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Baby’s New Crib Pt. 01

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The trip to Ft. Lauderdale started like any of their family trips. Mike’s wife didn’t like being rushed yet wanted everything packed into the car quickly. He hated waking up at 6am in order to leave early to head down to South Florida. This weekend though was a bit different then their usual trips to Miami.

Mike’s kid sister was having her baby shower. She had wanted to be a mom for a while and had found a suitable guy to knock her up. The guy, though, wasn’t in the picture. Mike’s wife, Kim, had helped plan the event because unlike some other family members, Mike and Kim were very supportive of his sister’s decision to be a single mother.

During the long ride Kim sat in the back with their infant son. Mike looked forward to listening to music and losing himself to his thoughts. Mike thought a lot about his relationship with Kim. They used to be close. They used to have sex often. Even after Mike had lost a great job and had to out his family through a year long struggle; the loving had never stopped. Now, suddenly, even though Mike was back on track, Kim hardly gave him the time of day. Mike felt he would never stray. He was completely faithful; yet he just wanted to be able to touch his wife again and be touched in return.

Mike and Kim drove straight to the shower. They had brought many of the decorations themselves. As they set up according to the way his sister wanted. Morgan, his sister and Judy, Mike’s mom, showed up.

Mike had not seen his sister since the earliest days of her pregnancy; before she had even announced it. She had ballooned, as was expected being due in a month and a half, but she carried it well. Her face still held that certain baby cuteness that she had never fully lost. Mike’s eyes though were immediately drawn to his mother. Judy got out of the car and was a vision of radiance. Her auburn hair seemed to glimmer and shine as she walked. She swayed more than walked. It was as if she was filled with joy and nothing held her back. Her dress showed a good amount of smooth, almost gleaming skin at her shoulders and back and her plunging front line revealed just a hint of cleavage.

Something in Mike’s head seemed to shift. Suddenly, maybe for the first time, he saw his mom, his own mom, as a woman and not as a mom. He felt his face burn red as his dick stirred in his shorts.

The party was set up and many guests bearing large baby items arrived. There was a large assortment of sweets and food and a Margarita stand available for all but the mother-to-be. Mike had been trying to clear his head. He wasn’t sure where these suddenly sexual thoughts of his own mom came from. As he bent down to pick up some trash his eyes were in direct view of his mom’s ass. For a second an image in his mind appeared of that same ass naked, bouncing, Mike’s dick pushing into it causing a wave to appear of the flesh. Mike shook his head to clear the image but as he stood up him mom looked right at him and smiled.

Did she know I was just looking at her ass? Mike thought.

Towards the end of the part and Mike was helping to load all the gifts into the car. His mom appeared from around the other side, carrying several small bags.

“Let me take those from you mom, it’s your day to celebrate with Morgan.”

“All my babies have babies, I’m old now.” his mom said with a hint of sadness. Mike hugged her towards him in a comforting şişli bayan escort way but released her quickly as he felt himself beginning to get hard. “Luckily,” his mom said, “I get to spend a little more time with you. Your lovely wife volunteered you to come back to the house and build the crib for us.”

“Oh, Wonderful,” Mike said.

Mike went over to his wife. “So, you got me doing extra work now?”

“Your mom needs help; your sister can’t do it and your dad has to work all those crazy hours. If you came back to my parent’s house, you would be sitting around on your phone. You build our crib, go build your sister.”

Mike did not want to let his wife know he was quite happy to go help his mom. Maybe he could catch her bent over again.

The cars were packed. Mike hopped in with his parents and drove off. Mike and his family rode in mostly silence. Mike watching his old neighborhood out the windows game his feelings of nostalgia. This doesn’t make sense The car pulled into the driveway. Mike’s sister gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for helping big brother.” She went straight to her room and Mike looked at his mom quizzingly.

“She works nights, so she sleeps during the day a lot.” Judy said.

Mike shrugged and looked around. The house remained relatively unchanged since he had moved out. Some new furniture, an updated computer; but mostly the same. Mike’s mom walked him to the room that used to be his, now decorated for his sister and her soon to be newborn son. Mike’s dad came into the room to say his goodbye.

“It sucks you couldn’t get the whole day off,” Mike said. “What can you do?” answered his dad. Mike heard the door close and the car drove off.

The crib box was big and a bit more complicated that his sons had been. He unpacked and got to work. Mike laid all the pieces out and started to follow the lengthy direction. The small air conditioner provided just enough to keep him cool. After about a half hour of work Mike had little to show. A frame and some legs but very little that resembled a crib yet. He knew he would get it done; it would just take time.

His mom walked in the room with a bottle of water. She had changed out of her party clothes into something more comfortable. Mike watched her approach and thought if she was any more comfortable, she would be naked. A fleeting image of his very naked mother came to his mind. He enjoyed the image then realized he was growing hard, he might be staring, and he shook the image away.

Mike took the bottle and thanked her. He noticed that she was looking around the room at the scattered pieces. “I thought you would have gotten more done by now.”

“What’s the matter, want me to leave sooner? You wouldn’t mind giving me a hand, Mom?”

His mom was glad to help. She grabbed part of the spring base for the mattress. Mike showed her where to put her hands. In doing so his lightly touched against her. He blushed a bit but kept working hoping she would not notice. Eventually Mike had his mom sit down to hold the backboard steady. As he sat beside her tightening the bolts, their thighs were pressed together. He could feel how warm she was. Mike slipped and got his hand wedged inside a pinch point. He cried out but his mom quickly grabbed his hand and gently kissed it.

“Does mommy kissing it make it feel better?”

“It sure does mom.”

The şişli escort got back to work. Mike bent down to grab a piece that was slightly out of reach. In doing so he overextended his back.

“FUCK!” Mike yelled.

Judy didn’t realize what had happened and jumped at Mike’s cries. As he straightened up next to her he started to rub the small of his back.

“Let me help you with that, you can’t possibly reach the injured part” Judy told him.

Judy had Mike remove his shirt completely as she rubbed hard into his back. Mike thought this was a great of a massage as he had ever had before. As he was enjoying his mother’s caresses into his skin, he began to get aroused. There was no stopping it this time as he got fully hard. Mike did not want his mom to see so he quickly stood up to move. As he stood up suddenly, his mother’s hand rubbed against his crotch and she could clearly feel his hardness inside.

“Mike, sit down. Let me help with this pain. Nothing to be embarrassed about by being a normal man.”

Mike sat down and let the massage continue. As he really started to lighten up her hands moved a bit lower and her fingertips went below the waistline, really getting into his skin. God, Mike thought, how far is she going to take this?

Mike half turned toward her and smiled. As she returned the smile Mike saw something incredible. Her nipples were rock hard and poking against the fabric of her outfit. Mike couldn’t believe it. His mom was getting just as aroused from the massage as he was.

“Mom, the pain is gone if you want to stop.” Mike could almost hit himself for suggesting it. Luckily, his mom was having no such issue.

“Fine then, you can return the favor.”

With that she quickly took her shirt off leaving only her bra on in its place. Mike could hardly breathe. He hadn’t seen this much of his mom in a very long time. He started to work his hands carefully over her smooth skin. He rubbed her back and her thighs. He rubbed hard and caressed softly. His mom closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of Mike’s hands on her skin. She leaned back a little giving Mike more access to rub her upper thighs. As he turned a bit to get more leverage his face got very close to Judy’s; and it happened.

Judy kissed her son. Mike could feel a longing and a passion he had only imagined. And he had to stop and look at her. She opened her eyes and gazed into his. Her eyes showed that this was what she wanted if he did and he returned his lips to hers. As he kissed her, first softly, then stronger and harder, their passion grew. Just put her tongue into his mouth and Mike devoured it hungrily. Mike realized he was wasting the opportunity and grabbed his mother’s breasts. He started to feel them and as soon as she did Judy reached back to undo her strap and give Mike full access to her naked breasts. As they came into his full view Mike put his lips on one, and teased the nipple with his tongue, then he did the other. He went back and forth biting and sucking on his mother’s wonderful breasts. Judy reached into Mike’s lap and rubbed his cock through his shorts. He groaned and put his hand between his mom’s legs. The warmth he found there was greater than he possibly ever knew.

As Mike went to put his hand inside his mom’s waistband, she suddenly stopped him. Mike was afraid he had gone too far.

“Come with me,” Judy said.

And mecidiyeköy escort with that she got up and led him to her room. Mike looked at the bed that his mom shared with his father and was excited about what he hoped was about to happen.

“Mike, my son, lay down.”

Mike did as he was told, and he watched his mom fully strip in front of him. She grabbed his shorts and underwear together and yanked them off. Mike and Judy, mother and son, were both now totally naked together.

“Mike, this is happening, but no one can know. Especially not your dad.”

Mike nodded his agreement as his mom grabbed his dick. He firmly held it in her had and brought her mouth to it. Mike gasped as he felt his mother begin to blow him.

Mike had had a good number of blowjobs. His wife enjoyed giving them although since his son was born it happened less frequently. But nothing compared to his mom. She sucked him and his toes curled.

“Oh Judy, just like that,” Mike said to her

“Don’t use my name. I’m Mom to you, especially here.”

Judy stopped sucking and Mike let out an exasperated grunt. He didn’t want it to end. However, what his mom had planned next was even better. She climbed onto the bed and put her a leg over his, straddling him. She worked her way up until his dick was resting right outside her pussy. Mike could feel her warmth and wetness with his cock.

“Does my little boy really want to fuck his mommy?”

“Yes, fuck me Mommy, please fuck me!” Mike said it loudly and Judy whispered to him to keep his voice down. Although that was easier said than done as she lifted off him, then lowered herself back down taking his hardness inside her. Judy rested against him as they both enjoyed the feeling of being joined. Mike held her in his arms and started thrusting as his mouth found her breasts again.

“Mike, son, fuck my pussy. Make mommy’s pussy come all over your cock.”

‘Mom your pussy is so good, I’m not going to last very long.”

“Don’t hold it son, cum for Mommy. Cum in Mommy’s pussy. Give me all your seed. Please!”

With that Mike came with everything he had. As he came, he started fucking her for all he was worth.

“Mike, I can feel it. I’m cumming too. My baby is making me cum!”

Mike smiled at her comment and, when her orgasm stopped, and he was drained she collapsed against his chest. His dick stayed hard as she rested against him. He could feel her pressed into him. He felt her breath against his skin and immediately knew he wanted this more. As often as he could get it. Judy could almost sense his thoughts.

“Don’t worry baby. After we rest, we are doing that a few more times. Then you can finish the crib. Oh, ready already? Kneel here.”

Mike kneeled on the bed His mom started working his dick with her mouth again. Mike could not believe how amazing it felt. Just moved slightly and started rubbing her tits against his dick. Mike’s eyes almost came out of their sockets at the sight.

“Oh Mom, it’s so good. Suck it, suck that cock. Swallow my next load.”

“No baby, cum all over Mommy’s tits. I want to see it shoot all over them.”

Mike seized up then and shot another load, almost bigger than the one he shot into her, onto her huge tits. She grabbed his dick and rubbed the cum around.

“Now, you didn’t realize that your mom can get freaky, did you?”

“No Mom, I had no idea.”

Mike was about to lay down beside his already resting mother when he noticed a small sound. He looked toward the door and his very pregnant, and very aroused sister, stood in the doorway watching them.

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