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Ashley’s Last Pizza Delivery

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All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.

Ashley reluctantly pulled into the small parking lot in front of Pepe’s pizza and parked her Skyliner. She tilted the rear-view mirror down to get a look at herself. The young pizza delivery girl had been taking lots of tips, all day long. Ashley had been convinced at the first delivery of the day that she would be expected to have sex with the pizza recipients. This had carried over into the second delivery, where she assumed she was obligated to have more sex. None of this was standard, but Ashley didn’t know any better.

But, she assumed it would be frowned upon for her to show up to work covered in and/or filled with cum. Her classmate, Bernard, had left her filled with cum (twice!) and Officer Buck had left her tits coated with his messy load. She’d attempted to clean up, but only had some meager donut shop tissues to work with. She really needed a shower, but was still “on the clock” for Pepe.

It was time to face the music.

‘Where the heck is my sexy teenage delivery girl?’ Pepe wondered. ‘This close to the end of her shift, she should be back by now…’

He heard the front doorbell ring, meaning someone had entered the shop. Pepe washed his hands and exited the kitchen.

“Ashley, what happened? And where is your hat?”

She touched her head and remembered the hat for the first time in a while. It obviously wasn’t there and Ashley had no idea where the last time she had seen it was.

The apologetic girl recounted the events of the day to her boss. He asked sporadic questions, but once it was clear that she had slept with the customers, he knew he’d have to let her go. Heck, he didn’t care, but it might cost him his business license if he let things continue.

“…but I forgot I had illegally parked, so then um… Officer um… Buck was there and…”

“Well, I’m afraid I have good news and bad news,” Pepe interrupted, untying his apron and lifting it over his head. He took Ashley’s wrist and led her over to one of the small round bistro-style dining tables.

“Oh?” Ashley said, puzzled.

Pepe patted the table indicating for Ashley to sit there. She did so. Then Pepe unbuckled his belt and began to unbutton his pants.

“The good news is that I can finally fuck you because, well… the bad news is… your fired.”

“Fuck me?” Ashley said softly, watching Pepe. Her nipples stiffened at the prospect of more sex. “Did you say fired?”

“That’s right,” Pepe said evenly, unzipping and dropping his pants.

“Mr. Pepe!” Ashley cried, gasping as his hard cock sprang out.

“Its just Pepe, now, dear,” he said, moving behind her and reaching over her huge bulging chest. His fingers curled under the thin bottom hem of her shirt and he lifted it.

“I’ll be taking this back now…”

Ashley was docile as her top was removed. Her big tits settled on her chest, high and heavy at the same time. Gravity defying.

“Oh, ok…” she commented, rubbing her bare tits and hoping Pepe didn’t notice or mind the dried cum from the previous delivery.

“I’ve actually thought about this since the day you interviewed,” Pepe said. He gripped her bare shoulders and pressed, leaning her back.

“Thought about what?” Ashley wondered aloud.

She let Pepe guide her back. She was a bit confused as he laid her onto her back and dangled her ponytail off of the edge of the table. From her perspective, she was staring at up Pepe, upside down. He was half smiling as he stepped up to her and the underside of his hard cock filled her vision.

“Well, this,” he said pleasantly. He used his thumb to press her chin upward, which felt like down to her.

“Gaaaah,” she said softly, exhaling.

His broad rigid helmet hit her thick, pursed lips. They stretched over his knob and it disappeared. Pepe made a low sound in his throat as he pushed his smooth bulb into the young girl’s mouth. It slotted in, so he continued, driving his shaft through her lips too. Her lips stretched further as he watched her chin from above.

“Mmmmm, nice,” he said, pushing into her throat and letting his balls rest over her nose and eyes.

Ashley opened her jaw and did her best to drool on Pepe’s cock as he drove it into her face, upside down. His dangling testicles loomed in her face. She placed her hands on his hips as they approached.

‘This is a new position for me,’ Ashley thought, blinking as Pepe’s cock filled her throat. His large balls draped over her eyes.

Pepe began humping Ashley’s face, steadily stroking into her. He could feel his balls gently bouncing against the bump of her nose and her fluttering eyelashes. His nuts were already tingling pleasantly and aching for release as he reached down to grab her wobbling DDs.

“These things are even bigger than they looked in your top,” he told Ashley, palming her soft teen breasts roughly. The girl could only grunt and moan in response. Pepe wondered if she could even hear him as he stuffed into her throat and held himself there. He was momentarily infatuated by their gaziantep eskort bayan elasticity and weight. He squeezed Ashley’s tits, then roughly pinching her nipples. He pulled them up until they stretched and slipped out of his pinching fingers. He’d been standing with his cock balls deep in her throat as he played with her tits.

Suddenly Ashley was urgently squeezing his hips, then tapping him to get his attention. He realized she probably couldn’t breath with his cock down her throat and his meaty balls covering her nose. As she squirmed, he drew back and withdrew, letting her catch her breath.

Ashley gasped and panted, sitting up slightly. Her face was drizzled with spit and her head swam as oxygen and blood returned to her brain. Pepe had moved to the other side of the table and was unbuttoning her cut off shorts.

“Heeere we go, lets get ya out of these,” he said pleasantly, cock bobbing stiffly as he tugged the unbuttoned shorts off.

Ashley was still dazed and sniffled as she lifted her hips for him. ‘I guess its okay to let him fuck me. After all, I don’t work for him anymore,’ she thought.

“Oh fuck, Mr. Pepe, I don’t er, have any protection,” Ashley said, biting her lip and sitting up slightly.

“That’s ok, I’ll make sure I pull out,” he lied, stepping up between her parted thighs and rubbing his head up and down her slit.

‘She’s fucked at least two other guys today and they all came in her,’ he mentally reasoned.

Ashley shivered in response, putting a hand on his shoulder. She watched his head become shiny from her wet lips. Pepe lined his hard cock up and jammed his hips forward.

“NNggghhhh,” she sighed, shivering as she was penetrated steadily.

“Godddddamn your wet,” he reported, pushing himself in to the hilt.

The comment made Ashley blush as she bit her lip. She had been aroused and fucked all day. He easily entered her sloppy pussy and she felt like it had been stretched by some of the other cocks she’d fucked.

Ashley laid back as Pepe drew her legs up and onto his shoulders.

“And I thought about doing this, too,” he said, grabbing Ashley’s tits and pulling his hips back. He slammed them forward.

“GGGGH!” Ashley grunted, reaching down to grip the edge of the table. She held herself steady against Pepe’s rigid body as he drew back and speared into her again. Her soft supple cheeks clapped sharply against his bare thighs as he delivered his cock.

“Fuck-” he said in an almost worried tone as he started steadily pumping in and out of her pussy. After a few deep, clapping thrusts, he paused.

“Fuck-” Pepe repeated. His balls were already boiling and had no intention of unloading yet. He felt them tighten against the teen’s butthole as he focused. He had to stand up tall, releasing her tits to hold her legs together in front of him.

“Are you ok?” Ashley said, feeling him tense. She glanced past her calves that he was holding against his chest. His face was drawn.

Pepe felt the urge to pump her full of cum rise until his balls teemed. He swallowed hard and flexed his cock, using his technique to control himself by making it harder to climax. It felt a little uncomfortable as his thick load was clenched back, but he knew it would feel that much better when he did finally blast off. He prevented ejaculation, but still streamed a burst of precum as his cock flexed.

Ashley loosely gripped the table and felt Pepe’s cock flare, then what she mistook as cum flowed into her, spreading warmth in her messy pussy.

“Oh shit, I thought you were pulling out,” she said, moving one hand to squeeze her right nipple. His cock throbbed and pulsed steadily.

“Mmmm, its just precum, don’t worry,” Pepe assured her, flexing his cock repeatedly to force his load down, but issuing ample precum into her.

With a wet -THHHWIP-, he tugged his glistening rod from her swollen cunt. She groaned in complaint as Pepe stepped around to Ashley’s head. He gripped her shoulder, and leaned her back down to lay flat, and guided his trembling heavy cock to her lips.

“HHGGGORRRP,” she mouthed his tip vocally and cupped her tits with her palms. His cock tasted of his precum, her pussy, and the cum from a few different guys.

“Nnngggh,” he sighed, stuffing her mouth full. As he eased his bloated cock through her open mouth, he also grabbed her tits. Now both Ashley’s and Pepe’s hands were on her tits, her cupping them from the bottom and him palming their tops, upside-down. Her soft mountains were big enough that their hands barely grazed.

“I’ll never get tired of feeling these doughbags,” Pepe said, squeezing firmly and driving his shaft back and forth in her mouth.

Ashley received his tangy cock upside-down with her head hanging off the table and her ponytail swiping the tiled floor. She blinked her large eyes through the process as Pepe pumped his hips back and forth into her face. He moaned. He would never get tired of feeling her fluttering eyelashes flicking against his tight eskort bayan gaziantep ball sack. He pulled out.

“Gaaah,” Ashley vocalized and felt a glob of spit drip from Pepe’s retreating cock onto her upturned nose and ooze down her cheek, past her eye. She lifted her head to see Pepe move between her parted legs. His shiny head bobbed ahead of him, then it vanished as he quickly re-entered her warm wet cunt with a decisive thrust.

“NNNGHH!” Ashley grunted as he ploughed into her. She was still cupping her big tits and had a wad of her spit hanging from her cheek. It ran down the side of her cheek as he began fucking her.

“Hooooh… hooooo yeah…” he sighed, looking down at the squirming teen, her tits bouncing with each thrust. “…that’s it… mmmmm… yes…”

“OOooh Shiiit,” Ashley whined, cupping her swaying tits. She brought her fingers to her thick, erect nubs and tugged them. “Shit!”

“Mmmm, yes, take it, take my cock…” Pepe said, smirking as he fucked his young ex-employee, jostling her curvy body with each abrupt thrust. His effort and discipline had been rewarded as he felt in full control, slamming her.

He was fucking her hard, using her body. And she seemed to be loving it. Her body was meeting his pumping hips and Pepe saw her brow furrow. Her big blue eyes were open wide.

“Shit- Shit- Shit-” Ashley panted, her soft body clapping with Pepe’s eager thrusts. She began crying out in a whining moan as pleasure scrambled her brain.

“Mmmm… fuck… that’s it…” Pepe said, steadily fucking Ashley as he watched her body shake through her orgasm. Her clenching body met his strokes even as she writhed.

“SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!” she chirped. Then her voice switched to a continual, sing-songey moan. “Haah haaah haaaaaah HAAAAH!” she warbled.

“Ohhhhh fuck… that’s it…” Pepe said gruffly, stroking into Ashley. “Come all over my cock… Mmmm… yes… my turn now…”

There would be no holding back this time. He leaned over her and reached underneath to grab her by her butt cheeks. Ashley’s feet rested on Pepe’s shoulders as he slammed in balls deep.

“FUUUCK!” he roared, unleashing his cum load in heavy rapid-fire blasts. He growled, showering the inside of Ashley’s quivering teen pussy.

“Oh shit,” she said as he grabbed her ass and held her down. She felt his balls tighten against her asshole. “Oh shit,” she repeated.

He drew back shakily and rammed back in, forcing a runner of cum out. “HAAAA FUCK!” Pepe yelled, feeling his balls slam against her quivering knot. “HOOOAAAH FUCK!”

“Ooooh shit that’s definitely not precum,” Ashley noted. It felt more like thick hot soup.

“OOOOH!” Pepe howled, giving her another stroke and another thick cum stream. He released her ass and abruptly pulled out, leaning back and stroking himself.

“Mmmmm wow,” Ashley said calmly, watching him withdraw and stroke. “So much cum…”

“Hoooah,” he groaned, striping cum up her flat tummy. Pepe moaned and pumped, producing ropey, glistening lines across her tummy and under her heaving tits.

“Mmmm,” she cooed. Still palming her wobbling knockers, she felt him finish jettisoning his warm sticky load.

Pepe stepped back, half-giggling, then issued a relieved sigh.

“That was one heck of a fuck, Ashley, lemme tell ya,” Pepe said, wiping his flagging head on the backs of her thighs.

“Er, thank you Mr. Pepe,” Ashley said, also catching her breath.

“Oh, its just Pepe now. I’m not your boss anymore.” He smacked the soft backs of her thighs, leaving wet spots.

Ashley sat up slightly, nodding. Her head was swimming with post-orgasmic fog. She trailed one hand from her right breast, down her cum splattered tummy, and made a V around her puffy lips. Thick spunk beaded out of her.

“Well, you didn’t exactly pull out…”

“Oh, yeah, it’s a lotta cum. But, look, I pulled out at the end, see. Its all over your stomach,” Pepe noted, placing his semi-turgid cock at her slit again. It was sloppy with cum and even though he wasn’t fully hard, he was able to penetrate her again, driving his head, then shaft in.

“shiih-hit,” Ashley gasped as he re-entered her pussy.

“ooooh,” Pepe sighed, shuddering and issuing a few final weak streams.

“nnnuuunnngh,” Ashley responded. “well…” she grunted as he stroked into her, faltering, “…you… owe me… one…”

Pepe made sure he had finished ejaculating, pumping his shaft with his head inside, even as he softened. He gave Ashley one last reluctant full-depth stroke, then pulled out again.

“Deal,” he said finally, gripping his tacky shaft and moving next to her. “But only if you clean me off first,” he said, spearing his spongey head into her lips.

“NAAAAH-” Spit webbed across her lips as she opened her jaw. Pepe broke the strands with his cock head as he placed it in her mouth. The flavor of the older man’s cum flared on her tongue. She fisted him and bobbed back and forth.

Pepe moaned, shuddered, and pushed, gaziantep bayan eskort stroking the side of her cheek. Ashley bobbed and worked out the final cum wads, making him sigh. She swallowed them down dutifully and moved her mouth back from his soft cock, still holding it. She showed him an empty mouth for good measure.

The post-orgasmic look in his face was familiar. She’d seen the slack-jawed expression many times and actually took pride in her ability to pleasure men into helpless, mind-numbed states. Then she remembered Bernard and the last pizza.

“Um, I do have one favor to ask?” Ashley said, tilting her head slightly and batting her eyes. She could still get her way if she really wanted to.

Ashley headed home to shower while Pepe made the pizza, special to Bernard’s orders. She had never been so full and covered in cum from different men in her life. Ashley had worked hard, earned a lot of money, and ended up giving a lot of pleasure to the world, herself included. It gave her a sense of accomplishment, but she was tired. The shower was a welcomed relief and she allowed herself to linger in the warm steamy spray. Her supple body became refreshed and reinvigorated after such a long day.

She emerged from her bathroom shower and wrapped a towel around herself, then wiped off the mirror. Ashley smoothed back her hair, which normally fell just below her shoulders. It was wet and clung to her back and neck, a darker color than it would be when it dried. She began brushing it, considering what to wear for her final pizza delivery.

Well, she couldn’t wear the Pepe’s outfit, she no longer had the hat. The visit would be more of a house call than a pizza delivery. Kind of like a hook-up date with more than one guy. How many had Bernard said? She couldn’t remember if it was two or three other guys, but the thought made her pussy throb. She really hoped Bernard would also treat her to another round with his nice fat cock. She squirmed in the towel, rubbing her thighs together and fighting the urge to touch herself. Of course, her nipples were already rock hard.

Ashley resumed brushing her hair, trying to focus. One option would be the cheerleading outfit, but wearing it just for sex seemed a little cliché. She contemplated other outfits. The idea was to really turn the guys on, but she also needed to get out of her clothes quickly for practical purposes.

Hadn’t Bernard mentioned like Dragons and Demons or something nerdy like that? One of her ex-hookups from her old high school had been kinda nerdy, but also strangely aggressive sexually. She recalled visiting him for movie night wearing a comfy old t-shirt and shorts. The friend with benefits had been so eager to fuck her tits that he tore her tight worn-out shirt right open. He titfucked her in the torn shirt and the poor old garment was unrecoverable afterward. She’d “borrowed” his superhero shirt. That was several years ago and her breasts had grown considerably in that time span. Ashley wondered if the tight thin shirt would still fit.

It would probably be a stretch.

Across town, Bernard’s Dungeons and Dragons group had already assembled, though they had no intention of slinging dice that evening. If things went to Bernard’s plan, they’d be slinging cock.

“I shit you not, Ashley Carter let us pretty much do whatever we wanted,” Bernard bragged. “She gave me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. After I put one nut in her stomach, I fucked her raw and she let me dump another load deep in her pussy. It was amazing.”

In unison, the three other boys all said, “Fuck you,” in disbelief.

The group of four friends were seated at the large gaming table usually adorned with playmats, figurines, papers, laptops and dice. Bernard sat at one end, his usual spot as the Dungeon Master. Beside him, Brandon Burley was retrieving his phone. Hadn’t he snapped some pics at the last home game of the hot new transfer student.

“No fucking way,” Brandon said, scrolling through the images. He handed his phone to the guy beside him.

Zack Norris took Brandon’s phone from him, inspecting the image and zooming in. There was Ashley, mid-jump, smiling with her hair fluttering in the air. She wore her snug cheerleading outfit (they all seemed a size too small for each girl) and her breasts were suspended as she lept.

He zoomed in, then pressed on the still image and it suddenly was in motion. The smiling teen landed. Zack had the moving image framed on her chest, which rippled with the impact.

“You can’t be serious,” Zack said.

The group was gathered in Zack’s basement. After examining Ashley thoroughly, he went to pass the phone to his friend, Simon Slater. Simon just brushed it off. He was on the football team and they had an arrangement with the cheerleaders. As a starter on the team, he received regular blowjobs from the squad. He had already gotten head from Ashley on more than one occasion.

He made a clucking sound with his tongue.

“Bernard’s right about one thing, the girl can suck cock. I have trouble believing that she just let you fuck her though. None of the guys on the team have to my knowledge,” Simon said.

“Guys, seriously, she thought it was part of the ‘tip’,” he said incredulously, making air quotes. “She sucked and fucked me willingly, like she was expecting it. She even sucked Harry’s dick, although that chump came almost right away and couldn’t get it up to fuck her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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