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Angel Connors of Gravid Glen

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The nursery was almost ready.

The walls were painted a soft blue, dotted here and there with cottony white painted clouds, the colors appropriate for either boys or girls. Four changing tables stood at each of the corners, and four cribs sat next to those. A pair of gliding rocking chairs stood off to the side, just waiting for a mother or father to sit in them and rock their child to sleep. It was a homey, welcoming, softly lit room that was perfect for the coming babies.

And the woman currently standing in the doorway, leaning with her back against the door jam, was the one who would be providing those four babies.

Angel Connors brushed a strand of long, lustrous, richly red hair back from her lovely, smooth cheeked face as a soft, tender, loving smile caressed her full, lushly pouting red lips. Her long lashed, almost almond shaped, emerald green eyes shone with an excited, anticipatory light as she gazed at the nursery from beneath sensually thick, arched brows. The dusky bronze tone of her skin, a result of many days of youth spent in the sun, made her lovely eyes seem even brighter, and set off the mane of her dark red hair wonderfully as it cascaded down her back in a loose pony tail, a few thick strands falling to the side of her angelically beautiful face. The dusky, golden hue of her skin made the white shirt, one of her husband Peter’s largest, seem to glow slightly, adding to the radian aura that seemed to glow forth from her. The glow of all expectant mothers.

Her smile softening as she did so, Angel switched her focus from the room to her swollen belly. She gazed past her big, round breasts, 44 EEs, to stare in wonder at the huge, gravid ball of her waist as it bulged out from her otherwise slender body. She ran her hands down, along her swollen sides, and clasped her slender fingers together under her pregnant belly, smoothing down her shirt, and cupping her burgeoning tummy gently. At five months pregnant with quadruplets, Angel looked like she was overdue with a set of twins, big twins, and she loved it! She loved the way she felt, all ripe and feminine, sensually fertile and at one with nature, the world, and mother’s everywhere. The feelings so overwhelmed her at times that she almost cried with emotion. She had never known being so pregnant would be so wonderful! And she still had four months to go!

“I’ll be absolutely HUGE by then!” Angel giggled as she stepped away from the door and turned to make her way down the hall. As she went, she was constantly caressing her belly, stroking it tenderly, seeking to let the growing children within know that their mother was there and that she loved them. Her fingers also confirmed what she had felt earlier, namely that Peter’s shirt was close to being to small for her. She giggled at this, for Peter was six foot and six inches tall, and she was only five feet tall. Combining that with his impressively broad shoulders, and Angel knew she must be huge indeed if his shirt was starting to become to small for her. She had had to cuff the sleeves in order to make the shirt fit her arms, but the body of the shirt had needed no adjustments. Even now, she could feel several of the buttons near the peak of her belly were starting to strain from the pressure. “I guess it will soon be time for normal maternity wear!” Angle smiled, knowing she already had a closet full of such garments, some sensible, some comfortable, and a few sexy numbers she had had custom made by her friend Ravin, a fashion designer and seamstress of incredible talent.

Thinking of Ravin made Angel look at the clock as she passed the kitchen. It was almost 11 o’clock in the morning, nearly time for Ravin’s check up.

Despite being only 24 years old, Angel was a fully trained, fully licensed obstetrician and gynecologist, as well as being a certified nurse-midwife. A child prodigy, she had graduated from Harvard medical school, with marmaris escort honors, at the tender age of 14, and practiced for 8 years at one of the more prestigious hospitals in the country, adding to her own knowledge by working in their obstetrics ward. At the age of 21, she had met, and fallen in love with, Peter Connors, and up and coming lawyer who already had his own private practice as he himself had been something of a child prodigy, graduating from Harvard Law at 16, and passing the bar at 17. He had then made a name for himself as a crack defense and business attorney. They had married at the age of 22, and after a year of marriage had decided to start working on a family.

Angel paused in her walk to her office, taking a moment to look out a huge bay window at the spacious mountain valley she called home. She and Peter had moved there just after they were married. It was a valley high up in the Colorado Rockies, far away from the rest of the world, with only 50 young couples living in it. No man there was over 30, and no woman was over 28, making it one of the youngest communities in the world. It had been created by a number of Peter’s friends as a place to raise children away from the world’s darker influences, as well as being a great place to come home to after a hard day’s work. They lived somewhat simply. They had cell phones and computers, but they grew their own vegetables, organically, and raised cattle and horses in the valley, thusly providing themselves with meat, as well as fish from the wide river that flowed just on the edge of town and provided the town with its water supply. It was a lovely, peaceful, almost Edenic place to live, and Angel loved living there.

Due to her credentials, and her experience, Angel was quickly asked to be the town doctor, and she agreed, while Peter became the town’s attorney. Peter was at the stage in his career where his clients came to him, so it was easy to set up an office in the “downtown” area of the valley, and to see clients there. It was a guarantee that he would always be home on time.

During her first few months of practice, Angel had been quite surprised to find that all the women in town who were pregnant, were pregnant with twins, and in some cases triplets. She had never seen a case like this before! No one was taking fertility pills, and only one woman had a history of twins in the family, so she could find no explanation for it. Ravin had jokingly said it had something to do with the water. Her surprise had further increased when she and Peter started to work on a family, and she become pregnant almost immediately, and with quadruplets! She was at a loss to explain it, and at first she was concerned about it, but the more she grew, the more pregnant she became, the less concerned she had become. It was now only a minor curiosity to her.

A knock on her office door announced Ravin’s arrival, and broke Angel from her remembrances. She quickly pulled on a white lab coat, and made her way to the door to open it for her patient and friend.

Ravin smiled warmly at Angel, her best friend. She was a exotically beautiful girl of Native American heritage, her sensually beautiful face framed by long, ebony black hair. She had always had an amazing figure, complete with a pair of fine 41DD breasts, and her pregnancy had only added to her beauty, adding a ripe, fertile sensuality to her already lovely form. She was currently 8 1/2 months pregnant with triplets, and was one of the few women in the valley who currently had a bigger belly than Angel. Her breasts had swollen dramatically during her pregnancy, and were now well into the FF cup range. They were full and firm, topped by sensitive nipples that seemed to be constantly stiff as a result of rubbing against her bras, and Angel often found herself wanting to taste the dusky, copper skinned beauties breast flesh for herself. In fact, she had done just that one marmaris escort bayan more than one occasion, she and Ravin having quickly become best friends, and sometime lovers, unbeknownst to their husbands of course. They had both discovered a pleasure in being with each other that they could not seem to get from their husbands, and had come to look forward to Ravin’s monthly appointments, even more so once she became pregnant, and when Angel had announced she was pregnant as well they nearly screamed with excitement!

“Hi Ravin! How. . . . Mmmmmffff!” Angel’s greeting was cut off abruptly as her raven haired, and slightly taller friend, bent her head down and gave Angel a kiss so full of passion and erotic need that Angel could not resist, nor could she compose herself, swept away as she was by the overwhelming passion in her friend’s kiss.

In moments, they were locked into a sensual embrace, pressing their gravid bodies against each other, their hands stroking and caressing their curves and swells with sexual heat as their lips meshed and tongues danced together wantonly. Each could feel the erotic heat building up within them, rising to a fever pitch.

Their lips parted with an almost audible “pop” as Ravin released Angel from her passionate embrace. Her eyes were hot and heavy, fiery with need and lust. Her normally husky voice was made even throatier due to her sensual need as she said, “Sorry to be so abrupt, but I have been so horny lately! I seem to get hornier and hornier as the days go by, and with Doug out bringing in some of the cows for slaughter I haven’t had anyone around to be with. I am so horny, that even walking up here, knowing I was coming to see you, and what we would do, I couldn’t hold off. I had to slip into that grove of maples down the hill and try to please myself for a bit, or I felt like I never would have made it here!” The thought of her friend lying on the ground, her dress gathered up beneath her huge breasts, her huge naked belly thrusting up and down as she fingered herself, was nearly enough to make Angel come right then and there. Ravin must be in terrible need!

“Don’t worry about it. ” Angel said softly as she stroked her trembling friends hand. She reached up to caress Ravin’s smooth cheek, a soft, tender smile on her face. “I know what that feels like. Peter had to go out of town last week, and I thought I was going to die I was so horny!” Angel’s smile became hot as she said. “So lets see if we can’t take care of your little problem, shall we?”

Ravin giggled slightly, her own eyes lighting up with erotic excitement. “Yes Doctor. “

A short while later, Ravin was lying naked on the examining table, her legs wide spread, a huge tit raised to her lips as she sucked on it wildly, muffled moans of pleasure coming from her lips. Between her legs, and also naked save for her lab coat, Angel sat on a stool, her head nestled between Ravin’s sleek legs, as she bit and sucked on her friends feminine parts, one hand on her own belly, stroking and caressing the gravid sphere of her waist, the other reaching up to stroke the big, wide, round dome of Ravin’s pregnancy as she ate her friend out. Ravin’s legs, held wide apart in stirrups, trembled and shook as her body shuddered from the pleasure emanating from her breast and between her legs. She thrust her hips up an down, thrusting herself against Angel’s probing tongue, her huge belly rising and falling in rhythmic tandem to her thrusts, her free hand cupping and kneading her other breast, or rising to stroke her huge belly passionately.

Angel could feel her friends body shaking and shivering as she drew closer and closer to the edge, and she thrust her tongue even deeper into Ravin’s lovebox, smiling around her tongue as she felt Ravin shiver dramatically from the sudden increase in pleasure. Her own lovebox was hot and moist, and she slid her hand from her belly down, between escort marmaris her legs and thrust two fingers between her moist nether lips, softly gasping and shuddering herself as she stimulated her sex. She knew she was close as well, but not quite there yet.

Suddenly, Ravin’s head flew back, her swollen tit popping audibly from her mouth, her eyes wide, lips spread in a howling cry of ecstasy. Her body bucked wildly for a moment, nearly throwing Angel off her stool, then stiffened in a massive spasm, back arching and legs and arms stiffening. Her body went rigid, only slight shakes and shudders passing over her belly and limbs as her head tossed from side to side, her screams of orgasm filling the room as her love juices spilled out of her. Through it all, Angel kept her lips locked on Ravin’s sex, drinking down the sweet nectar of her love juices and pushing Ravin from one orgasm to the next, till she collapsed onto the table in a shivering heap, limbs limp, her whole form shaking and shuddering as she gasped for breath.

Angel rose to her feet with a sultry smile. Now it was her turn.

She helped Ravin off the examining table, then told her shaky friend to get on her hands and knees. Ravin did so, her huge tits almost brushing the floor and her big belly pressing firmly against it. She wondered what Angel had planned.

Angel stepped out of the room for a moment, then returned, still wearing her lab coat, but with a double headed dildo now strapped between her legs. One end was already buried inside Angel’s hot snatch, and each step she took caused it to thrust up into her lightly, making her shiver with delight, gasping softly. She swayed up to Ravin, smiling at the way her friend eyed the thick, free fake cock before her eyes.

“Lick it. ” Angel told Ravin.

Ravin did so eagerly, taking the dildo’s full thickness between her lips; sucking and licking it for all she was worth. She smiled around the shaft when Angel started to moan, knowing that each thrust she made against her part of the dildo pushed the one in Angel even deeper, making thrust almost like a real cock.

“Ooooohhhh. . . baby. . . . ” Angel moaned, leaning back slightly and rocking back and forth against her friends blowjob. It felt heavenly, hot, and wantonly erotic, bringing her that much closer to her own ecstasy.

After a few moments of this, Angel made Ravin stop. She then moved behind her kneeling friend, knelt down till her big belly was resting heavily on Ravin’s back, and slid the free end of the dildo into Ravin’s hot dripping sex.

They both nearly screamed from the sudden rush of pleasure, Ravin feeling herself being filled to the brim by the big shaft, and Angel feeling the one in her press even deeper into her sex than it had before. In moments they were rocking back and forth, Angel thrust into Ravin, her big belly rubbing up and down her back, and Ravin thrusting back against Angel’s thrusts, reveling in the feel of Angel’s huge belly on her back and Angel’s hands working and kneading her tight, round ass with strong, slender fingers. Both girls were filling the room with their moans and cries as they bucked and thrust against one another, each giving in to the wild passion burning inside them.

Then, at last, they both felt themselves reach the peak and pass over it. They howled in erotic joy as they orgasmed again and again, their bodies bucking and thrusting erratically as they came again and again, each one writhing about and pushing the other over the edge again and again till they fell apart, the dong slipping out of them with an audible slurping sound.

The girls lay there on the floor, gazing at one another as they gasped for breath, both bodies coated with a sweaty sheen. Their smiles were the contented smiles of a woman who has had her sexual needs satisfied, and satisfied well, very well.

Ravin smiled over at Angel. “Boy Doc, you’ve got a great bedside manner!”

The End?

If I get feedback, no. The good doctor of Gravid Glen could well have another adventure or two. If anyone wants her to!

Hope you like it!

JB Aka Rivan51

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