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Angie’s Forbidden Sexual Adventure

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I was heading upstate on Monday to pick up my daughter Kelly from college on Friday, Yeah I know it was a week early but I intended to hang out with her after her classes, you know the usual. Go out to dinner, or maybe a movie or whatever a father and daughter do. However, her best friend Angie wanted to go, you know young 19-year-old girls love to hang out together. We headed out together early. We got to the hotel about 12:00 noon. My daughter did not get out of class until 3:00 pm.

Therefore, we went to the desk to check into the hotel.

When I spoke to the clerk she said, “I apologize sir but there is a problem with your reservation. You requested 2 double beds and the wrong room was reserved.”

I said, “What’s the problem?”

“The room we reserved for you has a single king size bed.” She said. “And since this week was end of year all the rooms were booked. Is there a problem with that?”

“I would like what I requested,” I exclaimed with annoyance.

They looked to see if there were any cancellations but unfortunately, there was none.

She said, “Sir that room has a love seat.”

I said, “Well now I really don’t have a choice, all the hotels in the area are booked as you are.”

“I apologize sir; I will talk to the manager and see if he can give you a discount on the room. And change to another room if it comes available.”

I said, “Fine, I’m tire just let me get up to my room.”

“I will have a complimentary bottle of wine sent up to the room.” She said.

Therefore, the bellhop took our bags and ushered us up to the room. He opened the door and in we walked. I thanked him, tipped him and out he left.

I looked at the bed and it was pretty damn big, Angie looked at me and said, “That’s a really big bed, there is no reason we can’t stay on our own sides of the bed.”

I just replied, “It’s not that Angie, it’s just inappropriate don’t you think so; besides don’t you think Kelly would get really pissed off at both of us.”

At that moment a knock came, I opened up the door and it was the house keeping with a bottle of wine. I let them in and he set the wine on the table in the bucket of ice, and excuse them self.

Angie looked at me and said, “Well it would be more comfortable for you to sleep on the bed, and she does not have to know. If she comes up here there it is.” As she points to the love seat. “The way out and you can still sleep comfortably on the bed.”

So, I looked at Angie and chuckled, “Well first of all who said ‘I’ was going to be the one sleeping on the cot.”

She looked at me apologetic and said, “I sorry Mr. D I didn’t mean, well you know.” She looked down and blushed. “I think it will be OK if we both sleep on the bed. We are both adults here.”

I chuckled again and said, “OK but Kelly will be pretty pissed if she finds out.”

I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes and say, “Well we have about two and a half hours before she gets out of class. I suggest we relax a little while.”

Angie sat down in the lounge chair and flick on the TV. Flipped through the channels paused at MTV and after about fifteen minutes, stated she was going to hop in the shower. She rummaged through her suitcase, pulled out some clothes, and put them on the bed. Then flopped back down on the chair and continued to flip through the channels. I started to fade out to sleep. I do not know how long but I finally awoke and I heard the shower on, figuring I was probably out for about ten minutes. Looking up at the clock and realized I was out for about almost two hours, so I jumped up startled. I stood up and walked up to the bathroom to tell Angie to hurry up and ask why she did not wake me earlier. When I noticed the bathroom door open about a quarter of the way.

Now remembering the layout of bathroom, when you open the door to the right the sink is right there, behind the door is the toilet and straight ahead beyond the door is the shower and there are sliding glass doors, and the doors are not really frosted. In fact, they are completely clear.

Well I got to the door, and realizing the door was open. I put my face to the door and started to say what I intended to say; but couldn’t help seeing her in the shower her back was to me and the light was off in the room I was in, so it was nearly impossible to see me by the door. I just froze as I looked at her bathing. Her ass was just so fuckin perfect. As she lifted her leg to wash her ankle, she bent over and I could see her perfect pussy. She started to slip a little and quickly put her foot down and turned around to lean against the wall. As she did she put her foot up on the edge of the shower by the door and I could see her gorgeous, probably 32B tits. I just love medium to small tits. Her pussy looked smooth and she had tight pussy lips. That is when I noticed she was not washing her leg she was shaving it. Moreover, as she worked her way up her leg she ran the razor over her Venus Mons. Man did she have a beautiful pussy. Her body Isparta Escort was so hot. I was mesmerized by it. She finished shaving, which seemed like hours because I was so taken by her beauty. The shower turned off and she opened the door. The view could not get any lovelier. My cock was so fuckin hard. She grabbed a towel and started to dry herself off. First her hair, then she worked down her body to her tits and stomach. She then wrapped the towel behind her back and dried her back off, arching her back emphasizing her tits to me. Her nipples were so perfect three to four-inch areola with perk one-inch nipples that looked so fuckin erect. I just wanted to suck them right off her tits. She slid the towel around the front of her and continued to dry her pussy and then her thighs. As she worked her way down her leg, she picked up her right leg and put her foot on the sink as she continued to dry down her leg to her foot. Her pussy was open for my eyes to take in all her pussyual beauty. I just love a woman who has no labia majora, well none that protrude until they are thoroughly stimulated, sucked or fucked. Her entrance was open, thoroughly exposed to my drooling eyes. I could not help but rub my cock through my pants. Dam I wanted to fuck her so bad right there and then. Then after what seemed like hours of staring at her voluptuous body, she wrapped the towel around her and I knew she was coming out of the bathroom so I darted back to the bed and lay down and made believe I was sleeping. She came out and walked past me in nothing but a towel that went from just above her tits to just below he pussy. The TV gave off just enough light to see her. She glanced at me to make sure I was still sleeping and strolled over to the other side of the bed. Picked up her panties off the pile of clothes she left on the bed, and slid them on up under her towel. I thought to myself what the fuck she intentionally left her clothes out here so that she can get dressed in front of me, or did she just guess that I would still be sleeping. She then looked at me again to make sure I was still sleeping and stared for a few seconds. Then grasped the towel and pulled it, it drop to the floor. She was now standing there in just her little tiny panties. The TV gave off just enough light for me to see through the crack in my eyelids to see her in this incredible state. She quickly pulled the skimpy dress over her head, slid it down over her, and adjusted it to fit nicely over her body. It was low-cut, just enough to see just a touch of cleavage, and about mid-thigh. At that time, I felt it was time to act as if I was waking up because I knew it was getting late and we had to go pick up Kelly.

I gently started to stir, rolled to my side, opened my eyes, looked at Angie, and said, “Hey Angie, what time is it?”

“Its 2:15 pm.” She replied.

“What the hell.” I jumped up, “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier, I don’t want to be late picking up Kelly.”

“I’m sorry Mr. D, I was just taking a quick shower.” She exclaimed.

A quick shower I thought to myself I watched you shower and dry that perfect body for probably twenty minutes, shaving your hot body and that seductive pussy of yours. I wanted to remark about the outfit she was wearing. How hot she looked in it. But I refrained myself from that. I just smiled at her.

I kindly said, “Well we’re not late yet, let me get myself together here and we will get going.”

“That’s ok Kelly texted me and said not to pick her up until 3:30 because she wanted to take a shower herself.”

I turned the light on and grabbed some clothes out of my suitcase. I turned back and Angie bent over to pick up the towel, I looked up at her and for but just one moment I could see both her nipples down her dress, and my cock twitch in my pants. She turned and walked into the bathroom with her towel and came back right away.

So I and walked into the bathroom. I closed the door and turned to look back at the door stared for a few seconds and then looked at the counter where she put the towel. I placed my clothes down on the counter, picked up the towel, rubbed, and sniffed the towel drawing in her scent. It was just such a fuckin intoxicating scent; I have ever had the opportunity to inhale. I pleasured my senses with her aroma for about thirty seconds more than dropped the towel on the counter and undressed. I was down to my boxers and then I took a moment to fade into fantasy. My hand roamed to my cock and I rubbed it through my boxers. I just imagined my cock penetrating deep into her young, hot, tight pussy. Pounding long hard strokes; feeling her wetness of her pussy surrounding my erection as I thrust into her. The pores of my cock absorbing her womanly juices; Building to my intense orgasm.

Then a knock came to the door and Angie said, “Mr. D did I leave my hair brush in there?”

I drew myself back to reality and quickly looked around and spotted it on the counter, and said, “Yes I will be out in a minute”

I dressed Isparta Escort Bayan myself and extracted from the bathroom. I handed the brush to Angie and after a few minutes, we were out the door and heading out to pick up Kelly.

We picked up Kelly, headed out for the local restaurant, and had a great meal. Headed out to see the most resent new flick in the movies. Chilled out in Kelly’s dorm room laughing and joking the three of us. I just kept getting quick glances of Angie’s tits, incredible glances of her sweet little pink panties. I notice a little damp spot in the crotch of her panties. As it was nearing 11:00 pm, I suggested we let Kelly sleep since she needed her rest for her week of finals.

“Tomorrow is another day; we could have some more fun then.” I said.

Kelly protested a little but I said, “your education is important please just finish out this week. I didn’t come out early to wear you out and help to increase the chance of her failing.”

Kelly agreed and we parted. The girls acted as if we were leaving for a month. Nevertheless, I again assured them tomorrow would come before they knew it.

When we returned to the hotel, I went into the bathroom first, took my pajamas with me. I completely disrobed and I put on my athletic shorts, these were my pajamas, and that was it. No shirt, no socks, no underwear; just my shorts. I came out and she was wearing what looked like a mini version of her dress. Just lower cut on the top; showing more cleavage and the bottom was just past her crotch. She did not see me but my eyes bugged out and almost fell out of my head. She was so fucking hot. I quickly got into bed to hide the fact that my cock was stiffening. I could tell by her actions that she did not seem like anything was wrong with the way she was dressed, like we were just boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife or just two girls sacking down for the night. If she wasn’t so hot I would have definitely told her she was dressed utmost inappropriately for the company she was in. However, I could not take my eyes off her and only dreamed about sleeping with a young hot girls like her, not having sex just being in the same bed.

I quickly brought myself back to reality again for the uncountable amount of times tonight and flicked on the TV. She had her suitcase to the side of the TV cabinet and to the side of that was a dresser. She stated she was going to put her clothes in the draws since we are going to be here for a week.

“I am going to put my clothes in the lower draws and you can put yours in the upper OK?” she said.

“Whatever you want to do sweety is ok with me.” I exclaim.

She turns around and looks at me for a second, then turned back.

I thought for a second to try to figure out what that look was for, and put two and two together and realized I called her sweety and think that turned her on a bit. Not sure what to say about that or if I should comment at all and I just let it go.

She continued to pull her clothes out of the suitcase and then it happened. She bent over to open the bottom draw and I look at her ass, well that was just it I was looking at her ass, or should I say asshole, she was not wearing any panties. In fact, I could see her incredible pussy. The bedside table light was on high and it was unmistakably jutted in my face. And I no doubt believed she was doing this on purpose. My cock immediately jolted to rock hardness. In fact, I had to quickly adjust myself so I did not tent the bed sheets. After what seemed about ten minutes of staring at her pussy and asshole, she finished and got up.

She turned around and said, “I think I’m going to bed I’m kind of tired. Do you mind if I turn the light down or off?”

“Not at all sweety, sweet dreams.”, I said intentionally getting the same look I did before.

She climbed into bed turned off the light. We were completely on opposite sides of the bed; she curled up under the covers and shivered a little.

“What’s the matter are you cold,” I said to her.

“Just a little, I’ll be ok in a few minutes.”, she replies.

“If your cold put some clothes on.” I remarked to her.

“OH NO I usually don’t wear anything to bed but I think I might make you feel very uncomfortable if I did so.” She tells me.

I chuckle, “nah it won’t make me feel uncomfortable, it would just be inappropriate.”

“Why you can’t see anything we’re under the covers, besides all you’re wearing are a pair of shorts. You’re still naked beyond that.” She proclaims back at me.

“Angie I don’t care what you sleep in, I’m not your father or your boss. Be happy and be comfortable but if Kelly finds out I don’t want to be you.”

She turns toward me, and as she does, her left breast almost pops out of her nightie, she kind of burst at me. “Well first you have to stop laying this Kelly thing on me, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ok?” she said with a figure of speech.

I look at her in a smirking shock, and Escort Isparta then she says, “Second you have to chill out about the appropriate thing too. We are both adults here OK?”

I look at her in a chuckling laugh not believing her now, but it is turning me on very much.

“And last but not least your right, you’re not my father, my boss; so I will sleep happy and comfortable.”

With the TV still on she throws the covers off her, her back to me, pulls her nightie off. She puts it on her night table. I can see she is completely naked now. She flips back on the bed, pulls the cover back over her and curls back up.

“Well I am sorry; I didn’t mean to offend you at the least. You are right we are both adults here and we should sleep as we feel comfortable.”

I throw the covers off me yank my shorts off put them on the night table and pull the covers back over me. I could tell that there was nothing more she wanted to do then to turn over, and see my cock at that moment. However, one she was not quick enough and two it would have been too obvious.

I grasp the remote control, and turn off the TV. We lay in silence for a few minutes. We are both thinking hard now. We are in a hotel room, completely alone, no one to stop us and we are buck naked in a king size bed. Not to mention we are both horny and hot for each other.

Angie starts first, “you didn’t offend me, and I just wanted to break the tension that I knew was in the air. Now that is over let us sleep in peace. Sweet dreams Mr. D.”

“Sweet dreams Angie”


I turned slightly sometime in the night, turned my head at the night table and the clock said 1:30 am. Then I felt very strange as I turned back I realized I was not only no longer on my side, I was in the middle of the bed but Angie was also in the middle of the bed. Her head on my chest, her right leg between mine, her right breast against my side, her knee against my balls along with my erection lying on my belly, and her sweet and noticeably wet pussy against my hip. I am not sure what to do. I am incredibly turned on by this and not sure if this is intentionally or accidental. My left arm is around her holding her close to me, with my hand on her shoulder. I move again; hoping maybe she will roll off me. But it back fires, she pulls herself closer to me and her hand slides down to my stomach and I feel the side of her wrist touch the head of my cock and my cock violently twitches smacking her on her wrist.

She moves again unconsciously and grasps my cock, my body shutters and I can feel an orgasm building inside me fighting to hold back as hard as I can. She lays there cuddled on me holding my cock. I can feel it throbbing in her hand. She lets off a little snore; and I know she is still sleeping.

I hear her murmur “Oh bobby fuck me, yes your cock feels so good in my tight wet pussy” then she fades out to mumbles squeezing my cock harder and more firmly. I feel myself getting close to exploding right in her hand and on my belly. Getting desperate not sure what to do I feel I have to wake her. But how? My hand is on my chest; so I reach over and rub her nipple, it immediately gets rock hard. I tweak it, hoping to get her to roll over and free my throbbing cock. However, she still moves closer now rubbing her pussy hard on my leg soaking it completely with her pussy juices. She is slowly sliding down bringing her head closer and closer to my cock. This is totally driving me nuts. I want to drag her on top of me, slam my cock deep in her pussy, and fuck the shit out of her. I can tell she is also getting close to orgasm by her deep breathing. Maybe I should make-believe I am sleeping and let her cum on my leg and she will wake and think I am sleeping. However, I just cannot do that at this point I am so close to Cumming. So finally, I get up enough nerve and I reach out to her face, kiss her on her lips and she so softly, and slowly wakes up.

“Angie you are doing things in your sleep here that I can no longer hold out for; I am at the end of my rope sweety.”

She looks around and realizes what is going on.

“You were dreaming about having sex with, well someone named Bobby.”

“Huh, oh fuck I am so sorry, I didn’t mean. I did not want you to know. Oh, fuck. What can I say?” she exclaims to me.

“Well we have a couple of choices here; one you can go back to your side of the bed and we can forget this ever happened, but somehow I don’t think either one of us wants that.”

She smiles ever so sexy.

“Two we can stay just like this and enjoy the moment until the sun rises through the window. Or three we could take this as far as you want it to.”

There is silence for a few minutes. Then she looks up, smiles at me.

“Let’s take it further, can we start by letting me suck your cock till you dump your load down my throat. You can even mouth fuck me if you would like. Anything just to let you cum down my throat.”

I say, “Well it’s a deal only if you flip around and let your pussy ride my tongue and cum all over my face. I really believe you have to have the sweetest tasting pussy in existence.”

“Oh fuck a dream come true, sucking your cock, and letting you eat my pussy. The only thing better would be that we talk dirty to each other.”

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