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Asian Meat and Greet

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I had a bit of trouble finding his apartment. About 20 buildings, each three stories with eight apartments in them. After about 15 minutes of circling through the parking lots, i found it, parked, texted him, and then proceeded to the third level.

It was around midnight when i knocked on his door. An Asian guy around 45, 5’8″ opened the door and smiled as he told me to come in. We stood there in the living room and exchanged names and meaningless small talk, joking about how hard it was to find his place.

He mentioned that we didn’t have much time because he had to work early. So, not having a problem with this, I asked “We going to the bedroom, or do you want me to suck you right here?”

He smiled and said “right here”.

“You want me naked, or just get down on my knees?” I asked.

“Take off everything,” he replied.

I completely undressed as he just stood there watching. Once naked, he opened up his pants and a nicely proportioned cock of about 7 inches flopped out, half erect.

Since we both knew that the sole reason i was there was to suck him for a bit and him probably finishing by jerking off onto my face, i promptly dropped to my knees, grabbed his cock and started to suck like it was routine.

For 20 minutes, i sucked him like a good and obedient cock slut does, making sure to lick the shaft from base to tip before once again swallowing his meat to the balls. And also, pausing from sucking to give proper attention bitlis escort to his balls with my eager tongue.

He rubbed my shoulders as i worked diligently sucking his hard cock. I kept steady and firm pressure with my lips, in order to make sure i was pleasing him the best i could. I figured this would continue until my jaw would hurt and i would have to ask him to just jerk off if he wanted to cum.

Suddenly, with absolutely no warning from him or his cock, he simultaneously let out a loud groan as his cock erupted a massive hot load of cum into my mouth. My eyes shot wide as i could not believe he just exploded in my mouth. And remained wide as i realized he was not allowing his cock to pull out, holding my head in place with both hands.

“Oh shit”, I thought, “I’m going to have to swallow”. Because he was still cumming, and my mouth was filling up. Just after that thought, I swallowed, was given one more shot of cum in my mouth, and swallowed once again.

He then pulled back and removed his dick, as i gasped for air.

I looked up at him as if to say what the hell, but i said nothing. And, to prove that i was just a little cumslut for him, he caressed the side of my face with his hand and said “MMm, thank you boy, that felt good. I really needed that. Been building up that load for a week. I know you said you didn’t swallow, but I knew you would once you had my cock in your pretty mouth, and you didn’t escort bitlis disappoint, babe. Besides, I rent so I don’t want to get any cum on the carpeting.”

“What an asshole”, I thought to myself. I’m glad he can use me to prevent getting jizz on his carpet.

Since i was naked, and he was between me and my clothes, i didn’t want to start something so i smiled and softly said, “It’s all good. It tasted better than i thought it would.”

I wasn’t lying, it tasted delicious. But, i was still shocked that i actually swallowed a guy’s load with basically no fight.

I stood up as he zipped up his pants. Me, standing there naked. He said that he was going to save my number and he would hit me up when he needs a blowjob. “Next time you come over, I’ll fuck your ass before i let you eat my cum again.” he added. As he said that, he moved closer to me, reached around to massage and squeezed my ass.

“Mmm, very nice ass. Yes, you’ll enjoy riding my cock with an ass like that.” He smiled.

I timidly replied, “Should i get dressed and take off so you can get to bed?”

“Oh, yes. I have to get up early. That’s right. You have a nice body. It’d be sexy if you stayed naked as you walked to your car so all my night owl neighbors can enjoy seeing it too.” He grinned as he said this.

“What the fuck”, i thought. I smiled and gave a nervous laugh and mentioned that i wouldn’t be doing that, not tonight. And bitlis escort bayan with that he moved out of the way and i went to fetch my clothes. He talked as he watched me get dressed.

“You are really good at sucking dick. I’m glad I decided to hit you up. I had my doubts, but you are definitely obedient.”

“Doubts?” I inquired.

He continued, “Yeah, a friend of mine told me your user name and said to find you and if i saw you online, to hit you up for a blowjob. He said that you are a great cum dumpster for a guy that needs to unload. He also said that you take cock up your ass like a champ, and let guys cum wherever they want. I’m sold. I would like it for you to suck a load out of me once a week, and occasionally i’ll fuck your ass too, so i know you get enough pleasure.”

I couldn’t believe this guy was making it sound like he was doing me a favor by allowing me to suck and swallow him weekly, and be gifted the pleasure of him fucking my ass like i’m his dirty little white man slut. But, I knew I would probably end up on my knees again in this very same apartment soon.

Afterall, in all honesty, the feeling of slight domination and humiliation has always been a sort of turn on for me. Just the simple act of getting naked in front of another man always gets me a bit excited, especially when they watch and remain clothed.

The only question was whether his next load was going down my throat, or up my ass. I’m quickly learning that once you do, or have done to you a specific act , such as drink a guy’s cum, you really can’t and don’t want to stop doing it.

All I can say is, these guys really get the word spread around when they find a discreet cocksucker like myself. I guess my weekends are going to stay busy for awhile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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