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I am off on Monday and you need to cut hours due to your inventory so you need to leave work early. You drive over to my house and park in visitors parking in case any of my neighbors come home early. I greet you at the door wearing only a pair of shorts. You laugh and I explain I’m doing laundry and all my other clothes are being washed. You come in and comment that I must be cold. I say that I am a little and you smile and suggest that you help me warm up.

You wrap your arms around me and we start to kiss. Our mouths open and our tongues start to search each others mouths. We part for a moment as I slip your jacket off and then we embrace again. Your hands explore my back and chest and my hands slide up your shirt to rub your back as we continue to kiss.

Your hands slide down my back and under the waistband of my shorts. You start caressing my buttocks as I unclasp your bra. We part and I slip your shirt off and your bra before we move in to kiss again. The feeling of your naked breasts pushed against my chest is amazing. I feel your finger press against my anus and I moan uncontrollably. You break our kiss to start kissing my neck. I reach up and massage your breasts as you work your way down my chest. You begin licking and sucking my nipples as you reach inside my shorts and start stroking my cock.

I gently push you back and you moan in frustration. I drop down to my knees and unbutton and unzip your pants. I’m not too surprised to see you aren’t wearing any panties. I pull your shoes and pants off and then just admire you standing naked in front of me. I start to kiss your mound and your thighs while I caress your ass.

I stand up and start to suck and lick your nipples while you pull my shorts down. You squeeze my ass and cock as I suck hard on your nipples. I move up and kiss you once and then suggest we go upstairs. You agree and I take you to my bedroom as we leave our clothes piled on the living room floor.

I lay you down on the bed and start kissing you from your neck down to your chest. I spend a while working on your breasts and nipples until you gently push down on my shoulders telling me you want more. I kiss my way down your stomach to your mound. I cover your mound and inner thighs with kisses until moving on to where we both want me to be.

I push my tongue inside your warm, wet vagina making you moan loudly. I tongue you for a while before pushing your legs up a little and working my way down to your anus. I swirl my tongue around your tight opening and then push gently against it. Then I move up to your swollen clit. I gently lick your clitoris just barely touching it with my tongue causing waves of ecstasy throughout your Eryaman Escort entire body. I then suck your clit into my mouth and start teasing it with my tongue. You cry out and grab the back of my head.

I slip two fingers inside you while I continue to suck and lick your clit. After a few moments I slip another finger inside of you. After a few thrusts I slip my finger out and place it against your anus. You moan and lift your hips a little letting me know what you want. I gently push the tip of my finger into your ass. With each stroke my finger goes further and further inside you. Your breathing starts to quicken as you push your hips at me. After a few more strokes you cry out as your juices flow from your vagina. I slip my fingers out of you and lick you clean.

I lay down next to you and gently kiss your neck and shoulders as you recover from your orgasm. You turn your head and we start to kiss. You push me down on to my back and straddle me. You start slowly kissing your way down my body starting at my neck. You cover my chest with kisses and spend a little extra time licking and sucking my nipples. You kiss your way down my abdomen causing me to gasp and my cock to throb. You kiss my inner thighs, teasing me for a few more minutes, making my cock so hard it hurts. You gently start kissing and licking my balls. You cover every inch of my cock with kisses and licks before taking me into your mouth. You suck on my cock as your tongue swirls around it. You reach down between my legs and start to tease my anus. I moan and push my cock deeper into your mouth. You pull your finger away and slide it inside of you, wetting it with your juices. You then place your finger against my anus again and push. Your finger slides into me and I let out a gasp.

You continue to finger me as you suck my cock until I feel my orgasm start to build. I gently pull my cock from your mouth and you moan in disappointment. I kiss you again before moving behind you. You move up the bed to give me a little more room. I reach over to the nightstand and grab some lube. I gently rub some onto my cock and then I press the head of it against your entrance. Slowly I start to ease my cock inside you. You’re so tight but the lube lets me slide in completely.

You moan as you push back against me with each thrust. I reach between your legs and start rubbing your clit. I drip some lube on to you anus and press my thumb against it. It easily slides into your ass and you moan as you start going wild. You push hard against my cock with each thrust. Our bodies slam against each other making a loud slapping sound. You cry out with each thrust Sincan Escort until your orgasm explodes.

I stop rubbing your clit as you recover from you orgasm but I don’t stop fucking your pussy with my cock and your ass with my thumb. When you’ve recuperated I slide my other thumb into your ass, filling both of your holes. When I’m sure you’re loose enough I take a vibrator from the nightstand, lube it up and place it against your anus. I turn it on and you moan as you feel the throbbing. I gently slide the vibe into your ass and start fucking both of your holes. You beg me to put my cock in your ass.

I smile as I slowly pull my cock out of your pussy and place it against your anus. I tease you for a few moments by rubbing my cockhead against you. You can’t take anymore and you almost scream, “Fuck my asshole, please!”

I push the head of my cock into your ass and you grunt. I ask if I’m hurting you and you say no and beg me to give you more. I push slowly until every inch of my cock is buried in your ass. I reach around and start to massage your breasts as I slowly draw my cock from your ass and then push it deep back inside. It only takes a few thrust until I feel my orgasm start to build. I bend over and whisper in your ear, “I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum in my ass, baby,” you groan.

Just a few more strokes and I explode inside you, filling your ass with my cum. I continue to thrust into you until my cock is emptied and has grown soft. I pull out of your ass and we lay down together. “That was nice, baby,” you say.

I agree and kiss you gently. We hold each other for a while before I suggest we get a shower. You smile and we go into the bathroom. I bend over to get the water started and you play with my ass. When the water is warm enough I help you into the shower and follow behind you. I soap you up, taking my time, caressing every inch of your body. You take the soap from me and start washing my chest. You work your way down my abdomen to my cock. You slowly stroke my cock and feel it begin to harden. You smile and drop to your knees in front of me. You rinse off my cock and take me into your mouth. You suck and lick my cock as it hardens in your mouth. You let my cock fall from your mouth and look up at me. “I think you’re ready for more.”

I pull you up on your feet and whisper in my ear, “I’ve fucked your ass, would you like to fuck mine?” I ask.

“Oh yeah baby,” you breathlessly reply.

I turn off the water and we dry each other off. We go into the bedroom and I get on all fours at the edge of the bed. I lube up two fingers and push them into my ass. You watch me finger fuck Etlik Escort myself for a while before commenting, “You are so bad.”

You slap my ass hard and I moan. You spank me as I continue to get my ass ready for you. You spank me until your hand hurts and my entire ass is red. You pick up the vibrator that was deep inside your ass a few minutes ago and lube it up. You grab my hip and I pull my fingers from my ass. You place the tip of the vibrator against my anus and turn it on. You push the vibrator all the way into my ass with one slow thrust. You stand behind me and fuck my ass as you reach around and start squeezing my cock. You fuck me as I moan and writhe. You fuck me until you’re ready for more.

You pull the vibrator from my ass and tell me to lay down on my back. I do as I’m told and you climb on to the bed. You straddle my face and order me to eat you. I start passionately licking and sucking your vagina and clit. You sit on my face enjoying this feeling of power until you open your eyes and see my cock. Lustfully you bend over and take me into your mouth. We sixty-nine each other until my cock is fully hard again.

You turn around and straddle my hips. You take my cock in your hands and push it against your entrance. Staring into my eyes you slowly penetrate yourself with my cock, slowly sliding down the entire length until you pussy is full. I reach down and start rubbing your clit as you ride my cock. You bend over a little and tell me, “Suck on my tits!”

I push myself up and start to lick and suck on your nipples. You moan loudly as you use my cock, my hands and my mouth to bring you off. It only takes a few minutes before your body is rocked from your third orgasm. You collapse on top of me, slowly rotating your hips as your orgasm subsides.

You slide off of me and you command me to jack myself off. I take my cock in my hand and you watch me as I slowly start to stroke myself. You encourage me by begging me to cum for you, that you want to watch me cum. You tell me to finger myself and I do as I’m told pushing a finger deep into my ass. My cock starts to throb as I feel my orgasm start to build. You roughly pinch my nipples and groan into my ear, “Cum for me baby, I wanna watch you spray cum all of yourself.”

With that I explode doing just what you wanted. The first shot of cum lands on my chest, as does the second, the rest sprays on to my stomach. You take the head of my cock into your mouth and lick me clean as I collapse back on to the bed.

You kiss me deeply and suggest we get another shower. We do, this time taking our time and enjoying the feeling of each others skin and the warm water. We get out and cuddle for a while until you decide you should be going. I go to get your clothes and you admire my naked ass as I leave. I watch you dress and walk you to the door naked. We kiss for a while longer as you play with my ass and cock. You bend over, kiss the head of my cock and tell it, “Seeya soon.”

We both laugh, kiss and then you leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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