and moved toward the dreaded bar stools.

Glenn sat down and pulled the one next to him out for me to sit in. As I began to ease onto the high chair he stopped me. “Stop! Okay, now it is time to tell me why you hate barstools.” As I began to protest he put up a hand. “No not later… NOW!” Then he sat there with his arms crossed and waited with a stubborn look on his face.

I shoved my hands in the pockets on the robe. FUCK! How the hell do I explain this. “Well, basically it has to do with my weight.” And with that I moved to sit. But, he stopped me.


Pausing I paced for a second before deciding to bite the bullet.

“Shit.. Okay here it is. I went to meet a friend in a bar once.. a very crowded bar a very TRENDY BAR, and when I jumped up on the bar stool one of the legs broke and the whole thing dumped me on the floor in front of the huge crowd.” I took a breath and started to pace back and forth again, “Everyone was laughing and the owner didn’t even apologize to me he said that the barstools were not made for someone my size and he asked me to try and sit at the tables instead. All of this was done in front of a loud Saturday night crowd. My friend who is a lawyer said she figured that he was trying to cover his ass incase I tried to sue. When he said those hateful things to me I left. I heard later on that she tore him a new one and he apologized to her for saying what he said. I never went back even though she tried to get me to.” I took another shaky breath.

I stopped walking and looked up at him with watery eyes, I was trying so hard not to cry. “Do you understand now. My weight.. I know in my head that the barstool was an old wood one and anyone could have broken it. But it was me. Me falling on the nasty wet floor and me getting told what a fat cow I was in front of a crowd. My heart doesn’t understand what my head does.” I stood there with my arms wrapped around my chest shaking. “I have not talked about this since it happened. I can’t believe I just told you all of that. I’m sorry.”

Without looking up I could feel him approaching me. Suddenly I was engulfed by him. He held me close as my emotions settled. I sighed against him. Kissing my neck I heard him whisper, “I’m sorry. Thank you for telling me. God, you are so wonderful, beautiful and open hearted.”

He moved us around and picking me up sat me down on the barstool, HARD! Leaning back he grinned at my surprised face. “One crappy barstool and an asshole bartender does not make you a cow. Your friend was right, your head is right. Your heart is beautiful, but listen to your head so your heart can heal a little bit.” Kissing me again. He said, “Now eat your breakfast, my love.”

I could feel my heart skip at his words especially the last one. “Thank you.” I took his face between my hands and looked into his eyes. “Thank you.” I rezidans escort whispered kissing him lightly. “Thank you for being so sweet to me.”

He pulled his barstool closer to me and we began to eat in comfortable silence. Reaching for the milk for my coffee I felt the chair tilt a bit. Instinctively I grabbed at his leg to steady myself, this caused him to jump and spill his juice down his shirt front.

“Oh shit,” I said grabbing for a napkin, “I’m sorry.”

Glenn laughed, kissed my mouth, leaned back and pulled off his shirt. “Don’t worry about it sweetie.” Wading up the shirt he tossed it toward the mudroom. Picking up his glass he took a sip of the remainder of his juice.

Suddenly I noticed that my hand was still on his leg. I left it there and took another bite of my omelet. After a little while, Glenn moved his hand down and placed it over mine and ran his fingers between mine. Slowly I let my hand drift down toward his inner thigh, moving my fingers as his hand on mine encourage me. Finishing the last bite of my omelet I swallowed a bit of juice and stood up. I took my hand off of his leg and turning moved the stool out of my way. Glenn watched my movements and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

“What are you up to?” he said crossing his arms over his bare chest.

I turned back to him, grabbed him by the knees and swiveled him on the barstool so that he was now facing me with his back to the island. He threw out his arms and legs to balance himself and keep from falling over as I tossed him around. I took full advantage of this and stepped up between his spread legs, opened the front of the robe from collar to hem and pressed my naked body against him. I could not get enough of this man.

Aggressively I pressed my lips to his and kissed him, licking him, and snaking my tongue into his gasping mouth. My full breasts were squashed against his naked chest and we could both feel the warmth of our bodies as we let our lust stir again. Moving my hands from around his waist I let them drift to his shorts. Without any warning I cupped his package and gave it a squeeze. He was already hard and I could feel his cock flinch as I played with him.

Breaking off our kiss I moved down his jaw to his neck. Sucking a bit near his jaw I gave him a little hickey as a memento of our morning together. I could hear him moan and laugh softly knowing what I was planning on doing

“That was a great breakfast.” I whispered in his ear. I ground my naked body against him as I pushed up his chin, kissing and licking down his neck to his left nipple. Sucking, licking and kissing down his body as his hands finally started moving on me. I let go of his cock long enough to let the robe fall the rest of the way off of me and onto the floor at our feet. I slide my nipples down his body as I worked my hand in and touched his cockhead. I could feel a dampness as he leaked precum into his boxers. His cock pulsed with excitement and I loved that I could do that to him.

“Hey, how attached to these shorts are you?” I asked looking into his eyes and stroking his cock at the same time. “Would you really miss them if they were gone?”

Glenn groaned, grabbed my face and brought it to his. “I don’t give a shit about these shorts.” He said kissing and licking my lips.

“Good!” I said. Before he knew what was happening I removed my hand from the waistband of his shorts, puts both hands onto the seam of the open slit in the front of them and pulled. The fabric of the shorts was so old that with one pull I managed to turn his boxers into crotch less and frontless underwear in a matter of seconds. His cock popped up as his body jerked again in surprise.


“Well you said you didn’t give a shit about them.” I smiled and before he could protest about their destruction I engulfed his dick in my mouth until the soft spongy head rested in the back of my throat.

Glenn moved his hands back to the countertop to keep from falling over and to support him as I gave his throbbing dick some much deserved attention. Either my skill level had improved or he was way more excited from going down on me than I thought, but he was ready to come within about 10 minutes. I grabbed his legs and pulled his ass forward sucking on his balls I could feel them tighten up as I stroked his shaft and ran my thumb over the head. Slipping my finger down I rimmed his asshole again and Glenn gave a jerk of surprise then enjoyment as I touched his pucker. I moved my mouth back over to deep throat him as he started talking.

“Oh god… oh Cynthia. I’m so close.” He panted.

Looking up I could see his lusty blue eyes watching his dick slide in and out of my lips. I kept eye contact with him as he tried to maintain control. He was too far gone to hold back now though. “I’m going to cum Cynthia. Right now.” Before when I had blown him I wouldn’t let him shoot in my mouth. This time I wanted him to. I wanted to taste him, to take a chance that he was everything he seemed to be.

“Glenn?” I said holding and stroking his cock. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

“GOD YES!” He said touching my hair. “Can I?”

“Yes Glenn. Do it” with this statement I shoved his cock back into my mouth and sucked on his sensitive cockhead running my tongue under the rim.

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