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Asian Girl Nylon Humiliation

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(Note: A friend of mine in Hong Kong who loves wearing pantyhose, in particular in her office, recently asked me to write a story about her and her pantyhose in her office. Here is what I wrote to her.)

My boss asked me to visit your company in order to negotiate a contract, and, as things go, I wound up in a meeting where you participated, among several others of your coworkers. As you entered the room, my gaze quickly scanned all of your body, your long black hair, your face, your sexy dress with high hemline, your hot legs in the smooth tan hose, and your closed-toes black leather heels. I was so distracted that it took me a while to regain my focus and engage in the meeting and the discussion. All the while, I always tried to glance and peek at you, and even though I couldn’t see your legs and feet, I imagined how I would seek them out and touch them with my own… I was glad no one could see the huge bulge in my pants that had built over time and I was getting a little worried about making a mistake in the discussion and start of the negotiation. But it seemed I was helpless and hopelessly addicted to catching glimpses of you every now and then and turning up my fantasies about you and me more and more, as time went on.

After the meeting was over, your boss suggested that I should finalize the details of the contract directly with you and we went to a different, smaller meeting room that only had a small end table in the middle, so your legs and heels were perfectly visible to me. I knew that I had to focus on the contract and not let myself fall into the trap of getting distracted by you sitting right in front of me, but again, to no avail. Part of me realized that I would concede more than me and my boss would be comfortable with, but the other part in me was stronger, and was now even more often than before completely absorbed by admiring your pretty pantyhose-encased legs, feet in your high heels, nice dress and all…

Maybe you finally noticed how distracted I was, and even though you already had me completely under control, you turned it up a notch, crossed over your legs and started to dangle one of your heels, quite seductively, right in front of my eyes. I swallowed hard, coughed, and apologized, probably blushed all over in my face, not able to turn my eyes from your now exposed hot foot clad in the smooth fabric of your tan pantyhose… how much I wished being able to worship these cute little Asian feet, kiss them, lick them, suck them all over… Then you dropped your shoe with a noticeable sound, only to cross your other leg over and start dangling your other black leather shoe, just holding on to it with your toes. I thought I almost smelled the sweet, subtle aroma of your nice feet as they were now both exposed in front of my eyes. ,me completely forgetting about the reason I was in that room with you. The second shoe fell to the ground and you spread your legs slightly, almost invitingly, while playing with your feet on the floor. The torture was almost unbearable and my boner was so rock hard and throbbing that it needed relief in fairly short order…

“May I?” I heard myself saying, not sure where it was coming from and why I said it. My gaze was locked on your right foot and my hands were stretched out. After a brief moment of silence and a questioning expression on your face, I took the next step and bent forward and down, to gently pick up your right foot with my hands and then placed it on my lap. Without saying anything else, I started a sensuous foot massage, right there in the meeting room, oblivious to the situation, my job, the reason I was here, your potential reaction, and the possibility someone else might enter at any moment and discover us. I noticed that after an initial moment of surprise and wonder, you relaxed into my foot massage fairly soon and seemed to enjoy it, soon moving your second foot onto my lap as well and letting me massage both of them through the silky smooth fabric of your tan colored pantyhose. From the expression on your face I could tell that you got more and more aroused and had to quit the business conversation, as well. In fact, I believed I smelled some musky sweaty scent emanating from your crotch area between your legs and from underneath your dress…

The longer I continued my sensuous foot massage, the more we both got sexually aroused and excited, and you took one hand to move the hemline of your dress up as high as you could, while using your other hand to start finger-fucking your engrossed pussy lips and clitoris, using the copious pussy juices to increase the sensation, starting to breathe more heavily.

I raised both of your feet up until they landed on my face and kept massaging them, but also kissing and licking and sucking them all over, giving attention to each part, the heels, soles, ankles, and each of the toes, all mediated through the soft sensuous fabric of the hose they were still encased in.

I noticed that you intensified your finger-fucking of your sex while I bahis siteleri worshipped your feet, and even started to insert first one, then two fingers into your pussy, massaging it through your pantyhose and making noises when moving your fingers in and out of your lust hole that was completely soaked by your slimy and musky pussy juices.

I unzipped my pants, pulled down my boxers, and my fully erect boner jumped out of them, pointing straight to the ceiling. Without me saying anything, you moved your pretty pantyhose-encased feet towards my throbbing cock and gave it a wonderfully sensuous erotic massage, cupping my shaft with your arches and soles, moving your feet up and down in rhythmic motions, using your heels to stroke my balls and your toes to squeeze the tip of my cock, all mediated by your wonderfully soft and silky tan pantyhose. Oh my God, this was heaven, I had never felt that great before, and my arousal climbed to an almost unsustainable level. I noticed, almost like in a dream, you further intensifying your self-stimulation and masturbating yourself to several orgasms, as you finally just applied the perfect pressure and squeeze onto my hard cock and made me come in a violent orgasm, shooting my multiple loads of hot juicy cum all over your sexy pantyhose-encased toes, soles, heels, and ankles…


After our hot encounter in the small meeting room, we stepped out of the room and noticed that pretty much everyone else had left for the day meanwhile. Had it gotten that late? I relished in the thought that your tan pantyhose now were soaked wet with my cum at their foot and ankle parts and that you probably felt the wetness of my cum as you had put on your sexy black leather high heels again… You led me to your cubicle and asked me to wait for a second, as you just wanted to print out the contract and then shut down your computer for the day. As you left for the printer, I couldn’t help my curiosity and opened some of your desk drawers… To my wildest surprise, I found a pair of tan pantyhose in one of them! I looked around, and since I didn’t see you returning nor hearing footsteps nearby, I took the pair out real quick and felt the wonderful sensation of the sheer smooth pantyhose fabric sliding over my hands. I immediately got another erection and could not help putting the hose to my face and experiencing them even more intimately. That’s when I noticed the musky smell at the crotch area that was an immense turn-on for me and I couldn’t get enough of it, rubbing the fabric against the skin of my face and inhaling the sexy scents of your pussy still emanating from the pantyhose.

I was unable to stop here and opened my fly, so I would be able to feel the smoothness of your used hose all around my erect cock, rubbing it with your silky tan nylons until they got wet from my pre-cum. I was close to a climax, so I looked around to make sure you were still printing. I wrapped your tan pantyhose tightly around my boner, pressed its tip against the gusset, and then jacked off as fast and hard as I could, until I ejaculated several loads of cum into the gusset.

At this point, I felt a palm on my shoulder, and you asked what I was doing. Looking down, you saw the answer for yourself and gave me a grin instead. You lifted up the hemline of your dress and rolled down the pantyhose you were wearing and took the one still wrapped around my shaft and slipped them onto your bare legs. When it came to pulling up the gusset area to your pussy, you carefully adjusted and slipped it further up until the freshly cum-soaked gusset was pressing tautly against your pussy lips. I got very aroused and hot seeing this sexy young Asian office girl putting on these silky smooth cum-stained nylons, and my cock started to stiffen when you slid your right hand down and pressed your palm against your own crotch, slowly massaging the soaked nylon against your pussy lips.

But you didn’t stop there, and continued with taking down my pants, and piece by piece completely undressing me. My erection still stood up like a solid pillar pointing to the sky, as I enjoyed being undressed by you and being able to enjoy your hot pretty outfit again so up close. You then took the pair of tan pantyhose you had worn before and used them to blindfold me… What would be next? I wondered… A few seconds later, you grabbed one of my hands from below and pulled me closer towards yourself, guiding me so my head would be right up your pantyhose-encased crotch, as you had moved your dress up already to the waist, while my knees rested to the left and right of your shoulders and my throbbing boner touched your face. Without you saying a word, I started to come down on you, licking your sex, your outer, then your inner lips with all my dedication, feeling your smooth skin through the silky fabric of your tan hose, and taking in again the arousing musky scent emanating from your pussy that had created quite a sizable wet spot on and around your pantyhose gusset. It was a wild and very erotic mix of your juices canlı bahis siteleri and my hot cum I just had ejaculated onto your gusset minutes ago.

The more I continued the licking and sucking, the more excited and aroused you got, which I noticed by the ever increasing stream of copious amounts of hot pussy juices emanating from your lust hole and soaking your sex and pantyhose ever so much more… I got hotter and more aroused as well, as I continued the intensity of my cunnilingus and as my tongue kept probing your wet pussy and circling your clitoris that had gotten hard and erect, not far from reaching orgasm.

In the meantime, you had pulled my hips downwards and sucked in my hard cock deep inside your throat, licking, caressing and sucking it all over, with sometimes more, sometimes less intensity, and teasing it enough by sometimes biting into it, sometimes letting go of it, so that I would stay on the edge and would not be able to come prematurely. Oh my God! You are so talented with that, I didn’t know if I should love or hate you for this incredible teasing you were providing to my manhood…

After we had driven each other wilder and wilder of sexual arousal and pleasure, we both felt that there was no holding back any longer and I finished you off with sticking 2 of my fingers inside your pussy and giving you a G-spot massage, while my tongue was flicking your hard and excited clit through the fabric of your completely soaked smooth tan pantyhose, until you finally came in hard convulsions all over your body, and me climaxing as well in your sweet mouth, shooting my loads of cum deep inside your throat making you swallow it all, and then all over your face, your forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chin, making you cum a second time from the sensation of my hot cum on your face…


“Ms Tan?” You heard someone approaching your cubicle, almost immediately recognizing that it was the voice of your boss. Darn it! That this guy was still around that late…

“Ms Tan?” You heard his voice again. “Are you still— Oh, I see!” There was a pause, as he obviously now had spotted you on the floor in the compromising position with me on top, your dress raised all the way up, your pantyhose showing a huge wet spot and your whole face dripping of my cum shots that had arrived there just seconds ago.

“I see, Ms Tan, you are still engaged in a meeting with your client… I wonder if I can help move things forward here?”

You were totally surprised about his friendly tone, that he was not exploding in anger in front of you and firing you right on the spot. You couldn’t see his expression on his face since your eyes were so full of my warm cum that when you tried to open them, your vision was completely blurred. A terrible thought crossed your mind… ‘No, that can’t be the case, oh my God, my boss wouldn’t want to… have sex with me?’ You felt completely fearful and terrorized by this thought and yet completely helpless at the same time as you knew that if you wouldn’t comply with your boss’s demands, he could fire you from your job at any moment given what he just had discovered. And worse than that, he could file a report to the company that would make any future employment almost impossible…

“But actually,” your boss said, “before I’m going to help, I’d like to observe a bit more how you engage your client…” What was that supposed to mean now? You wondered.

“I want you to rest on your hands and knees, right away!” Your boss commanded in a much less friendly and more menacing tone, stressing the last two words by raising his voice. You did as he commanded you to do, still in a heightened state of alert, feeling fear and terror of what would come next.

“Ms Tan, how about you show your client how pretty your ass is and tease him a bit…?” You heard your boss’s voice again, now almost fainting out of fear and shaking uncontrollably. “For that purpose, your client may remove his blindfold,” your boss suggested, and I complied dutifully, in high expectations of what would come next.

“I’m waiting!” He said, impatiently, and you realized that there was still no way out and your only choice was to follow his every demand and hope to survive all of it somehow. So you lifted your dress that had fallen down as you had turned around, slowly up over your thighs, and then your butt, in a very lascivious way, as your boss had ordered you to, and meanwhile I had approached you from behind, also realizing that I was trapped in a similar way as you were. You still wore your black high heels, and seeing you in front of me, wearing your hot silky tan hose, the heels, and your pantyhose-encased butt now exposed to my eyes, brought me an instant erection.

I started to gently stroke and massage your calves and then your thighs all over, trying to forget about the horrible situation we were in, and focusing only on you, your sexy smooth tan pantyhose and your soft skin underneath, and the gorgeous view of your pretty round butt cheeks canlı bahis right in front of me, encased in the silky fabric of your hose. My hands slowly worked their way up higher and I noticed how your boss got a larger and larger bulge in his pants as he lecherously observed the erotic scene in front of him.

When my hands reached your ass cheeks, I increased the pressure some more and dug in more deeply into your butt muscles, pulling them in different directions, sometimes a bit apart so your rosebud became visible through the pantyhose, then squeezing them back together.

I noticed that after a while, you were able to relax and you stopped shaking and were rather breathing a bit more heavily from the sexual arousal you got from my sensuous massage.

Your boss now slowly unzipped his pants and took his massive boner in his right hand, stroking it with more intensity as the action in front of his eyes developed further. I slid one of my hands beneath your ass cheeks, and gently stroked your outer lips, without touching your clitoris yet, just so to tease you. You loved and hated this so much that you bit your tongue and cringed in front of me, trying to press your sex against my hand more firmly but I wouldn’t let you do it. Rather, my other hand had found your rosebud and started to massage the entrance to your rear door, preparing it for my boner, using your copious pussy juices as lubricant.

Then I probed into your ass, through the fabric of your hose, first just a little bit, using only one finger and resting it in the opening for a while to let you get used to it, then probing deeper inside, again, waiting some more, while still teasing your vulva and now your clit as well with my other hand, making you so hot that your breathing changed to a much more rapid pace.

I used two, then three fingers to intrude into your anus, still quite slowly and cautiously to give you enough time to adjust your sphincter and get ready and wanton for my cock to fuck you from behind. As I looked over to your boss, I noticed from the expression of his face that he was close to an orgasm, and so I decided to penetrate your asshole with my rock hard cock right then and there to bring all three of us over the edge at the same time. It felt magnificent entering your ass with my steel rod, feeling your anus walls through the fabric of your smooth hose, as I had prepared it for the intrusion long enough, and you felt me filling you up from behind, using the fingers of one hand to finger-fuck yourself while I was thrusting in and out your ass with ever increasing force and speed.

Somehow my plan worked out, and first I came inside you, violently banging your ass, shooting my loads deep inside you first, and then pulling back and soaking your nylon-encased ass-cheeks with several more jisms of hot cum. Next you climaxed, just as you sensed the hot wet sperm juices reaching your skin through the fabric of your tan hose, and finally your voyeuristic boss had masturbated himself to an orgasm, as well, moving closer to your legs and shooting his cum loads all over your thighs and calves…


Your boss only took a short while to recover from his massive orgasm, induced by watching us having hot anal sex and me fucking your cute little pantyhosed ass like crazy and filling it up all the way with my hot cum.

He approached you and held his still erect and cum-covered dick right in front of your face, requesting you to suck it as hard as you could, and you complied immediately, realizing there was no choice in this matter. As I had pulled my cock out of your anus, streams of sticky cum had oozed out of your rear end in the process and were now flowing over your perineum onto your swollen pussy lips. As you felt the warm sperm touch and moisten your private parts, you shivered of sexual arousal and cringed in front of us two men, quietly lusting for more…

Your boss commanded you to take off your heels, as well as your dress, so you were only wearing your soft white silky bra and your smooth tan pantyhose. He then told you to pull up your pantyhose as high as you could, all the way until the waistband touched your breasts, so the pull on your pussy would become very strong and intense, and then rest your butt on your heels, with your legs spread wide, so he would have the perfect view of your sex, all wet from your copious pussy juices, mixed with my thickening cum, making your private areas more visible through the fabric of your tan pantyhose. His sexual excitement and arousal showed in his face and In his eyes, as you were complying with his demands, pulling up your hose to your breasts, stretching it, evening out the folds, and then placing your cute pantyhose-encased butt cheeks on your heels, slightly rubbing these body parts against each other to produce some friction and the characteristic swishy noise of nylon hose rubbing against itself. I myself was at least as excited about watching you so beautifully exposed and humiliated, and I could not help stroking my boner and getting another massive erection right away. Still, what I was missing was a direct view of your breasts and nipples, whose shapes I could only infer from the way they appeared through the smooth fabric of your bra…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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