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Awakenings Pt. 03

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Chapter 1

My mom stirred as she lay next to me, still asleep. We were pressed together, her bare breasts pressed against me. Last night we had shared something raw and sexual, but now as I held her I felt tenderness and longing. I didn’t want to go back and forth with her. I needed to know something, I needed to take charge and learn the outcome once and for all.

I was already erect, my dick throbbing as I took in the sight of my naked mother, her hair disheveled and her body pressed to mine. My hand touched her ass, gently squeezing her. She stirred again, her eyes fluttering open.

“Morning,” she said. She curled up against me, putting her leg up on my thigh. Her knee brushed my erection. “Someone’s up, I see.”

I laughed pulling her closer. My hand cupped her ass and she ran a hand through my hair. My other hand found her breast, so soft in my hand, her nipple already stiff against my thumb.

“I haven’t come like that in years,” she whispered. “It’s been too long, and I’ve wasted so much time. If I had known you thought of me that way, I would have done something about it sooner.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised.

“Maybe, I don’t know. Maybe not,” she said, sighing softly. “Honestly it’s so strange I can’t imagine what I’d do. This is both familiar and uncharted at the same time.”

She paused, nestling closer to me. Her leg was pressed against my erection, my heart beat registering with each throb. She spoke quietly in my ear, “How long have you thought about me like this?”

“A while,” I admitted. “But I never thought of actually trying anything. But if I had known…”

“Known what?” She teased.

I pulled her closer and she rolled on top of me. Her tits were pressed against me and her legs fell on either side of mine. Her pubic hair was scratchy against the head of my dick. I was an inch away from her pussy. I had never been closer, and I took another risk. I kissed her, gently kneading her ass. She responded in kind, pressing her lips against me. I inched her body down slowly, at the same time gently thrusting upward.

The tip of my dick touched her pussy. She froze, her body tense, her heart hammering against me. She pulled her lips from mine, still frozen, not letting me inch closer. The tip of my dick was touching her labia, seeking her entrance. Seeking what I had wanted longer than I realized.

“We can’t,” she whispered.

I had had it with her reluctance. She either did or did not want it. It was time that I knew. “Let me,” I said. “Please.” I kissed her and she reciprocated, but her body remained rigid.

“Will,” she said, her voice soft, pleading.

“I want this,” I said. “But only if you do.” I was still touching her pussy with my dick. I didn’t want to force it. I wanted her to move, to slowly slide herself down on me. “I want you, all of you.”

She said nothing, but looked at me with a burning intensity.

“When was the last time?” I asked her gently.

“Med school,” she whispered. “A friend and I were l studying late, and one thing led to another. It’s been so long.”

She made an almost imperceptible movement, and her labia parted around my dick. She moved again and the tip of me was in her.

She paused, panting. I think she was nervous, maybe even scared. “I’m your mom,” she said, as if trying to talk herself out of it.

“And I want you,” I said. I gently took my hands off her ass and brought them up to her tits. She lifted her chest to let me cup them, and as she did she slid a little more so the head of my dick was entirely inside her.

She sighed as I gently touched her tits. “Do you remember our trip to Spain?” She asked playfully.

“The topless beach?” I asked.

“Did you look at my tits?” She asked.

“The entire time,” I said. She grinned, sinking a little lower so another inch me of slipped inside her. She kissed me, and a little more of me entered her. I was about halfway inside her when she pulled upward, leaving only the tip still in her pussy.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said. I was relieved, worried she would change her mind at any moment. “What would my sister think?”

Before I could answer she pushed up, sitting up and down softly on me. I entered her completely, both of us gasping.

“Oh, Mom,” I whispered

“I like when you say that,” she said, slowly riding me. I was fucking my mom, the mind-blowing notion suddenly hit me. I grabbed her ass, letting her ride me faster. She ground her clit against me, her breath coming in the ragged gasps I knew so well.

“I’m coming,” she whispered, her body shuddering as she ground against me. Her pussy gripped me, pulsing around me as she rode me hard. I gripped her tits gently as she came, her body tense and then yielding to a wave a pleasure that hit her suddenly.

Mom quickened her pace and I realized she was close to coming again. I let go of her tits, grabbing her hips and bucking upward, exploding into her.

She gasped as we came together. She collapsed against me, my dick pumping into her pussy. Giresun Escort She lay on top of me, breathing hard as I filled her with each pulse of my dick.

She lay quietly for a minute, breathing against me, and then giggled.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I just did it with my son,” she said, still laughing softly. “I just, I just can’t believe it. I just let you come inside me. And the funny thing is, I was afraid to let you.”

I was puzzled. She sat up, keeping me inside her as my erection faded. “You know my dad and I…we never actually did it. I wanted to, but he never gave in. I mean, we did lots of other things, but never this. I kept trying, but he never…”

“Well, you don’t have to try now,” I said, causing her to laugh.

“They’d run us out of town if anyone knew,” she said with a laugh. She got off of me, semen pouring out of her onto my thigh. She looked at the mess pensively. “You know there can’t be a relationship, right?”

“Can’t a guy just do his mom?” I said, laughing. She laughed at my joke, her tits bouncing hypnotically.

“Whenever you want,” she whispered, “as long as we keep it a secret.” She looked at me pensively, cum still dripping out of her pussy. My dick stirred, slowly stiffening as I looked her over.

“I always liked watching them grow,” mused, and bent down to take my cum-covered dick into her mouth. She had her ass in the air as she bobbed up and down on my dick, getting me fully erect in seconds. I ran my hands through her hair as she sucked me, taking me into her mouth and moaning softly.

Whatever bonus level I had just unlocked with my mom, I had to admit I could get used to this. She bobbed up and down, sucking me, her round ass swaying as she worked. I felt myself close to coming. She must hand sensed it because she took me in deep as I came. She swallowed what little cum I had not already emptied into her pussy, wiping her chin as she sat up.

“Now I’ve got to shower, so try and stay out of trouble,” she said, her ass swaying as she left my room.

After some time, I got up and showered. The hot water felt good on my skin, and I was absolutely giddy. I had fucked my mom. I had entered her and came inside her. The idea was surreal but as I showered I thought of all the times I had subconsciously noticed her. I had wanted this for some time, I just didn’t realize it. All the times I took notice of her cleavage, or that amazing, round ass of hers. And I realized all the times she had cuddled close to me, or worn just a bathrobe, her tits practically spilling out. Had she been dropping hints, or was it subconscious for her, a throwback to a different time in her life? Either way, something had changed in both of us.

I got dressed and found Jen in her room. She was wearing khaki shorts and an old t-shirt, and holding a pair of wrenches.

“Good morning,” she said, beaming. Her hair was damp from the shower. “Maggie’s already out to work. Do you still want to help me change this faucet?”

I grinned and got to work. Replacing the sink faucet was the last thing on our list to renovate Jen’s room. We sat together on the floor, her tiny shorts riding up her thighs. I snuck a glance and grinned, she was once again not wearing anything under her shorts. I saw the edge of her labia and curls of her bushy hair, and my dick gave a twitch. I had already come twice in less than an hour, but I found my dick still had plenty of life.

“Nervous, about the job?” I asked as I crawled under the sink. I lay on my back, looking up at the bottom of the old faucet. She handed me a wrench and I worked to loosen the old fittings, which were stubborn.

“Yeah, I hope I get it,” she said. “I don’t want to keep on freeloading off of Maggie.”

“She doesn’t mind,” I said, pausing to look at Jen. I couldn’t see her face, but I got a nice view of her pussy, and her tits were held together in her tight t-shirt. My dick gave another stir.

“I know, but I’d like to start working, contributing and all that. I don’t know if I can afford a house here, but I’d like to at least pay some of the bills while I’m here.”

“I think she’s pretty happy that you’re here,” I said.

“She might not be as happy if she knew what we were doing,” she said pensively. She put her hand on my knee and I paused my work. Mom might not be happy at all, but could she really be mad at her sister for doing the same thing she was doing? I was in unfamiliar territory, so anything was possible.

“Maybe,” I said, not wanting to reveal anything. I finally loosened the bolt holding the old sink, releasing a fine mist of dust onto my face.

“Are you okay?” she said as I batted the dust away.

“Oh, you know,” I said, “unexpected mess on my face.”

“I know the feeling,” she said, laughing. Her hand moved up my knee. I removed the bolt and scooted out of the sink. She sat up next to me as I wiped more dust off my face.

“I’m going to need another shower,” I said. We pulled off the old sink and installed the new one. She helped me by holding it in Giresun Escort Bayan place as I tightened the new bolts. She kept pressing her tits onto me, getting me hard again. My phone buzzed in my pocket, but I ignored it.

“Any leaks?” she said.

“No, nothing.” I replied. I test the faucets, and started cleaning up the tools when her phone rang.

“I have to check,” she pleaded.

“It might be the job,” I said. “Get it.”

She took her phone and I sat on the edge of the bed. My phone buzzed again and I took it out of my pocket. It was a text from Mom, just a picture of her tits in the mirror, a work bathroom picture to keep me aroused. It was no different than her parents and their film camera. Jen was finishing her phone call, and I stashed my phone and walked over to her.

“Yes, that works. I’ll check and get right back to you. Thank you,” she said curtly. She hung up, setting her phone on the counter. I stood behind her in the mirror, trying to read her expression.

“I got the job,” she said to my reflection. She was beaming. She turned around and hugged me. She practically leapt into my arms, and we fell backward against the wall.

“Congratulations,” I said, kissing her.

“Let’s celebrate,” she said. “Let’s go to the beach.” She kissed me again, and sent me to my room to get ready. Minutes later I met her at the stairs. She wore a tiny, yellow bikini that was very low cut. We walked to my car, and I saw about an inch of her ass crack was visible. She kept looking her shoulder as we walked through the house. As we drove to the beach, we talked about her job.

“I start August 15th for training and development workshops,” she said as I drove. She was drumming on her knees, her feet on the dashboard. “I can’t believe I got it.”

“I can,” I said. She smiled at me, and closed her eyes and let the wind whip through her hair. We pulled up at the beach approach and set up a blanket away from everyone else. It was a weekday, and the beach was not crowded but it wasn’t deserted, either. She put sunblock on her arms, chest, and legs, but then lay on her stomach and handed me the bottle.

“Get to work,” she teased. I spread sunblock on her back, and the back of her legs. She parted her legs and I rubbed as close as I dared in broad daylight. No one was watching us, but we had to be careful.

I sat next to her, rubbing her inner thighs, looking left and right. “Can you move so your head is pointed to the water?” I asked.

“Why?” she said.

“Trust me,” I replied. She shifted, turning her whole body about a quarter turn. I picked up my book, holding it in one hand while my other hand slipped between her thighs.

“Ah, I see,” she said. From this angle, no one would be able to see my hand between her legs. I gently pulled her bikini to the side, brushing her labia with my hand. She was already wet. I wondered if she had been in a constant state of arousal, as I had been. She spread her legs more, lifting her ass slightly as she rested her head on her forearms.

“May I?” I asked.

“Always,” she relied, her eyes closed as I ran my fingers up and down her labia. I kept looking over my shoulder, holding my book against my knee and not paying attention to the pages, as I slid my fingers into her. My thumb made contact with her clit and I worked my fingers into her as I rubbed her clit. She panted softly, trying to keep still as I penetrated her and rubbed her off.

“Mmnnn,” she gasped, trying to be calm. No one was watching us, but if she cried out or started thrashing around, we would be discovered. I focused my efforts, enjoying watching her try and fight to keep control in public. An elderly gentleman was walking our way, his dog pulling him along at a slow pace. He’d walk right past us in a minute.

“I’m coming,” Jen whispered. I let out a sigh of relief, surprised at how tense I was. I had never done anything remotely like this in public. Jen’s ass quivered, it was the only physical indication that she was coming. She panted, squeezing my fingers tight inside her, until she begged me to stop.

I pulled out of her and wiped my fingers off on the towel. She lay still, her body slowly relaxing. Her bikini bottom was still askew and I enjoyed the view of her pussy, swollen and slightly open from my intrusion. The man and his dog made slow progress as they crossed near us, his eyes on some distant point on the horizon. When he passed Jen rolled onto her back, her bikini still slightly pulled to the side. You could see half of her pubic hair.

“Your bikini bottom,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said, adjusting it. “And thanks for that, I haven’t done anything public like that in a while.”

I thought of my mom, giving a blowjob on the beach in Mexico, and wondered what else these women did. “Such as?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing too crazy,” she sighed, lightly patting her stomach. “BJs. Stuff like that. Your mom, she was the wild one.”

“I find that hard to imagine,” I said.

“You’d be surprised,” she said. I put my hand on her Escort Giresun thigh, and she closed her eyes. I scanned the horizon, deeming the coast clear enough, and slid my hand under her bikini bottom. In seconds, I had penetrated her again, my thumb on her clit.

“Who was her first, and your first,” I asked.

She sighed a long, contented sigh. I was taking my time with my hand, in no hurry to bring her next orgasm. “Hers was a boyfriend in freshman year of college. Nice guy, great smile. First black guy I ever saw naked.”

My hand slipped in surprise and she laughed. There was nothing strange about my mom and a black guy, but it was just a mental image I hadn’t expected. I thought about my mom, her pale skin against his. “And you?”

“Our neighbor, the one who saw us naked. One day I went over there and fucked him. I wanted to get laid, and I knew he’d be game. I walked over in a bikini and had it off in a minute. He was married, and much older, but I didn’t care. He and I did it regularly for years, even when I had a boyfriend, I’d come home and pay him a visit.”

She was getting close to coming, and I fell silent and concentrated on her. She started to come, her pussy wetter than before, her nipples hard through her bikini top. This time a small cry escaped her lips, and she clamped her thighs around my hand, bucking her hips slightly. I acted casual, looking out at the water as she came. When she finished I withdrew my hand, looking down at her.

“God, I’m such a slut,” she said, grinning.

“I’m not complaining,” I said. Then I had a thought, “how’d you see my mom’s boyfriend naked?”

“Oh, I walked in on them once, when they were home for spring break. They were going at it, and I opened the door and there they were.”

“Details,” I said simply.

She laughed. “Well, she was bent over the bed, and he was doing her from behind. And when I walked in he pulled out of her, and so I saw the whole thing. I’d rate him average, but really thick. I’d never seen one that thick. He was pretty nice, I think his name was Michael.

“Anyway, Maggie told me to get out and after I shut the door I could hear them going at it again. I leaned against the door and rubbed myself off while they were doing it.”

Again, the vision of my mother getting taken from behind like that popped into my head. There was nothing odd about having a black boyfriend or girlfriend, but for some reason it was erotic just to know anything about my mother.

“Our neighbor, he had a small one,” she said, “but god, he knew how to use it. I used to come three or four times with him. Probably the best I’ve ever had.”

She sat up and took my hand. We went swimming, enjoying the warm gulf water and sneaking the occasional feel or kiss when no one was looking.

“Tell me more,” I said. “Did you, and your dad, did you ever actually do it.”

“No,” she said simply. “Apparently there are some lines I won’t cross. I mean, blood relatives and all. Besides, I think Mom liked keeping that to herself, you know. And anyway, I once took on a boyfriend and his neighbor, and when I moved to college I had a new boyfriend, and another and another. And then I married my ex, and that turned out just great.”

She laughed bitterly.

“And now?” I said.

“And now I’ve got a horny nephew, who isn’t a blood relative,” she grinned. “Come on.”

I followed her out of the water, watching her bikini hang off of her ass as she walked. We grabbed our towels and blanket and rinsed off in the beach approach shower. When we buckled into my car she looked around the parking lot. While it was mid-day, we are alone. She grinned, and untied her top, letting it fall away.

“Just drive,” she said, sinking low in her seat. I pulled out of the parking lot, driving slowly past a large, older gentleman whose eyes opened wide at the site of Jen’s tits. “Well, he got an eyeful,” she mused as we drove onto the main road. I found it hard to concentrate with her tits out like that. She rode low in the seat, so only her bare shoulders were visible.

“Is it weird to tell you about old partners?” she asked.

“Not if you’re going to take your top off,” I joked.

We were halfway home when Jen said, “Pull over, down that side street.” I pulled into a shady lane near our house. No one was around, and Jen unbuckled and leaned over. I gasped as she tugged at my bathing suit and freed my dick. I lifted up to help her move my swimsuit down, and she engulfed my dick in seconds.

“Still salty,” she commented with a giggle. I leaned back, letting her suck me off. I cupped one of her bare tits in my hand, my eyes constantly checking the mirrors. No one turned down the road, but what would they see if they did? Jen bobbed faster, sucking me as I gently squeezed her breast in my hand.

She suddenly took me in her hand, stroking me furiously as she kissed the base of my dick. I came, gasping and stifling a grunt as I ejaculated into her hair. She laughed, still stroking me as I came on her face, now taking me back into her mouth, swallowing what remaining cum spurt out of me. I was spent, exhausted, my dick quickly softening. She sat up, buckling up. She had cum in her hand and on her chin, which was slowly dripping onto her tits. Strands of cum hung in her wet hair. She wiped her chin and grinned, sitting back as I drove home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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