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Annie, My ‘Niece’

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Big Tits

Her name is “Annie.”

I tell everyone that she is “my niece,” which, of course, she clearly isn’t. Everyone who knows me knows that I have no siblings and have never been married.

In actuality, Annie is more of an adopted waif. She came into my home and my life a year ago, almost eighteen years old, when her parents were splitting up. She was going through some hard times of her own: Boyfriends, school and then her parents’ breakdown were causing her no small amount of stress. So when she showed up on my doorstep one day, carrying three stuffed suitcases, I wasn’t all THAT surprised. I invited her in, gave her a nice warm meal, showed her the guest bedroom and said goodnight.

She’s been living under my roof ever since.

The problem (if you can even call it a “problem”) started shortly after Annie turned eighteen.

Now I had promised her Mom (who was my age, by the way) that I would watch out for her daughter. And since Annie’s mother had had a reputation for being “hot-to-trot,” I’d hoped the apple would fall far from THAT tree. *HAH!* Fat chance!! Annie was, by far, even WORSE than her mom, in that regard!!!

It began innocently enough.

Annie is 5’5″ tall, most of her is legs, with a really sexy 34″ bust and C cup breasts, that are the softest things this side of marshmallow fluff!!! She always listens to this damn techno-industrial-music crap that drives me nuts! Sometimes, tho’, she likes to listen to George Harrison tunes. I love it when she cranks up “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” An all-time fave of mine! I will forever be into jazz, however, so we fight over what music gets played on the stereo!

Annie’s always been a pretty inhibited young woman. She doesn’t like to be nude herself but she doesn’t mind seeing me completely nude. She does wear a loose-fitting robe around the house, however, and when she bends over (which she does often, but only when she’s sure that I’m watching) her robe opens up, giving me a perfect view of her lovely breasts and, more often than not, her shaved-bald pussy glistens from underneath that robe as well (then she calls ME a perv for looking!) Her shoulder length, dark brown hair and her dark brown eyes, that belie all the shit she’s endured in her short lifetime, complete the package just perfectly.

In short– she’s hot-stuff and she knows it…

But she’s not as worldly as she thinks she is.

She THINKS she knows what men want. With SOME men she may be right. She’s never been able to read me, though, and this drives her crazy! I do so love to watch her frustrate herself trying to second guess my desires.

Our first experience together, had started rather inauspiciously, while fixing dinner one night. We were standing in the kitchen, preparing sushi (our favorite Friday night delicacy,) when she asked me if I had a date that night. When I answered with a negative, she said something to the affect that she didn’t like Ankara bayan escort the woman that I had been going out with for the last few months. I told her it was none of her business WHOM I dated and with a towel from the counter I snapped it, playfully, at her rear end!

This elicited a loud squeal from my young charge’s throat. Then she dared me to do it again. I, being the adult, said that I didn’t want to hurt her. She defiantly called me a chicken and started to make “clucking” sounds. I told her to just carry the sushi tray to the table and wash up for dinner. As she turned her back to me I rolled the towel up tighter than before and let her have it… With a resounding **CRACK!** I hit her square on her left, jeans-clad buttock! This caused her to scream with laughter and say, “You are SO gonna get it, Mister!” “Ooooo,” was all I said, as we sat down to feast on some delicious California Roll sushi!

Later, that night, after we’d done the dishes and I’d helped her with her homework, I went to bed. An hour later, I was roused from a sound sleep by a gentle wrapping at my bedroom door. “I hope it’s not the raven,” I cried out.

“Nevermore,” Annie said through the closed door.

This was our little way of saying goodnight. I had read Edgar Allan Poe to her that first night, all those months ago.

Then, before I knew what was happening, she burst through the door and started to hit me with her own pillow!

“A pillow fight, is it!?!” I said, thru’ clenched teeth, as she hit me on the head.

“Yeah! I TOLD you I’d get you back for that towel assault!” she yelled at me, screaming and laughing the whole time.

I reached up, grabbed onto her pillow, and pulled it from her grip. This caused her to fall face-down onto my bed. Since Annie sleeps in the nude and just wears her robe to walk around the house at night, when she fell on my bed she didn’t realize that her robe was completely open. I looked, briefly, and started to get an erection. Annie saw my bed covers start to tent in front of me and asked if there was a problem. I looked down, and because I sleep nude too, saw my cock head poking out from under the sheets. Annie couldn’t stop staring. Nor could I stop staring at her lovely, young body, either!!!

“May I touch it?” she asked, pointing to my pink protrusion!

I was too busy looking at her sexy body to say anything. I think I just nodded my head a few times, because she reached over and gently took my now fully hard penis in her hand, saying, “It’s beautiful.”

“Thank you,” was all I said, before reaching out my hand toward her breasts. She let out a slight moan when I touched her left breast! When I stroked her nipple she moaned even louder.

I asked her if it was OK with her to go further. She said, “You’d damn well better. Or I’m going to have to rape YOU, right here!!!”

Her words didn’t register on my mind, at that moment, because I Escort bayan Ankara was thinking the exact, same thing!!

I brushed the robe from her shoulders as she sat facing me on the bed. Her skin was so soft. It felt like pale satin under my finger tips! She moaned again as I gently rubbed her shoulders and neck, tilting her head from side to side, as if to say, “I’d love a back rub, please…”

She reluctantly let go of my twitching, hard penis and leaned forward, face-down, on the bed. I crawled around to the other side of the bed, straddling her bare back-side. As my penis rested between her buttocks, I reached up towards her shoulders and began massaging my young friend’s neck, shoulders and back, with a slow, but forceful motion. I began to work the knots out of her young, tender flesh with more enjoyment than I ever had with anyone before. And Annie moaned her appreciation out loud, too.

Annie must have felt my erection pressing between her ass cheeks because she said, “Chris, I hope you do something with that thing before you hurt me.”

I reached down, between her thighs, and felt a wet spot on the bed. I got off her legs, flipped her over and gazed at her slippery, wet, bald pussy! Her inner-labia had started to protrude, looking all red and inviting and wet with moisture! I started a Pavlovian response at the site of her dripping orifice!!!

I looked down, into her eyes, and said, “Thank you, Annie, for coming into my world.”

She looked up into my eyes and said, “You’re welcome, Christopher! Now, would you please CUM into my PUSSY, before I hit you with that pillow again!”

I laughed and began to tickle her rib cage, to which she started to giggle, uncontrollably!

I kept up with the assault. The more she laffed, the harder I tickled! This went on for five solid minutes! Annie started to turn a bright shade of crimson all over! She begged me to stop! I did, but only because she looked like she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen to her brain from all the laffing!!!

When she’d calmed down she excused herself to use the bathroom. When she came back, she jumped into the bed and started to tickle me! I laffed and laffed as hard as she had! After ten minutes she finally let me up to pee and upon my return she asked me to make love to her!

Never one to deny her anything, I jumped into bed and started kissing her. We kissed deeply for a long time, trying to fuck each other’s mouth with our tongues.

My cock was hard again and I needed to get my rocks off. Annie sensed this and layed back and spread her legs as wide as she could! I reached down, grabbed my dick and plunged it into her tight, hot, wet cunt!! Ohh, was she ever ready for this! Her muscles were going to town on my hard on… Massaging my whole shaft. Up. Down. Up. Down. My prick felt like it belonged in her cunt!!!

Annie started to scream, “I’m CUMMING, DAMN YOU, BITCH! I’M CUMMING!!!”

I Bayan escort Ankara just closed my eyes and grunted my own praise to the gods of Sex and Fucking as I blasted my first load into Annie’s tight cunt!!!

I stayed hard after my orgasm, much to Annie’s surprise. She said she wasn’t used to boys staying hard for so long. I told her that once a man reaches a certain age, he starts to take his time doing certain things. And making love, to pretty, young girls, is ONE of those things. Annie started to blush when I called her a pretty girl. God, she’s a cutie!!!

She got on her hands and knees and turned her back to me, then begged me to take her, “Doggie Style!” How could I refuse an offer like THAT, huh?

I positioned my throbbing cock at the opening of the hole into which I had just blown a load of sauce, and pushed in s-l-o-w-l-y this time! I kept pushing ’til I was burried to the hilt. I withdrew almost all the way and then rammed back in all the way! I increased my tempo when, all of a sudden, Annie cried out, as if in pain. I guess that my balls were bouncing and swinging around under our bodies. One of the passes below our bodies caused my scrotum to swing forward and bump into her ultra-sensitive clitoris! This sent electric shocks through-out her body, causing her “tremendous pleasure,” as she put it! I don’t know what, where, how or why it happened… I’m just glad it DID happen! Because everytime I rammed into her from behind there, she had another orgasm!

Her climaxes were starting to get to me, too… With each little one, her pussy contractions would massage my cock a little harder than before!

All of this was leading up to a huge, gigantic orgasm!

Annie was now shouting out gibberish! I told her to hang on; I was almost there!

As my own orgasm approached, I told Annie to hold onto the bedposts. Hold on for dear life, because after 45 minutes of fucking Annie, I was ready to cum again!!! I was set to blow another tremendous load into Annie’s womb!

Annie started coming first. She came with a loud shriek!

I followed with my own cum, shortly thereafter! I filled up her already full twat to overflowing!!! Our combined juices spilled out of her pussy and ran down her thigh to form a pool on the sheet beneath us!

My penis had finally softened and plopped out of Annie’s sopping, wet hole!

Annie was the first to speak, “Thank you, Chris, for making me cum so much! My Gaw-d, if I’d known you were so good in the sack, Id’ve raped you long ago!”

I just said, “Be careful what you wish for, Kiddo, or I may be forced to bang your ass even harder and longer next time!”

Annie’s eyes lit up at that notion!

When she asked if that was a threat or a promise, I just told her, “Yes…”

Annie moved in for good the next day. We’ve been making love to each other, on a nightly basis, ever since! Annie has made me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life!!!

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed my story! I hope to “enjoy” Annie, for real, someday soon!

Annie, if you’re reading this, please, know that I want you SO MUCH, you little Temptress!!!

xoxox, -BB

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