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Another Sexy Father In Law

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This is a story of a predatory sexual man, who chased down women to seduce and fuck before moving on. He isn’t a sex addict; he is a man who just loves women and everything about them.

Lucy Adams was in trouble, she was innocently perusing the situations vacant page looking for a part time job. She didn’t want anything heavy, just something to do, a menial job, shop assistant, mail room, anything really, just something for three or four hours a day that’s all.

She was about to be seduced, she had unknowingly made a rod for her own back it seemed. Two and a half weeks ago on the afternoon of her lavish wedding she had danced with him. She was in her wedding dress, he had taken her to the dance floor and they boogied and laughed, and had a great time, when he walked her back to her seat, he had said to her.

“If you hadn’t just got married, I would make a pass at you, rush you away from here and make mad passionate love to you; you are just so beautiful and sexy.” Lucy had looked at him wide eyed; she had never expected to be told that, well, not from him anyway! She had always admired him, he was a dish really, good looking, still had all of his hair, it was very dark, not quite as dark as her own, and he was grey at the sides, he looked very distinguished, over 6ft, broad shouldered, still had a flat tummy, and always had a woman on his arm.

He was long divorced, so long ago that no one now knew where his ex wife was. He had owned and run an IT company, a very profitable one, which he had sold this last year for a fat sum of money, and was now very well off.

When he had said that to her, she had giggled, then she told him.

“Well, you’ll have plenty of time after I get back from my honeymoon won’t you, to do just that?” It was him that laughed then, and said.

“You can bet your boots on that Lucy, I’ll be after you then, okay?” After more fits of giggles Lucy returned to her new husband.

Lucy had met some of his girlfriends, and one or two had been stunners, more elegant than she could ever be, she thought. But Lucy had natures gift of being naturally feminine, feline, and graceful beyond her years, and a softness money could never buy.

What she didn’t know, nor could plan for, was that circumstances would conspire against her. It was two things mainly, her new husband was the first, and the builders of their new home the other, who had promised them their home would be ready at the end of the month, one week after their return from honeymoon.

Lucy was minutes away from her seduction, she was wearing a black top, it matched her glorious raven hair. It was the type of top that fitted snugly, a wrap around thing, which tucked into opposite sides of her sumptuous body. It was made of a flannelette material, which caused little pings of static electricity around her firm upright and pert breasts.

It made her tingle and she loved it, her raven hair was soft thick and shiny, it parted in the centre, and finished at neck level, it was her crowning glory, on a body befitted with luscious jewels. She was wearing designer sunglasses atop her lovely head holding her hair in place and away from her face when her head was bowed as it was today reading the newspaper.

Her black straight above knee skirt, was a plain one but nothing on Lucy could ever look plain, she would look good in a sack! At 5ft 8″ she was reasonably tall, her body was slender, if not slim, but it curved in and out in all the right places. She often caused eye brows to lift when she was out.

Lucy had high breasts, with dark brown nipples, pointing skywards. They were sensitive breasts, and her nipples were even more sensitive, some days they could drive her to distraction, so much so, she had taken to putting tape over them to stop it sometimes. And today was one of those days, but as yet had not taped them over; this was more brickwork that was building the conspiracy against her even more.

Her nipples were in detonation mode, hitched to an extremely short fuse that he would trigger, and the instant deep under ground explosions would be sett off by him in her susceptible body. Her charms would be used by him to further her downfall, from a newly married woman, into a latent adulteress.

Her slim waist was supported by a beautiful taut and firm ass, and it was an ass that was as fine as an ass could be, they in turn were supported by legs that seemed to disappear in the clouds. Her face was one that men did a double take when they looked at her for the first time, black eye brows that were set above deep slate grey eyes, and were bewitching. Her mouth was full lipped and sensuous.

She rarely used make up, her natural beauty was more than enough, she used a little eye shadow and mascara now and again. She was one of nature’s rare natural lovelies.

Lucy had finished off today’s dressing, by wearing black backless, high, filled in shoes that gave her a height of around 5ft 11″ the same as her new husband. The builders had let them down, and her casino oyna husband had too, but it was the builders that caused the most consternation.

If it could have been believed, they had built the shell of their new home, and inconceivably, had built the internal walls back to front. The new house faced the front, the insides faced the back, it wasn’t until someone had asked why the bathroom was where it was, that it was twigged. Now the whole of the insides had to be demolished and done again, adding at least one to two months to the build time.

Then they had returned home to find the debacle of their new home, she had cried, he had rung up and here they were, in his fathers house. Lucy of course had forgotten their conversation, but Robert hadn’t, oh no, he would never forget her words, not one letter would be cast aside.

And all that, meant they would have to move in to here, where they were now, until the thing was finished. And that brought her to her second problem, her husband. He had not performed on honeymoon as well as he might, and indeed had hardly performed at all. He had been an avid lover up until the night of their wedding, and it had all gone, pardon the expression, tits up!

They had made love a few times, but he always ejaculated almost straightaway, this was leaving Lucy very frustrated. He had told her he felt nervous, scared even, but she though he was being silly. It had spoiled what she hoped was going to be two weeks of fornicating, under the stars, in the sea, on the beach, in bed, any where the fancy would take them.

The only time she had had an orgasm on honeymoon was by his fingers, not once had he managed to do the deed! The plan had been to conceive; she had come off her contraception three months earlier, and made him use condoms right up until the wedding night, she was sure that by the time they returned home her belly would be in the first stages of expansion.

Her husband was SI, Samuel Ian Adams, SI, as in ‘sigh,’ he was earning big bucks on the oil rigs where he worked, two weeks on one week off. And this morning, Tuesday, he had left for his two week stint, Lucy had tried always to get him up for the task last night, and she had more or less failed, he just hadn’t been able, and this morning, before the alarm went off she had tried again.

She had even jumped him, to take control, make him irresistibly excited, and, almost nothing! She was as randy as she had ever been. He had made excuses, “I’m tired, I’m nervous, it’s the pressure of work Lucy,” he had begged. She thought it must be getting married, having a wife, maybe a family on the way? But she was also confidant that he would return to normal soon, hopefully.

So SI had gone to work, Lucy was looking for a small job, her nipples were attacking her mind, her hand had drifted down between her legs, she wasn’t toying with herself, but she was close to it. She was 22 year old and wondering if SI had a problem, he had been more than okay before the wedding, now he was hopeless! And she didn’t know why, she could attract men from all corners, what was wrong with him? She rued.

Lucy was bringing about her own downfall, married less than three weeks and she was about to go under to another man, simply because.

A, The builders had cocked it up big time, and B, because her new husband had suddenly gone slack.

She was actively contemplating going back upstairs to relieve herself, she was feeling that randy, sexually excited and in dire need of a good cum! Then two arms encircled her, Robert had come up behind her, put his arms around her, leaned over her shoulder, seen what she was looking at, but more to the point, he was seeing her rock hard, proud nipples straining at the material which encased them.

Without any hesitation, his right hand took her left breast, his left hand took her right, and in the same swift movement, his fingers took her nipples through the thin fabric, causing greater and greater friction that Lucy would not be able to fight, or resist.. His lips and hot breath connected with her neck in exactly the same nana second. Lucy gasped, and was partially paralysed by it.

“Are you looking for a job Lucy, Hmmm?” he whispered her as his tongue licked her ear, and his fingers snagged her nipples. Her arms were at her side and trapped; her pussy was against the unit top.

“Robert, please, what are you doi… oh no don’t, oh Robert please?” she bleated. Her own arousal, a sad reflection of needing to be loved by her husband, was coming back to haunt her. He had seen her performance when seeing her new husband off, he knew she was in heat and in dire need of attention. He had heard her say in his ear, “you had better be up for it when you get back hone SI Adams.”

“Robert, you mustn’t, oh no don’t, oh please Robert stop,” her pleas was sincere, and were completely disregarded by her father in law. He was a ladies man, and he knew when a lady was in distress, when she needed what Lucy needed, when she needed the loving of a good and virile canlı casino man, and he knew he, was that man.

Robert Adams was, in reality a predator, but only in the sense that he sought out women who needed what he could, and would provide. And when he had seen that look in Lucy’s eyes, he knew it; she was being kept short by his son for some reason, as yet unknown. His opinion was, if he can’t, I’ll step in before someone else can get the benefits! And he knew with a certainty, because as sure as eggs are eggs, someone will get her, he said to himself.

The nearly three weeks of wanting to be seen to by her bridegroom were back with a vengeance, her own hand was still trapped and hovering over her pussy. Robert’s fingers were causing havoc all by themselves on her nipples. The inescapable desires in them were running her down. His hot kisses were scrambling her mind, she tried to turn away, but each time he kissed her some where new.

One side of her neck was hotly contested, she bent her head forward, and the back of it was assaulted, she turned the other way, and he got that side. Then his tongue was in her ear, his whole mouth covered her ear, sucking it in. Lucy’s knees were wobbling, in danger of giving way. It was when she felt that hard prod in the crack of her ass that she almost fell down, if Robert hadn’t been pressing up against her she would have.

Lucy tried vainly to break away, but was already too weak to do it. He slid her sideways about one foot and she was totally trapped now in the corner of the units, and totally helpless, Lucy’s seduction was well under way, the conspiracy against her body was done, complete. And very shortly he would have her laid on her back on the table behind him.

He slid his hand down her front, got it inside of hers and pressed her pussy with his finger, which was the last of her chances to break free, now it was too late; her body accepted totally his dominance at this time. Fiddling with his fingers tips, Lucy growled in her throat, full arousal was on. His final act before moving her to the table was to sink his teeth into her neck, this caused her head to fall back on his shoulder.

He spun her around, backed her up, pulled her top out of her skirt and briefly admired her thick dark nipples. Reached down took the hem of her skirt and hitched it up to her waist, and then he was pushing her gently backwards onto the table. Lucy tried to get up, but he told her. “Stay there Lucy!”

One hand took a nipple, the other felt for her pussy and sank into it. Lucy moaned softly, her eyes closed, it was over, she would do whatever he told her to do now. Leaving her nipple but still mauling her pussy, he undid his belt, unhooked his trousers, and lowered the zip, his trousers fell away and he kicked them off. Then he dug his fingers into the top of her tiny panties and ripped them away, bringing another gasp of arousal from her lips.

His prick was up and ready to do business, business on his son’s new wife, one he knew, he shouldn’t be doing the business on at all. But his reasoned thoughts were, if I don’t, someone else as sure as hell will! He looked down then and saw an amazing and awesome sight, her pussy was covered in black shiny tiny curled hair, and it was trimmed to the bikini line, and looked as succulent as anything on this planet could look.

Without wasting one second, he dropped to his knees, smelled her hot cunt, licked it, then poked his tongue in. Lucy gave out a small yelp, and a mini orgasm rolled through her stomach. Her hands went into his hair to hold him while he completed the task in hand, and that task was to blow her mind to bits.

Her new father in law set to work, he munched on her pussy lips, sucked as hard as he could, he drew them right into his mouth where he ran his tongue all over them, then sliding up, he fingered her open, saw her little man in his boat and swamped him with his tongue. Lucy cried out in utter agonistic delight, the climax she had dreaded and needed with sheer desperation; hit her with all the force of and express train.

She nearly pulled his hair out such was the power of her cum. Her legs dropped around his head, and her inner thighs clamped him to her for more. Robert obliged fully, he would never need to be asked by a woman to do his duty to and for her. His target was to make her cum, cum again, and then cum again, the more the merrier, he would say.

He spent a good long time, emptying her pussy of the sweet nectar it gave up, occasionally reaching up and systematically screwing her tender explosive nipples around and around. Lucy was in heaven; the fact that her new husband’s dad was servicing her as her husband should have, and should be servicing her, mattered not, not now!

Robert’s intent was to fuck her right here on the table, but he decided he would leave that until later, now he knew she wouldn’t resist him, or attempt to, he would now take her straight back to bed where he could fuck her at will. He would be a gentleman about it though, he kaçak casino would let her decide where he would fuck her brains out, where she would give up her luscious body to him, her sweet ass, and her fabulous mouth.

When he stood up finished, Lucy was a rag doll, no strength, no will power, no defence, her walls were down, and she had been breeched. Her father in law was taking possession of his son’s brand new wife. He simply gathered her in his arms, and walked up stairs with her. Lucy just looked up at him as he walked her into her utter infidelity, she didn’t speak, there was nothing to say. How could she even think of saying no to him now, it was a sheer impossibility.

She had glimpsed his cock as he swung her up, it long, hard and thick, it caught her imagination, “I want that,” she told herself, well, she was going to get it, big time, and hard, and for a long time. Today would not be a one off thing, oh no, he would have her for as long as he wanted, as often as he wanted. That would of course be as long as she was in his house, and SI was away, he knew he would have her all day and all night for two whole weeks.

As he reached the landing, he said, “which bedroom, yours or mine?”

She looked at him again, “er, yours I think, don’t you Robert?”

“Doesn’t matter to me honey,” he said gruffly, “there won’t be anywhere in this house we won’t have used anyway in the next two weeks.”

Now Lucy, if she hadn’t already guessed, knew she would be his for as long as he wanted, she knew that she couldn’t say no to him already. He had played the tune, and she was humming along with it. Her father in law smiled, and went into his bedroom, putting her down on her feet he began to undress her, Lucy stood there like a little girl, while her daddy undressed her for bed.

The only difference was, this daddy had a big prick, it was hard and long, it was thick, and it was pointing its head right at her. And she knew this daddy was going to fuck his little girl, and this little girl wanted nothing more, than for her daddy to fuck his little girl!

Robert tugged his shirt off, removed his socks and shoes, then he backed up his gorgeous daughter in law to his bed, he needed to fuck her right now, no more waiting. He laid her down, moved her to the centre, leaned over and they shared their first kiss, Lucy gave it all she had, her best kiss, her hand sought him out, found him and squeezed, he mumbled into her mouth.

Then he was over her, her unfaithfulness was about to take place, her new husband of seventeen days was about to be cuckolded by his own father. She didn’t care one bit whom was on her, and about to invade her, was what he should have done, not his father. Robert pushed forward, Lucy guided him in and let go. Her arms went over and around him, her knees lifted into surrender mode.

Her father in law pressed, pulled and pressed again and then he drove home, Lucy squealed, a glorious pain took her, a fabulous burn streaked through her, as he plunged into her dark deep depths. His prick was like a guided submarine seeking out targets, the walls of her pussy let him slide in, he grunted, then he hit bottom. Lucy moaned in happy appreciation, she was being fulfilled, the way a woman has a right to be fulfilled.

He held himself in her for a moment, letting him recover from his own excitement to be fucking this beautiful young girl, even if she was his son’s new bride. He looked into her deep grey eyes, and said, “Hello Lucy Adams, pleased to meet you at last.” And he smiled at her.

Lucy smiled back, wiggled her ass, and replied, “Well hello there Mr Adams, pleased to meet you too, at last,” she added.

Then, niceties out of the way, he went at her like a tornado, Lucy gasped for breath, he hammered and battered at her. His ass was like a piston, in and out, in and out at high speed. She came under him, she needed this like a person needs air, she came again, and then again. Robert didn’t let up.

His mind was any where but on what he was doing, he wanted to last for as long as he could, but even he knew lasting for a long time on this raven haired beauty, was a short term possibility. Soon he felt that familiar untameable tingle in his cock end became too insistent to ignore. He positioned himself and drove home for the last time. Lucy cried out, she knew he was going to fill her with his potent baby making seed.

Robert wasn’t to know what her and SI’s plans had been, but if he had, he would have just said to himself, “Well if she isn’t pregnant yet, she will be by the time he gets home from the rigs!” He growled, “I’m cumming Lucy, I’m cumming!”

Lucy responded with. “Yes Robert, yes, cum in me, do me Robert, give me your entire lovely cum, hurry please!” A massive climax drilled through her from head to toe, it almost knocked her out, she went dizzy, her eyes clouded over.

He powered into her with a mountainous thrust that almost broke her in half, but she held on for the fabulous feeling of hot burning cum seeping up into her. It travelled through her cervix and all the way into her receptive womb. Her nails had dug fantastically into his back; blood was running a little rivulet down both sides, her legs dropped away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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