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Apparently Word had Gotten Out… Ch. 03

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Asa Akira

Jerry turned around, smiled and peeled his shirt off! I liked his looks, shaggy blondish hair, hairy body, younger than the other guys, probably about my age or so. “Wow guys, this is great, this town has needed a new cocksucker ever since Billy moved away!” They all agreed! Jerry said, “My girlfriend doesn’t suck cock anywhere near as well as Billy did!” Fred kidded him and said, “You’re right she doesn’t!”

Everyone laughed and Jerry said, “Fuck you, Fred, she wouldn’t suck your nasty cock!”

By the time all that kidding had transpired, Jerry was naked and sitting on a desk chair legs spread wide and one foot up exposing his hairy hole! I was between his legs in a flash and Jerry looked down with an evil grin and said, “You like that cock and these hairy balls?” “Oh yeah!” was all I responded. “Well, why don’t you start a little lower, swab out my hairy hole with your wet tongue, then wash my hairy balls, and then you can have this hard cock!”

I love rimming, especially a hot, sweaty, hairy hole, and I was giving the show of my life as the three hairy muscle guys sat around eating pizza and watching the show. Jerry’s cock is nowhere as large as the rest of them, but he is proud of his hard 7″er and showed off. Once I got to his cock, he stood and up and just started face fucking me, hard and fast. I knew this was going to be another quick load as I guess these guys had all been used to getting 1xbet yeni giriş great head from some guy named Billy and they all missed him!

I got the idea that Jerry might like to get a bit freaky and I have no problem with that.

Jerry was much more vocal and made loud noises as he fucked my throat, the other guys actually started cheering him on. About the time he really had my throat goo running he built up a load of steam, shoved into my throat and I felt his cock spasm a bit, then he pulled back with his cock on my tongue and said, “Fuck, fuck, open your mouth cocksucker I want to see my load shoot on your tongue and paint your tonsils!”

His cock jerked and flexed and a big shot of cum did hit the back of my throat, it was followed by three more shots that he laid on my tongue! “Don’t you fucking swallow that you cocksucker, I want you to show this big load to everyone in this room before you swallow it, you got that?”

I just shook my head, yes, and I felt his load filling my mouth in short little blasts now, but he was cumming a lot. Jerry got at a strange angle for a minute and I didn’t know what he was doing, but what he had done was reached over and grabbed a slice of pizza, pulled his cock from my mouth and stroked his cock a few times and got one more shot of cum from his spasming cock and laid it on the slice of pizza.

Then Jerry made me get up and go around 1xbet giriş to all the guys and show them his huge load of cum in my mouth, then come back to him. Jerry dipped two fingers into my open mouth and pulled out some of his big thick load and smeared some on my face and chest. Then with an evil grin, he pulled out another strand and touched my chin and I could feel a strand dangling!

Everyone laughed at me, and even though it was embarrassing, it was pretty good natured. “Okay cocksucker, go ahead and swallow all that protein I just gave you and then you can have your pizza, but you need to show us what an appreciative cocksucker you are and don’t lose that cum strand on your chin while you’re eating that cum covered pizza!”

It was a bit weird and kind of kinky, but with having the cocks of all four of these hot men in my mouth and swallowing all of their cum loads I was feeling a bit wild and depraved.

Jerry stayed around a bit longer while we all had pizza, and I liked that he was so comfortable he remained naked until he had to leave. As Jerry was leaving, Fred went over and whispered something in his ear, then slapped his hairy ass, Jerry smirked, got dressed and left.

After we all had our fill of pizza, including my cum covered piece, we went back to unloading the truck. Now we were down to lamps, pictures, other wallhangings, and boxes. The guys were really good about 1xbet güvenilirmi getting them in the right rooms, so it would be a lot easier to unpack.

We worked for a couple more hours and my phone rang again. It was my mom telling me that she was going to be a lot later getting home then she expected, it would probably be 8 or 9 o’clock, so we would have to return the truck tomorrow and it was going to cost her another day’s rent, but she had to stay at work until an emergency project was finished!

Even though I had been 18 for a while, my mother still kind of treated me as younger. She told me she knew I was working hard, and that it would be okay for me to use the pool as long as I wasn’t alone.

Fred had stood nearby and heard most of the conversation. Fred suggested that I call my mother back and tell her he would follow me to the place to drop off the moving truck if she would allow him and the other guys to take a swim too!

I called my mom and told her what Fred had said, and she thought it was a great idea, but she wanted to talk with Fred first. Fred as sweet as maple sugar, and used “yes ma’am and no ma’am” in all the right places. Then she asked to talk to me again and checked if I was comfortable with the arrangements.

Just before hanging up, she had another thought. She said, “Well honey it’s fine with me for you all to go swimming, but I doubt that the men carry swimsuits with them.” “Don’t worry mom the whole yard is private and we’re all guys, we can just swim in our underwear.”

She thought that would be okay, this time, and I laughed to myself knowing that not one of them was wearing underwear!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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