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Back at the Truck Stop

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This story is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18. Please enjoy.

Note: If you have not read “A Motel Along The Road”, please do. This story is one in which I use an event that occurred in that tale.


It was 1:25am and I was still at “Ye Olde Motor Motel” after having given an intense blowjob to a man whom I met on a gay dating site and wanted to be a slave for, his load was spent and swallowed by me, after which he said “Cum slaves sleep on the floor.”

While laying naked on the thick shag carpeting, I snuck a peek to see if he was asleep. He was. So I quickly gathered my clothes. Got dressed fast and left. Walking to my car, I thought about the fantasy I had fullfilled and was glad I had done so. I also thought back to the truck driver and cashier who I saw earlier at a large truck stop.

While I was at the register purchasing a pack of gum, the cashier looked at the trucker and said “Such a nice firm ass and body. Do you think he’s ever been in a truck’s sleeper cab?”

The trucker remarked “Most likely. He’s probably a gay lot lizard.”

That got me thinking. I gave one blowjob tonight, why not make it two?

So I drove back to the truck stop to try and find the driver.

He was a large “bear” type, just like the man I had pleasured with my oral skills earlier at the motel.

As I pulled into the area of the truck stop which read “Cars Only.”, I parked closest to where only big rigs parked. This was not going to be easy. There must have been at least 80 trucks. How could I find this Büyükesat Escort dude? I know. I’ll ask the cashier. But would he still be working?

I was hoping that since I had on the same red v neck t shirt and tight blue jeans, he might recognize me. It did not help that the thong I was wearing was for a lady; its sheer softness made my cock hard, really hard. And since the man I gave a blowjob to at the motel would not allow me to cum, it made walking tough.

The automatic doors opened and I was in the store area where the earlier verbal exchange about me had occurred. The cashier was not at the register, so I meandered around.

A clock on the wall read 1:55am.

While looking through a nudie magazine, he came out of a door with an “Employees Only.” sign on it.

Well, here goes nothing.

I took the magazine to the counter.


“Hello.” he replied.

After telling me the amount, I slowly went for my wallet.

“Wait. Don’t I know you?”

“I was in here earlier.” I said softly.

“Oh, yeah. Now I remember. I’m sorry about what I said. My brain’s filter wasn’t on.”

“No problem.” I said while smiling. “What you said was flattering.”

He laughed and gave me the magazine back.

“I scribbled something on last page for you.” His right eye winked after he spoke.

“Great.” I said excitingly. “Thank you.”

As the automatic doors opened, I felt a rush of cold air even though it was 85 outside.

Luckily, I Elvankent Escort had parked my car next to a light post. I quickly turned to the last page and read what was written:

“Go to the rig parked in
3. Knock on the back of the sleeper 5x and say ‘lips’ when the driver cracks open the window.”

The term “Lot lizard” immediately popped into my head. I’ve heard about them- prostitutes who “work” truck stops. And here I was; horny as fuck, walking to a rig where I might “become” one on this night.

33 was painted orange on the black top where the truck was. I ran my left hand along the rig as I went to the sleeper and knocked five times.

I waited. The driver’s side window opened a crack.

“Lips.” I quietly said.

In a hushed, firm tone, the driver said “Passenger side door.”

So I quickly walked over. The door opened.

“Come in.”

Climbing in, I felt pre cum leak from my cock.

The driver quickly pulled the curtains, which seperate the cab from the sleeper, shut and turned an over head light on.

“You again. My cock was so fucking hard after you left.”

“I can take care of that.” I said.

“Where were you headed earlier?”

“To a motel about 40 miles south of here.”

“And?” He said with a serious tone.

“To meet a man I met on a website and suck his cock.”

Smiling he said “You gay slut. Now your here to suck my cock. Aren’t you?”

My submissive side took over.

“That I am, sir.”

Not Beşevler Escort wanting to show any signs of fear, I took off my shirt.

In a firm tone he said “Jeans also, cock sucker.”

I was enjoying this. Yes, odd but true.

“A cock sucker wearing a ladies thong? I’m gonna enjoy you.”

He unzipped his pants. Drooped them to the floor and pulled his brown boxers off. What I saw had to be nine inches.

“Your so big, sir. I don’t think I can fit all of your delicious cock in my mouth.”

“You’ll do it bitch!” Then swallow it all! Get your firm ass onto this mattress and pleasure me!”

Grabbing his large fuck rod, I slowly licked the head while massaging his balls with both of my hands.

“Damn, cock slut! That feels fuckin’ great!”

Going down his shaft. Making “gulping” noises. My gag reflex better than before. I had this man in a moment of ectasy.

Moaning he said “Your mouth is wonderful. I should keep you as my personal cock sucker.”

Going faster. Taking at least seven of nine massive inches. His moans and groans were deep as my right hand tickled his balls and my left was rubbing my hard on that was sticking out from the ladies soft thong.

As his breathing escalated, he said “Yes. Soon I’m gonna cum in that slutty mouth of yours.”

I shot my load onto the mattress. He noticed.

“Fucking gay cum slut. You shot a huge load. Such a…”

He did not finish the sentence. He finished his load instead.

“Oh, yeah. Drink it all bitch!”

Loads of warm cum went into my mouth. I slowly swallowed like he told me to. The way a submissive should pleasure his man’s cock.

With his load spent, he grabbed a towel and wiped my cum off the mattress. Then did the same to his cock.

He parted the curtains and we both went into the cab. Opening the passenger side door he said “Thanks for the bj you gay lot lizard.”

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