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Apricot Wine

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Anzu is Japanese for Apricot.

Part of my curriculum as a hospitality student is to have a wine class – a class that not only teaches me about the different grapes, but also allows me (and the other students of course) to taste. We would usually have 6 flights of wine, each about 2 to 3 oz full. Some people would spit their wine or just taste a bit, without finishing their glass. I was one of the swallowers. In fact, after that class, my alcohol tolerance had shot up, since every Wednesday, I would drink at least 10 glasses of wine (actually, that makes about 5 or 6 regular glasses of alcohol, which is still quiet an amount for a girl who stands 5’3″ at 127 lb).

Now, everyone knows what alcohol does to a girl. It gets her horny. Like weed does that to a man, alcohol loosens a girl up and allows her to let her guard down. In my case, it was a literal thing. I had another girl sitting behind me, a sweet Japanese chick who loved touching me. She was sweet to everyone, this Anzu, and she would give me hugs and pat me on my ass. Last semester, she leaned in to kiss me, but I moved my head away – I thought that she was kidding. Then, the entire summer, I had been wondering about that incident – what if Anzu really did want to kiss me. Would I have let her? Would I have enjoyed it?

Now, having her in my class, her sharp little nails scratching the sensitive part of my neck as Riesling is being poured into my system…ahh, all that is missing is some chocolate. Anzu was real nice – she would give me backrubs and sometimes, go forward and stroke my upper chest. She sat too far behind me to let her hand wonder freely into my shirt, though I never stopped her playing. I always assumed that she was just that – playing.

Then, one day after class (and a few glasses of German wine), she took my hand and jokingly pushed me to the staircase. She pushed me against the wall and kissed my lips. She was laughing and I asked her straight out if she was bi-sexual. She was. My hand caressed her breast through the sweater; I moved it lower over her waist into her pants. I felt the sweet cool flesh, the gentle swell of her ass and my Anzu, eyes closed, started to move her hips about. I let my hand roam, as I grabbed her flesh with my palm and stroked over her creamy skin. I had wanted my hand to enter her pussy, but I didn’t want to hurt her – after all, it was my first time touching another woman.

I kissed her lips, as if I was kissing a man, her tongue entering my mouth and intertwining with mine, sucking on her upper lip as she sucked on mine. I started biting her lips gently, teasing her and her soft moans filled the area. My other hand went forward and I found her nipple under her sweater. Her hand found my ass and she pressed me closer, rubbing herself over my taunt thigh. Ahh, how I wished I wore a skirt at that moment, not some tight leather pants that barely allows room for grabbing of the ass. We continued kissing until finally she stopped and laughed a silvery laugh that meant a beginning and the end.

“I have a class to go to,” she said in her cute Asian accent. What could I have said to stop her? Nothing, absolutely bursa escort nothing. I smiled and we left the staircase and I went to see my man.

The following week, however, I had a plan. I asked my guy friend to wait for me in the hallway. He is a very big man, standing at 6’8″, with dark chocolate skin and a tongue and lips just perfect for pussy eating. As I was leaving the classroom, I asked Anzu to walk with me. I introduced her to my friend Robert and the three of us walked toward the staircase again. I was a bit woozy, but Rob held me as I opened the door and pushed Anzu inside. I smiled at her and kissed her softly on the lips. She moaned against me and pressed her soft body against mine. This time, I was smart. I wore a skirt. Her hand quickly snaked under my skirt and found my wet petals. She smiled at me as she plunged her finger inside me, tracing intricate patters on the inner walls of my pussy. I was gasping soon, as she pumped me, but I would not let her have the pleasure of watching me cum. I took her finger out of my pussy and started licking it, sucking off my juices, kissing her palm and then kissing upward. She was wearing a t-shirt with her jeans today, and I could clearly see her nipples standing up. I kissed on the inside of her elbow and moved my cheek against her breast. Rob was sitting on the staircase and he gently pushed me down on his lap. I felt his hard on, but I was too busy playing with Anzu’s breast in my mouth. Anzu must’ve said something, because Robert answered her, but my mind was too foggy to notice. I felt his hands though, his large hands feeling my ass cheeks, spreading them and pushing my thong deeper into my soaking pussy. I started bucking on his finger, then I felt two and I was stretched to my limit, feeling as if I had his dick inside me. Rob, being a very large man, has very large fingers. I felt those fingers spread open and start curling on the inside and I moaned on Anzu’s breast.

She grabbed my head and kissed me ferociously, her hand joining Rob’s under my skirt. I spread my legs open and felt two beautiful people play with me, her nimble finger rubbing over my clit. Quickly, she went down on her knees and started playing with my pussy. Her tongue traced the outline of my outer labia, then licked Rob’s fingers as he continued pumping inside me. Then I felt her tongue on my clit, little licks repeating over and over, as if a cat was lapping on milk. I groaned and kissed her sweet mouth again and felt my body squirt liquid onto the floor. She laughed, that silver voice ringing in the hallways again, and let me suck on her fingers. I smiled at her and stood up on wobbly feet.

The alcohol was really taking its toll, because I came to her and kissed her hard on the lips, my hands snaking around her head and twisting her over to Rob’s side. I pressed my body against her for a period of time, as he was holding her by the waist. I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears, tracing tiny wet kisses along her jaw. Rob’s large hands cupped her breasts and he started squeezing them gently, twirling the nipples with his thumbs and forefingers through her shirt. Anzu moaned and bursa escort bayan I pulled her shirt over her head. I looked at her white cotton bra and almost came undone. A shudder passed through my body, for this was the first time that I saw a woman half naked for me, all for me. My mouth descended on her nipple and I sucked her through the material. Rob, in the meantime, did a quick job of her pants, pulling them to her ankles. I continued kissing downward, passed her stomach, putting tiny kisses on her pink cotton briefs till I set on my knees in front of her. I reverently undid her sneakers and took her socks off. She fell on Rob’s lap, sitting on him, as if he were an arm chair. He continued kissing her lips, his hands still playing with her breasts, as I started massaging her feet. I think Anzu forgot that she had class at that point, because she gasped so loudly when I blew on her feet, warm breath and then licked her calf. I’ve never sucked on a girl’s toes before, in fact, I never sucked on anyone’s toes before. But today was a special day. I felt her soft foot in my hand, massaging the ball of her foot with my thumbs. I brought it to my mouth and took the first tiny toe inside. Over and over my tongue went, swirling in patterns, creating intricate designs. I sucked on her nice and hard and was rewarded by another moan and then another one and another…

I looked up to see her mouth muffled as my friend worked his tongue on her breast. She was biting Rob’s neck hard and I could see that he was loving every moment of it. Well, finally I took those jeans off her body. She spread her legs open for me and I dived in, my large breasts pressing against her thighs as I opened the flower of her desire. My kisses showered her milky thighs, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew there was sweet nectar right there in front of me, hidden by a simple cloth and I pushed it aside, licking the joint between her pubes and her thigh. Her body shuddered and I took that to be a good meaning. My mouth went east and I licked her opening. She moaned again and I dipped my finger into her sweetness, coating her outer lips with her juices, spreading it on her pussy, on her clit, and rubbing in small circles.

I had no idea what was happening above me, only that she was gasping in pleasure and that Rob suddenly started laughing. My head was suddenly pressed against her pussy and my nose thrust against glistening pubes. My tongue snaked out for a taste and I started licking in large upward motion over her clit. Anzu started pumping my head, pressing it deeper to her clit, clearly wanting more of what I was giving her.

Suddenly, she got up. Her eyes wild, she straddled Rob and started rubbing herself against his bulge. I was jealous a bit, that she was taking her pleasure from him, so I went a few steps ahead and spread my legs open. He looked at me with lust in his eyes and I lowered myself on his mouth. I looked at Anzu again and grabbed her breast, kissing her as she was rubbing her moist clit against Rob. Rob was driving me crazy and I twisted Anzu’s nipple with fury. She groaned in pain and pleasure and I realized that she was a escort bursa bit of a masochist. She enjoyed my nails digging into her body, enjoyed seeing red marks criss-cross in beautiful figurines.

I moaned loudly as Rob found a particularly sensitive spot on my pussy. His finger was inside Anzu now, and she was fucking herself on him, using him, as if he were a giant dildo. I looked at my beautiful Asian, looking down at her apricot, full of juice and flavor. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed more of her juice. I got off Rob and staggered toward Anzu. Rob quickly undid his pants and took his cock out. I tried to kiss Anzu again, but I realized that she was not responding.

I looked in the direction of where her eyes lay and stopped short on my tracks. I realize, of course, that when a person is 6’8″, they have a very wide member. I didn’t realize just HOW wide that member could be. It is one thing to see such thing in a porn movie – but here, was a dick twice the size of a regular cock we females are used to.

Anzu set on one side of the stair while I set on the other. We grinned at each other, as we started sucking on the giant cock, kissing each other and pinching each other’s nipples, as Rob was playing with our tits. Finally, I started licking his balls and Anzu went down on him. I looked at her sweet mouth, taking that monster dick deep inside and felt something break inside me. I had wanted to have a cock now, just like Rob, so I could feel the pleasure of that cute mouth. She winked at me as she deep throated him and we heard a loud groan from Rob. He was cumming, white milky sperm all over the place. Anzu and I tried to catch it, but most of it ended up on the floor and our bodies. Although I usually don’t appreciate cum on my body, at that specific moment, when Anzu started licking the white sticky stuff off my nipple, I thanked Rob quietly with my eyes, because she was doing SUCH a marvelous job.

But I could tell that Rob was getting horny again. All of us needed something to fuck, and I scooped my self up for the taking. He positioned his penis below my pussy and Anzu lowered me gently, holding on to my breasts as I started rising up and down. She pinched my nipples and then started licking my clit again, sometimes playing with Rob’s balls, sometimes going deep into her self to get some juice for me to suck on. It didn’t take long for me to cum, but luckily for Anzu, Rob was still hard.

She faced me as she set on his dick. Her beautiful face contorted with a look of pain and pleasure. It was clear that neither of us had such a wide thing inside us before. She gasped as I gently pushed her on her back. Rob was capable of moving his hips just fine without her bouncing all over the place. I lowered my pussy on top of Anzu’s mouth as Rob started stroking her pretty pussy. I felt every move, every twist and turn through her tongue. When she came, she grabbed my ass in her hands and pressed my cum soaked pussy to her face. Tears of joy streamed down her face, as I wiped off sweat. Rob looked at us and helped us up, quickly giving Anzu his jacket. He put my jacket on me and helped us get dressed. We shuffled from the staircase toward the bathrooms, Anzu and I, walking hand in hand.

I knew that from that day forth wine class will never be the same. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get more of my classmates to play?

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