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Ashley Watches Her Friends Fuck Ch. 04

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As the name implies, this is part of a series, you may enjoy it more if you’ve read the other parts. Enjoy!


Ashley rode Brian with vigorous enthusiasm. His cock was thick and long, hitting every pleasurable inch of her tight pussy. She leaned back, pushing every inch of him into her, moaning softly.

“I fucking love this sight,” he groaned, ogling her huge pale breasts. He grabbed her hips and thrusted hard, making Ashley squeal. “Take it all,” he growled.

She leaned over him and started moving her self up and down his manhood. She grabbed his tight chest and put his nipple in her mouth. He gasped and bucked his hips. She sucked on his nipples while he moaned loud and deeply. She felt his cock throb inside her, she could tell how close he was to exploding.

She pushed him all the way in her, felt his balls against her butt, closed her eyes, and moaned,” oh my God you’re big!”

His thick dick started to throb as he cried out, “oh fuck!” He grabbed her hips and started filling her with cum. He thrusted and pumped, draining his swollen ripe nuts.

“Wow that’s a lot,” she remarked as she waddled to the bathroom.

“It’s been a long time what did you expect,” he growled.

She finished in the bathroom and opened the door to Brian’s lean frame leaning on the door frame. He stepped towards her, cock flouncing, pushing her towards the shower.

“Again?” She giggled. He turned on the shower and kissed her hard, running his hands through her thick hair, brushing his cock against her thighs.


Ashley came to a stoplight. She had just left Anna and Louis’s place. She still felt sticky from Anna’s spit and her wetness. Her chest still tingled where Anna had licked up Louis’s cum. She let go of the wheel and rubbed her face. She was conflicted. The sex was Maraş Escort amazing, and she had needed it bad. She felt sated. But she still wanted more.

But Brian. She didn’t know if she should say something. She loved him and she missed him, but it had been two months. She wasn’t sure how Brian would feel about her having a lesbian fling in his absence, although she felt sure she should leave the part about Louis out.

She drove and thought about Anna’s small mouth on her. She thought about Louis’s monster inches from her face. Her hand went between her legs and she finished her drive flustered and breathing hard.

As she entered her dark apartment, a familiar voice in the dark said, “hey.”


The shower ran while he watched from outside hungrily. Lathered soap coated and ran down her big tits. The white suds only helped highlight how perfectly pale her skin was. They were surely clean by now; she had been washing them for at least two minutes. Lifting and dropping her big heavy breasts, circling and pinching her pink nipples, squishing their immensity together. Her hand went between her legs, rubbing enthusiastically. She rolled her eyes back, opening her mouth in a silent moan, putting a show on for her man.

She heard a groan from him and saw he was rock hard. She stepped out of the water, turned and leaned on the wall. She groped her big round ass and looked over her shoulder at him, flaunting her assets. He couldn’t watch any longer.

“Fucking goddamn!” he moaned as he stepped in the shower. Wasting no time he pressed his fat swollen head to her lips and thrust. He thrust again and Ashley felt him deep inside her, he was long and she loved being fucked by her man and his big cock. He pushed in every inch then leaned over and grabbed her big tits. They were even too big for Maraş Escort Bayan his hands. He played eagerly, grabbing and squishing and pinching her soapy tits.

He was happy to leave his cock in her tight wet hole while he played with her body, groping her tits, wide hips, nibbling at her neck and shoulders. But Ashley was not. She pushed back against him, moving herself up and down his shaft, fucking herself with her man. He chuckled and grabbed her hips, squaring his feet off with her.

Then he fucked her like she owed him money. He fucked her like he was trying to break her. He fucked like a man who has had multiple bean burritos and a large coffee for breakfast only to find himself trapped in traffic; desperate and vigorously. He thrust hard, fast, and with all his weight. She held onto the wall for balance and stepped forward, but he came with her. He pulled her backwards onto his cock while he shoved forward, bodies meeting with loud claps.

Ashley loved it. She loved when he fucked and used her and gave her long hard deep dickings. She was close, until he changed pace and started fucking her with rapid short thrusts keeping all of himself in. That was when she lost all control. She moaned and squealed loudly while wave after wave kept washing over her. It seemed like it would never end, he just kept fucking her and moving his magic cock in and out and circling her clit with his practiced fingers. Finally it tapered off and her slid his cock from her hot aching pussy.

“Did you finish?” she panted.

“No but I’m so fucking close,” he moaned.

She diligently dropped to her knees, looking up at him with big green eyes. She softly licked his swollen cock. “You’re covered in my wetness,” she remarked. She stopped her teasing and gave his cock the same treatment it had given her. She Escort Maraş sucked it like it owed her money. She sucked it like it was the last water in the desert. She sucked like a vacuum cleaner who’s owners have just brought home a catalog of newer models and doesn’t want to end up in the trash; with gusto and enthusiasm. She ran her tongue around his thick base and balls tasting herself mixed with him. She licked up his length to his big swollen head, then came back down with it in her mouth. She bobbed up and down with no hands a few times, then she grabbed it like it was trying to get away. That would have been hard, with him almost to her throat, and hand grabbing his heavy balls, and another wrapped and working his base. Then she worked him and worked him, in and out of her mouth, sloppy strings of spit sliding off her lips and hands.

“Oh my God, yep, I’m cumming!” he warned her. Like a gentleman, he tried to pull away and shoot it over her shoulder, but Ashley felt differently. She held onto him, he had no choice, his most precious parts were firmly in her control. He moaned and groaned and bucked his hips against Ashley’s hands and face while he dumped his cum into her mouth. It was salty and unpleasant but she wanted it. She swallowed it as she pumped it out of him. Finally it stopped and he tried to pull away, but she worked every last drop from his long shaft, finishing it with a gentle kiss on the head.

She stood up and wrapped her arms around him moving to kiss him. She giggled when he turned his head. He fought it, then he relented. He kissed her hard and deep, pressing her against the wall under the lukewarm water.


“Brian!” she screamed. He turned on the light and she ran to embrace him, holding him tight. “Why didn’t you say anything!”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” he smiled, “I’m only here for the weekend,” he put his hands under her hoody and lifted it, revealing her big perfect breasts.

Ashley kissed him and knew her frustrations would finally be satisfied. There might be a few more surprises this weekend than Brian was expecting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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