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Auntie’s Panties Pt. 02

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First, let me handle some old business, from the first chapter…

A reader had a correction regarding the pronunciation of the sexy aunt, Siobhan’s name. The site I found the name on listed the English equivalent as ‘Shavon’, but apparently it is more correctly pronounced ‘Shivon’. I thank that reader, and ask that you mentally correct it in the previous chapter, and thus Shavon becomes Shivon, but Vonnie remains unchanged.

Second… Wow, I guess this story has struck a chord. Lots of favourites, and lots of votes, in a very short time. I thank you very much.

So, with that in mind, let’s see what mischief Vonnie and Danny can get into.


It was a fun walk home. Only two blocks, but I had to restrain myself from skipping like a little girl.

A few hours ago, going the other direction, I had been a horny, reluctantly untarnished virgin. Now, I was a sexually experienced man, thanks totally to my luscious aunt. It couldn’t get any better, could it?

Ask me again tomorrow.

I’m by no means an expert, but it seems to me that most guys might go years before a woman offers them her ass. If I could take Vonnie at her word… and she had never lied to me… I was going to get it on day two, A.V. (That’s After Virginity.)

The whole world seemed a brighter, more vibrant place, since I got laid. I should have done it years ago. Maybe it was just my imagination.

As I walked in the door, I came face to face with my sister Shelagh, who was looking at me strangely.

“What?” I asked her.

“Where have you been?” she asked back.

“Doing the yard work at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, same as usual,” I replied, mildly annoyed at the interrogation. “Why?”

“Oh, nothing… you just looked different than you usually do after that,” she smiled. “Still hot and sweaty, but different. Happier.”

Jesus! Is it that obvious? I thought. I just walk in the door, and my sister notices the change instantly? This could be trouble. What if she figures it out? Worse yet… What if Mom figures it out? I’ll have to try harder to play it cool.

“I guess I’m happy it’s done,” I offered, hoping she’d take that as an answer. Thankfully, the inner workings of her little brother was not a priority subject for Shelagh.

“Yeah, whatever,” she giggled, and went past me into the kitchen, where Mom was busy cooking.

I went upstairs to my room, stripped off my sweaty clothes, and donned my robe, heading into the bathroom for a shower. I needed to wash the sweat off. I needed to wash Vonnie’s scent off, too, lest my mother smell pussy on me. This was a very dangerous situation, but it was a danger I hoped would become commonplace.

Turning the water on, I stepped into the shower, and within seconds, the evidence was gone. Gone from my body, at least. My mind was a whole other matter. There wasn’t enough soap in the world to wash that out of my memory. Nor did I want it to.

I stood under the spray of warm water, lost in thought. I thought about her lips and mouth on my cock, as she sucked me. I thought about the incredible sensation of her pussy surrounding my cock for the first time. I pictured her curvaceous body, naked and displayed for me, later covered with my cum. It was hard to believe it was only a few hours ago that none of it had happened.

‘Hard’ had another application, now, as my thoughts had triggered yet another full blown erection, which was bobbing before me, begging for attention. Well, the soap was readily available, so I took care of it, while savouring the days activities once more. Soon, my fourth load of the day was swirling down the drain, and my legs were wobbly.

Now might be a good time for a nap.


I dreamt of Vonnie. It was so real, I could taste it.

Wait… That’s not a dream…

My eyes opened to find my Aunt’s eyes staring back, from extremely close range, as she kissed me.

“Sorry, Danny,” she giggled, pulling back. “You looked so cute sleeping like that. I couldn’t resist.”

“Um, no, it’s okay,” I mumbled, clearing my head. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s almost dinner time, silly,” she smiled. “I told you I was coming.”

I smiled. She laughed, caught in a double entendre.

“Mmmmm, yes… I did tell you I was cumming, didn’t I?” she whispered, bending to kiss me again. Her tongue swirled around mine. “God, I haven’t felt this relaxed in months. You’re pretty good, for a rookie.”

She stood, looking down at me past her big breasts. Her hands softly caressed both full globes, and she moaned.

“I’d better get out of here, before I get us in trouble,” she winked. “Coming?”

That one she hung there intentionally. I jumped out of bed, and followed her, downstairs.

Mom was starting to shuttle the menu items to the table, so Siobhan and I each grabbed a bowl or platter and gave her a hand.

“Shelagh!” Mom called, hoping my sister could hear her.

“She’s xhamster porno probably listening to music with her headphones on,” Vonnie giggled. “I’ll get her.” She bounded out of the room, and up the stairs.

It was a good diversion, making it appear that not all of her trips upstairs were to my room. I don’t know if her sister… my Mom… had any idea that we were anything more than merely close, but a little misdirection couldn’t hurt. A minute or so later, she was back, Shelagh close behind.

“Told you. You were in competition with Taylor Swift, Sis. Taylor won,” Vonnie smiled, and we all took a seat.

The seating plan probably kept us from getting in trouble, as Shelagh sat across from me, per usual, and Vonnie sat opposite her sister, in Dad’s former spot.

I was fine with my Aunt dining with us. As far as I was concerned, she could spend the month here. There was no such thing as too much Vonnie, especially now that we had moved beyond… well, you know what we had done earlier in the day.

“Muirgheal, do you have plans for Danny tomorrow?” Vonnie asked my Mother. “I was wondering if I could borrow him again? I want to clean the windows in the house, and I’m afraid of the ladder.”

“I don’t think I need him for anything,” Mom said between bites. “He’s not going to get hurt, is he?”

I sat there, watching the conversation like a tennis match, and hoping my expression didn’t show how invested I was in the outcome. Vonnie was negotiating for my services, in a way my Mother would never understand or approve of. I might clean a window or two, but those were not really the services she was interested in, and they weren’t the ones I’d be happiest about. Of course I won’t get hurt. Ever hear of a sex injury that was fatal? Sure, I’d be fucked up, but I’d get fucked.

“Of course not,” Vonnie laughed. “I’d never do anything to put my favourite nephew in danger. He’s just the big, strong, brave man I need to do the things I’m afraid to do.”

Mom turned to me, almost as an afterthought. Her mouth was full, so she gestured to kill time as she finished chewing.

“What do you say, Danny?” she asked. “How do you feel about helping your Aunt again tomorrow?”

I suppose jumping for joy would raise more questions we’d rather not answer, wouldn’t it? Better to pretend it’s an onerous task that I’m doing under protest.

“Oh, well… I guess I can help,” I replied, trying to be cool. “If you really need me to.” YIPPEE! I get to fuck my Aunt again tomorrow! I get to see her naked, and probably feel her lips on my cock, and… Oh, yeah… I get to fuck her ass! I think it might take me weeks to clean all those windows.

“We’ll take it slow, Danny,” Vonnie said, apparently reading my mind. “There’s a lot of windows, and I don’t want to risk you getting hurt, so we’ll only do a couple each day. That way you’ve got time to do other things, as well, and don’t need to give up your whole day. Is that alright?

If by ‘do other things’, you mean doing you? Yes, I’m good with that. I’m so good with that you wouldn’t believe it! I nodded.

“Perfect!” she giggled. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then!”


I slept like shit.

Remember when you were a kid, and it was Christmas Eve? You were wired, so excited about your presents you couldn’t scrape yourself off the ceiling and sleep? That was me, only it was Christmas, my birthday, and the Fourth of July all rolled into one.

Fortunately, adrenaline us a wonderful thing. Sleep or no sleep, I was cocked, locked, and ready to rock. After breakfast, I dutifully headed for Grandma’s house, to clean those windows. Giggle.

I made it out of sight of my house before I broke into a full run. Every second in Vonnie’s company was a second well spent.

As I rounded the corner into the backyard, I saw the ladder leaning against the wall of the house. She was really going for realism, wasn’t she? I found her in the kitchen.

“Hi honey!” she smiled. “Eager to get started?”

Now that’s a silly question. You were here yesterday, weren’t you? Oh yes, you definitely were. I’ll never forget it. Shall I meet you in the bedroom, or do we just get it on right here?

She handed me a bucket, sponge and squeegee.

Huh? I thought I was here for more training… and to fuck your ass.

“The ladder is all set,” she smiled. “There’s a hook to hang the bucket from. If you need me, just holler.”

I took the supplies, and walked out, more than a little confused. She was serious about the windows? I thought she was just making an excuse to get me over here.

I found myself at the foot of the ladder. Oh well…

Step by step, I went up, until I found the hook she mentioned. I hung the bucket, and wet the sponge. The windows really were dirty. This one was one of the spare rooms, and there were three windows for each room, four bedrooms and an office, plus two bathrooms upstairs. It really would take me a month.

I started yaşlı porno washing the glass, watching the soapy suds turn dirty as I ran the sponge across the surface. Suddenly, the lack of sleep seemed more debilitating, as the adrenaline waned in response to my disappointment. I was focused on my hand, and the sponge, when movement caught my eye. Movement inside.

It was Vonnie, of course. There was no one else here but my Aunt and I.

It took me a moment or two to clue in. It was a game. She was playing the unwitting victim of the peeping window washer. Since I was the window washer, that was very good news for me. My adrenaline was back in spades.

Vonnie had changed clothes since I saw her in the kitchen. Then she had been dressed for doing work around the house. Now, well… let’s just say she was now dressed for a completely different task.

I’m not even sure what to call the shorts she had on. Actually, I’m not sure she had them on, at all. There are short shorts, and then there were these ones. White, and skin tight, they had an inseam length of perhaps one inch. She had her back to me, putting things into the dresser, and bending over to reach the lower drawers. To say her ass was on full display would be a huge understatement. My mouth was watering, and my hand had stalled in place with the sponge dripping water down my arm.

Then she turned to face me. Oh, wow! Her t-shirt was black, with a deep V-neck, deep enough that I could see the centre gore of her plunging bra. The bra was pink, and as she leaned over to fold a few items on the bed, her big, round tits just hung there, cradled in the cups, asking to be picked.

I really didn’t need the sponge anymore, I’m sure my drool would have been sufficient to wash the window. Speaking of which… why was I trying to see her through the filthy suds, when I had the ability to give myself a perfectly clear view? I soaked the sponge again, and scrubbed the window quickly, watching Vonnie the whole time. Her breasts swung, and swayed with her movements, making me grab the squeegee and give the glass a streak free finish.

Ah. That’s better. Now I could clearly see her… peeling off her shirt. Good lord, how did that little bra contain all that delectable flesh? She took a few steps to the right, and I lost sight of her. I knew she was still in the room, because I could see the door, but the angle of view was blocked in the direction she went.

Then I saw her feet. On the bed. She was laying on the bed, just out of my line of sight. Something flew past. Something pink.

“Dammit Vonnie, I can’t see you,” I muttered. “I really want to see you.”

I said there were three windows in this room. I had cleaned one, and the second would probably give me a perfect viewpoint. I would need to reposition the ladder first.

Climbing down a ladder with a full erection would likely qualify as a safety hazard, but that’s what I had to do. I tried to do it as carefully as possible, but excitement tends to cloud judgement. Still, I successfully shifted the ladder to the new position without incident. I raced back up to my perch.

As I thought, the pink item that flew by was indeed her bra, and while I was busy with the ladder, she had also dropped her shorts. Now naked on the bed, she was quite the spectacle. I made quick work of the window, not wanting to miss the show, which was in full swing.

She had her legs spread wide, and her right hand was busy between them. Her left hand was tugging and twisting her nipples. Putting my ear to the glass, I could hear her moaning softly. I wiped my ear print off the freshly cleaned glass, and headed for the ground again. There was one more window, around the corner, and from there I’m sure I’d see the whole package.

Wrestling the ladder around to the other window wasn’t easy, but I wasn’t going to be denied. Within a minute or two, I was back, sponge flying madly. I set a new record for cleaning this one.

Oh my god. She’s not just masturbating… she’s using a vibrator on her pussy. From the previous window, I couldn’t quite see that far between her legs, but from here I could clearly see the purple device. She wasn’t moving it in and out much, but I thought I knew why. While not an expert on vibrators by any means, I had heard of the ‘rabbit’, and knew one when I saw it.

The little ‘ears’ on it were a blur, working on her clit furiously. Her nipples were standing tall, and since I had done such a fabulous job on the window, I could see the flush building on her neck and chest.

Unlike the moans I heard before by pressing my ear to the window, when Siobhan came seconds later, the screams were clearly audible. I watched her arch her back, and quake wildly as the orgasm hit her. All that sharp motion was transferred to her chest, making her breasts swing, bounce and jiggle for my eyes. When her body flopped limp on the mattress a moment later, only the heaving of her ragged breathing indicated that she aldatma porno was still alive.

I had a feeling the game was over, but I stayed at the window, watching her slowly recover. At last, she sat up weakly, and looked over at me. Her eyes opened wide in surprise… faux surprise, anyway. She tried desperately to hide her magnificent breasts with both hands, but she her hands were far too small. So were mine, and mine are big.

The look of indignation slowly melted off her face, replaced by one of mischievous lust. Her hands dropped away, letting me feast my eyes on her big tits. Leaning back on her hands, she shook her shoulders, causing her breasts to sway hypnotically.

She held up a finger, telling me to wait, and rolled out of bed. Still completely nude, she sauntered over and stopped in front of me, hands on hips, a grin on her pretty face. The only thing separating me from her body was the glass.

She inched closer, leaning forward slightly until her tits touched the inside surface of the window. She pressed further, squashing the big globes flat. She cupped her hands below them, and dragged her hard nipples across the cool glass.

“You like my tits?” her muffled voice asked.

I nodded, playing along.

Stepping back, she reached between her legs, dipping two fingers in the oozing slit there. When she pulled them out, I could clearly see her juices glistening on them.

“You liked that, huh?” she asked. “You like to watch?” She smeared her slippery fingers across the inner surface, leaving a streak of pussy juice.

I nodded again. I was liking this game.

“You’re a very naughty window washer… peeking in at me like that. Is your cock hard? Because of me?” she asked playing her role to the hilt. I didn’t answer, but she wasn’t waiting for me. She dipped her fingers again, and smudged the inside of the window further. “Oops. I’ve made a mess in here. Would you mind coming in to clean it up?”

She reached out and unlocked the window. Being my grandparent’s house, the windows were double-hung sashes of an older style. As she raised the bottom sash, she bent lower, coming closer to my bulging crotch.

“Mmmmm, this looks promising,” she smiled, dropping to her knees, and resting her chin on the sill. “Yes, very promising indeed.” Her hand snaked out to caress the bulge in my shorts, then tugged at the zipper. She deftly freed my stiff shaft from its confines. I felt her tongue make contact, and she moaned softly. She grabbed the hem of my shorts and pulled me closer to the house, engulfing the head in her warm mouth.

I suddenly felt very, very exposed. Here I was, on a ladder, outside the second floor window of my grandparent’s house… getting a blowjob from my Aunt. I’m sure I was quite visible up there, to anyone who cared to look.

“God, Vonnie… Someone will see us!” I hissed anxiously.

“Mmmmm hmmm,” she moaned, pulling my cock out of her mouth. “They might at that. I suggest you not yell when you cum, and attract attention.”

With that, she went back to work, sucking furiously. Excess saliva began to drip down her chin, but truthfully, I couldn’t really see much. I was hanging on for dear life to the ladder, and praying no one paid any attention to the guy outside the second floor window. Her slurping sounded so loud, I was certain we’d get caught, but that was probably just my terror talking.

Surprisingly, the fear didn’t cause my cock to wilt. Instead, I felt my balls beginning to tingle, and quite soon exploded down her throat.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” I whispered, resting my head on the next rung of the ladder. “Vonnie, you are wicked.”

She sucked the last few drops out of me, then tapped the head of my dick on her tongue.

“If you think that was wicked, wait until you fuck my ass,” she smiled. “Get yourself together, and climb down. Be careful. I’ll be waiting in the kitchen with lunch.”

She closed the window, leaving me to tuck myself in and catch my breath. It took several minutes before I was safely on the ground, and even then my legs were still gelatinous. Carrying my tools and bucket, I stumbled into the house.

Vonnie was sitting quietly, nibbling on a grilled cheese sandwich. She had put the pink bra, black T and shorts back on, looking very delicious. She stifled a smile at my dishevelled condition.

“Jeez, look at you,” she giggled. “You’d think someone just gave you a window washer special. Hard work?”

I declined to comment, as I didn’t want to jeopardize the rest of our afternoon together. Instead, I stuffed my face, and gradually recovered my senses.

After we finished lunch, Vonnie helped me position that ladder for tomorrow’s ‘work’ session. I wondered what she would come up with for me then, but that was the future.

There was still lots of today left.

We did actually do some jobs around the house. I pulled out the refrigerator and stove, doing the grunt work while Siobhan ran the mop. I had a feeling the entire house would be spotless by the time Grandma and Grandpa returned, but I was willing to provide my muscle to assist her… providing my ‘muscle’ got into her ass… and her pussy, mouth, hands… you get the idea. Now that I knew what I’d been missing, I was hopelessly hooked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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