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Aunt Carla Ch. 03

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It was my senior year in HS. I was looking at some colleges that were, well, not real far away, but yet, far enough that I wouldn’t be home every weekend. One night, when Carla and I were having one of our long talks, I told her I almost didn’t want to go to college. She asked why, and I told her I knew I would get homesick. We both knew that what I really meant was I would miss spending time at her place, but neither of us said it out loud. She gave me a hug, and said she would miss me also. But then she got that stern look and said I had to go to college, because she wasn’t going to take care of me for the rest of my life. She could be a bitch when she had to be, and she knew this was one of those times. She said if I didn’t go, she was going to put a lock on her door. Even though I would only be home about once a month, I knew it was better than being cut off totally, and besides that, I knew she was right. Eventually, I was going to have to take care of myself. That and I knew my parents wouldn’t let me live with them forever either.

So, I loaded up my pickup and went to college that fall. I lived in the dorms, made lots of friends, went to a lot of parties, but always looked forward to going home to see my aunt. Then one day I got a call from her. She said she was coming to town to see one of her college friends (it was the same college where she and my mom attended, and she still had a friend that lived in town). I met her in my dorm lobby. She took me to her friend’s house. Her friend was just a beautiful as my aunt. Of course fantasies started running through my head about the two of them sharing a room in college, but of course I knew that they were just that, fantasies. I knew my aunt was very interested in men. She had had more boyfriends than I could remember. Her friend, Staci, Kars Escort had just gotten divorced. That was why my aunt was in town, to help comfort her. She got the house in the divorce. Apparently, he was pretty well off, as it was a fairly nice house for a young couple. She couldn’t have been much more than 30. Her and my Aunts situations were so similar, one would think they had planned the whole thing, and who knows, maybe they did.

My aunt was telling her how much she missed having me around, as I did all her yard work, shoveling her sidewalks, even getting me to other chores like wash the dishes and clean the bathroom and stuff. Staci said she would love to have someone around to do the yard work since her husband was gone. My aunt jumped at the chance to offer my services, knowing that I would be just as happy to work for her, as I was my aunt. At the time, I wasn’t that excited, knowing that that I probably wouldn’t be able to go into her closet like I did my aunts, and that after all, that was the reason for doing the chores in the first place. But, nonetheless, Staci was as hot as any girl I knew in college, and just the chance to get to hang out at her house once in a while would maybe help replace the feeling of not getting to spend time at my aunts like I used to.

Before my aunt left town, she told me Staci was one of her closest friends, and I better not humiliate her by getting caught in her closet. “I don’t want my best friend to know what a perv my nephew is, I’ve done nothing but brag you up to her, don’t let me down” she said.

So, about every other weekend or so, I would go over to Staci’s to see if her yard needed mowing or if she needed any thing else. She would always invite me in and offer me a pop or water. Every once in a while, I would Kars Escort Bayan catch her dressed up; ready to out for the evening, either on a date, or with some friends. She was always stunning, and always-in heels. What I wouldn’t have given to have a peek in her closet. I complimented her on her looks, told her that her husband must have been an idiot to let her get away. She said that some day I was going to make some girl happy, and she knew because of my aunt, I would know how to treat a lady right.

This went on for several months. After seeing her in various pairs of heels, I finally saw her in a pair of very sexy, over the knee boots. She said she had a hot date that night, and those were her “fuck me boots”. She said she never got turned down for sex when she wore those boots.

I half jokingly, half seriously told her, “If you’re offering, I’d accept.”

She told me if she had half a brain she would have fun with a young stud like me some night. Now I didn’t know if she was joking or serious, but just hearing her say that while in those boots, made me have to sit down for a while.

A couple of weeks later, I went over again to see if she needed anything. It was late fall now and the yard needed raking, a job that would take a whole afternoon at least. She said she was going out that night, but told me she would leave the house open in case I needed to use the bathroom or if I wanted something out of the fridge to help myself. She got all dolled up, hotter than hell as usual, and left. I had been raking for several hours at this point and was ready for a break. I went in the house for some water. When I went for the bathroom, I noticed her bedroom door was open. I remembered my aunt warning me, but after I saw those boots, I just had to see the Escort Kars boots again, but this time touch them, smell them, and see what else she had in her closet. I went in. It was a huge master bedroom, with a beautiful king size bed, fireplace, master bathroom with a Jacuzzi, big screen TV with a stereo system. It was like something you would see on lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Then there was the walk in closet. My heart was pounding a hundred beats a minute, both because I was afraid of getting caught, and also because I couldn’t wait to touch those boots. I went in. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. There were racks full of shoes, boots, of all kinds. There must have been 50 pairs of heels and at least 20 pairs of boots. I had just seen the tip of the iceberg in the last few months. On the clothes racks were beautiful dresses, skirts, coats, both leather and fur. Her ex must have been loaded. I was getting dizzy from the smell of the leather and perfume in there. But I had to find what I was really in there for, and it didn’t take me long. There along the wall, with all the other boots, was the pair she had on last time I was there. They were by far the tallest and sexiest, not that the others weren’t nice either. I tried to restrain myself, but I couldn’t do it. I had to grab one of the boots. I picked it up, I held it, ran my hands over the leather, and smelled it. I was rock hard by now.

It had been a month or so since I was in my aunt’s closet, and I needed a release. I knew Staci wouldn’t be home at least till the bars closed, if not later, so I whipped out my cock and started jacking off. It didn’t take me long for me to cum. I tried to come on the boots, but I was so excited it shot all over the floor also. Damn, now I had a mess to clean up, I licked up my own cum off of the boots, and went and got some paper towels and cleaned up the carpet, and then I put everything back just the way I found it and got the hell out of there. I went and finished the leaves, and went back to campus for a party that night.

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